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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group OzRobert 2018-04-16

We could do nothing else but strip and follow, After that it was chasing one another in the water, feeling the wet and weighty tits of the nymphs, allowing their hands to find our cocks and then coming out onto the bank and coupling first with his wife and then with my own wife and then watching the women suck each other's breasts and finger their cunts and the unexpected feel of his hand and mouth on my prick and the new sensation of having his cock between my lips, hard and urgent melting in flow of salty sperm.

Now That's A Holiday Ch. 02

group ThatSexyIrishGirl 2018-04-16

Trish quickly complied and, as soon as her hands touched the bed, Brad grasped her hips and shoved his hard cock deep into her hot, wet pussy in one slow, full push. "I loved both cock and pussy as a woman, and I so want to feel what it's like to fuck a pussy as a man." She smiled and winked at Anna. "Oh my god, this is so incredible!" quivered David, "Brad, you've got to try it..." his voice trailed off as he slowly raised and lowered himself onto Anna's cock. "I never knew cum tasted so good." He looked up at Trish, still gently stroking her softened cock, "When this gets hard again, I want you to unload in my mouth.


Shanti - Seductive Adulteress Ch. 01

group shanti2010 2018-04-16

With hot anxious fingers Ripu pried apart her pussy lips and speared his tongue way up the tapering cunt hole. And Meena held one hand fast at her back, so that Shanti could relax to the fantastic feel of Ripu's pussy-eating mouth and Meena's expert sucking at her tits. And then for a few minutes their bodies were all tangled up and she sucked cock and pussy indiscriminately, feeling first Meena's then Ripu's mouth at her cunt. Shanti finger-fucked Meena while feeling Ripu's meat driving in and out of her pussy incessantly and with no let-up by any means. But Meena's mouth was on her cunt at once, sucking put all the cum Ripu had shot there, lapping up the juices that flowed from Shanti's cunt-walls.

Denise & the Camping Trip

group maxmaypo 2018-04-16

I started to get an erection again and looked in Ben's direction to see if he was similarly indisposed and was surprised to see both Gwen's and Denise's fingers trailing up and down the rather long shaft of Ben's large penis through his briefs. And then as I watched, Denise and Gwen giggled and soon Ben's briefs were open and each girl had encircled the long, thick shaft of Ben's chocolate brown, uncircumcised penis with their fingers. A look of helpless surprise and pleasure came across Gwen's face and as I watched her naked groin snap back and forth in spasms she climaxed yet a fourth time.


Thursday Night Bad Movie Club Ch. 01

group Maxart414 2018-04-16

Once a month, for maybe six months now, husband goes over to Johnny’s house for “Thursday night bad movie club.” They are joined by two other women, Miranda and Deedee. He offers to tell me what nasty little movies they watched but I refuse to hear, leave the room when he gleefully begins to report on the BRAINSUCKING THING or the NAKED DECAPITATED GIRL or god knows what. I love her like a girlfriend but she is painfully vague about the Thursday night bad movie club which makes me so suspicious like a wife should be. There has been something going on, you know, something naughty at the Thursday night bad movie club.

Gary and the Girls

group elpavilion 2018-04-16

But he almost blew his load in Brit's mouth when Sarah reached in the bag and pulled out a large dark brown realistic looking vibrator and some lube, lubed up the sex toy, spread her legs and began working the slick toy up and down her spread pussy. Other times, nothing was said at all, but the dance went on perfectly, like when Gary and Sarah were doggy style and Brit reached in and pulled his condom covered dick out of Sarah's pussy and moved it the few inches to put it in her ass for them.

Dexterous Dexter 06

group Hypoxia 2018-04-16

She told me hers: Small-town girl, went to the big city, worked in a chocolate warehouse, lived with two female cousins, had a boyfriend she was going to dump, had a vain desire to see the world. I kissed Salma's face, her firm body, her lovely breasts, her feet, her strong calves and thighs, her smoky vulva. We rode north to Oaxaca City and I dropped Salma near her home. I huddled with Esme and Clarita, pulling their chests together, worshipping their fine firm mammary mounds, with skin like slightly milky tea and aureoles like chocolate wafers tipped with dark cherries. I felt Clarita's mouth on my balls and her hand fisting my cock, following Esme's up-and-down suctioning.


Movie Night

group lavskye 2018-04-16

"Daddy, I think Lisa should move onto your lap and tease your cock with her hand as I tease her," Lexi replied. Samuel began to grow hard as he watched his girls play so nicely together while feeling Lisa's soft hand upon him. Lexi, her hand still gripping Lisa's hair, guided her off of Samuel's lap and onto her knees in front of him, easing her head towards his now raging erection. She began moaning a little louder as Samuel stroked her hair then grasped a handful while Lexi continued playing with her breasts. Daddy likes good girls," Samuel said as he laid his head back.

At the Beach

group sophiewilliams 2018-04-16

Keeping my breasts squashed against his face, I began to roll his wetsuit down his body. Licking my lips like a true wanton slut, I reached down and took his beautiful cock into my hand. Then I gave his cock one last suck as I slowly pulled my mouth up his length, running my tongue along the underside of his twitching pole. I couldn't answer as the cock thrusting inside my pussy was forcing me to groan and grunt. I felt myself being yanked backwards by his father, who quickly slid his own cock up between my arse cheeks. I started to relax, falling forwards onto Steven and his stiff cock, then backwards onto his father, who was deep inside my arse.

The Carpetburn Mystery

group tom6 2018-04-16

I felt like I was levitated as 2 strong hands lifted my body into the truck. Hard hands on my inner thighs and fingers rubbing my wet pussy through my g-string. A red fire engine.....a semi-naked and tanned female body spread eagle against the dress around the waist.....blond high heeled shoes.....brown nipples....and pink swollen lips......and the men...many men....bare chested and tanned.....all touching....pinching....probing..... It looked like gold to me and reflected the lights and the bodies of the men working on me. (Carpet....Kneeling....I told you I would solve it.) With my knees spread wide and the nozzle still at work, I looked around. Hands were still on my tits, face mouth, neck, legs and body.

Capri to Roccaraso

group walterio 2018-04-16

Our platoon arrived by bus Friday afternoon and we spent the rest of the day checking in the hotel, eating lunch and getting fitted for rental ski equipment. Paolo grabbed me, his hands sliding from my hips around to my ass as he pulled me tighter to him, taking my pumping cock deep into his mouth as he sucked my cum from me. I guided my cock back into Paolo's ass and this time I gave him a reach around and jerked him of as I fucked him. Paolo knelt next to Marina on the bed and then Franco fed his cock to Paolo's ass. We triple fucked Marina with me in her pussy, Paolo in her ass and her husband in her mouth.


Kinky Jenny Ch. 02

group skinnypom 2018-04-16

But the work experience girl Tasha at work told me she saw your picture on my Facebook and thought you looked quite sexy. The night before I asked Jenny if she was sure Tasha would be OK with this. "Happy birthday love." Jenny said as she kissed me on the cheek. It was soon late afternoon and Jenny arrived home from work and said Tasha would be coming over in a hour or so. The kiss lasted a moment and when I pulled away Tasha had a big smile on her face. Once in the bedroom Tasha led down in the centre of the bed and Jenny uncuffed her wrists then recuffed them to the bed. I licked away furiously and Jenny starting sucking Tasha's right nipple.

Yummy 10

group cumslutt77 2018-04-16

ouuuu yessss, fill my asshole with hot cum!" Ronnie hollered before he was presented with another hard cock to suck! He looked over and there was his big boss sucking and jerking others' cocks on his stocking'd knees, cum all over his face, even in his bra, his high heels off while another visitor had his high heel with his thick hard cock in it, jerking himself off, showing another friend how he did it at home with his wife's heels, then stopping to shoot his hot cum all over his friend's face. The next guy presented his hairy ass to get eaten out, which Rick savored, then slid his cock inside him, fucking him hard and fast and unloading his hot cum inside him....

Fantasy Vacation

group BrazenVixen 2018-04-16

As James stepped out of the pool, Paul and Cinda got their first real look at James's beautiful cock. Looking up into James eyes, Cinda slowly sucked in his cock down her throat. Paul began to furiously eat Cinda's pussy, sucking and licking her lips and fucking her with his tongue. Paul could see the head of James's cock penetrating Cinda's cunt. Paul saw James's cock glisten, all wet from Cinda's juices. Cinda soon was cumming again and dropped Paul's cock to moan and scream her pleasure. Cinda felt James enter her ass and moaned into Paul's chest. James and Paul slowly began to pump inside her, taking turns pushing in and pulling out.

Traci Poses for the Camera

group eroslit 2018-04-16

Traci and Tommy sat next to each other on a couch, while Garrett leaned against a tall stool by one of the cameras. “I’m…uh.” She looked at Tommy, who said nothing, his hands on her bare legs below her shorts. Traci began to slide the panties down, exposing her bare ass to Tommy and her pussy to Garrett. Neither Traci nor Tommy seemed aware or concerned that Garrett was now naked, his own erect cock in his hand. Garrett moved closer, placing his hands on Traci’s hips and the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Tommy had watched Garrett move behind Traci and now saw the man’s face contort in pleasure as he drove his cock into her from behind.

Cindy Gets Caught

group EuphoricCinder 2018-04-16

"Does she suck that nice cock for you stud?" Kim asked the still masturbating Jason. Cindy lowered her mouth and began to kiss Jason's cock. I said suck!" Kim then grabbed Cindy by her blonde hair and forced her mouth onto Jason's cock. "Oh god, it's so sensitive!" Jason groaned, his hands at his sides now, letting Cindy have freedom as she sucked. I know you are a slut who loves sucking cock but it's my turn." She pulled Cindy up by the hair again and threw her to the other side of the couch. Here it comes!" Jason began to shoot rope after rope of cum over Cindy's pretty face. When Jason was spent Kim wiped his cock head off on Cindy's tongue.

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 73

group Paris Waterman 2018-04-16

um, was it Solo, received?" But Mr. Solo will be available should you require his services." "I welcome all the help I can get. As she stepped out on the stage the women seated before Val applauded, and as it died down Val smiled and said, "I don't know if we can surpass that opening, but we're going to try." He would take forever if the situation required it. The one on the left was rubbing her clit while the other woman finger-fucked herself, pumping two fingers in and out at an even pace, her eyes roaming from her friend's masturbation to the action on the stage and back again. She didn't resist, nor did she help. Hungrily and without hesitation, she took it into her mouth, wanting to reward him for what he had given her.


My Ultimate Fantasy

group sweetnsassy929 2018-04-16

I totally love the idea of being shared, but I've never been able to take that leap. In my fantasy, I envision a day where my boyfriend (fictional of course, since I'm single) tells me that he's going to invite some of his buddies over to watch a football game. He then tells me that he wants me to dress really sexy with a low cut top, short skirt, etc. During all of this, the guys have their hands all over me, touching me anywhere they can reach. I just love the thought of this. I love the thought of so many different guys having their hands all over me and the idea of me being the center of their attention, wanting me to get them off.

No In The Office, Dear! Ch. 01

group craigs_stories 2018-04-16

You've got about an hour before the meeting to flick though it." Carol passed the file over to me and waltzed out of the room, slim hips swaying. I got up and tried to lock the door without Carol hearing the key turn. "Go on darling, make yourself cum for me." I'm trying to keep my voice down still, I don't really want Carol overhearing and trying to come in! Not that I think Carol will agree, but as Marie hangs up I do up my trousers and try to quietly unlock the door, wondering what will happen now. "Time for your meeting I think!" She said as she popped my cock back into my trousers and started pulling her dress back on.

Weekend Warriors

group DAMND ONE 2018-04-16

I found out that my mom was far more than a flirt, and that Sammy and Mindy were far more than hospital administrator's! Eventually, mom was staying the whole weekend over at Sammy and Mindy's! Sammy hustled me to his side as Mindy handed each of the ladies in the van a small box, even my mom! Each lady took a box and then, as the back door closed, I saw that my mom's eyes were so wide! "You know that your mom is a terrific whore!" "She gives the best head I have ever had!" "What do you think Mindy?" Mom bent down and put her lips to mine, softly and lightly brushing, just like Mindy had done to me outside a few minute ago!

Ballet De Paris

group Geoff Chaucer 2018-04-16

One dancer of the chorus named Giselle, a heart-stoppingly beautiful blond with wide blue eyes, sometimes went out of her way to brush her hand against the front of François' pants in such a way as to snag against his manhood. François glanced up at her then moved so close to Rene's thigh he could feel the warmth of it on his face; so close between the dancer's legs he caught a rich gossamer coil of perfume mixed with feminine excitement, and that was the instant Giselle popped to her feet and shoved his face deep between Rene's legs as Rene hunched her hips up and closed her thighs around his head. François lifted his face a little from between Rene's legs and gently kissed the insides of her thighs before sitting back on his haunches and turning toward Giselle.


Trio Lust

group 2018-04-16

My girlfriend at the time Cheryl and I had been on a two week vacation and were traveling through a mid-western state,it was early afternoon and we needed to refill our gas so we pulled into a large travel plaza just off the interstate.As I headed in to pay for the gas I spotted a pretty petite girl dressed in a tight fitting mini-skirt that hugged her petite shapely ass in an eye catching fashion and a light pink cotton blouse that displayed small but luscious breasts with no bra, she seemed to be having difficulty carrying a freshly refilled spare tire back to her car trunk.Being one who enjoys helping others when he can I said "it looks like your having trouble getting that heavy tire back to your trunk",yeah it is a little bit heavy...Let me help you out miss?

Desperate Housewives

group jomomma141 2018-04-16

I took Carolyn aside a few minutes later and I told her that Nick was a fool if he payed more attention to that car than to a beautiful woman like her. Allie then took my aching cock into her mouth and she sucked and licked very slowly. Donna said that she was nervous about coming to me, but both Carolyn and Allie told her to calm down and go for it. Donna and I kissed some more and she took my cock back into her warm mouth and got me hard again. Donna said that Allie told her about how I fucked her ass and that she wanted to try it.


Carley Ch. 09

group JapleinViera 2018-04-16

Gray-jacket nodded sharply, unzipped his backpack and kicked off his right shoe. I holstered my pistol - no use contributing to the panic by running around with a gun in my hand - and fought my way east through the frantic crowd, past the entrance to Sears. "You saved a hell of a lot of lives today." The voice came from a tall, good looking woman in a dark business suit with a miniature gold badge pinned to the lapel. "I'm pretty dizzy and my head feels two sizes too big." I explored with my left hand. Terrorists in Israel stopped doing that in the '90s when word got around and Israelis started looking for it. Kinda sleepy for some reason." With Carley holding my hand, I drifted down into the peaceful darkness.