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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Love and Sex in Syria Ch. 06

group Scheherazade88 2018-11-15

Mona unzips her jeans and beings to rub her pussy, then Hala, Dina and Suhair follow suit. Dina and Mona sit on the coffee table opposite the couch that Ahmed is sitting on, and they start to rub their pussies and the sight of Ahmed's large cock. Dina, without hesitation, pulls off all her clothes and jump into Ahmed's lap, she slides his cock into her pussy and starts to ride him. Dina jumps off him and Suhair starts sucking Ahmed's dick- she is keen to know what Dina juice tastes likes when mixed with Ahmed's cock. Then he really starts cuming, and he managed to cover my tits, Mona and Suhair's face, Dina's hair and Hala's mouth.

Love and Sex in Syria Ch. 07

group Scheherazade88 2018-11-15

(Fourth Armoured Division Commander) FADC: "But your husband's paranoia is beginning to trouble us." Using my mouth, I start to suck LG off, while my hand strokes and massages AFC's cock. I spit FADC out and immediately take AFC, his cock is perhaps the tastiest. Suddenly, the door bursts open and my husband flings through, he is shivering and crying and holding his cock. Let's pretend he's not here." FADC sticks his cock in my mouth and the other two resume humping. AFC is pounding my pussy hard, my body is really sweaty, and my Husband is still crying. LG, FADC and AFC stand above-me with their cocks out, tossing themselves off.

Three's A Crowd

group Dickie 2018-11-15

“I want to suck his dick,” said Jess as she knelt between the two of them. Jess turned around as Seb stood up and she started sucking his dick clean of her juices before removing his condom. As Seb and Rich again stood side by side she took turns sucking their dicks and massaging their balls. Kneeling next to Jess and looking up to Seb he asked, “This… this might sound weird, but can I try sucking your dick?” He went quietly down the stairs and sat on the bottom step, watching Jess getting a thorough fucking from Seb. She was slouched in the chair with her hips just on the edge, her legs hooked over Seb’s strong biceps as he repeatedly thrust his cock into her.

My Wife's friend Mandy

group Sballin245 2018-11-15

Her pussy clenching my cock, I started slowly to move my hips, kissing her neck. "Make sure you satisfy her, like you always did when I was pregnant, baby," she said as she gave me a kiss and walk out the room, closing the door.  With that I started to slam Mandy's pussy hard, giving her the fucking that she needed and deserved. Kate leaned forward even further and started licking my wife's pussy. Both women exploded in orgasms at the same time as I unleashed my cum deep inside Kate's pussy. I leaned forward and start licking my wife's pussy until my cock was fully hard again. I could tell my wife was getting wetter knowing that her friend was sucking her pussy juices off my cock.

My wife entertained my friends

group woreout 2018-11-15

Friday I was on my way home and my cell phone rang, it was my wife and she asked me to stop and pickup four cases of beer. He said all the guys are here , grab a beer and come out to the pool. Doug saw me and said " he's awake" all eyes turned toward me, even my wife with half closed lust filled eyes looked toward me. My wife stood up and rubbing her belly said thank you guys for great time, you are welcome to come by and fuck me anytime you feel like it. She relaxed and pushed a big stream of cum started leaking down her butt hole toward her pussy.

Bethany Turned 51 Last Night

group happyidiot 2018-11-15

Beth was left standing in the center of the room with a blindfold covering her eyes, her hands at her side and a nervous smile on her face. He'd then slip his glistening cock into Beth's open mouth, give her two or three slow pumps before he'd pull away and slip back inside Monica. Kevin had started to cum in her mouth and then he pulled out, finishing himself off by hand letting what remained land on Beth's face and hair. I retreated to the sidelines and slipped my arms around Monica as Beth sat back and smiled, slowly drawing her hand across her lips to wipe them clean.

cuckold lifestyle 24

group woreout 2018-11-15

I again said no it don't hurt , my buddy Jon said dude you need to take your pill , again I said no, I could tell what was going on , they knew if I took that pain pill I'd be out in less than an hour. I looked up from my breakfast pussy snack and said I don't under stand why that pain pill kicked my ass so bad. She said I told them I was horny and I wanted to fuck them both all night, and that I needed to get rid of you first. Jon said here this ought to do it and he dropped the pill in your beer.

Having Fun With Mr. Smith

group Mysteria27 2018-11-15

“Henrietta, I want Sophia to spread her legs, you can kneel down and lick her pussy. I got behind Sophia and wrapped my hands around her and played with her breasts as I mashed my pussy into her ass. Sophia licked my pussy, while Mr. Smith was finger fucking her. I know you’re a lesbian, but you've never wanted to feel a real cock in that beautiful cunt of yours? Mr. Smith got on top of Sophia and slipped his cock into her pussy. I knew that Sophia really loves me and I could see she was a little jealous as Mr. Smith fucked me. After that Mr. Smith went to get cleaned up and Sophia and I enjoyed ourselves in the pool and the hot tub.

The Chaperons – Part I

group Cyberfree44 2018-11-15

When, out of the blue, Jim said nonchalantly, “Do you like to suck cock Jenny?” The room went silent and Jennifer could feel everyone’s eyes on her. However, Ed, the produce manager, got up and came over in front of Jennifer and looking down at her sitting on the edge of the bed said, “Do you really, do you really like sucking cock?” Before she could answer he continued, “My wife won’t do it…I have never had my cock sucked, never. Everyone was silent then Jim said, “Do it for him, every guy should have his cock sucked at least once.” She couldn’t believe what was happening, what should she do, her mind was racing a mile a minute when Ed unzipped his fly, reached into his pants and pulled out his penis.

My Payment

group SMurphy 2018-11-15

Sam only looks at them for a minute before getting to work on pulling off my jeans. It isn't long before the sensation of Sam finger fucking my pussy and Kyle sucking on my nipples makes me crave for a cock to stretch my pussy. Kyle reaches for his zipper and says "No problem." He lifts me up onto the boot of my car so my hips are level with his. Slowly at first, he pulls his cock nearly all the way out before thrusting back in hard, but he soon starts to pick up the pace until he is pounding my pussy. I only get a quick glance of Sam's cock, shorter than Kyle's but thicker, when he suddenly flips me over and enters me from behind.


Returning the Favor

group hornycouple 2018-11-15

I started to lick just the head of his hard cock at first then slowly slid my lips around it and fully took him into my mouth. Lacy broke from their kissing and moved down to the end of the bed and laid so her head was in between my legs, as I was licking Jason balls I could feel her breath on my pussy. He slid his cock into her pussy and started to fuck her in a lazy slow rhythm, I laid down under them and took Lacy’s clit into my mouth and started sucking on it like she did to me. Jason continued fucking me with hard thrusts while I took Lacy’s clit into my mouth and started sucking on it, while I fucked her with my fingers.

First gangbang

group Minja 2018-11-15

The cock in your mouth pulls out, your head is roughly turned to the right, and another cock starts to fuck it. Your legs are pulled further apart as you feel fingers sliding into your pussy briefly before teasing your ass. After several minutes you can feel the cock in your mouth getting close to cumming. As soon as she gets up another woman takes her place, grabbing your hair and pulling your mouth to her pussy.  She grabs your head with both hands and hold your mouth tight against her pussy as she begins to flood your mouth with her cum. Your head is turned to the side and another cock starts fucking your mouth.


Poor Petra! (2)

group fegirboh 2018-11-15

He talks a lot to me, or sometimes me and Paul together, and when he’s not, when I’m wrapped up with Paul, he stays mainly quiet and he looks at me in a way that makes it more and more obvious (including to poor Petra) that he fancies me like crazy. I need to spin this out slightly (don’t want to look too keen!) so I pretend to be a little embarrassed and feeling bad for Petra and I tell Danny that maybe he should go. Fuck me good, baby!” I scream, especially for Petra, when Danny’s massive dick first enters my greedy cunt.) I’m on all fours in the bed and the boys are pleasuring me simultaneously.

Carol - Part Eleven

group mike8253 2018-11-15

And, on both occasions, Carol had slowly removed her cream covered hand from my manhood as we recorded just my rigid shaft, standing tall, with white goo oozing out of the little slit and running down the thick stick. Pre-cum now constantly oozed out of my little slit, and ran down over Jill’s hand and my balls, as Jill continued to stroke my cock and I stared at Carol’s fetching body. As Carol nudged Jill’s legs apart, exposing her bare slit, I could see that Jill’s pussy lips were already spread out like the petals of a morning flower opening for the day, and looking for attention.

You think you know someone - Chris and Ellen: Their story. Chapter 3 of 4.

group Bipeep 2018-11-15

But you know there will be some women that will quite enjoy having sex with someone who isn't wanting to stick his dick in them," Ellen said seriously. She now worked her way between the two new comers and placed one arm over Chris's shoulders again and the other around Ellen's waist, "I won't introduce you to every one by name as you won't remember them anyway. I'm sorry Ray but we really don't know how all this works," Ellen said, "Are all these people just making small talk or are they really friends?" "Go on Ray," Ellen said, "I'd like to watch you guys for a couple of minutes. And when Chris's hands went down and caressed Ray's head as he sucked on him it looked even more erotic.

Naughty Kittens Lost Their Mittens

group TMolotov 2018-11-15

"Misty, as the bride-to-be, would you like to pick out a mitten?" Brayden said as he watched most of the women shift in posture. Holding up her hand once more, Lexi said to the women, "Now since we are showing our beautiful Misty how naughty kittens get back their mittens, it seems our salesman here has grown quite excited." Lexi broke the lustful silence of women breathing heavy and softly moaning, "Ladies, do you like his big dick rubbing and teasing Misty's pussy? "Sounds like you better, fuck her with that big dick of yours," Lexi said to Brayden before leaning over and kissing Misty.

Blondie's Christmas Tale

group sprite 2018-11-15

While Dibs and I rutted like sex-starved animals, me slamming back against him almost as hard as he was slamming into me, driving his cock so deep that it hurt, the rest of the guys were getting busy with the candy, sucking that shit up into their nostrils one at time. I was looking up, feeling my legs being spread apart while I lay on my back, seven naked guys standing around me, their black skin glistening with sweat, their swollen cocks shiny with cum as they jerked off, and yes, I was smiling for them, putting on a show, my hand between my legs as I rubbed my clit, fingers dripping wet, pinching my nipples, cupping my tits, mouth open, moaning obscenely as JJ grunted and shot a load of milk white cum all over my tits.

It Started With Babysitting

group Meggsy 2018-11-15

We looked for people we knew and Sam said she thought she recognised one woman but it was hard as she was having sex against a wall with a guy. It was the time I rang about the baby, Judy was in the middle of getting sucked out by Jan while Ian was cumming into her mouth. Sam had been listening and said, “I let this guy fuck me when I was on holidays and after he came in me, he then got down on me and sucked me out with his cum in me. I had often sucked my fingers when I masturbated so I knew what cunt juice tasted like but I had never had so much of it in my mouth at one time.

Hot Wife Makes Good On A Bet

group ukmarky 2018-11-15

I thought I’d be able to use the GPS on her phone to trace where she was and go to her rescue (although, judging by her lusty smiling face in all the photos that had been sent, she didn’t seem to really want ‘saving’!) Opening the email from my wife, I saw that the attachment was, this time, a video. I’ve been dying to get these big boys into my pussy, but they were very insistent that they waited for you before they offered me up to the biggest dick here!’ She paused to have a cock thrust into her throat, ‘Are you ready to watch me get passed around these boys??’ she pulled away eventually and added.

Just Like The Old Days

group SventheElder 2018-11-15

Steffi had said during the meal that she wasn't going to be dancing a lot so Mike could keep Jan happy if I didn't want to dance. "Steffi, when I danced with Jan a moment or two ago, she told me that mine was the second hard cock she'd had pushing against her this evening. Mike gave a slightly embarrassed grin and said, "That's great, I'd love to spend the night with Jan and I'm happy with the thought of you spending the night with Steffi. I didn't look at Mike and Jan on the way home but we did chat a little as I held Steffi's hand.

The Birthday Present

group ChrisM 2018-11-15

Going behind me again, I feel her soap covered hand coming under the stool and lathering my cock which immediately springs to attention, all seven and a half begging for more. Miko is running her tongue up my sensitive inner thigh alternating licks and kisses as she climbs higher and higher towards my balls and my cock. Looking over, I see Tony has wrapped his arms around her legs and is giving his full attention to her pussy and ass with his tongue. I see Alice licking Ali’s face clean and then kissing her deeply as her tongue washes my taste out of her mouth. Tony smiles and gets behind her spreads her magnificent ass cheeks and coats his cock with the Nuru gel.

Eva, My Pool, and Five Football Players

group Tanksdad 2018-11-15

“Hey Todd, you guys looking to cool off in my pool?” I asked steadily fucking Eva as they watched. “Oh shit, this is that warming kind,” foot long said as he centered himself behind Eva. He picked her up by the waist and kind of dropped her open and oozing pussy onto the tip of his monster cock. The third blow job guy started face fucking Eva until he came too. She took it and drank slowly as Todd sucked her tits and foot long fucked her full pussy. I moved up near Eva’s face and started stroking my own erection at the same pace foot long was fucking her tits.

My First Threesome

group PurringPeta 2018-11-15

I would pick out women I found attractive and think about what it would be to run my tongue along their clits, feel their wetness with my fingers...all the while fingering my own pussy. We both started to take turns sliding our fingers over her clit and through her wet labia, all the while sucking both of her tits.  Maggie just moaned while she continued to assault my pussy with her tongue and fingers. The sounds of the slapping, the sight of Carlos fucking her pussy, and Maggie sucking my clit made me cum real hard. "She loved the way I sucked her pussy," Carlos said.

NIcole's Fantasy

group GabrielSweet 2018-11-15

When her tense muscles finally relax a little she take her mouth from Lee, lays her head down and looks behind her, "Put you cock in me, fuck me like you own me, make me your slut!" As if a switch is flipped, Nicole goes wild, bucking and pushing back against the cock inside her pussy, sucking and licking on Lee's prick like it was to save her life. While Aaron is fucking her cunt she lets Lee slip from her mouth and starts to stroke him faster and harder saying, "I love the taste of your cock, do you want to watch me drink your cum ......