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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Hunt

group Mackayboy 2018-04-14

She runs to it and sees a dense layer of pine needles. He forces her legs open with his knees. With his left hand he effortlessly holds her by the wrists and stretches her out on the pine needles. He begins fucking her hard. She looks up and sees the hard, large cock of the one holding her wrists and begins to lick the helmet. She gags as he shoves himself down her throat and begins fucking her mouth. She struggles to breath as the base of his cock is repeatedly shoved against her lips. He grunts once more and she can feel his cock gushing cum into her. Mr Brown takes her head and begins fucking her mouth.


The Office Team-Building Day Ch. 09

group thewhitestripe 2018-04-14

What do you think of him?" probed Rachel, working on the tops of Courtney's ass cheeks. Rachel had folded the sheet so only a narrow strip was covering Courtney's bottom, and was massaging her thighs, her fingers, kneading the bottoms of her buttocks, and brushing what appeared to be very close to Courtney's pussy lips. Only a few inches of the sheet was now draped over Courtney's ass, and Rachel was kneading her cheeks, coating them in oil. Rachel expertly wrapped the sheet around Courtney as she sat up, and led her gently through a door at the far end of the room, out of my sight. Rachel smiled up at me and bit her lip as she began massaging Courtney's buttocks.


Private Parties

group Molly Malloy 2018-04-14

Renee was all of 5'2 with 36DD tits that were always in the customers "way" so her tips were great I learned real fast, to allow my ass to be grabbed increased my tips considerably. The men wanted me there this time to since the other girl usually working couldn't be there. Sounds to good I thought...Renee worked the party topless, allowing touching and fondling and licking... Guy 1 - rubbed oil all over my ass, it was a great massage I should have paid him. Unfortunately there were only four ass men the rest wanted Renee's tits but hey in 4 minutes I made another $80.

Jennie & Carol

group Big Derrick 2018-04-14

He held out his hand to shake hers, when Jenny said "I think you can do better than that Derek, give Carol a kiss and a cuddle, make her feel welcome!" He opened his arms and she stepped close so he felt her breasts pressing against his chest and her perfume invading his nostrils. Jenny groaned and said "time to swap Carol." The girls moved around and Carols beautiful cunt was lowered onto his face while Jenny impaled herself on his member, slowly working up and down till the head was just at her pussy lips then thrusting down to take him deep inside her.

What Have I Become?

group walterio 2018-04-14

Katrina then realized that only she and the students were in the Metro car, even though there were plenty of seats the boys still pressed around her into her body. As Katrina was ass fucked another student jerked off shooting his cum onto to her engagement ring. She remembered Nichole the beautiful shapely student who kissed her, licked her pussy and tongued her ass. It was the same Nichole who she had been with last night the very same girl who licked her asshole preparing Katrina for her first ass fucking. I felt the need at that moment and I looked at Nichole remembering her soft touches, her roaming tongue licking my pussy and rimming my asshole.


Valediction Ch. 03

group hard_throb2001 2018-04-14

We've been on many trips together, the three of us, and we've met, well, lots of women -- but the moment we set our eyes on you tonight at the bar, well, let's be honest here: our dicks got so engorged with blood we were real glad we're sitting here in this dim corner so noone could see us making, uh, adjustments." The men laughed uproariously, and Vanessa found herself joining them -- they had such few hang-ups about the whole situation, and of course she was mildly flattered at their comments, even as she was sure they had tried similar lines out on dozens of others before her.


Leigh's Fantasy Fulfilled

group ThatOneGuy 2018-04-14

Just then Rik begins to caress your breasts while I slide a finger along your moist pussy. I begin to tongue your asshole while sliding a couple of fingers into your now very wet pussy. Your knees clamp on to the side of my head, I feel like my finger is going to be pinched off and you look like you are going to pull a handful of hair out of Rik's head. As I ready my cock for your tight little pussy I feel your hand in the way. You emit a low guttural moan and rest your head on Rik's chest as I work my thick cock into your ass. As Rik penetrates you deeper, I begin to feel his cock slide into your pussy.

Bob, Barbara, Bart

group Montana1947 2018-04-14

Then I said, "Sorry to hear that hun, but Pam isn't here she's gone to her mom's house for the weekend, she will not be back until tomorrow evening sometime..." As I was saying 'sometime', Barbara gently pushed the door open to let herself in, then as gently closed the door behind her. I looked right into Barbara's huge brown eyes and said, "Sweetie, I don't think I'm the right person to get involved with this situation, between you and Bart I mean." Then Barbara said, "Would you like to try having your ass fucked?" I walked up to Barbara and gave her a kiss then said, "You want to fuck me like a bitch, right, Barb?"


Hubby and me have his friends and my b*****r over

group staplegun123 2018-04-14

then he climbed on top of me and I felt him slide in me...then he said..."shit, wait a minute"...he put on a condom and slid back inside of me...I love the way he feels on top of me...then just as he was about to cum he pulled out and snapped off the rubber and exploded on my tits, neck and was really runny and salty, i could tell he came a bunch before, but it still felt and tasted so good...then we cuddles up, my head on his chest, his hand on my ass/ puss between my legs...we dozed off...then jeff came to bed and just laid on the other side...i was inbetween them both...I felt sooo good

Joint fucking of bride by horny b*****rs

group 2018-04-14

One when there was nobody at the house, Ali came with some materials she asked for, Nafesa just held his hand and pulled him inside the room. In the afternoon on return from the college, he met Nafesa and told her that that night Abdul his b*****r will come at midnight to her room. Nafesa got up lied on the bed and pulled Abdul to lie on her and she took his cock and guided it to her hole. Ali got up and shook Abdul and they both went to the room of Nafesa and She asked them to remove all their clothes and she too stood totally naked. Nafesa asked him come near her and she took his cock and placed it in her cunt and told him what he should do.

Joe and Lora

group mstwistedangel 2018-04-14

The other girl moving to where she was and Joe having her, thrusting his large throbbing cock deep into her pussy, then her ass, over and over, before coming back over to where he had moved Lora too and gently taking her hand and walking her over to the bed, putting her on the other end from the girl, and him taking her again, while the other men had their turns with the other girl, each of them pounding her, destroying her tight holes and cuming on her and in her, while Joe pounded Lora's tight pussy, then her ass, from hole to hole, having his way with her, forcing orgasm after orgasm out of her, before he himself, coming close to orgasm, pulled back and she went to her knees in front of him, taking his cock in her mouth and sucking him, stroking him, his cock buried in the back of her throat as she felt him harden further, the veins throbbing, knowing he was ready to cum for her, she became more aggressive in her sucking and stroking.

My Best Weekend Ch. 02

group Marilynmwf 2018-04-14

Marg's husband Brad wanting his wife to enjoy another woman set up a weekend for her and her good friend Janet at a resort. Janet and I turned to each other and wrapped our arms around each other and began a long erotic kiss. As I finger fucked her I also pulled at her until Marg crawled over Brad to my side of the bed. Then it was Janet's tongue licking and sucking my clit and Brad's cock deep inside of me stroking me into a gentle delirium. Soon I felt Brad erupt inside of me and Janet orgasm against my face and of course that caused the same reaction within me and we were all three just a quivering shaking and quaking mass of flesh.


A Party for Three

group Honey123 2018-04-14

As I swing open the door, there are John and Anna laying in the snow yet holding up two bottles of wine, laughing. "Don't tease me, John, you know I like it rough!" I laugh and run to catch up with Anna who has long made her way through the snow. I close my eyes and feel John's hands on my body, slowly caressing me, bringing his fingers down to my pussy where he started to massage my clit. "Please, John I want you to fuck me!" I tell him and hear Anna laugh, her breath tickling my pussy. "Do you like the way my husband is fucking you?" Anna asks huskily, "Does his cock feel good?"


A Stroll in the Woods

group greenfly 2018-04-14

"By kissing me again," Zoe murmured, and pulled Liz's lips back to her own, this time they kissed ravenously and hungrily, pressing mouth to mouth and slipping tongues into each other, Liz brought her hand to Zoe's small but firm and round bra-less breasts, to squeeze and pull on her erect nipples, breaking off their kiss, Liz lifted Zoe's top over her head and now her new friend was totally naked for her pleasure.

Vengeful Fuck 2

group d4david 2018-04-14

I can't hurt you so I asked Joliet's cousin to come and bring a few of his friends with him.' I looked at the door to the room and James stepped through his enormously huge cock head bobbing between his thighs, behind him came two more hulking big dick guys, one white and the other black. Don't do me like this.' James came an climb onto the bed lifting my head he said 'now you know how well I enjoyed fucking you at Joliet's. James continued, as he stroked his huge cock with one hand and held my head with the other, we are going to take turns and fucked that ass until Tiffany is satisfied.'

Our First Time Sharing in Cabo Ch. 06a

group wifewatchingdreams 2018-04-14

Marti also said that if the others wanted to be with their own partner (Pete and Kathy not really being partners, but they did start together), that was good with her too and that being with her big man would be a pleasure. I turned back to Brian and he said that Jackie had told her how much she enjoyed her time with me and he wanted to watch. After sucking Chuck's cock, I certainly wasn't opposed to it, especially if it meant I got to spend some quality time with Jackie. "Brian I know you are ready, but Don's not, so let's make out and let him watch for a little bit." Jackie jumped up and kissed her husband passionately.


Full Moon Party Ch. 04

group deepblue32 2018-04-14

The past few days had been pretty debauched what with New Year's Eve with Kallie and Becca, the two Australian teenagers we'd met, and then last night's phenomenal ass-fucking session between me and Louise. I remembered Kallie interrupting us, so turned on after reading my stories on Lit, how she'd pressed her firm, bikini-clad body against my nakedness, almost begging me to fuck her, while Louise had lain blindfolded, bound, and naked just a few feet away her holes. I took a few minutes to gently explore inside them, sliding a finger across every inch of their cunts, enjoying watching them lying in front me, their eyes closed, mouths open, both with a look of content concentration across their faces.


A Rainy Encounter

group DoctorSmurf 2018-04-14

Before work the next morning I called the number Nicole had given me, and left a message on her answer phone instructing her to meet me at my much frequented socialite coffee bar that evening. Sarah slapped Nicole's hand off of my neck, and pulled her close, tenderly but passionately kissing the other girl. As Sarah's fingers moved down toward Nicole's pussy, she pulled away, crooning to my girlfriend that she wanted a piece of me. Seeing the two women pleasure each other whilst being fucked brought all I could take, and I felt myself filling the hot pussy with my cum, feeling it run down and drip out of her lips matting my hair, each spurt setting my cock ablaze with feelings.

Village Slave

group SlutKathy 2018-04-14

The meal was good, and my husband had been fingering my naked cunt (I had no underwear on, Chas likes me like that) under the table, I had to bite my lip to stiffen my moans a couple of times when I cum, so by the end of the evening I was dying for it. Chas asked him again to no avail, then looking straight at me, laughed and said " I'll tell you what, I'm a betting man, we'll toss a coin, Tails you win and I'll fix your car free of charge tomorrow, Heads I win, mister you can stay in the room above the garage, and the women stays with me for the weekend.

eye to eye

group 2018-04-14

Malin looked over her shoulder towards the stairs turned back and leant forward and said, "well I'm not shy" I said as i pounced up and stood infront Of Malin's face offering her a chance to pull out my hard package. Her legs started to widen and Malin's pussy must have been wanting some action as she began sliding backwards and forwards on the chair. I pulled my cock out of Malin's beautiful mouth and explained that i needed to fuck her pussy. Malins hitched her neck up and looked down between her legs and looked on as her pussy was getting bullied by my big hard cock!

Seduced Mom with the Help of Stranger – Part

group vijayhot18 2018-04-14

We both entered inside the home and mom tried to get up from bed but he told mom not to wake up and gone near to the bed.Mom requested him to sit in the nearby chair and thanked him for coming and helping us thinking he is real doctor. Idea looks excellent and we both entered the home where I hidden myself in the same place and Sundar went inside the bedroom and mom kept her hands on boobs without any action with eyes closed. Sundar take off mom hands from her boobs and started sucking boobs and then I moved her legs wider and touching mom’s pussy with my fingers.

Newlywed Spitroast

group CaptainSquiggles 2018-04-14

Jess wasted no time unzipping his pants and pulling out his substantial cock, letting her bare foot stroke his quickly hardening shaft, and Lacie gasped and commented on how well hung he is as she reached over to begin stroking her husbands equally massive member. Lacie had her first orgasm with Jess's cock between her ass cheeks and her husbands pressed against her lower lips, shaking and almost collapsing between the two men. Finally the men couldn't handle it anymore, Jessie pulling out first to blast his load on Lacie's face and into her mouth, the little slut hungrily licking it off her lips and swallowing what made it into her mouth.

The Road to a Gang Bang Ch. 06

group snowbunny1978 2018-04-14

Ann and I decided before we entered the room that we would stand next to the guy that turned us on the most so that we would become more comfortable around them but that I would give Ike a neck and shoulder massage first because he was the host. I dropped my mini skirt, got on table where there was an open spot and said, "On the count of three I want you to stand, open your eyes and the first one that can get a hard-on with out touching himself will get a massage. After eating I asked Ann to the lower level and showed her the toy and told her what the guys desired.


Photography Class

group TeretheTree 2018-04-14

This story is about me when I was in High School, and I took Photography Class my Senior year in School, and we had a photo lab where we went to develop film or to process pictures. Jonah and Joe got to telling me exactly how sweet and innocent I was and how untouchable they thought I was, and how they could not believe their luck into being stuck in a dark room with a girl that was so untouchable. I took the time to undo their jeans and pulled out Jonah's cock and put my mouth around it and started licking and sucking him. After I had an orgasm and Jonah shot his load deep inside of me, Joe took his place and buried his cock inside of my pussy.