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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cucumbers and Melons

group hotpup 2018-04-16

Between the finger in his ass, the cock sucking he was getting and the big beautiful black tits he was playing with Dan was soon erupting into the girl's mouth. With a slight adjustment Dan soon found his tongue deep up Tonya's cunt and ass kissing and licking like the maniac he was. "Tonya give me your cock; fuck me hard and deep, "Peaches cooed while licking the manager's tits and rubbing the head of the dildo against her cunt. Without warning, Tonya broke the trio up long enough to fall to the floor and pull Peaches roughly on top of her Dan watched the dildo slowly slide into the white girls cunt as Tonya began fucking Peaches. Tonya screamed as the man then pulled out a gun and aimed it right at Dan's cock and Peaches' face...

Moving to a Retirement Community

group eprise01 2018-04-15

I finally got all my things moved in arranged and I've even had a chance to take a couple of walks around the area and I've met some very interesting people so far." After finishing their drinks they both stood up and Gene told me, "Well we hate to drink and run, but I've still got to get Winston here to a couple other new comers for introductions." I changed into some slacks and a better shirt and put on my socks and shoes and about the time I got to the living room I heard the horn from the cab, letting me know he was out there.

The Chair Ch. 37

group Rickd_1960 2018-04-15

This twin was also reaching his boiling point and with one final thrust he grabbed the redhead's hips pulling her tight against him as his cock let forth its might stream of cum, flooding the walls of her pussy with his essence. The redhead reclined in the swing as her guy zoomed the camera in on her pussy, capturing the sloppy mixture of cum as it oozed from her body. With his hands on her hips he stepped forward and slid his hard cock fully into her pussy, sloppy wet with his brother's cum. As she worked her mouth up and down this cock, the brother behind her pulled his wet cock from her pussy and slowly began pressing its head into her puckered asshole.

The Little Game

group captivate 2018-04-15

They both felt the men had never noticed Kara, after all, she was always with Jeff, and they focused on available women. They all rode upstairs in the lovely glass elevator, Kara smiling happily and the men not believing their luck. Once in the room, Jeff said he would be happy to just watch and offered to help Kara out of her dress. As the men undressed, Jeff lifted her dress and kissed her shapely ass and then untied the strings that would release her clothing. As her contractions slowed, she felt Ben swell and explode deep inside her pussy and then Jeff started to make those familiar noises meaning he was coming also.

My GF's gangbangs

group iceman1012 2018-04-15

It didn't stop...only got around more that I was a dirty slut who had stripped and fucked a bunch of guys on tape. I had people I didn't even know coming up and asking me to suck their cock or fuck them. I really didnt know what to say, so I just bent over (mouth or pussy) when people started asking). One day my class was cancelled - and as I was about to leave a bunch if guys stopped me and made me wait until the others were gone, stripped my clothes off and made me suck 2 of them while the others watched.

True Story of a Threesome

group lust4me 2018-04-15

The three guys that shared the apartment were young and good looking as hell. After a while, one of the guys, Mike, got up and started dancing around. He wasn't as built as Mike, but he was real tall with a streamlined body. But Jason and the other guy stayed out there with me and then they asked me if I would dance for them. I sucked Jason while the shy guy was fucking me. The shy guy had a HUGE dick and I had never been fucked that good before. When the shy guy came, Jason practically shoved him off the bed and positioned himself behind me. When Jason was through, Shy one fucked me again.

Bachelor/Bacherlorette Pary

group C Love 2018-04-15

The girls consisted of: Kathy, a bi-sexual dirty blond, with B Cups and a nice body, Liz who has black hair and great D cups, Caroline, with golden blonde hair, she has smaller breasts, but beautiful legs, Kristen, a redhead lesbian with perfectly perky C Cup breasts, Jen, an oriental girl with a body built for sin, and a sexual appetite to match, and the bride to be, Jess. Next to me was Kristen, who was spooning with Kathy, who was spooning with Jen, who was grinding with William. As I groped Liz's breast from behind, and stroked Caroline's leg, Kristen was being pushed back into me by the force of the train that the four of them were still in.

Community Service

group zimabean 2018-04-15

They removed their clothes-I had never seen old people naked but it had been months since I had any pussy what so ever so I was glad to see any kind of bush. I slid my cock into her pussy and to my surprise it was tight and felt really good. When she was done I contiued to pile drive her and soon drained my balls spewing what felt like ten gallons of pent up cock sauce deep in her old snatch. The ladies took note and the one that had two loads of my sauce in her told the other woman that I was a good lover and she should take me on.

The Trophy Wife Ch. 02

group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-04-15

I thought our cute young neighbor was just a tease -- but before I knew it, we were in the shallow end of our pool at 2 in the morning fucking, not caring that my wife was asleep upstairs. "Are you telling me you wouldn't get aroused if I did this?" Amy said, placing a hand on Ellie's left breast. I think at this point Ellie was more angry about what Amy said than about the fact that we'd had sex (though I knew that could change at any moment). (And now the thought of sliding my cock into Amy's pussy was making me even harder, as I continued to give Ellie the vigorous fucking she'd asked for)


group CharlieChew 2018-04-15

“I am wonder what all that was about, do you want to stay?”, Lori asked Stacy with a little bit of worry in her voice. “Just kneel down, pretty white girl.”, Jim said as he put his hand on Lori's shoulders and guided her down to his semi-erect meat. Sandy knew that this was a little much for a girl who was doing everything for the first time, but she was feeling very naughty tonight and enjoyed the confused reluctant expression on Lori's face. She knew that she would enjoy the next expression on her face as Jim filled Lori's virgin cunt with his rock hard cock. Kirsten looked at Eric and he immediately pulled out of Lori's ass and rolled her over onto her back.


Welcum to the Neighborhood

group zig074 2018-04-15

After that night a pattern started to occur, everything would be normal during the week but on the weekends when we would hook up with Wendy, Steve, Lisa, Paul, those nights Kim would be all over me when we got home. Kim was coming down from her orgasm and Wendy rolled over on top of her, she took Kim’s face in her hands and the two started to kiss. Kim saw Wendy on top of Paul and pushed her so she was laying flat against his chest, she then started licking Paul’s cock as it was going in and out of Wendy’s pussy.

A Surprise Evening Ch. 2

group Tonya 2018-04-15

I allowed a little sigh to escape my lips as I gazed onto the swollen veins that girthed it vine-like and throbbing and I relived the sensation of them caressing the walls of my streaming pussy only a short time earlier. As we kissed I wrapped my arms around his neck and felt by breast fill his hand before he squeezed my nipple between his thumb and forefinger, sending a delicious confusion of pain and pleasure all over my tingling body. I felt the weight of Joe's body suddenly on top of me and his oil covered cock suddenly pressing against the little hole of my ass.

Plunder Party

group JadisCarroway 2018-04-15

"Yeah, Terra just loves a big geek." Jadis said. Jadis took another deep drag and passed the reefer to Terra. My mouth was dry, and I seemed to notice every tiny detail of every single thing I observed: the small black dot on the picture frame of my dearly departed cat; the scratch on the left lens of Jadis's glasses; the lipstick smears on Jadis's cheeks and chin; the fullness and perfect symmetry of Terra's breasts; the laciness of her bra; the slight fray in the fabric of her dress by her cleavage. "Aarmmf," I said, which was really an "uh-huh" that was muffled because I couldn't find the motivation to take my mouth off of Jadis's tit.


The Nice Guy Gets the Girls

group Starr69696969 2018-04-15

I got home early and wanted to surprise you, but my old friend Bobby showed up on his way through town!" I couldn't remember if I had ever told her about Bobby before, but I was always open and honest with her about my past lovers -- I had just had so many. But Bobby had been every sexual fantasy a girl could think of, and I remembered how lucky I had felt catching him in a brief moment between girlfriends. He was stricken speechless for a second, but I knew what he saw as he looked at her -- her sweet and strong personality, her sexy face, her perfect body that was highlighted even now with her position, her rosy-tipped tits thrust together and out for his inspection.


Hot Sex In The City

group bryandavid 2018-04-15

My tongue lapped between Jaime's pussy lips as Heather continued to lick my nipples and kiss my chest, her hands roaming over my body. Christy then mounted my lap again, this time taking my cock in her tiny hand and rubbing her tight pussy over the head. I began bucking my hips up into Heather's pussy as my hands went to her hips and sliding up her body groping her breasts, her nipples poking thru my fingers. Jamie was kissing and sucking on Heather's body as my hands meshed her lovely tits and my cock impaled her tight wet pussy. Christy crawled up between Heather's thighs and began eating the cum from her pussy as I started banging Jaime's tight wet snatch.

A Threesome Among Friends

group Pescaderosix 2018-04-15

I had met Chrissy several times and we always got along very well, however, I never felt any sexual tension between us at these meetings, so I was pretty surprised when Mike told me one night that Chrissy was fantasizing about a threesome with him and me. As I got closer I had a great view of Mike's fingers pumping in and out of Chrissy's very wet pussy. I had a great view of his cock being pushed past her swollen pussy lips and I couldn't help but give her clit a couple more licks while Mike was slowly fucking her. After some licks Chrissy moaned and her pussy contracted, producing a large gob of Mike's sperm.

Lessons in Love Ch. 5

group Jim W 2018-04-15

The finger is moving up and down over my clit, to the opening of my pussy and back, copying the motion I used when I played with my self for Tom. I feel myself cry out as I start to cum, but I can't hear myself over the music in my ears, which strangely makes cumming even more intense. I can almost hear the groan escape my lips as my tight ass is probed and suddenly the finger is gone replaced by something a little thicker and harder, the vibrator Tom used on me our first night I realize when it starts buzzing inside of me.

I finally had my first MfM!

group 2018-04-15

We all began chatting, the usual bar stuff and they invited us back to their friend's house to play pool and drink more and just enjoy the night. Once he realized what I was doing, he moaned and said, "Fuck, I love dirty sluts" and pushed his cock far down my throat over and over again d***kenly telling me to suck it. We started to discover how well we fit together sexually (nothing long-term or committed but definitely sexual) and that our submissive-dominant tastes matched up well and he told me that how I sucked his cock last time really turned him on. Brian laid down on the bed with his legs spread and I straddled his cock while Jake stood between his legs and pushed his hot dick into my ass.

The Librarian

group Cajun Boy 2018-04-15

Her head began bobbing up and down, trying to take all of the taller man's cock but could only get a little more than half inside her mouth. She sat on the edge of the bed with Bob walked up to her and took his cock in her hand and pulled him closer and took him inside of her mouth. Sarah, seeing Sindi fingering herself excited her and she moved over on her hands and knees and buries her face in the cum soaked pussy of Sindi. Sindi signaled Bob to come closer and her hand circled his cock and she began stroking it while she was sucking on the head of Roger's cock.


Bright Lights and Fist Fights

group KuroshioX 2018-04-15

Stepping through the thick curtain that partitioned the club's changing area from the main venue, Marvin "Jumpy Marv" Grier immediately made his presence known, the pimp's imposing linebacker-sized frame cloaked in a money-green, sequined and fur-lined coat that hung loosely from his shoulders - dragging a few inches on the floor - topped by an equally ridiculous but matching stovepipe hat. With her top falling off as she rubbed against the ropes, Ulyana desperately tried to cover up (her face that is), but Yvette simply yanked her hand away and continued pounding, even as the girl went down on one knee, the white miniskirt being hiked up by thighs spread wide and revealing her lack of underwear.


Time in Leeds

group 2018-04-15

One moment she was talking to Ali the next a naked man has walked into the room and cum into her work colleagues’ mouth. It’s only a matter of minutes and Ali has her cumming I watch her face flush as she hits the crest then the slow fall. “I’ve made you cum enough now it’s your turn.” Ali leans forward and places a hand under her chin and guides her forward. Now I don’t know why, maybe because Ali had gone such a good job with her tongue, or maybe the strange situation was a turn on for her or maybe she just liked it hard and fast.

Saturday in New Orleans

group 2018-04-15

He said " take your thongs off and rub your naked pussies together." We did and joined our cunts together again. She spread her legs up and he buried his big cock inside her pussy slamming her hard and fast. I am pulled out from under Sandy my head is hanging off the side of the bed and someone is shoving a cock in my mouth. I screamed out in shock and pulling my head away from sucking a cock and saw a guy pulling a beer bottle out of my pussy. I licked at her pussy and clit while Sandy kissed her tits and nipples. She teased her pussy with it rubbing it up and down then quickly shoved the whole thing deep into Sandy's cunt.

Christmas Eve

group drsalt 2018-04-15

I had my arms wrapped around three small manikin type beings that looked like -- and dressed exactly like the classic image of -- elves! A glance showed me that elf girls respond just like human women. His eyes went to the girls and he said something in that liquid-sounding language. The last thing I remembered was the sight of Malcolm's cum leaking from the corners of my wife's mouth while she let out her own howl of completion. When I opened my eyes the first thing I realized was that my head was throbbing. I looked around me and saw my wife lying -- apparently sound asleep -- on the carpet in front of a nice fire that had been started in the fireplace.


Sometimes It’s Just About The Sex

group Sharlean 2018-04-15

Scott continued pulling firmly on those jugs, pinching the hard nub tips, pulling them away from her breast as his cock rubbed hard between her hot pink erect cherry. Scott pinched and pulled her tatas harder in response to her words and said, "Girl, I love fucking the poop chute. Sandra had her eyes closed she was lost in the pleasure of this man's hands and cock pushing her body closer to orgasm. Grasping her hips firmly; Scott pushed further into the shit womb loving the feel of her muscles spasms around his concrete hard tool. Scott didn't have time to respond because just as she said those words, the cum in his in balls exploded down the length of his cock to her tightly convulsing ass in a long hard spray.