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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Legs Wide Open

group EDSpencer 2018-04-15

"She looks like a chick at school." Vince said as his hands slid down her leg, "Heh, warm to the touch. Jim and Vince turned to look, while Morgana darted her eyes quickly to see who was joining them. "Don't mind him, Xavier." She let go of the artist's hand, then sat on the wood slab, next to Morgana's head, "My, my, you've certainly out done yourself. Suddenly, Morgana's pussy lips parted allowing cold air to hit her thanks to one hand. "Come on, sport." Lane said to Jim, maneuvering him closer to Morgana at the breasts, "You should play, too." She forced him on his knees, "Look at those tits.


Road Trip

group flashpoint2 2018-04-15

I was getting ready to pull the car over and open up a can of ass whoop, when Carrie looked at me and shook her head and said, "Listen boys, I like both of you, I'm in love with Joe, I married him, he treats me great! So I pulled in, and as soon I got the car stopped, Mark jumps out, opens Carrie's door and takes a hold of her hand and start walking her into the shop!

The Tenants Ch. 02

group papaya_lynne 2018-04-15

“Well,” I said, pushing his coat off his shoulders, “we are lovers,” I started in on the buttons of his shirt, he didn’t make me stop but he didn’t help either, “and I was serious about the offer for you to live here” all the buttons were off now and I pulled the shirt out of his pants and slipped it off his chest, “but Andrea knows that as much as I love being with her” I ran my hands along his chest, rubbing the palms over his nipples sending a shiver through him. He placed his hand over my pussy, covering it entirely and then moaned into my mouth before pulling away, “God you’re so hot!” he said before his mouth moved in and began kissing me again with more hunger and passion then before.


Fifty Cent Piece Ch. 05

group Northern_One 2018-04-15

I wasn't sure how much later Anna reappeared as she still had my watch and I hadn't even turned my phone on for a week but she did her thing of standing in front of the sun, blocking out the late afternoon light so that all I could see was her silhouette. The sun was setting when Anna came back to the van and I handed her a beer and the lit joint to enjoy as we watched the beautiful sky meld from blue to purple to a fiery orange before the huge red disc of the sun disappeared below a bank of clouds on the horizon. "It's OK, Sam. I don't mind being mistaken for this sexy little thing," she said, slipping her hand from Anna's bum to her breasts, as if to reinforce her point.


Kathleen & Denise's Secret

group blooflame 2018-04-15

John, I want that huge fuckpole up my damn ass, I want you to fuck my hot tight asshole with your big fucking cock! While I began to work on Denise's hot cunt, Kathleen had lubed up John's cock and led him over to the bed. "Fuck her in the ass, John!" she said "that cum-slurping slut wife of yours wants to feel your big cock fucking her tight hot hole! The combination of smell, sight and sound as he came in her ass soon put me over the edge and I began to shoot huge gobs of cum deep into Kathleen's pussy.

Traveling New Bi-Ways... Ch. 07

group T@nman 2018-04-15

Now please tell your handsome hard husband to lie on his back so I can sit on his cock.” Ken, who had been rubbing his hard-on over Anne’s red pussy hair, lay down. She remained quiet for a short time then she and Anne kissed and touched each other’s faces and breasts as they rode Ken and me. Ken stopped flicking me, “I think you’re ready.” He looked down at his cock, “I’m ready too.” He stood. Ken was panting, Anne was gasping and I was busy slurping and eating hot juicy pussy and trying to squeeze my ass as tight as I could around Ken’s cock.


After the Show

group Kowa 2018-04-15

"I wouldn't have guessed that you'd pick Alison first," Helen said sarcastically just as Konrad came back with a deck of cards. Konrad drew 9S, Helen got 8H, Alison had QD, David 9H and then Konrad put the banker's card went face down on table. "Here we go then, Banker puts in a bid for one match, and seeing this is 'be kind to David week', I'll put in a bid for two matches," said Konrad. If the die turns up two or five then Helen toasts David and Alison is on three or six," said Konrad. "Helen is the banker and drinks with David," Alison said. Alison offered to write the ten rewards cards while Helen and David set to writing the penalties as Konrad finished cutting the last sheet of paper.


The first Bi Threeway

group BBWLOVER580 2018-04-15

. .heh so as i entered the restroom i heard a girl moan faster baby faster, i was like (the fuck) and of course the guy heard the door open and came out the stall with him big fat cock hanging there covered in pussy juice. . .she started walking toward the stall getting her clothes ready then he said "fine he can join but don't do anything i don't tell you to do" without heisting i tore my clothes off and get read at first i jus stood there wanking my lonely cock until she told he to come here i walked over and she started giving me a blowjob while her boyfriend fucked her pussy.

The First Time

group Black_Krim 2018-04-15

I will say that none of them were as thick as I am, but this guy was probably an inch or two longer, and it was an amazing feeling to have my cock down her throat as she started to shudder and moan as he forced his full length into her. As unnerved as pretty Terry was at having three strangers fill her cunt with sperm, she also showed how exciting it was to her by immediately repositioning with a groan and shudder so the third guy could shove his cock into her pussy. When I saw that the guys had started to recover, their cocks finally starting to get hard again, I said loudly enough to be heard over the moans, "I want to see her double penetrated." Terry stared at me in horror, but the guys were already moving.

86% shy

Dinner with Deni

group humminbean 2018-04-15

Abby reached up under the T-shirt; she cupped her hand under it, over a breast. Deni put one hand on the back of Abby's head, holding her mouth close. Abby got another condom out and handed it to me while she continued caressing Deni. Abby grabbed my penis in one hand and felt under Deni with the other. One hand reached around low, and I could feel her fingers near where my body joined Deni's. Abby couldn't reach in front from that angle, so I saw her hands on Deni's hips, following along. "I thought you'd never ask." I asked Abby to get off me, then took Deni's hips between my hands.

Barber Ch. 02

group nasstygirl 2018-04-15

Don adjusted the chair, standing beside his wife, eyeing her spread legs in the mirror, opening her naked pussy for the barber who now had his back turned to them as he prepared hot towels, lather, razors…When he turned back, Larry was hard. Larry began to wipe away the cream, then explained that he was going to use a light to check for any stray hairs….yeah, right thought Don. Larry pulled over a small lamp and with his fingers began examining between the outer and inner lips of Jean's pussy. Don reached down to his wife's pussy, pulled back the hood as if seeking a better look, and said, "no Larry, what do you think?"

Shame Game Ch. 04: Jim is Used

group shamefever 2018-04-15

Standing sideways to our front window, I said in a low voice, "Get down on your knees in front of me, man-girl, and beg me for my cum." When he complied, I bent over, and whispered, "I want the whole world to see you in panties, with my big cock halfway down your throat. Then Bill dragged his tongue up the slime trail that I had left and opened his mouth to show Jim. I could tell that Jim wasn't sure of himself at this point, so I told Bill, "Oh no, sweetheart, I meant the outside of the window." Bill blushed like a girl, but his clitty got rock hard, and he quickly ran outside to do as he was told.

Spin the Bottle

group jenn1992 2018-04-15

The boys were all looking a little nervous, and the tension lightened when blue eyes got us started. They had all stiffened - all but blue eyes - when the dork asked about kissing dudes. "It's about time," I said, looking more at blue eyes than the dork as I walked over. I pulled his t-shirt over his head, kissing his belly on my way up. The athlete facing me ready to be stripped and kissed pulled off his shirt, showing a toned chest. I kissed my way from the base of his cock slowly to the waistband of his boxer briefs, continuing to expose him to the air inch by inch. I stood to kiss him, pressing my bra-covered breasts into his bare chest and, gently, rubbing his balls and cock.


Treason Ch. 03-04

group Kitslit 2018-04-15

Gary had told her about his wild night with Sydney after the ball team party, and how Syd had talked about seeing me naked after she came back from the bathroom. Mel kind of blushed and said that all the talk about a possible threesome between me, Gary and Sydney had turned her on. I sat on the edge of the bed, looking for my things, but then Gary and Syd came in, carrying refreshments for everybody. Gary's dried cum, Syd's pussy juice and Mel's kisses- all went down the drain, to my dismay. He said Syd stopped to think for a moment, then looked back and asked if they like to join them.


Hot Lemon Drops

group gingerstarr 2018-04-14

Then she leaned down, licked from my neck down to the edge of my bikini top and reached over for some sugar she sprinkled it over my wet flesh, grabbed her shot and looked into my eyes. The blonde lowered her face to mine and slowly circled my lips with her tongue before biting the lemon and downing the hot and then sensuously licking my chest, not missing a bit of sugar. I looked around saw that nobody was watching us and lowered my head I started licking circles around her left nipple, then took it in my mouth and sucked on it. The brunette took the lemon wedge out of her mouth and asked her boyfriend to suck her other nipple.

A Little Fun After Work

group Freeyoursex 2018-04-14

As Michelle pulls Ange's tube over her head, she takes a nipple in her mouth and begins to suck and lick. As Ange collapsed, Michelle was able to get her face from under her and took my hand from her breast and began to suck my fingers. With the sight of Michelle licking my cum from her fingers and Ange's attention on my cock, I was hard again in no time. Ange started slowly milking my cock with her hips and I started working my tongue into Michelle's pussy, forcing all my cum and hers into my mouth. As I started to stiffen Michelle pulled Ange back and took her mouth off my cock, to be replaced with a stroking hand.

The Wild End of Summer

group WayneGibbous 2018-04-14

I followed her to the bed and she turned and put her arms around me and we kissed and groped for a few minutes, then, she leaned back and said, "Well, I've waited long enough to see your cock, John, let's get naked, we only have a few hours," and we were soon out of our clothes and into bed. I'll tell you all about it but right now I just want your cock in me, fuck me, John, please," she begged and I got up over her, suddenly excited that it was looking as though she'd had a good time of it.

Who Do You Want

group fotisampini 2018-04-14

then looking in our room, there was Emma up over Donna, both naked, both I watched as Emma shook her head back and forth as she tongued Donna's Then, I knelt on the bed over Donna and put my hand on Emma's head and "I'll bet Herb'd love to fuck you, Emma. down over her friend, placing her pussy right on her mouth as Emma put "I'll bet Herb would love to fuck you right now, Em. Want his nice "Yeah, yeah, mmm, fuck me, I'm so hot," and I got up and pushed right up "When Donna asked me if I'd fuck you for your birthday, Herb, I just fuck you all night long, right up into your birthday tomorrow.

Corky and Billie Ch. 04

group corcyra 2018-04-14

Billie followed Corky to the guest room, and when he got the panties and offered them to her, she said, "Not so fast! It seemed that Aunt Carolyn was about to leave for a five day Pediatric Nursing conference in Boston, and asked Billie if she would look in on her apartment over the weekend, bring in the mail, make sure everything was okay, make it appear to be lived in for security reasons, and so on. In fact, Aunt Carolyn suggested that maybe Marianne's parents would let her come down for the weekend too, so Billie wouldn't have to be there alone.


Threesome -- Fulfillment

group 40BelowFun 2018-04-14

She clenched her thighs together around her husband's head and with her hands she pulled him closer against her pussy, urging on his relentless tongue and mouth. As the pleasure subsided, her body relaxing again, she opened her eyes and saw, first, her husband, his head lying on her belly his hands gently stroking her sides and breasts. The woman directed Elaine's hand to her breast and urged her to massage and play with her hardened nipples. Rodney played with the other's woman's tight ass cheeks, while Elaine played with her breasts, twirling her nipples between her fingers. She clenched his cock with her pussy muscles, urging every last shudder out of her husband while the other woman threw back her head and let out a passionate moan.

My Mr. T , another true story

group april2010 2018-04-14

My husband likes to prepare me and on the day Mr. T and I were to meet my husband took some time off to prepare my bath with oil beans and laid out a sexy black two piece nightly that was see though that he bought for the encounter . I then took him up stairs to our bedroom and we kissed some more and I let him undress me. I undressed him and sitting on the edge of the bed I started sucking his cock which was extremely hard. When his wife was away I would sl**p over at his house and phone my husband so that he could listen to Mr. T fuck me.

The Guest

group ericbaker777 2018-04-14

The sound of my girlfriend's lips and tongue as she sucked cock on the other side of the bedroom door was unmistakable, as was the slight, wet gagging as she took this stranger's dick all the way back into her throat. She pushed my cock all the way into her mouth and looked up at me, her body shuddering with each thrust into her pussy, and when I saw her eyes start to flutter and roll back I knew she was about to cum. As my companion came hard all over her stomach, I pressed the tip of my cock against my girlfriend's lips and she opened her mouth to receive me.

Untill He Learns To Love It Ch.5

group Rust1 2018-04-14

Dominick moved his head from side to side as David pushed out what Dominick had left behind, the sound of fart and gasp for air could be heard over the TV then finally David backed off getting down off the couch and both Otis and I released our hold on Dominick, he sat there breathing hard but otherwise very still; his mouth was covered with his own cum some even dripped off the tip of his nose down onto his chest, “I had just started enjoying myself too” David complained sighing as he did, Dominick looked like he was lost for a moment before snapping out of whatever kind of daze he was in, “that was hot” Otis said nodding his head, personally watching David rub his cummy ass in Dominick’s face was a bit of a turn off, “I know how to fix that… but maybe I should let you have some down time” David said looking hard at Dominick then walked off, I assumed to the bathroom or shower to clean himself up, “you go ahead” I said putting my dick back in my pants then leaving the room, “just you and me then, this gon’ be fun” I heard Otis say as I started down the hall toward the kitchen………………………………………………

they both came so fast

group andrea0817 2018-04-14

Kristen has Jay and he is starting to buck. Kristen pulls off, calls me over, tells Jay to slow down and then instructs him to suck Osei's cock. We rolled to both sides of Jay between Osei's legs as he worked on his cock. With Jays mouth on his cock and both of us girls stroking his shaft, Osei announces he is soon to cum. Having Jay completely inside I was not terribly surprised when Osei moved to my ass. I'm forgetting about Jay nibbling on my tits as Osei pokes and prods harder, a bit too hard for just pleasure. I started to buck a bit but was overtaken by Osei pushing my torso down to crush Jay as he somehow moved up and closer.