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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Afternoon - An Ode to My Cuckold Husband

group Milfxtc 2018-04-14

The smoldering heat of fucking while being watched by my husband is intense, and we recently had that experience when a black guy came by our place and fucked me on the couch reverse cowgirl style while I sucked on my husbands big thick cock, moaning and groaning onto him while I was being pounded in and out of my pussy ultra hard. It's even hotter when he's fucking my pussy while I'm sucking off another guy, I know it makes him erect to watch me sucking and to feel my wet pussy tightening around his pulsing throbbing cock while I'm working a hot hard shaft with my tongue and lips at the same time.

I sucked my b*****rs cock in front of his friend

group 2018-04-14

'Lets see them then', my b*****r called out, and I felt a surge of heat course through my being, I looked at his friend and asked him if he wanted to see them, his slight nodding was all the encouragement I needed, and in one swift movement, I was sitting bare breasted, fondling my hard nipples, subconsciously wanting them to be sucked. The air and mood had decidedly turned sexual, 'Look', I said, 'I am not sitting here showing my tits, unless you show then some respect', I continued, girl speak for some sucking and fondling. My b*****r bent forward and cupped my bare breasts, using them to lift me from the my sitting position, 'Just pull them down and stick it in', it made sense as I felt his friend undo and push my denims and panties down to my ankles.

Taking a Vacation with my Sister Ch. 02

group LstDghter1 2018-04-14

It was probably at best a little creepy as I watched my sister sweat in the heat, and actually at one point had a conversation in my mind that ended with the acceptance that, if she asked, I would let her wring her sweaty bikini out into my mouth. The girl got into the pool, not saying anything and I so wished that I had sunglasses on as I watched her slip into the water while trying to make it look like I wasn't watching. "Alan," Donna said, pointing towards where her boyfriend was still on the sun bed. Donna smiled at her hesitation, "Come on, tell," she said, "Naked?" she continued holding eye contact with her.


Dreams of Reality

group CrackaJim 2018-04-14

John began to lick and suck at Hillary’s soft opening as Jennifer leaned toward her, grabbing her in her arms and began kissing her. As her back arched, pulling her backward, John’s dick was grinding hard along her g-spot on the top of her cavity and she rocked and convulsed in pleasure as Hillary leaned forward to suck on Jennifer’s bouncing breasts. Hillary reached forward to grasp Jennifer’s curvy figure as John slammed his penis deep in Hillary’s pussy. Jennifer couldn’t stop shoving more fingers into her lap while Hillary closed her eyes and continued to moan loudly as John mercilessly fucked her tight pussy. Hillary then parted Jennifer’s ass and started licking at Hillary’s pussy from behind while she sucked up and down on John’s pulsating cock.

All-inclusive with Benefits Ch. 01

group dutchpantyraider 2018-04-14

It was a short welcoming note from the Sabroso resort which basically said to leave anything at home we would normally bring for a trip; all would be taken care of. I must have been looking quizzically at her, for she said grinning: "Lori sent me a letter explaining what to expect and how to prepare myself." That was my boss Lori, always an eye for details, thinking ahead and never failing to consider anyone's feelings. You've probably already been told, but I want to make sure you all understand this: a winner may ask an assistant to perform on his or her behalf, if you might not feel up to your task."

Valerie's Island Fantasy

group Buzzboy 2018-04-14

Feeling that I have enough distance between the dark-haired man and I, I stop. Suddenly, the dark-haired man pulls the blond man away from me. I watch this for a few minutes until the dark-haired man is forced to the ground; I get between the two competing men, stopping their fight. I suck on the blond man's cock, making nice and wet, then I do the same with the dark-haired man's cock, still laying on the sand. The blond man thrusts his still hard cock in my ass harder than before. I hump the dark-haired man's cock (still hard as well) until I climax again. That excites me so much, I take the dark-haired man's hands to my sweaty, round tits.

The Massage Ch. 02

group maudecardy 2018-04-14

I couldn't believe my wife was encouraging me in this way, and knowing I was nearly there, I new I had to do what I wanted, so I reached across to stroke and squeeze Julie's breast again, feeling so good as she smiled up to me, pushing herself forward as if to say 'help yourself'. Feeling embarrassed by Jane's chatter yet somehow confident after last night, I simply slipped off my dressing gown and draped it over the back of the sofa, put my hand over my cock to feel myself a little and let a gentle pleasure start, then went round and knelt before the sofa, with my back to the girls.


Debbie & Her Two Lovers

group stephyoung2 2018-04-14

Just when Dave reaches the door, Clint places his mouth on Debbie's sweet pussy. Debbie starts sucking Clint's cock while Dave fucks her in the ass. Clint looks up at Dave and watches him fuck Debbie's ass so hard. When Dave gets his cock all the way into Clint's ass, he starts thrusting slowly. Debbie hears Dave cum and she takes her fingers out of her fuckhole and starts rubbing her clit hard. Dave moans softly feeling Clint's hard cock in his ass. Dave moves his head up, reaches over, and starts licking Debbie's pussy. All the while, Clint keeps on pounding his cock into Dave's ass and watches Dave as he licks Debbie's pussy.

Camping Fun

group wanderermtn 2018-04-14

Soon we were both naked, and as Martha and Rick really got into their fun, Susan was on her knees in front of me with her delicious ass in the air, muffling her own pleasure into her arm as I thrust in and out of her tight, wet pussy. For a moment, I imagined that it was Martha my balls were slapping against, and as Susan's pussy clenched in her third orgasm, my cum shot deep inside her. To Rick and I's amazement, they both kissed tenderly before Martha began licking the cum off of Susan's tits while Susan caressed her head and looked at her dreamily. "Martha," I said, "I'm going to lube up my cock and fuck you in the ass in front of Rick and Susan.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 34

group SteveWallace 2018-04-14

Elsa helped Sean pick out six DVDs for him to take home to his wife Pam, in order to try to 'pop' her out of her naïve and relationship-sleepy malaise they'd fallen into. Sean already understood the agenda for what had to happen to spice up his marriage, but Pam remained an innocent up to that point not even knowing what her husband had planned for her, let alone his new best friend - Elsa. Elsa said that she'd had Sean phone Pam and insist that she come to Vegas on Wednesday. Sean had talked to Pam, his wife, into taking the rest of the week off work and joining us in Las Vegas.

Sheryl's Experience at the Edgewater

group mrnaglee 2018-04-14

Sheryl Im'd me one night and told me that she liked to be tub looked on, Sheryl stripped and we joined the others in the hot them, as the other two guys in the hot tub leered at Sheryl and the Sheryl s pussy was so wet, that the dildo popped right in and she laid with her legs spread like she wanted me to whip her pussy. drink of water, I told Sheryl to get ready for another walk. I told Sheryl to sit while I took a walk around the Sheryl, I want you to suck this man s cock and swallow his both watched Sheryl s head bob up and down his cock.

Servicing Sara

group Brockleigh 2018-04-14

Sara moved onto her side, against the back of the couch, her legs splayed wide, letting me see her wondrous body, her full breasts with the large pink nipples spilling out over the cups of her bra, her panties pulled to one side to see a shaven-bare pussy, which Steve was going to town on, lapping at her clit as his fingers teased her netherlips, her hair askew as she blew me, seeming to lose herself in fellating me. We all gave a collective moan together, and fell into a wondrous rhythm, watching Steve pump his cock in and out of Sara's mouth, with her hands on her ample breasts, squeezing the tender flesh, and I thrusting away inside her, her skirt pushed up to a thin band around her waist, her black lace panties hooked to one side, as I pounded her smooth, bald, moist, glistening snatch.


Fantasy Vacation Ch. 19

group Silverfox0551 2018-04-14

"Ginny told me over lunch on Tuesday that she had arranged for a small gathering at their house on Friday night and wanted to know if Ed and I would be interested in coming. She told Ginny that it had been a long time since she had felt like a real woman and she wanted to feel that way again. "Sound like everything worked out and you both had a great time?" Carol said as she continued to stroke Don's cock in front of everyone. And besides, Ed was a very good-looking man and she wanted badly to know what it would feel like to have his black cock pumping away inside her pussy and filling her up with his cum.

Dirty Kelly 1

group Justrobbo 2018-04-14

This would be the third time she would have that cock in her, and if she was honest, it wasn't a patch on the cock she enjoyed at home with Ray. But it was owned by a bad boy, who happened upon a glitch in her head that had lain dormant for years,and he had been reignited upon his discovery that his elder b*****r had been a participant in many a gangbang when both he and Kelly were at school together. Ray never said 'yes do it', but he loved the teasing, and soon he was filling some toilet paper with cum, while watching his sexy wife fuck herself with the black rubber cock. 'Fucking hell Kell....old Helens got your juices going, hasn't she!' He said, slipping a hand up Kelly's thin black skirt, feeling her soggy knickers with his fingertips.

Return to Bush River

group dna27fog 2018-04-13

I was not into anything involving me and another guy, but she had said many times how hot she thought it would be to watch me suck another guys cock. She began to slowly stroke it as her nipples were being sucked by different guys and other hands were massaging her tits. I love to watch you suck cock and be fucked. I love to watch you on your knees sucking my cock as I piss on your face." I kept it going, constantly whispering in her ear. Guys were jerking off over her, and if someone placed their cock near her mouth, she would give it an obligatory little suck, but soon stopped.


First Visit To The Master (And His Men)

group kezza6969 2018-04-13

When he reached her bald pouting pudendum he stroked his long wet tongue along the groove of her backside, from the pucker of her anus into the open slit of her mucus filled snatch, between the parted fat folds of her thickly swollen labia, dipping into the yawning “O” of her hole, finally caressing her hard red fat clitoris. He bent forward slightly over Gloria’s body, grasped his tool in one hand, and guided his large swollen knob into the open beckoning orifice of her cunt. His shaft entered her cunt, her labia dipping inwards as his thick prick penetrated her tunnel, the flange on his large bulbous knob sliding and stretching the muscles of her love hole.

Anna 5 Rescued

group cptfritz 2018-04-13

Anna had to follow her usual routine: go to a nearby bar, pick up a stranger, and bring him back to the motel room for sex, with the principal quietly sitting in a chair watching her humiliation and helpless response to the invariably heavy sex. The principal had ordered Anna to find a black man this time, hoping to see her even more humiliated as she was f***ed to have sex with the stranger. And she was humiliated by sex with the dog, with the four black men cheering and taking pictures with the principal's little camera. I couldn't tell who the man was, but Anna's posture and expression as she opened the door and let him in told me that something was going down.

Durango Bootie

group High Desert 2018-04-13

The rest of us started taking our clothes off except for Laura who turned to me and whispered, “I’m not wearing any underwear!” “Well ask Joe to leave the lights off,” I replied. When Joe’s cock was fully lubricated with saliva, Laura turned around on her hands and knees and offered her pussy to Joe. “That’s it, lick my ass bitch!” Laura shouted as she pulled her mouth from the 12” cock. Laura pulled away from his cock as TJ started working her ass with his fingers and licking her pussy at the same time. I fucked his ass for about ten minutes when I looked over at Laura and saw her bottomed out on Garrett’s 12”, screaming in ecstasy as an orgasm wracked her body.


Office Antics Ch. 04

group minxx66 2018-04-13

Having watched it a second time she wheeled the chair backwards, towards the door, so that she could see all three of the men, although she looked directly at Jim as she started to speak. Matt and Chris pushed their chairs back and stood next to Jim as requested. She undid his trousers and slipped her hand inside, as she started to stroke his prick he sighed. "Chris, I want you to slide your lovely prick in my pussy a few times, then slowly ease it into my ass." She fucked them both and as she did so she took Jim's long dark prick into her mouth, sucking and licking it. Jim and Matt stood either side of him, slowly stroking their pricks.


Terra's Play Thing

group storytyme 2018-04-13

With four minutes of alloted time left, Terra used the underneath of her fingers to softly massage Jung Li's vagina. With just thirty seconds left, Terra inserted a finger inside Jung Li's vagina while sucking on her clit. Mark starts by leaning over the side of the bed and running his fingers softly up and down the arms, legs and stomach of Jung Li's body. Making room for Terra and Mark, Jung Li slides off the side of the bed and walks bow-legged into the hallway, searching for the bathroom to clean up. Like a mad woman, Terra drags Mark up the bed and promptly straddles him, sliding his once again hardened penis between her legs.


Scratch Ch. 01

group Ravenblackerotica 2018-04-13

He knew they had fucked much louder in the past and none of Lindsay's sisters or parents had heard then, but getting caught with his pants quite literally around his ankles by his girlfriend's Mother was definitely not something he wanted tonight. "Yes, don't want you infringe on all the fun of my birthday church excursion, my birthday lecture from dad, or- oh yes, let's not forget about my birthday family breakfast where we get to hear more tales of Monica's great injustice by the man for getting a traffic ticket." Joseph and Alyssa both smiled some at that. "There he is- whoa, little brother, is the homeless look that popular these days?" Thomas said with a grin as he sat their infant daughter in the high chair.


Needs and Wants: A Holiday Romance

group Clit_n_Sass 2018-04-13

While it was rough to leave the warm Thailand weather for a harsh, Midwest winter, I was really looking forward to being back in my own house, spending Christmas with my family, and, most of all, being back with my dog, Sid. Tyler was convinced it'd be a mutually beneficial relationship -- I'd have a great dog-sitter for Sid, and it would allow Jolie to put her limited funds into savings instead of rent. As it turns out, Rick was pretty much a jealous and controlling asshole, according to Tyler, who apparently kept Jolie close-by and often accused her of affairs which he entirely imagined. Jolie and Macy have gotten along great with Sid, and if anything, he seems to be getting very spoiled.


Friends Swing for the First Time Ch. 02

group DevlinOO11 2018-04-13

The following Friday Shelly and I went over to Jerry and Katie's. At that point I could see that Ron and Mandy were walking towards us and I didn't know if Jerry would keep the conversation going. As Mandy goes inside and as Ron opens a beer, Jerry looks at us and goes. "I know that this might sound somewhat strange but I found it exciting watching Shelly getting it on with you guys. Shelly knelt down in front of Katie, then slowly moved her head forwards. Shelly leaned back in and took a breath, then slowly began to run her tongue up and down Katie's pussy. Jerry leaned over and started sucking on Katie's tits.

Sharing Candy Pt. 02

group Geyserlicious 2018-04-13

I place two of my fingers in my mouth to wet them and then back onto her nipple to circle it as I kiss her mouth deeply, sucking at her tongue and lips to get a full taste of her. I nibble on her nipple gently, circling her belly button until her skin responds with goose bumps then slowly I dance my fingers to her pussy where I spread my entire hand to feel her warmth and rub up and down to spread her wetness around on her shaved, silky lips. Derek looks hotter than ever, hand wrapped around his thick dick as it points to the ceiling, sexy mouth parting as his breath quickens, eyes piercing through me watching me enjoy everything, all of it.