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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Erotic Summer

group Spoiler 2018-04-15

We kissed and started to laugh a little when Donna said, “Where is Stacy?” I was still fingering her pussy and leaning towards Donna but looking right at Stacy. She was face to face with Stacy and she said looking in her eyes, “Please lick me Scott, I want to show this girl we are not bluffing.” Donna groaned and looked at Stacy and said, “He just gave my pussy a real good probe with his tongue.” Stacy had sat back down and was watching as Donna went to her knees in front of me and proceeded to lick my dick. Donna laid her head on my shoulder and watched her cousin deep throat my cock and begin to work it with her hands.


Weird Fantasies 02: Selling Me

group TessMackenzie 2018-04-15

The two guys hold me, and hold up my dress, and then winning men come up one at a time, and wank, standing in front of me. I push my fingers inside myself, sticky with him, and then more people come on my hand. I'm so horny, so turned on a desperate for a fuck, for someone inside me other than my own fingers, that I whisper to you, "I need sex." I'm being ass-fingered while a roomful of people watch, and I just want to push back into your hand. I come sitting on him, holding him against me, and because I'm on top of him, lots of people can smile at me and stroke my back.

Condominium Ch. 01

group SteveWallace 2018-04-15

The short clip ended as she blew me a kiss and waved in a coy way at the camera from on top of the machine with the magic cock turning and twisting in her body. Amber went on to tell me that she'd had coffee several times with Jess on my away weekends, and that she and Penny had joined the couple for dinner at a nearby bistro one night. As I started to get wine for everyone, Amber led Chris and Jess off for a nickel tour of more of our unit. Amber said, "She's up about mid-way on the dial." She passed me the remote for the unit, and flashed me a devilish smile.


And He Makes Three Ch. 01

group zaftig75 2018-04-15

A very bad time came along, a few years into our friendship, when Shannon's wife, whose psychological state had been troubled and somewhat tenuous for many years before we became friends, abruptly ended their marriage. After that night, we decided to allow it to sit with Shannon for a while, and that if he was interested in moving our relationship to another level, he would bring it up. We were laughing our asses off at a joke Brandon had told, and hearing Shannon really laugh for the first time in months made me realize again how deep my feelings for him were. The sight of the two men I love most in the world, sharing a passionate kiss, was one of the most erotic moments of my life.

City BBQ

group cori 2018-04-15

Then I groaned and cried out in pleasure as he placed his lips back on my cunt, sweetly kiss-sucking at my dripping fuck hole. One of the guys watching moved over and took the clippie from my hair letting it fall loosely all around my face as he rammed his cock into my soft, tight cunt. This one fucked me for a long time, slowly building intensity and speed with each stab into my wet hot cunt. A passionate shiver rippled over my body as we all fucked and pumped and came over and over several times, changing positions many times until everyone had their turn at my ass, cunt and mouth.

Vegas Odyssey: The Club

group raiderh 2018-04-15

Tori has cried during love-making in the past, and usually I give her a hard time about making me feel guilty or self-conscious about being a bad lover, but today I just kissed her tenderly. "Oh, yeah, I mentioned that you loved having things in your ass, and she agreed that you definitely looked like the type of girl who would." Tori's breaths came long and deep and if I hadn't known any better I would have assumed she really was asleep, but the way her vaginal muscles contracted around my probing fingers said otherwise. Timed perfectly, the beverage service came again, and I brazenly kept fingering my wife as the stewardess asked if I wanted more ginger ale.


My Exhibitionist Wife Ch. 07

group nighttimestories 2018-04-15

Aaron pulled his cock from Cheryl's mouth and stood behind Sue. Sue let go of my cock and Cheryl grabbed my hand and said, "Come over her stud I want your big cock in my pussy now." Sue leaned her head onto the chair cushion where I had just got up from and was moaning with each stoke from Aaron's cock. Rachael was working Steve's cock into her mouth and Aaron was watching her as she stretched to accommodate it. Cheryl looked up at me and removed my cock from her mouth, "I knew he would like that." She then went back to sucking and stroking my cock. Aaron started groaning and tensing up then moaned, "Oh Fuck!" as he shot a load into Sue's mouth.


The Engagement Ch. 07

group Grouchojim 2018-04-15

In response Sharon raised her left leg and placed it on the desk with the skill only a dancer or former dancer could manage providing both Dutch and Rosa with a perfect view of her cunt. Soon her ass was sucking on his cock, due in part to the fact that Rosa was applying three gloved fingers to her pussy, churning away as if trying to make butter from all the juice now flowing from Sharon's cunt and down her legs. Sharon an active onlooker pushed Dutch away and savagely kissed Rosa, savoring both her own taste and his on the other woman's teeth and gums and then calmly licked her jizm clad face clean.


Adam and the Stranger

group maggie2002 2018-04-15

The first thing Adam noticed as he opened the door to his brother Eric's house were two long gorgeous legs wrapped around a naked man's waist. Adam who normally was the man consigned to the woman's pussy was happy to hear this time he got first claim on her delectable ass, and Mitch wasn't complaining about his drawing her pussy. Kat just shivered and moaned and said things al most inaudible that sounded like," Fuck me you bastards, make me pass out you mother fuckers, Beat my ass Adam hard." Kat rolled off Mitch and huddled curled up on the bed, he took his fingers and gently caressed her clit and lightly fucked her pussy as she found herself coming back to earth managing to give her several small climaxes.


Connie's Dilemma Ch. 03

group Jack Gates 2018-04-15

The woman with the grease-gun came back and pressed the nozzle against my lips and I was forced to open my mouth and she pushed it in until the nozzle hit the back of my throat and she squeezed a goodly amount which I had to swallow. The guy just came to me and smacked my face with his half hard cock and the female surfaced between my legs and I felt her tongue licking my pussy and heard her slurping the spunk out of my pussy and having a nibble at my clitty. The mattress was still out and there were three naked white men standing chatting and when I came on the y surrounded me and started to kiss and cuddle me and passing me form one to the other their fingers penetrating my bum and pussy and squeezing my tits.


Adventures of Nancy: Incensed Ch. 03

group LydiasBF 2018-04-15

Both girls were looking forward to the party that Barry and his roommate Jim were having on Friday night. Nancy, immediately feeling like a third wheel, signaled to Misty and went downstairs to look for Barry. As Barry moved to the other side of the room, she could hear the happy sounds of guys, and girls shouting and cheering. Reaching the front of the crowd, Nancy found herself standing next to an Asian girl at the back of the nearest couch. Meanwhile, Barry had worked his way across the room to Jim. Misty and Jim were enjoying the action from two couples that were on the other couch. Misty noticed that many of the girls in the crowd were encouraging Tracy to reveal more of her tight and petite body.


Birthday Surprise

group itsmyfantasy 2018-04-15

You pulled my body firmly into you, positioning me perfectly on your cock as you began to stroke my clit. You looked down at two sets of beautiful breasts, soft and welcoming, as the owners of those breasts shared the tip of your cock...tongues and lips touching as they try to give you pleasure while filling their need for tasting you. I look over at the monitor and your mouth is covering her pussy, while you are gripping one of her breasts and stroking your cock! He knows that your hot cum is leaking out of my ass and onto his wife's face while he pushes his cock deeper into your wife's pussy.

The Circle Ch. 31

group SteveWallace 2018-04-15

Of course, Renee was also part of the family, and fully participated, including a passionate kiss with Steve as he touched her breasts through her robe, and then ran a hand between her legs and a finger into her pussy as she sat next to Ellen on the bar stool. Ellen started to protest, but Renee pulled her assistant from the kitchen stool, and led her away towards the room she shared with Alice. Jim finally said, "This is in the way." He pulled on one end of the strap, and the knot holding the bra on unfurled and the straps fell to Ellen's side.


Anna & The Tramps

group TheDarkCloud 2018-04-15

As I knelt on the bed, my cock deep in Sally's moist mouth while Anna thrust her tongue in and out of my anus I began to think my wife was unmatchable for sex. The tramp who was roughly mouth-fucking Anna had now changed his grip of her head so that his right hand was wound around, and pulling at her blonde hair, forcibly pistoning her mouth onto his penis. As Anna knelt there gasping to catch her breath and two tramps fucked her the leader tramp dropped his trousers to his ankles before her and turned over to face the boxes he had been sitting on.

Hot Temper, Hotter Night

group LoganXsummers 2018-04-15

They stopped kissing and Joanna licked Mandy's neck and turned to me. Mandy pulled down the top of her dress exposing her hard nipples and started to play with her own breasts. "I want you to eat me out." Joanna said to Mandy and pulled off her own panties. Mandy knew what to do and kissed and licked Joanna's Pussy lips while Joanna rubbed her own clit. I looked over to the bed and saw Joanna playing with herself as she watched Mandy going to town sucking my cock. Mandy kissed my back, cupped my sticky wet balls and played with them while I fucked Joanna. Mandy jumped off and Joanna just attacked my cock, licking and sucking it.

My s****rs Diary

group bannger 2018-04-15

I didn't want it to stop and all of a sudden his thin friend Craig came up from behind the table and pulled my head over the edge and stuck his half hard dick in my mouth. I was still rubbing Matt and Anthony's hard cocks and told Kyle that I was still a virgin. He told me that any time I see a dick that I have not sucked; I will want to make it cum with my mouth more than anything at that moment. He finally said ok and held my hands down and put his dick in my mouth from above me and started to fuck it like I wanted.

The Cruise

group sexybbw1971 2018-04-15

Now it had been over a year since Gary's death and for my fortieth birthday Tina and Brad had bought me tickets for a very special two week Caribbean cruise. The school year was just coming to an end when my birthday came around in early May. That was when Tina and Brad had taken me out for dinner and gave me the tickets, which were for the last two weeks of July. "That would be nice, Captain." My knees were a little shaky and I could feel my panties starting to moisten as he looked into my eyes. Between the bathroom door and the closet was mounted a nice size flat screen TV that was playing a sex scene at the moment of two men sharing one woman.


Enjoyment at an Adult Book Store

group kbking70 2018-04-15

I nodded to the man that was standing there, said hello, and proceeded to a booth and promptly locked the door. I began pushing against his cock with my ass, slowly, slowly, until I felt him pop the anal ring with the bulb of his cock head. When I reversed it, I felt his cock begin to swell at the same time the pre cum was building up on man number 1. I was rocking back and forth like there was no tomorrow, backing into the man plowing my ass as I was pulling away from the cock in my mouth. The second rope of cum landed flush in my face as his cock had come all the way out.


Pleasuring Sandra Ch. 02

group SilverFox300 2018-04-15

When my fingertips again played around her hard nipples, she moaned loudly and grasping my hands tightly to her breasts, thrust her chest out and bucked her hips as if she were having an orgasm. With my left-hand still softly playing with her breasts, I slid my right fingers up either side of her labia to the hood over her clit, pulling it back and touching her exposed nub very lightly. As I addressed this area, Sandra screamed and moaned quite loudly, bucking her hips rapidly up and down while at the same time, spreading her legs as widely as she could to give me free access to any of her I wished to make love to with my mouth.



group ineffable179 2018-04-15

Then she stood up and took a few steps away, turning her head to look over her shoulder in what she surely knew was an incredibly sexy pose. I felt the bed shift, and I looked up to see Sara sitting on the edge of the mattress, leaning over to kiss him. Soon Sara's blond hair cascaded around the base of his cock, and I looked up to see her head resting on his stomach, her face turned to me, watching. I stopped what I was doing and lifted my head, but before I could turn to see what was happening, Sara firmly grabbed my hair and gently pressed my head downward.

First Time Sex Party

group rm8181 2018-04-15

As the night drifts on, the crowd becomes louder and soon there are some people kissing on the bed. I hear a moan on the other corner of the bed and lean forward to see another woman straddling a man, slowly rolling her hips on-top of his naked body. I can feel the eyes watching my naked body. I feel a hand on my bottom and I turn and look to see a strapping, muscular young man, dressed in only jeans. Looking back at Amos, I catch his eyes. Amos continues to stab me with his hard, hard member and I lie back, taking all of him, still holding the hand of the girl beside me.

Britney's Adventure Ch. 2

group Moxon4 2018-04-15

“OK ladies, do any have six bracelets?” About five women yelled and rose their hands, and then Seymour had them all say how many they had, the winner had eight, she was wearing a Victorian dress, showing a lot of cleavage, and she had the breasts to wear it also. “Now Britney, you are the woman with the fewest bracelets, and now you get the punishment for doing that” he said, with a smile on his face, a man behind him gave him a belt, as two men picked her up and spread her legs out, Seymour then put the belt on her, it covered her pussy, and her ass. After he left, the man dressed as Tarzan came and sat in front of her, she smiled up at him, remembering how his cock felt in her mouth earlier.

Play Ball!

group windwriter 2018-04-15

"If you think that hurt, wait till you feel my cock slip deep inside your tight ass." Grinning a wicked grin, the son grabbed my waist and began to lower me on his massive meaty cock again, filling every inch of my dripping pussy. My body twitched and slammed down on the sons cock hard, grinding his entire length up into my stretched, swollen and sloppy pussy. SHIT!" He groaned and let out a sound that came from deep inside his body while his hot cum shot up into my waiting ass. His son fucked my ass at a fevered pitch, never withdrawing it but slam fucking me so hard that my body moved forward, shoved his father's cock deeper into my throat.


Party in the Desert

group Zvesda 2018-04-15

Watching these people fucking and listening to their moans of pleasure was making Alexis really excited and she could feel her pussy getting wet. Dylan enjoyed feeling his underwear rubbing over his cock, sending jolts of pleasure though his member as they moved, but still wanted Alexis' hand holding and stroking it. That was fine though, and Dylan reached down to grab the base of his cock and guide it to the entrance to Alexis' pussy without looking away from her eyes. Going from just feeling the tip of Dylan's now rock hard cock just outside her pussy to suddenly being completely filled with his manhood was an amazing rush which set off an orgasmic wave through every inch of her body.