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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

How we started swinging by Dawn

group stax69 2018-04-14

Joe got a couple of my favourite toys out and before I knew it I was rubbing my clitty as I worked a vibrator deep into my sopping wet pussy. I quickly came and looked up to see Joe, totally naked , hard shaven cock in hand climbing onto the bed. Joe sat on the end of the bed and I climbed onto his cock and Dean captured the moments as it slid into me. I loved the pics and so did Joe. Needless to say we were all turned and pretty soon we were all on the bed together, except this time the session lasted a lot longer.

MILF Huntin' Ch. 02

group UpSkirtKid 2018-04-14

I kept fucking her hard and that pushed her deeper into Tammy's pussy, which made her cum too, and this time I wasn't there to keep her quiet. I start to press my fingers against Betty's G spot a little harder as I rub, and she begins to buck harder as I feel her cumming... "I want to taste you," she says to Betty who immediately slides up to Tammy's face and holds on to the head board as she begins to ride her friends face. I hear another sound of someone cumming and look up to see Betty is now watching us, with her fingers deep inside her pussy having a major orgasm of her own.


The Night Before the Pool Party

group loloishorny 2018-04-14

Brian held my face close to him and fucked my mouth, with each stroke of my finger in him. Brian was ready to cum, he fucked my mouth faster and shot his load into my throat. Timmy got what he could in his mouth, before taking his cock and shoving it deep in my wet pussy. Brian came back down the steps, to see me getting my tight ass fucked by Timmy. Brian leaned over and took Timmy's cock and sucked it dry. Brian lifted me to the bed, lifted my legs up high, spread them wide and fucked my wet hole. Brian pulled out and him and Timmy fingered me a bit more and gave me an orgasm.

Virgin in the Locker Room

group lasslorn30 2018-04-14

Sarah turned to Brittany and said, "Well, we can't let that hard cock go to waste, now can we?" They both entered the shower fully clothed and approached me. Brittany had started to finger her virgin pussy through her shorts, and Sarah invited her over. I laid down on the ground, and Brittany, with a little coaxing from Sarah, positioned her pussy over my waiting cock. After she was well lubricated by Sarah's tongue job, I entered Brittany's pussy little by little until I reached her hymen. Sarah positioned her pussy over my face so I could tongue it and suck her clit. Brittany was bouncing her tight pussy on my dick while I ate out Sarah.

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 22

group mountaincat4 2018-04-14

Finally she pulled her mouth off my cock and returned it to Rachel's pink channel, "Oh baby, I feel like my pussy has just collapsed like the core of a star and now it's going to explode." Her hand moved to cradle my balls as I slid my wet cock deep inside Rachel and held still. Suvarna's head tilted back; her eyes fluttered closed and her face took on an expression of pure bliss as Rachel's vagina went into spasm around my cock, causing it to throb then spew the contents of my balls all over her hot pink walls.


Jim and Alicia Pt. 03

group of_ones_own_volition 2018-04-14

Jim was bummed out at not being able to spend time with his new plaything, and figuring chilling with a friend would be the second best thing, he called his buddy Aaron and asked if he'd like to stop by to drink beers and play some pool. Aaron got his cock head just inside Sophora's pussy when he leaned forward, putting his clenched fists onto the pool table, knuckles down, on either side of Jim. He fucked into the pussy beneath him, which was now extra tight due to the fact that a gigantic cock was just on the other side of that thin piece of skin that separated her holes.


Suzi Ch. 2

group Frederick Carol 2018-04-14

"Matt, I know you two fucked last night, 'cos Suzi told me." She held her hand up as I made to speak. "Suzi says it's the first time she ever came from having a cock inside her." She glanced over her shoulder at the sound of a door closing upstairs. "They're yours, Matt, but you take them, not Karen," said Suzi quietly and solemnly. "Kaz?" Without a word Karen went into the double bedroom and came out moments later with her bag, taking it into the twin bedded room from where she emerged moments later with my bag which she took into the double room. She came straight out again, grinned conspiratorially at Suzi and went back into the twin-bed room, closing the door gently behind herself.


The Army Goes Rolling Along

group Belle_in_south 2018-04-14

Her eyes quickly swept over the four faces and their uniforms, her mind filing away information automatically: one commissioned, a major, probably married, the other three enlisted, one a private, still green, probably not even twenty yet, a corporal and a sergeant. Ellen raised a questioning eyebrow and then laughed at the look of frustration on Sonia's face. When he reached the back of the plane, he pulled the curtain that offered the stewardesses some privacy and closed the small distance to where Sonia waited. Ellen gave a slight nod and Sonia looked into the Corporal's chocolate brown eyes. Sonia's eyes were searching for a potentially private spot when the bill arrived and Willis suggested they head to the dance club.


Sarah's First Gangbang

group Sarah the Lioness 2018-04-14

Ignoring the driver, Kevin hitched up my dress and slid his hand up the inside of my thigh as soon as the cab pulled away and I opened my legs automatically to allow his fingers to reach my ever-eager pussy! The cab stopped at our destination but Kevin continued to finger me, and I knew the cab driver was having a good look at what was happening between my legs in his rear-view mirror. I did not rush to close my legs and pull down my dress, making sure that the driver got a good long look at my wet pussy pushing up through my open-crouch thong!


Katrin: The Interview

group SwtCountryGirl 2018-04-14

The closest appeared to be another bouncer, dressed in dark jeans and a tight black t shirt with the club's pursed lips and index finger logo, who took her jacket and purse, tossing them to the older man sitting behind a large oak desk. "We'll have the girls start working with you on your choreography tomorrow, and for the next few weeks you'll just dance, and entertain Smith, Malachi and I occasionally, just to get used to the idea." He picked up a folder from his desk as she stood. Alison had told Katrin that he just wasn't comfortable with her being a woman and not a little girl anymore, he was in awkward position as her stepfather, he didn't know how to raise a daughter.

My s****r-in-Law Mary (couples, wife-swapping)

group fotisampini 2018-04-14

Fuck, this is Mary my wife's s****r and I had my cock Jerry's cock as it poked out of the water like a little "Oh yeah, it feels great Mary." Jerry said still not hand on her ass I put my cock to her hot little hole. my wife slowly giving both Jerry and Mary a great view of want to watch you fuck your wife in my husbands cum while I suck Jerry's cock clean." Mary was lightly rubbing my over Mary's soft ass as I took my cock in my other hand his cum I stopped fucking Mary and just held my cock in "You want to feel Jerry's hot cum in my pussy on

Old Men Make Her Fantasy a Reality

group NYCbbwSUB 2018-04-14

Opening for the old man that was going to use her any way he wanted. She wanted to be treated like his personal whore, and forced to do nasty, dirty things. She felt his fist enter her pussy, and he began moving his hand around inside her wetness. She felt fingers sliding in and out of her, making her moan, which only made the group of men want her more. "She knew she had two men abusing her nipples, and one man finger fucking her pussy, so where was the fourth guy?" she thought to herself. She mumbled what was supposed to be "Yes Sir." She didn't want to stop sucking on his cock.


Goa Honeymoon With Shy Indian Wife

group altaff143 2018-04-14

looking to her one guy came out of swimming pool and followed her till washroom and entered in to boys, she went to ladies and removed her leggings. first time in her life she was without salwar / leggings/pent, she was feeling shy, same time guy came out from boys followed her and put sexy comment “kiya jhange hain, itni gori our chikni” (What a beautiful thighs, white and smooth). The guy follow us wearing jeans and tight sleeveless t-shirt, good build and having tattoo at both of his arms and shoulders, looking too handsome. That guy went to my wife at trial room and show something, she looked down and my wife’s face becomes red.

Jack's Wild

group Nothing4it 2018-04-14

Amy and Brianna, the two smallest women, started to get a little drunk not long after the game began, and they were soon losing money pretty steadily. Jack began to take off her pants, and Tanya's hands slipped down to his ass, then moved slowly around to the front. Tanya's grip on Jack's cock never wavered for a second as he slowed his pace and withdrew from Amy. The small Oriental continued to lie on the floor, a look of ecstasy on her face. Jack kept one hand in Marie's hair while the other began squeezing her breast as their tongues continued an intimate dance.


My First Meeting with Rob

group Blossom 2018-04-14

I sucked and licked every inch of that cock and his hairy balls and I loved the taste of him so much I was just dying to taste his cum so I began to beg, come for me baby, give me your come, I want you to come in my mouth, let me taste your cream and I could feel his cock tighten and his balls felt different and I knew he was going to come and I was going to come too and then it hit me, his come came streaming out of his cock, into my mouth, onto my face, on my tongue, I tried to keep up and swallow and it tasted so good, I loved the taste of his come.

Bi Friends: By Accident? By Design?

group 99PercentStraight 2018-04-14

Anarkali told me, while we were fucking on a particularly valuable antique carpet, that she had turned Neddie into somewhat of a sex slave. "I told Johnny that I caught you sucking that boy, and that you had to do whatever I tell you, if I want" she said with a comical combination of raging lust and sloppy drunkenness. I let her pull my face closer while she sucked, then our kiss included the edges of Neddie's beautiful dark dick. I would love to meet a couple who have finally confessed their earlier same sex encounters to each other, and the idea of it has so turned the wife on that she would like to have hubby and I try a very slow, but really fun 69 for her entertainment.

The Confessional Ch. 10

group fukensploogin 2018-04-14

He moved his hands back down to her hips, grabbing her and angling her body and pushing her down on him, his cock sliding easily sliding deep into her cunt, which had already been stretched wide earlier that night by the girls at the strip club. Andrea looked at Vladimir as moved her hips, sliding his cock into her as he pulled her down onto his big shaft. She arched her back against the bed, gripping the sheets as he grabbed her ass tightly, pulling her even closer to him, the head of his cock pressing against her cervix, her moans growing louder as he fucked her. She continued sucking his cock as he moved her lips up and down his shaft, his hips thrusting upward, forcing her to take him completely into her mouth, his fat mushroom head fully in her throat.


The Party

group TryAnything 2018-04-14

"Like old times, huh?" Denise said, smiling at Doreen. "Now each group gets two deck of cards," Doreen explained, "one regular deck and one stripped poker deck, which we'll use after everyone has lost their clothes. In group one, Lisa lost and removed her pants, leaving her in only her bra and panties, through which could be seen her nipples, hard, and the thatch of black hair covering her pussy, tendrils of which were escaping from the sides of her panties. By the time they got to the fifth hand, several bras were missing and Clarence was naked, his black cock dangling in front of him as he sat there.


The Pajama Party

group Max_Maxwell 2018-04-14

As Sarah's eyes closed, I watched her hands snaking around Teri, slipping under the edge of her nightgown, pushing it up. Sarah's hands were on Teri's ass, massaging it through her panties as Teri continued to run her tongue down the length of my wife's neck, pushing the pajamas over as she extended her trail of kisses to Sarah's shoulder. The bed shook as Teri fucked Sarah's face, bucking involuntarily into my wife's tongue and finger. As I sat there, transfixed, unable to look away from Sarah's smiling face glistening with pussy juice, I felt lips on my penis again, and looked down to see my growing member slipping into Jenny's warm mouth. Jenny cried out, "I'm cumming," and Sarah pushed back, enjoying Teri's hand on her clit.


Bathroom Ménage à trois

group Jenny6969 2018-04-14

Seeing me holding Kevin's cock, she quickly came inside, closed the door, and locked it! I thrust against her hand, watching Kevin nude form holding his magnificent cock just two feet away. Kevin grabbed Christy from behind by the waist as she continued to finger fuck me. Kevin thrust his cock into her hot cunt fast and hard and Christy let out a muffled groan, which excited me even further. Christy, who had watched our passionate fucking with a lustful eye, was feeling left out. Christy eagerly pushed her ass against Kevin's cock, grinding against the meaty girth of it. Eyes glazed with lust, Kevin once again exploded, pumping his wads of sweet cum deep within Christy's pussy.

The Boy Next Door

group knownobounds 2018-04-14

It was twelve months before I saw Josh again and to be honest, having spent most of that time in Munich, firstly at university, then working, I have no idea when I'd last thought about him or that summer, but as I walked back into my parent's house and into my sister's party, it all came flooding back. You playing with me, before I cum all over you." I couldn't take my eyes off his, then I realised that his hand was no longer holding mine, yet mine still traced up and down the length of this cock, now straining a little against the seemingly insufficient denim of his jeans.


The Harridan Ch. 2

group belab 2018-04-14

I washed my underarms with a very soft shampoo trying to get the coarse and unruly tufts in my bushy armpits a softer look. As I lifted my arms I saw a few men and women staring at the bushy hair in my unshaven pits. He looked straight at my bushy armpits and lowered his mouth straight into my underarms. "Aaaaahhhhh that's it you horny hairy bitch, suck me,” he said catching me roughly by my armpit hair and shoving his cock down her throat. Carol brought her hands up, holding onto Charlie’s cock, her tongue seemed to be all over it, as she thrust her head back and forth.

An Afternoon with Rachel

group deepblue32 2018-04-14

As I read those words I pulled my now rigid cock out of my jeans and started to stroke it, imagining three cocks filling this desperately over-sexed woman, ploughing in and out of her holes, making her writhe in physical ecstasy between their hard, muscular bodies. After my story about Abby and Louise I'd got quite a few e-mails from blokes offering to give me a hand if I ever needed an extra guy. While Marek unclipped her bra and John pulled it away to reveal two turgid pink nipples, I ran my hands up her smooth, sculpted legs. While John and I looked enviously at it, I could see Rachel imagining how it would feel inside her.


Couple with stranger man

group rorobibo 2018-04-14

I love going down on you, the way your body moves when I tongue your clit is incredible, I just never thought I'd do it with a stranger watching. I reach up and grab your tits and squeeze them together; I can't see anything with my head between your legs but I know how hot you look when you're moaning. I feel the walls of your pussy tighten around me as you cum again, pushed over the edge by the sensation of being filled with a big hard cock. You look back over your shoulder and bite your lip at me, stroking his cock newly removed from your hot wet mouth.