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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Temp

group TurboTits 2018-04-17

Lisa said: "When I've been telling you that I fuck and suck all day, what did you think I meant? Each guy will handle your tits and of course, fuck you to make sure your cunt is tight and cooperative." Jack told her that was enough cock sucking for now because he wanted to fuck her. Let the fucking begin." He opened up the door and told Lisa that Suzie was ready for the guys. Lisa sat down and John directed Suzie to kneel and start sucking his cock. She was going to service these guys so good that they will be telling their friends and pretty soon it would be out on the streets that Suzie was again the best fuck in town!

"Poke Her" Night

group needastrongman 2018-04-17

Cindy had been teasing the guys all evening so when she bent low over Paul as she refilled his drink, her breasts practically spilling out onto his beer, Randy figured the time was right. "You know Paul, when I told Cindy you guys were coming over tonight her pussy got really wet. "You bet," Randy said, "and I'm sure Cindy would like to suck everyone's cock too, wouldn't you baby?" Hank pushed hard into her cunt and pushed her ass back onto Paul who spread her cheeks and plunged into her tight little hole. Randy came in an explosion of cum all over Cindy's face and chest as he watched his friends fuck her like a cheap whore.

Exchange & Experiment

group sansar 2018-04-17

"But Anjali, don't you think that Anand would have loved somebody a little plump and full bodied as compared to Neelam?" I asked her sincere opinion, keeping in mind that he preferred a heavily built girl like Anjali. Anand went for my shorts and a light cotton t-shirt; Neelam selected a baby pink pyjama & a loose night shirt, which Anjali had out grown in the last two years. As we had the second drink, I casually asked Anand if Neelam should try a little wine. "In fact, we were waiting for Anand to give us the full report after the meals, not now" Anjali said trying to defuse the situation, "and Neelam, you are not to stop him." Neelams' blush made the night to glow.


Marathon Sex Sessions...

group d4david 2018-04-17

I rented an apartment in one of the small towns near the university, under an assumed name, and placed an ad in a local gay publication for uninhabited sex. It was very simple...'all are to meet at my home no later than 1600hrs on Saturday and would not leave till Monday 1000hrs. At first it was a little strange and quiet till I explained how it would work again. One of the older guys stood and dropped his pants to reveal a very huge piece of man meat that stood out like at tree limb. For twenty minutes he plowed my up turned butt till he flooded my anal cavity with his man spunk.

party 11

group diver1uk2003 2018-04-17

Well day two started out with a bang so to say. Viv turns up in my bed with her friend and hubby i woke up to my cock being sucked and vivs friends pussy in my face as she sucked on her hubby. hubby took to sitting on the headboard as his wife sucked him to life, her pussy grinding on my mouth, viv sucking away and licking my balls. Now thats what i call breakfast in bed. Viv mounted me and got her friend to turn around so with one grinding up and down on my cock the other grinding her pussy up and down my mouth viv sucking on her tits and pulling her nipples what a way to start the day.

Balls, Cues, & Bets (Version 2)

group EmmaB 2018-04-17

And then I hear your voice… know you're close… close… and I'm off the table and standing over the woman between your legs as she licks your balls… your cock in my hand… pulling… stroking… feeling it throbbing in my hand… so fucking hard… stroking it so hard… hearing myself say wild things to the other women… to lick your ass, lick your balls… telling you to cum… cum for me… cum on me… hearing you groaning and then seeing it… white cream exploding from you… spraying everywhere on me… falling in blobs on my skin… leaning in to catch what I can in my open mouth.

Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 08

group Andyhm 2018-04-17

I said, "Angie, I think I know most of it but I'm not sure how to explain it." The list helps manage expectations between all the family members, particularly when we know we're apt to be with someone we haven't seen for a while and need a refresher on their limits." As I filled the glasses, Simone was asking Angie an interesting question that had a lot of potential for me. Angie looked at me shyly, "But I would let you any time if you wanted to. Simone looked at me, "Every time you touch me you bring me to new levels of fucking pleasure. Simone looked from me to Angie with moist eyes. She said hopefully, "I was hoping that after Simone's introduction, you and Pete will fuck me?


New Job Pt. 04

group jasliz 2018-04-17

A cock like yours connected to your body and face is hard to come by," she said. "I changed my mind," she said and rushed forward grabbing my head and pulling it down to her lips. Once she had my cock in, she took her hand off of it and worked me over with just her mouth, tongue, lips and throat. She was breathing so hard I though she might pass out so I pulled back and let her rest, but kept my cock inside of her. "Okay Brian, take over, but cum quick, I don't know how much more I can take," she said. "Mmm, pretty good Brian, runny but I think that's because of how much you have cum today," she said.

Amber Butterfly Ch. 04

group Longshadow 2018-04-17

She felt a flush of shame--here she had actually contemplated dumping Johnson just for watching a little porn on the Internet, and here she was getting wet over her best friend's boyfriend! While Amber was having lunch with Diana and Paul, Johnson was back in their apartment fucking Erica, one of Amber's classmates. "Did Johnson ever fix your computer?" Amber asked Diana, as they stepped into her apartment. "Amber, Diana nearly choked as she spoke, "this, this butterfly fairy, the one on your ass--it looks just like you!" Amber turned and looked at him, her mouth opened up like she was about to say something again, but she couldn't think of what to say.


The Guest

group mayapapaya 2018-04-17

and our three long bodies will hold their posture until the balance inevitably tips, until we won't fit like that anymore, I'll begin to slip off, slip away, a corner of the bedside table digging into my back, the sheets bunching, and it will feel unsexy, unsexy, and I'll decide to take action, irreverent now, I will pull myself over him, around her, I will move to the other side of the bed, and she'll follow me, her mouth like suction on mine, and he will follow me, too, still flat against her, his hand will follow me, curve around my ass, his thumb will crawl inside my cunt, insinuating, insinuating,


New Friends and So Much More Ch. 06

group allnitediner 2018-04-17

When we entered into our relationship we were all very much in love but from the point where Fiona and I or Gina and Vince began to bond even more deeply, something amazing occurred. "Well as long as we're admitting to stuff," Vince said, "count me in on that, call it an Oedipus complex but yeah I'd love to see Gina's mom naked as well." Vince and I went over to Elaine as we pushed Wil towards Gina and Fiona. Even the girls slowed up their work on Wil so they could enjoy the show as Vince finally pulled out of Elaine's ass at the same time that I rammed myself in all the way.


Among the Russians

group kotori 2018-04-17

Eddie stepped forward and plugged Lara's mouth with his cock, slowly fucking her face as he gripped her hair and held her head in place. She likes your cock." Eddie couldn't reply as his mouth was still covered with Lara's cunt; the only way to express his pleasure was to reach up to her small nipple and roll it between his fingers. Olga swung her leg over and Eddie slid to the side, watching intently as the girls now went into a sixty-nine position, his cum dripping from Olga's cunt to Lara's hungry, waiting mouth. Lara abandoned Eddie's balls and licked her way up to his chest, sucking his pierced nipple into her mouth, swirling her tongue over, around and through the ring.

Wheelchair Girl

group alpha_one 2018-04-17

Your hands are pulled above your head; you feel the splash of youthful, over-excited cum on your cheek and across your neck; the black cock is being rolled around your mouth and you find yourself licking and sucking, trying to draw it in further; you hair is being pulled so that your head tilts back, exposing your throat; hands are still massaging and pulling at both breasts; other hands are firmly stroking your stomach and hips; a mouth sucks voraciously at your mound while a tongue circles your clit; you feel a firm cock slide into you cunt and begin a rhythmic grind, pounding you deep; hands grip you thighs and move up and down; a finger is in your arse, prodding, probing, now two; someone else is sucking your feet.

The Devil's Angels Bar Pt. 01

group smutterings 2018-04-17

I just want to tease the guys at the bar and show Dan what it feels like to watch me flirting with a bunch of nasty looking bikers. The guy behind me asks if I want to play some pool in the back of the bar and I agree thinking that moving around will lessen the effects of the alcohol. I could feel the stares from the rough looking guys as I bend over the table for each shot, my ass enticing them while I aimed. "Okay but you have to take two more shots of whiskey since you won and are placing a new bet now", one of the bigger and rougher looking bikers orders.

Campus Sluts

group LusciousNympho 2018-04-17

Faith started to feel her pussy tighten around her fingers as she imagined Tyler's hard cock deep inside her. We are going to give Tyler another show." Amy got down on the floor next to Faith's sweet pussy. Tyler quickly jerked his hand away from his hard cock, glaring at Faith who couldn't help but to smile. Amy began to buck her hips against Faith's face, wanting to take her whole tongue into her pussy. Faith could hardly breath, but she enjoyed the attention she got from Amy. She heard Tyler cry out from the bed as she tongue fucked Amy harder. Faith drove her tongue into her pussy as Amy's hot cum filled her mouth and dripped down her lips.


I am Horny, ride me now please

group 2018-04-17

The power of the spoken word can be so compelling, it sets me off, thats why every morning when I sign-into xHamster, I am naked, still warm from my bed, horny and wanting one of you, a woman in need, so I fuck myself with the world looking on, and men I dont know, cumming as I cum, united in our mutual daily orgasms, talking dirty, swearing and cumming.

New Job Pt. 02

group jasliz 2018-04-17

Her eyes got huge as my cock surpassed the depth Adam's had and she screamed in delight as the additional inches entered her body. Adam seemed to have received his second wind and was just going crazy on her ass with long hard thrusts, pushing her tits into my face and making her scream louder than ever. "Actually I'm looking at one now .........It's Brian Miss Conner" Jenny said, looking at me with a big smile. So it looks like you are needed in Miss Conner's office for a little convincing," Jenny said. "Mrs. Dalton....this is my assistant Jenny and our newest employee Brian," Miss Conner said as we walked up next to the chairs.


OUr vacation at the mayan ruins (1st 3 way)

group bufffreak 2018-04-17

As we headed to dinner Linda (young hottie) came with us. Cindi invited Linda to join us in our room but she had to get back with her f****y. The next day Linda found us again and the girls got right back to chatting. "Want ot join in?" Cindi blurted as Linda came back into the bedroom and crawled bewteen the sheets with her. Linda leaned over Cindi and took my growing member in her hands. Cindi played with Linda's beautiful butt as Linda kissed my dick I started kissing Cindi's beautiful lips and sucked on them; she moaned Linda sat on my stomach and the two began kissing and playing with each other's titties

A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 05

group mrsterygor 2018-04-17

Natalia placed her right hand down Annette's panties and began to finger fuck her pussy. The sexy cheerleaders each took turns, using both hands, and their mouths, to satisfy Corey's wet pussy. Natalia and Chelsea lifted up my chair, elevating it until my cock was right up against Zoe's drenched pussy. My balls smacked against Zoe's twat as Natalia shook the chair that I was in, swaying me back and forth as I pounded the sexy cheerleader's moist pussy. It only took a few seconds for me to remove Becca's cheerleader panties and reveal her pussy. I pushed my fully erect cock into Becca's soaking wet pussy and began to fuck her.

Synergy Ch. 01

group BBArms 2018-04-17

Debora lifts a large file and walks toward me "Jim confirmed the numbers personally and you need to go to bed... Meloney grabs my shirt and begins undoing my buttons as our lips meet and she forces her tongue down my throat. Meloney watches for a few moments before instructing Erica to lay on the bed. As Meloney begins to tie on the belts I force my cock into Erica's fast recovering pussy. Meloney climbs back onto the bed and forces her rubber cock into Erica's open mouth. I say turn around and Erica obliges now with my cock in her mouth and Meloney's strap on buried fully into her wet pussy.

Isle of Lays Ch. 02

group SkinandSin 2018-04-17

Charlaine walked on, pausing briefly as she saw am erotic silhouette against one of the divider screens: A very buxom woman was bent over, one leg on the floor and the other up on the seat of a chair, her hands braced on the plantation chair's arms while a man with a muscular ass and what looked like a bellhop's cap held her by hip and shoulder, pumping into her furiously from behind with a very long, upward-curving scimitar of a cock. So she clicked on the link of Butler Miguel Mola, a tall and sweet-looking Filipino mestizo (or so his bio on the site said) with a lovely tan, black eyes, utterly delicious lips and a butt to die for and she saw him in the shower, soaping up an erection that barely fit his hand as he leaned back against the shower stall's tiled wall, his leg muscles standing out as he worked his upstanding member.


Bisexual Orgy Ch. 1

group Bram Speer 2018-04-17

Lou watched Jay stroke his wife's leg, and his prick stirred and began to grow. Jay slid his peter into his wife's mouth, and Lou felt his prick throb and ache in its hardness. Vickie slid her mouth off her husband's peter and went down on Lou. She sucked him good and hard, bobbing her head back and forth on his meat. Jay slid his mouth off Lou's dick, grasped it and pulled it toward Vickie. Jay clutched Lou's head and frigged his mouth and cried out, "Suck my dick! Jay slid his prick out of Lou's mouth, and Lou plunged his peter as far as it would go up Vickie's quiff and let her have it.

Babysitter Seduction

group davidwatts 2018-04-17

"You know how I feel babe," Pat said as her hand slid a little further up Ed's thigh. The "she" that Ed referred to was their babysitter Katie, and the planning and scheming that had been going on all centered around that little innocent girl, who was probably sitting on their couch right now blissfully unaware of how much her life was about to change. The perky little waif looked like she was 13 when she had first shown up at their door last year, recommended by a friend of Pat's who said she was wonderful with kids. "There, just like being with a boy, right?" Pat whispered huskily as she looked into Katie's eyes. "I'd like that" Pat said, and took Katie's hands and placed near the top button.


I Caught The Two

group janwillem 2018-04-17

Besides that knowing how quick dad's cock jumped to attention she said "you two might even enjoy to deflower his daughter." Hop to it you two take your gear off, the two men started to argue so Carol pressed Agnes parents phone number waited and answered hi this is your daughters friend here is she. "Yes mom I will take very good care of him, you want to talk to dad?" While he took the phone Carol helped him out of his pants and started to play with his dick while he was talking to his wife. While the naked priest has started to remove Agnes dress, and by the time she came up for air from the passionate kiss between her and her dad, Her bra and panties had been skilfully removed too.