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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Singles Party Fuck

group 2018-04-13

I told them all I wanted it again as soon as possible, so they made some more calls and about an hour later more guys began arriving, stripping off and fucking my well used wet, cum-filled cunt and ass. After they left to pick-up my daughters I called the sluts on my mobile and told them some guys were on their way to pick them up so they could be gangbanged too, and to get their cunts ready for some hard, serious fucking. Cassie taking two black cocks in her ass at the same time, stretching her ass wide: Cathy letting them shove huge dildoes in her cunt as she squirmed and orgasmed on them: Rachel getting the guys to bukake her face and tits.

Video Story: Felicity's First FFM Threesome

group LitTV 2018-04-13

Literotica is happy to introduce LitTV - a place where community members can share sexy stories in video format. Please share your opinions and suggestions for the future of LitTV. Want to share your sexy video story, erotic vlog, or hot how-to? It's easy and fun! Click here to get started. In this video, Felicity Feline shares her first girl-girl-boy threesome experience. Felicity and her shy boyfriend's shopping trip with a lesbian friend leads to a first for her and her boyfriend. Enjoy Felicity's video story, and please let us know what you think in the comments! Felicity's First Boy-Girl-Girl Threesome

Crushed By Stranger

group 2018-04-13

I was shocked as I am in honeymoon dress to get fucked by Rahul and these two guys of age 37 or 40 came in with both staring at my rosy lips, smooth milky arms, necked thighs decorated with mehndi, and milky breasts trying to come out of my spaghetti. I was enjoying my arms, I smiled and closed my eyes, that guy started kissing my feet, then legs, then knees and then started crushing my naked thighs inside my short skirt. I asked Rahul to put his dick inside, he asked guy 1 to start, g1 removed his underwear and took my both thighs in his arms and started kissing them.

Anniversary Ch. 02

group minnie179 2018-04-13

You walk in as I am bending over turning the water off and slip your hard on right into my wet pussy. Red goes to you and begins to dribble fruit onto your lips and I watch as you slowly lap up the juices. You look over to ask me if this is turning me on – seeing you fuck another woman but get your answer before asking as I scream in an orgasm from my fingers pinching my clit. But I do not get to watch the fun for longer than that because I feel a warm wet large tongue lapping up my own flowing juices.

Unintended Dogging

group Hullosexi 2018-04-13

So he's sat in the passenger seat of the Land Rover, jeans around his knees, just lying there squeezing his softening cock, she's stood in front of me in her denim mini skirt, no tshirt, lovely boobs bouncing free and I'm there in a sweaty T and cycling shorts pushed down with my cock hard and enjoying the feel of the cool air against me. Her bloke stood next to me and she took it in turns sucking us, wanking us, and even managed to get both of our cocks in her mouth at the same time. She looked up and said "thank you", kissed my cock and pushed me away so she could concentrate on her bloke, all the time my spunk was dripping down her tits.

A s****rs Helping hand, and the Just Reward

group 2018-04-13

I small cartoon figure pushing a lawn mower, through luxurious growth, I smiled and run my fingers through its silky softness, my long fingers slipping in between her warm mist lips, 'Dont', she said softly, our eyes locked, 'You will get me going again', and as I withdrew my hand she stooped down a we kissed each other, 'Like to have a drink', I asked, getting up and pulling my own knickers up, while her eyes delved between my legs, not my total lack of pubes, 'I like to shave', noting her quizzled look, adding as an afterthought, 'Makes it easier on your tongue', with emphasis on 'your'.

A Video Guest

group WyKkEdAnGeL 2018-04-13

He pulled her down on the bed with her hands above her head, kissed down her neck, slowly made his way to her nipple, quickly sucking it into his mouth. Sam more forcefully finger fucked Lacy now until her breath matched Kelly’s on the television. When on screen, Kelly moaned out as waves of orgasm flowed over her, so did Lacy, until Sam felt her warm cum flow out around his fingers. Kelly laid on her back and Lacy got between her legs to eat her pussy, with her as up to Sam. He rammed his cock deep into Lacy’s cunt from behind. He fucked harder and harder as Kelly raised and started kissing Lacy, tasting her own cum on her mouth.

staying a night at my friends house part 2

group 2018-04-13

i rubbed her so fast she moaned she fingered my pussy and sucked it i did the same then we grind pussy to pussy we cammed then i went to sl**p at midnight i heard nosies again they was fucking again i went back to sl**p i felt hands touching my tits and pussy i woke up cause of that i closed my eyes i open them india kissed me i was in a threesome with them we cummed so hard my pussy was throbbing i kissed the both of them.

Am I A Good Neighbour?

group midnightfalcon 2018-04-13

I don't think I ever met a nympho so I wouldn't know about that, but everything else your telling me sounds a bit like he's a just being spiteful." "Well , I've watched you thru my window and seen you showering and sometimes caught a glimpse of you nude, and I always let my imagination fill in those things I couldn't actually see, so I had to imagine how you would look with your cock hard." Or maybe because I wanted her to let go, but I moved my lips quickly to her swollen nipples and with the palm of my hand I cupped her breast and lifting her nipple to my mouth.


Everybody Comes to Hollywood Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2018-04-13

One Friday night, my friends had dragged me off to some frat party, and while they were up and about having a good time, I kept my butt planted in a couch drinking every hard liquor I could find. When I finally got my eyes open I found that I was spooned in behind Bethany, my leg draped over hers and my free arm clutching her body to me. We spent the next few months spending a great deal of time with each other, to where even my friends and everyone else in the building thought of Bethany as my girlfriend. It was the first time we'd kissed since that fateful frat party, almost a year ago, but all the heady emotions from that night came right back to me.


My Birthday Surprise Ch. 02

group MzCaBBW 2018-04-13

I awoke to find my arms had been released, one hand was entwined in Jasmine's long, silky hair; the other cupping her left breast. I lowered my mouth to her nipple, took it between my lips, flicking it with my tongue, then licking, pulling and sucking. My boyfriend stepped behind me, took his cock in his hand and ran it down my ass cheeks, to my pussy, slid the tip of in then out, teasing me, knowing how much I wanted him to fuck me hard. She was licking and sucking and fucking my pussy with her tongue then put 3 fingers deep in my pussy and fucked me hard, her mouth never leaving my clit.

Word Foreplay

group Frankie22 2018-04-13

Marci moved a little closer to Tina on the couch as they both hungrily thought of the cock on the floor across from them. Marci moved in closer and gently placed her lips on Tina's, as her hand wandered from her soft hair to her soft breast. Marci leaned down and began to run her warm lips and tongue across Tina's bare stomach. Tina gasped and tilted her head back on the arm of the couch as Marci's tongue made contact with her already-wet pussy lips. Marci gently pumped her finger in and out as she found Tina's now-swollen clit and began to lick and nibble. Marci began to lick his clean-shaven balls, as Tina paid attention to his wide, wet hood.

Nude Beach Campout

group SuperBill 2018-04-13

Emily laughed and finally told Donna, "sweetie, this is a nude beach. Emily looked at Donna, then said, "take you pants off, show each of us your cock, then sit back down and cover up with a towel. Emily lowered her head, while Donna spread open her legs, and lifted the towel. With the girls moaning loudly, I moved and slid the head of my cock along Donna's drenched pussy lips. As I latched my mouth to Donna's boob, my wife dropped to her knees and began sucking my cock to full hardness. I leaned down with my head and began to lick Donna's pussy lips, while still keeping a hand in Emily's orifice.


A Permanent Employee Ch. 02

group FERDY 2018-04-13

While the sex with Dan was fantastic, I still couldn't get Mark and Billy (the guys in the shop) out of my mind. "You had better do more then try, now drop your pants and we'll see if you have the necessary tools for the job," I said as I took off my tee and shorts, exposing my tits enclosed in my red nipple-less bra and my sexy red thong panties. I knew that if I knelt over Mark's monster, lowering myself so that it slipped inside, I could thrust my ass up in the air, making my asshole available to Billy's long tool.

Art Class

group naughty_bi_interest 2018-04-13

We pumped in unison and we were both hard and a little sore, but as I came to realize about gay and bi guys, we cum a lot most every day, jacking off 2,3 & 4 times most days if no one was around to be with, so this was a pure bonus of man to man to woman sex and there had been a bit of slumbering and being high between our last cum shots several hours ago when David & I took turns fucking each other in the late afternoon (& that was after our initial suck off of each other).

The Lost City of Lust

group NorthwestRain 2018-04-13

I closed my eyes and felt other tongues licking together, sharing the seeping per-seminal fluids that I could feel sliding up and out with each pulsing, spasmodic flex of my inner muscles. When she sank onto me, and I felt myself slide up into her body, nudging her womb, our pubic bones met deliciously, and the other girls came forward, licking their lips. I felt her tongue meet mine beneath Siina's parted thighs and we kissed her juices together. The other girls held her tightly as her fluids drained upon me, my finger continuing its pressure and my tongue flicking beneath her clitoris, licking at her open urethra.


Ana's Sin Ch. 02

group diegoroyo 2018-04-13

Ana staggered next to him on the way to his car, her high-heels clacking, all long legs and bare skin except for her small tube dress. She was surprised by the question, and suddenly this felt more like a romantic date than a man blackmailing her for sex. The whole time they watched the movie in the dark theater, John Paul fingered her pussy, making her wetter and hornier than ever. Knees together on the edge of the leather seats, ass sticking out, John Paul brought his cock out and pushed it into her pussy. "Oh my god," she said, feeling out big it was stretching her dark little Latina pussy.


Testing the Water

group Bigpuss 2018-04-13

Once Jenny had spotted this, she couldn't tear her eyes away; Lizzie's swimsuit was too small and tight for her and clung obscenely to her body. "I'm sure you'll find some way to use up all that energy!" Jenny said, finally dragging her eyes up towards Lizzie's heavily-browed face. Listening nearby, Jenny wondered if Lizzie were about to suggest that the young man meet her for a drink and some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, when along came Colin, the other lifeguard, as awkward and geeky as ever. "Now, you said you overheard him arranging to meet Steve, is that right?" Lizzie asked Jenny. "I lathered the soap like this," Lizzie said, gently massaging Jenny's shoulders and the back of her neck.


A Stuffy Doctors’ Conference Ch. 04

group marla_gillis 2018-04-13

I figured if both Joshua and Victoria turned up at the same time, it would look like a miscommunication by a couple just happy to have connected. Victoria was giggling like mad, and kissing Joshua's neck and face. Joshua told me he wanted his blow job now, and I obediently dropped to my knees and plunged his cock into my throat. Victoria started giggling again, and I joined in, and soon Joshua was laughing with us as well. After a few minutes, Joshua said he wanted to see Victoria eat my pussy as well. After a minute, I felt hands on my hips, and there was Joshua's familiar cock, this time pushing against my asshole where Victoria's nose had just been.


group pacific ladybug 2018-04-13

She rinsed the cloth again and tenderly moved it over her round ass and down one fleshy leg at a time. I buried my head between her luscious pink breasts and licked, my darting tongue thrusting its way to one of her nipples. Eager to be fair, I moved to the other breast, taking its nipple into my mouth, flicking my tongue around its taunt peak, sucking like a babe. She reached for me and took Mr. Jack into her mouth, sliding him in over her tongue and into her throat. I put my hands on the back of her knees and pushed her legs away as I pounded into her. I watched with even more interest as Jasmine pleasured Grace, tongue on tongue, on breast, on clit, in pussy .

The Slut Ch. 03

group Spoiler 2018-04-13

"Damn I can't wait to see if she is really as hot as Greg said she was." James added. Let him ride up front and Tammy can sit in the back with you." Greg looked at me with a wink. Greg was feeling her ass over her skirt and Tammy was tongue wrestling him as best she could. You could see Tammy's breast all right and you could tell Greg's dick was in her but you really couldn't see anything. Tammy looked up at us and pulled out Greg's dick and smiled. "That's right man I fucked her pussy while Greg got her ass this afternoon." I said as I started to take pictures.


Five for Play

group mstwistedangel 2018-04-13

Before she knew it, Alex stepped away and Scott replaced him, she looked over and watched Christian make quick work of removing James's pants and take James's cock into his mouth. Scott slid to his knees and gently pressed his tongue to her already throbbing clit, she shivered in pleasure at the touch of his tongue on her while she continued watching Christian lick, suck, and stroke James's hard cock. Before she knew it, James slipped his cock out of her pussy and gently pressed his head against her ass, she groaned in pleasure as he worked it inside her, stretching her tight ass around his throbbing cock, he moved to position himself to be almost behind her, but sitting up and pulled her to sit on him, facing away.

HOT SHOTS: M.I.L.F Spring Break Ch. 05

group mondotoken 2018-04-13

"Well if you think it would enlighten the situation Mrs. Hartford; perhaps you could convince me to issue Daisy another opportunity with our prestigious school." She simply smiled as she put on a pair of white designer shades while Sophie Oderkirk eyes zeroed in on the well-built college scout's visible package and Wendy Bryant appeared to be annoyed that Chad would threaten her star athlete's future. "Suck my tits stud; show me you can do more with that mouth than offend people you lovely ignoramus!" Before he could retort Sophie drew his lips to her sweaty bosom running her fingers through his hair while Wendy crawled onto a large bed in one corner of the room.


Barbara's Story Ch. 04

group shawnkeith 2018-04-13

Janine loved Barbara’s tits, but she didn’t stare, at least not openly. What Janine said next though really got her wet and left her tingling with anticipation. Barbara wanted to fuck Jim, suck his hard cock, and feel him pounding her pussy filling her again and again with his man meat. Barbara smiled she remember having been the center Janine's attentions before. She hoped Barbara would like her surprise and hoped that she wouldn’t be offended that she’d videotaped their love making. The picture showed Janine between Barbara’s legs and showed Barbara contorted in rapturous pleasure. Barbara placed her hand over Janine’s wet pussy and pressed firmly into her. Janine ground herself into Barbara’s hand wantonly and stared determinedly into her eyes.