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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Living Large Pt. 03

group rgjohn 2018-04-16

Jenny pried her lips from his and said, "Take your clothes off." She saw a surprised look on the young man's face. I don't want you playing with yourself while I look at my book," Jenny said with surprising force in her voice. But then she felt a little chill of excitement run through her at the thought of talking to someone on the phone while she was sitting on Tim's face. With an unseen smile, Jenny lifted up and placed the phone close to Tim's mouth and said loud enough for Erica to hear, "Say hello to my best friend Erica." Jenny sat on Tim's willing face for a long time, letting him continue to suck her panties.


Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 08

group MrFalkirk 2018-04-16

As I sank into her surprisingly tight cunt, you sat your pussy on her face so she could lick her husband's cum out of your pulsing snatch and Jack poked my ass with his hardened cock. Without any warning, I could feel my cum explode deep inside Tara and clenched my ass muscles causing Jack to grunt his cream deep in my bowels. Jack stepped up and in one stroke impaled my ass hole on his cock, plunging balls deep inside my rectum, causing me to grunt and force my dick even deeper into your cunt. I grunted my way into an orgasm spraying your pussy with good hot cum just as Jack's cock erupted inside me filling my ass to overflowing.

Girl's Night In

group formymaster 2018-04-16

The two Asian women went to the blue and red sets immediately, and I directed the redhead to the green and the blond to the pink sets. Blue and Red to my chest, and Green..." he feasted his eyes on her, which she responded to with a coy smile, "will be at my cock. I heard loud slurping noises at the lower region's of the bed, and I could feel moans coming from Master and Pink. Red was on the other nipple, and Green was moaning already as Pink teased her. Green was a little too interested in Master to care about the cum, and while she cleaned his shaft with long slurps, Red and Blue cleaned the rest of our chests off.

Caribbean Blue

group kewtieboy 2018-04-16

Plan one was to wait and see if some local guy came along, plan two was to go up and talk to Dave and Lynn naked and hope to get them to play or, if we saw them start up, to walk up and catch them at it. Dave decided to do the same to Kate and I looked across at him as she lay naked with her legs wide open and Dave lapping between them, his short and thick, hard cock swaying straight out from his body. Kate looked slightly afraid at the prospect but it was obvious the request was not so odd to Lynn as she dropped quickly to her knees between Kate's legs and started to lick her wet cunt.


Biker Bar Friends

group craigool 2018-04-16

My good friends, like you, Tiny, get to call me Maddy." she said in her husky, sultry voice. Liz kissed me insistently, then said "Take off my shirt." I peeled it over her head, and she nuzzled my face, saying "Play with my nipples." I could see Tiny peel Maddy out of her knit dress, to cheers from the crowd. Tiny just held Maddy, one arm across her tits, holding her right one; one fingering her clit, as they kissed, her head turned to the side. I glanced at Maddy and Tiny, and she was already on her hands and knees, with one big difference: there was a line of men to her mouth, & she was sucking the first man as the rest stroked their hardons.

Laura's Sexual Awakening Ch. 03

group MsErotica1950 2018-04-16

Laura looked at the screen, her body close to climax and saw that the woman was on her hands and knees with one man behind her fucking her and the other was laying under her with his head between the other two legs. She had wanted to put her bra back on but Mike wouldn’t let her, he told her he was going to play with her tits on the drive back to the motel. I can’t wait to get you off with our new toys, but I think we better go pay for our things and get out to the truck.” The man removed his hand from her pussy and backed up till he was over on the other side of the aisle where Laura could not see him.

I never Thought camping was such fun Part two

group chchboy 2018-04-16

I couldn't help myself, to be honest............, I was just so happy becoming a non virgin I had an evil thought to fuck Anna's mind again, "It's all in there, in Patty's pussy and now I going to shoot another load, enough for you and Dan, all that gooey cream held in your Daughter's pussy along with her juice, just waiting for you. After, Dan surprised me, "Take Anna to your tent tonight, Patty and I have some catching up to do, if you know what I mean and thank you, shit, three times and once with Jan today, I feel like a new man"

Bridget's Three Bi Studs

group libidinal 2018-04-16

"Then I took hold of the guy's cock and worked it into Kenny's crack, helping to ease his thick nine inches of steely male meat right up Kenny's hot, lubed hole, Kenny pushing back on it, hungry for a cock up his ass, just beggin' to be fucked like a cock-crazed slut. "I almost lost my mind watching that, strumming my clit like a maniac as now I got behind Kenny and started slurping up the cum that was leaking out of his ass, both of us loudly slurping cum as it spilled out of two well-fucked male assholes, me reaching down between my legs and getting myself off so nicely as I just kept lappin' away, lapping up every drop of cum spilling out of Kenny's hot, sexy, well-fucked ass."

Mind Over Management Ch. 04

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-04-16

"I'm actually okay now with fucking Garth again, provided that he knows his place and agrees to let you fuck him in the ass," Jen smiled at us seductively. I've even planned to let Garth fuck my ass soon, once he knocked me up!" Pam admitted before she started to moan. I kissed Jen on the mouth, while her hands wandered to my dick to stroke it back to hardness, after which I locked lips with Cheryl, tangled my tongue with those of Jess and Jamie, and planted a very steamy kiss on Pam's lips. "I'm gonna fuck your ass, while Pam, Jess, and Jamie have a nice, lesbian threesome, and Garth fucks Cheryl's tits.


group jomar 2018-04-16

After a boisterous dinner with the other guy groups on mancations and a bawdy introduction to what fun could be had, we were set loose in a large, thatched roof, open air pavilion to mingle with the lusty women from the Girl Getaway. Debbie spanked my ass a couple of times, seductively wet a finger in her mouth, gently worked it up my rear and said softly, but menacingly into my ear, "We'll play dirty schoolgirl later. Pam redoubled her efforts and Debbie, yelling above the roar of the wind and rain, screamed, "It's not nice to make the assistant principal so wet and horny. The hot wind was raging and the rain poured on us in sheets as I stepped behind Debbie and shouted, "So you're a wet and horny assistant principal, huh?

Nikki Ch. 02

group caprine 2018-04-16

Hot balls Tim wasted no further time as he turned me around to bend my belly over the kitchen table and started wiping his cock up and down my gash from behind. Thoughts of the five other young studs, probably watching us right now, fueled my fires of lust as Tim and I fucked ourselves into a fiery explosion of sex juices. Since Sam had just cum in my mouth, I got a long cock ride up and down before I felt that pole stiffen and swell even more. Looking down at me, Tim stuttered, "Uh-er-ah, well, I gu- guess I-uh-or, oh hell, Ni-Nikki, I just don't want to leave you!


Night Of Fun

group jacki73 2018-04-16

He finally began to lick and suck on my clit and I felt his finger circling the outside of my hole, gliding in all the moistness from his mouth & my wet pussy. I felt your hand glide across my cheek again and I opened my mouth hoping to kiss you but instead I got a hard dick. Next I felt warm strong hands on my thighs and the tip of a very hard cock teasing my very wet, pussy. I slid my mouth as far down as I could get and then I felt the head of the thick dick behind me start to push its way into my ass.

Caramel Ecstasy

group JadeStone37 2018-04-16

So of course those dreams of Mr. Caramel doing nasty things to me happen quite often, and I always wake up to a wet bed with my favorite dildo right next to me. Mena and Yolanda tease me all the time about my shyness, but I really don't think I'm his type and definitely wouldn't be able to spark up a conversation that would lead to anything. As his tip penetrates and hits my spot, I take Mena's clit in my mouth and finger her to the beat of Kenneth's strokes. Yolanda leans over sticking her finger in my pussy as Mr. Caramel continues spreading my cheeks and filling my with the greatest pleasure I've ever felt. Mena and Yolanda stop playing with each other and start licking the cum from my lips.

Monica's Surprise Party

group rogtom_69 2018-04-16

Monica noticed that Karla couldn't seem to leave Steve alone and her hand often wandered up his leg seeking his cock for a quick squeeze. Monica's hand was first to explore inside Karla's thighs and she felt her body tingle as her fingers found the warm, wet pussy she had been seeking. Still pulling hard on his huge monster cock, he got behind Karla, who was still lapping and licking at Monica's pleasure pit, and pushed the head of his cock between her legs, into her wide open pussy. Monica's mouth was firmly clamped over Karla's dripping pussy, licking at the mixture of Karla and Steve's cum while Karla reached over and grabbed Steve's cock, pulling him gently towards her.

Computer Service Ch. 05 Denouement

group BSBosworth 2018-04-16

"Good night, sweetie," said Sarah to Kristin, giving her a kiss on the cheek. This created the very unusual event that I would lick a slit in front of my mouth and hear Kirstin or Sarah moan so that the sound made the connection in my head before the taste or sight or feel identified the owner. Quickly moving forward I plunged into the lower of the two which was Sarah (actually I kind of knew that but the pretense of the quandary was more fun) at which time Kristin moved up still with her back to me and planted her pussy on Sara's mouth. So I slid into what turned out to be Sarah's pussy (I was actually getting to know the difference by feel now and that was very strange).


After the mountain wank

group GregUK 2018-04-16

I needn't have worried because a few minutes later the guy said 'your English, forgive me but I saw the title of your book?' We started chatting and it turned out he was with his wife, they were from Munich down for the weekend and staying in a hotel near where we were. As we chatted his wife said something and he started to open a bag, get some sun cream out and rub it into the top of her feet, slowly moving up her legs towards her pussy which was bald. So there I was being looked at by a group of naked people wanking each other, Hans with three fingers in my arse and my new male german friend sucking my cock.

Nicole In Our Bed

group JayWhett 2018-04-16

Trying to keep myself under some kind of control as my husband caressed my shoulders, my arms, that sensitive spot right at the back of my neck, right where the spine ends, that he knew I loved so much. Salty, he really is only minutes away I thought as I closed my lips around the head, got him tight, then sucked in hard. She grinned back at me again, let him slip out until the base of the head was clearly visible between her white teeth, then closed her lips and sucked him in slow but hard once, twice, and he was cumming into her mouth on the third plunge. As he collapsed into the bed, Nicole reached around my head and pulled me in for another open mouth kiss, my husband's sperm glittering on her lips and chin.


The Bunkhouse

group KissingMarriedWomen 2018-04-16

Pete was at the sink peeling potatoes, Kate was kneeling by the Aga. She had changed out of her combats and now wore a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and some quite sheer black leggings with wooden-soled sandals. 'Looks like you need it badly tonight,' she said, and gave me a hot, wet, open-mouthed kiss. I must have had some expertise at sucking pussy, because Kate writhed and humped and made the right moaning noises, as well she could with two cocks in her mouth. Kate entered, dressed in her combat clothes, and grinned when she saw three cocks confronting her on her bed.

Not Just Any Pool Game

group AnaLeePleasured 2018-04-16

Fuck, it was cold....this bearded old sleaze-bag at the bar, poured a whole jug down my front and then drooled at the sight of my c-cup tits and large, hard nipples, outlined under the thin material of my shirt. The men were taking turns to have me suck their cocks but I knew the second that Chief was between my legs. Smokey and Jack stopped what they were doing to come and watch Chief tonguing my asshole, while they stroked their glistening, wet cocks. I needed to cum so badly now that when Smokey's hands on my tits, squeezed my nipples and pulled them hard, I had an almighty orgasm and just about bit Jack's cock in my mouth.

Foursome In The Beach House

group pbras71 2018-04-16

I turned to look at my wife to see her reaction to what was happening and was shocked to find that while Veronica and Christy were performing their ministrations on me, Karen had removed her jeans and panties and was sitting in the couch beside me with her legs spread open and masturbating. Christy, who had previously told us her fantasy was to be with another woman, apparently also notice that my wife was about to come and swiftly left me balls and dove at Karen's open pussy. When she finally got her breath back Karen tells us: "Well Christy that was certainly some orgasm you helped me achieve but with your permission, I need my husbands cock inside of me now.

Club Paradiso Ch. 2

group bamboomoon 2018-04-16

I looked around our table and introduced myself to Lee-Ann, a beautiful twenty-something woman, with long blond hair, pointed breasts and protruding pussy lips. Lee-Ann joined her sister and planted small kisses on my wife's face and her neck, sucked on her nipples, and drew a wet trail with her tongue over Lorraine's flat stomach to her bald pussy. Lee-Ann came up to me, sat back on a cushion and spread her legs wide open and smeared her pussy with the flesh of a banana, before she pushed the rest inside her fuck hole. I became a sensitive cock, my tongue and nose giving pleasure to Marie while my dick and hands pleasured Lee-Ann. I received exquisite pleasure throughout my whole body.

An Unforgettable Visit Ch. 2

group Pat McCarthy 2018-04-16

After a while Carol asked: "Helen, were you serious when you said all mothers do see their sons masturbating and having sex?" The next morning at the breakfast table, as soon as Jack left for work Carol said: "Thanks a million, Helen. Carol followed his gaze and said: "Helen is right, you know. Carol started feeling a need to release the tension that had been building up relentlessly, but Helen continued, slowly, until the spasm in the balls and the sperm oozing from the corner of her mouth showed it was done. "Yes" said Carol, "I feel it too!" Jack pushed again, this time against her asshole. Carol was holding Jack's balls, she felt them contracting, then his sperm dripping slowly on her fingers.

Twin Summer Ch. 09

group jane700bond 2018-04-16

Then to more cheers, her hand went into his trousers and, after fumbling to release his rock-like hard-on, managed to pull his engorged cock free. She sat back, her index finger finding its way into my panties and started to rub the edge of my damp slit, whilst Adrian started his hand's exploration up between Sophia's, making her gasp. "But Mr. Brown," bleated Laura, like an 11 year old, "we got to come into school, what about our education?" Iain lifted me, his cock still deep inside, off from the shelf and onto the toilet seat, then he pulled out and thrust his dick into my open mouth and spurted a huge surge of hot cum.



group chandan0707 2018-04-16

I grabbed her face with both hands & started fucking her mouth, the saliva & pre-cum was dripping from her open mouth & covered my dick, her lips & chin. I held her head & started moving my hips up to feed her more of my cock as Naveen was making loud grunts fucking his slutty wife. I was about to cum but wanted to fuck her some more so I grabbed her hair & pulled her head up & kissed her wet lips roughly shoving my tongue inside. My hands were holding her ass-cheeks tightly & I started pounding my cock into her well fucked married pussy.