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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Meeting Ch. 02

group EverReadyBR549 2018-04-16

The taste of my cum on your tongue, Ross's mouth sucking and nibbling on your erect clit, and his finger inside your hot dripping cunt massaging your spot brings you to your first orgasm. Janet sucks my cock deeply into her mouth and starts going up and down with the same steady strokes Ross is using on her cunt. He pulls his cock from your mouth and offers it to Janet, who also sucks it in trying to obtain some of his cum for her tongue. I do not know if it is your post orgasm twat twitches or the fact that a pussy is cumming on my face but I feel my cock getting hard again.

Two Blondes

group StoryTeller07 2018-04-16

Jeff felt as though he should look away, but the sight of her cute bottom, clad only in a pair of panties, was enthralling. "Louise, this is Jeff," Sandra said. Jeff looked at Sandra with a wan smile, hoping he hadn't been too obviously ogling her friend. Here's your coffee, miss, and yours, sir," Sandra said, in an exaggerated subservient little voice. "Doesn't look as though the maid will receive a well deserved spanking then," Louise said, with a wink at Sandra. I think we should get to know each other a bit better, don't you?" he said, with a big teasing smile on his face. "So happy I don't think I'll let you go," he said, while grabbing hold of her head to kiss her lips.


Tough Times For Trisha

group LSancho 2018-04-16

Soon she was having shots of Patron with them all and things were loosening up.She was getting real horny....and they were taking liberty's touching her thighs and hair.She thought she'd really talk the naughty talk that got her in the VIP rooms at the clubs back in the day.First she said she was a nymphomaniac and hadn't been properly Fucked for a couple days.Jaws dropped and laughter and dirty comments followed.She followed that she liked group sex the best especially when she had multiple Cocks to service.Her thoughts went to what a whore she was for saying that but her desire had overtaken her inhibitions.One of the young studs whispered in her ear that they had some rooms at the hotel adjacent to the restaurant and if she'd like to join them there they could do something about her needs.She whispered back to him that she was in financial straits and wondered if she could garnish a tip from them all if she was a good girl doing anything they desired satisfying their kinky desires.At first he was taken a back by her comment...then he smiled as he looked her over....calling the others over to him for a discussion.

First Time with Married Couple

group Osewa 2018-04-16

I love to be roughed up in other places, my nipples and ass are fair game for pinching and slapping, but my cock does not like dry fast hand-job - it likes more wet sloppy slow oral. She had suck the head of my cock sometimes, but mostly rided my face, - while he probed my ass and put finger, then two, and finger-fucked me with lube. With very first pain in my ass I squeezed her nipples hard, she squeezed my cock hard, we all started to talk dirty like "stop you fucking bitch!", "or I will break your cock!" ... At that time I started to play with one interesting lady, and still did not want being fucked in ass with his big cock.

The Circle Ch. 36

group SteveWallace 2018-04-16

As Alex took a seat near the window, he said to the driver in a low voice, "Take your time getting us home." On the side bench seat, Zoey had Bill's large cock pumping into her pussy, right next to where Sheila had mounted Jim. Bill and Sheila leaned together and kissed, swapping tongues between them as their partners watched. As he did he allowed the image of Tracy the night before to flash into his mind: Tracy was bent at the hips, straight-legged, wearing sexy spike heels and nothing else; she had her lips wrapped around the thick cock of the limousine driver as they all watched her give him a special tip.



group deggles 2018-04-16

Jessica was in the middle of two black men, slowly moving wife fucking and sucking these two incredibly black men's depicting white women having sex with black men, and had soft white skin against his dark black body was truly a white body lounged nude, pressing against the black men's shots stopped with a black ball in her mouth, then tongue hair, and sucking on this black man's donkey size prick. peach sized black balls came to rest on Jodi's small beautiful white woman give herself freely to a black man, my petite nude blond wife leading a rather large black much for the one black man that didn't fuck my wife on Jodi closed her eyes and relaxed to allow Nubi to shove

Biker Girl

group saintNTINA 2018-04-16

I liked the idea and after a hour I was riding on Wolf's bike heading up some mountains. His face was twitching in pleasure that looked like pain as I was jerking his cock and he yelled loud when his thick white cum streamed out and landed on my neck and boobs. To make things more peculiar his messages started happy, saying that he couldn't wait to see me, and then they turned anxious asking if I got lost and then he started calling me names for dumping him. He looked nothing like the "Wolf" I met and fucked in Austria. Maybe because the stranger came at the right time, maybe because our English was so bad that he didn't reacted when I called him "Wolf".

Satisfying Holly

group Charlie The Texan 2018-04-16

I reached down to Holly's dangling big tits with both hands, squeezing and pulling them as hard as I could just before my throbbing cock finally erupted into her sweet sexy mouth filling it with a huge load of red hot cum. "Nothing slave I want everybody to see your wonderful breasts and hot wet cunt," I told Holly as I admired the slutty look the flimsy garments gave her over sexed body. "You guys come up to room 369 in 30 minutes and you can gang bang my big titted sex slave all night long," I told the hard dicked truckers mauling my wife's fabulous sexy body.

Sun Stroke

group stephwriter 2018-04-16

The loosening of the bikini cord allowed the material to drop away from Sandra's breasts but the men could only catch a glimpse of her flesh before Lynn leaned over to continue to apply the lotion. Both ladies continued stroking as a stream of come erupted from Martin's cock and landed on Lynn's breasts, followed quickly by a second and third stream at which point Sandra removed her hand and Martin rested back against Sandra's lounger. As Lynn finally came down from her orgasm, John released her from the kiss and looked down to see Martin make two more thrusts before he groaned out load one final "Yes" and then held himself tightly against his wife, who wrapped her legs around him and reached towards him.

Our First Threesome on Vacation

group jlowe4704 2018-04-16

Then I ask her to kiss you, and she moves close to you, takes your face in her hands, and gently puts her mouth on yours. She slowly moves down your neck to your tits, and gently but firmly licks each one, taking each nipple in her mouth. Her hands move down and caress your ass, and she lifts you up slightly, and sucks your pussy into her mouth. The she gets up and turns to me, and looks back at you and says, "now its his turn." She comes over and pulls my pants off, and pushes me back against the chair. You move your mouth down her body, and you place your tongue directly on her clit, and you slowly flick it.

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 16

group Jeremydcp 2018-04-16

Once we got to the far end of the field, though, Devon wanted to play keep away, and suddenly I was struggling with everything I had to steal the ball from her. Devon and I were in the middle of a very public place - the soccer field at the local schoolhouse - and anyone could easily walk or drive by, and see us. I let out a sharp gasp as Devon pulled my cock out of my trousers with her right hand. But Devon also made note that several of the girls (Pamela, Trish, Amy and Scarlett) were actually older than she was, and thus, had no place to talk.


Birthday Tease and Please

group eroticslut 2018-04-16

"I hear there are guys who like to watch as their slut whore wife get fucked hard . Melissa looked like a real fucking whore as she told the guys to unzip and show her their cocks. They each fucked me as I was telling them how you want so much to see them fuck me, that it was your fantasy, One time I had fucked all of them in one night , in one room, I had two of those hard cock in my pussy, while I had two in each one of my hands , and you see the guy in the middle I sucked his huge cock while I stroked the others and fucked the other two.

Tommy Awakens Ch. 12-15

group HotTommy777 2018-04-16

I'm going to dance all evening long!" said Sarah as we worked our way through the busy bar to Ralph and his friends. When they returned to the table, Sarah literally dropped into her chair, grabbed her beer downed it and began to talk, once again interrupting Ralph who was trying to introduce the rest of his friends. Sarah took her time getting into my car and when she saw Ralph and his buddies getting in a huge Lincoln SUV she turned to me and said, "The guys are coming over for a few hours. I returned to the living room where Ralph was more gently fucking a gasping Sarah with his long arms around her waist, playing with her pussy.


The Retreat at Sharon's Ch. 04

group PenLightStories 2018-04-16

"Thanks for sharing the house with us, Max. Hope you don't mind all of Sharon's friends crashing your week here," Peter added. Carla produced what looked like a tray of cookies from one of the bags and Sharon perked her eyes up at the sight of it and ushered Erica and Peter toward the back of the house. Knowing what they'd already learned about Sharon and her friends, Max thought Peter probably already knew a great deal more than Carla could imagine. "Can you put C.J. and Tara in the third bedroom in your hallway and drop Ken's bag by the room on my side?" Sharon asked as Max muscled the three bags up the stairs.


My Cousins Ch. 3

group montana69 2018-04-16

I'd never had anal sex before and I was anxious to try it, but first Matthew and Nick got my tight ass prepared for the onslaught of their huge cocks by fucking it with dildos. I watched Matthew's cock pumping in and out of Cammie's pussy and then I grabbed Nick and pulled him up over me. I had one orgasm after another, screaming and moaning and shaking as Nick fucked my cunt with deep powerful thrusts and the dildo filled my ass with an amazing pressure. Matthew's cock continued to pump my ass and soon I felt my legs turning to rubber and my pussy spasming in a huge orgasm.

Photographer Faye

group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-04-16

It seemed like an innocent request: Two days after Christmas, Beth called her friend and neighbor Faye and told her she and Bob had gotten themselves a digital SLR camera as a gift. "Would you mind very much if we got some photos with some cleavage?" Bob asked, unbuttoning two more of Beth's buttons, exposing the swell of her breasts. Beth's hand disappeared behind her, and Faye could tell she was stroking Bob's cock -- maybe outside of his pajama bottom, maybe inside. Bob kissed Beth's breasts, sucking briefly on each hard nipple, then crouched down to kiss her belly and then finally her pussy, through her panties. Beth's panties were off, and her naked best friend was trying to take photos of Faye and Bob fucking.

The Halloween Party

group jamisonh213 2018-04-16

Only a few minutes later Dr. Acker walked through the door, still naked mind you, and got on the table between my and this guys legs. Getting to my feet I looked at the doctor and saw a string of cum handing from his cock before it dropped off and hit the floor. I got down on my knees and took the burly guy first into my mouth while starting with a hand job on the other. Once again this burly guy got a little rough as he put his hands on my head and pulled me in and out on his cock. Finally one of the other guys that had me that night came into the room and proceeded to put his cock in my mouth making me air tight.

BBC Dinner

group Riflections 2018-04-16

We enter the room and I went and laid on the bed, waiting for either Chris or Reggie to come pleasure me. "Well, it seems like you got a fan right here." Reggie said as Chris stood up at the end of the bed. "Oh bae," I moaned as I felt Chris's hard cock slipped inside me. Chris stopped and I thought that he was done but then I felt his cock slid right inside my pussy. "Come suck my dick girl," Chris said. "Bend over girl, let me fuck that ass," Reggie said as I got up and bend over on the bed.

Living At The End Of The Road Ch. 02

group lickablenipsddd 2018-04-16

He smile and pulled out his cell phone and was talking to someone, asking if he'd like to come over and have the meeting here by the pool while watching a beautiful, sexy lady who can suck a cock better than any one. "I couldn't stay away any longer so tonight I came over and we went out to the pool and when she drop her robe and went to her knees and suck my cock deep inside her mouth. "Fuck yes, she's fucking great cock sucker, and you know what lady, when she's done sucking, my 10 inch black fuck pole will be slamming her pussy till i fill her with my hot cum.

Ho visto tutto

group syssy2000 2018-04-16

posteggio l'auto ed entro in giardino, e con mio stupore vedo gli scuri semichiusi, come quando in casa non ci siamo, di solito se siamo a casa sono sempre aperti... lui ad un certo punto la fa sedere sul divano e si inginocchia a sua volta ed inizia a leccare la figa di mia moglie, lei geme, si strizza il seno e i capezzoli... lui, senza dire nulla, ricomincia lentamente il suo movimento, poi sempre più velocemente, e mia moglie inizia a succhiarmi il cazzo. nel giro di poco siamo venuti entrambi, lui nella figa di mia moglie, io nella sua bocca. da quel giorno, da quella volta che ho scoperto di essere cornuto, le cose sono cambiate, ora non ci nascondiamo più nulla, parliamo molto di più e condividiamo di più le nostre passioni.


Twins and the Boyfriend's Parents

group The_Red_Duke 2018-04-16

"Really Dan. I don't think Rachel is going to be too pleased if she walks out to find you with your hands all over her sister's back." Ten minutes earlier Sophie had noticed Phil walking back out of the house without Dan or Rachel behind him. Reassured that he tasted clean, though with a sheen of sweat that she rather liked, Sophie licked and then kissed his foot, running her tongue between the toes, enjoying the fact that Phil could hardly lay still. And so the sight that greeted Rachel as she peered out of the window, half way to an orgasm, was her twin and her boyfriend's mother both busily slurping on Phil's proud member.


Adriana Enters Our Lives Ch. 01

group silverfox267 2018-04-16

As I slipped another 2 songs of money into her hand, you closed your eyes and leaned back into the couch to fully enjoy the feelings going through your body. As sweat began to form on your chest, you took a deep breath, turned your head slightly and released an orgasm that shook most of your body. Adriana's mouth and tongue continued to explore your pussy as I watched. Suddenly your body began to shake slightly and then you took your two hands and grabbed her head to push it violently into your pussy. Adriana used her hands to remove my boxers as your began to roll her nipples between your index finger and thumb.

All Ashore Ch. 02

group Evil Alpaca 2018-04-16

Sunny had stumbled off with some guy she had just met, Thomas (one of the cooks) and Jared (an assistant to the activities director) were so far gone they were going to need to be helped back to their room, and Carlos and Keira decided to head over to his room for some "rest and relaxation." While Tara had found her niche in the group as "the quiet new girl," she found herself wanting to scream when her bunkmate and the dance instructor went off to have sex. "What a little whore she is," he said to Jeff, who had taken a cue from Paul and had grabbed Tara's head and was shoving his cock into her mouth a little harder.


The House Sitter Ch. 04

group O2 2018-04-16

Lani was outside enjoying her morning reading the Saturday paper while watching the dogs romp around when she heard Samantha's car on the driveway. Karen paused long enough from petting the dogs to greet Lani with a hug. Dave held the door open watching Lani and Karen talk. The dogs were okay to talk to but they never kept the conversations going long before they wanted a treat or to be let out. Lani's expression turned to one of curiosity as she responded to Karen, "I don't know if I can hold out that long now that you've gotten me in the mood but I'll try. Karen sat down at the kitchen table sipping her wine and thinking about after dinner along with what Lani had said.