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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Julie the Schooly and The Emo Kids

group Mag58 2018-04-13

When I went to bed I put some Soul music on and began stroking my body in the way I imagined they had....stroking and squeezing my 34c boobs until they hurt; then running a hand through my hairy pubes and imagining the look of awe on their cute faces as they fingered a 32 year old woman and tugged at her long curly pubic hair. Sash ordered a pizza and Coke while I pretended to sway and stagger; making sure they got a good look at my wobbling boobs – grabbing onto Woody's arm to steady myself. Woody edged closer to my face; wanking with one hand and squeezing my tits with the other as Sash tugged at my hair as he fucked my mouth.


Together Series: Group Camping

group so_lovely 2018-04-13

My legs start to really shake, "Oh Jesus, harder, Eddy, harder!" Even through the muffled of the sleeping bag I can hear his hips smack into my ass on every pound, "Aaaaaahhhhhh, oh, oh, oh, oh God." Cara's lips are kiss swollen when she pulls her face away from mine and takes one of my nipples between her thumb and finger, rolling and pulling it until I arch my back and cry out, a wave of pleasure rippling from my core. Every so often, Eddy lets out a low "Oh yeah," or "Fucking suck it." Cara alternates from sucking him fully into her mouth and playing with the head, letting her hand work his shaft.



group Alex Ledue 2018-04-13

As the hatchet lady lie back on the bed beside me, I fondled her still wet breast as Angela began to explore the folds of Margaret's sex. I reached down and caressed Angela's chestnut brown hair and moved her head slowly as she pleasured Margaret with her mouth. Pulling away from Angela's tortuous mouth, I then grabbed the base of my dick and pressed deep into Margaret's love from the back. As I started to feel the familiar tingle of cum leaving my penis, sensing I was close to climax Angela pulled my dick out of Margaret's pussy and placed her lips firmly around the head.

Michael Ch. 06

group HotLouisa 2018-04-13

"Louisa, this is Tony and this is Paul," Michael indicated first the older then the younger guy. Like I said, I'm looking forward to it." I smiled my reassurance at Tony and Paul who had looked a bit alarmed at Michael's words. "Now," Michael continued his direction, "Pull your knickers to the side and hold your bottom cheeks apart Louisa, then slide down onto Paul's dick. With Paul's penis deep in my arse from below, Tony positioned himself between my parted legs and drove his hard cock into my twat from above. Tony was thrusting madly into my cunt while Paul did his best to ram his cock into my arse underneath me.


Marcus and Rhea

group Littlestar75 2018-04-13

The bath slave parted her thighs, displaying her to Marcus, before lowering her head and swirling her tongue tentatively around Rhea's clit. He stroked his hardening cock lazily as Rhea trailed kisses down between the bath slave's legs and buried her head in the girl's juicy cunt. Rhea felt Marcus's hands on her hips and then his fingers slid into her warm, welcoming wetness. Rhea's warm pussy contracting around him was too much for Marcus to take and he dug his fingers deep into her curvaceous hips and groaned aloud as he came deep inside her. Marcus and Rhea tumbled to the warm marble floor in tangle of limbs and lay, satiated, as the bath slave picked herself up and, smiling, started to clean up.

Sleeping with Friends

group LstDghter1 2018-04-13

My clothes were in the car still, along with my make-up wipes and I didn't want to put the stuff I had been wearing all day back on, kind of defeats the point of having a shower so I wrapped myself in the towel and went back to Sarah's room. "Look on the bright side, least it wasn't in the back of a Corsa followed by an hour getting lectured at the doctors for the morning after pill," Sarah said as she briefly described her first time. Yes he came inside me but was wearing a condom, that was the nicest bit, felt good, not worth the wait though" I replied, answering her questions one at a time as they were fired at me.


Friday Night Fun

group MsFlsh 2018-04-13

Opening my eyes I saw a hand working on a large thick cock. Tony had started the group with four of his friends and each Friday it seemed to grow I felt a hand on my thigh and my skirt being pushed up. My large heavy breasts, clearly exposed, gave me a "ready" look I knew the men liked. One of the men moved behind me and touched his cock to my wet opening. I closed my eyes and felt one's fingers enter me and a hand cup my breast and raise it to be kissed. Next Friday I would again be the object of sexual pleasure for a group of men and the thought of waiting till then was already stirring my desire for cock.

Manager's Surprise

group rjohnson 2018-04-13

I knew I was close to coming but I wanted to enjoy the feeling of his ass wrapped around my hard cock for a little longer so I slowed my thrusts a little while my wife wiggled out from under Bob. She gasped as Bob’s head started filling her canal and she grimaced a little from the pressure as Bob kept pushing until he was completely inside her ass hole. My wife got off me and let Bob raise my legs higher as he continued pounding my ass until I felt his cock twitch deep inside me then a hot rush a liquid, warming my ass as he came.


Triad Ch. 02: First Date

group aluisa 2018-04-13

Milo said, "We don't like to live by the normal rules. Julia smiled at me, "You look very beautiful," she said and for a moment I saw her looking at mouth and then back at my eyes. Milo caught my hand in his and brought it up to his mouth, kissing it, sucking on the tip of one finger and then another. Milo began to kiss me while Julia pulled my hair away from my neck and nibbled on my skin there. Milo laid back and Julia crawled over him, taking his cock in her mouth again and she rolled and squeezed his balls in her hand.


Christmas Party

group C-Naughtypuppy 2018-04-13

“Strip you hot little prick tease,” John’s words were full of control and the dirty talk drove me nuts, to my surprise Erin stood up and pulled her white shirt over her head and unbuttoned her mini skirt, there she stood in her black push up bra and matching thong. John laughed at this gesture “looks as though I’m gonna give two bitches in heat what they want, Erin needs my cock, and you little one, you get to watch me fuck her.” My eyes flew open in disbelief how did he know… John answered my question with an all knowing evil smile, and without warning drove his hard cock into Erin.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 20

group SteveWallace 2018-04-13

The girls meet Ryan, Deke, Mike, and James at a club, and establish group-to-group fuck buddy relationships with them. I watched the sex show in the living room from the entryway for a couple of minutes until the man fucking Elsa apparently blasted his load into the condom he was wearing. Six of us were in Mark's super-size bed and Sheila and Deke were on a sofa in the living room fucking like energizer bunnies when I last saw them. They too went bareback, and when Deke finally came he poured his cum all over Sheila's upturned cunt, thoroughly soaking her whole area with such a large volume of white sticky man juice we thought he'd done some kind of trick.


The Subway

group shyblueeyes1968 2018-04-13

“ love it slut, that’s it baby...use your tongue” He pushed his hips forward forcing his cock in deep, almost making her gag, but she relaxed and was able to control her reflex reaction to having a thick black cock f***ed deep into her mouth, and she knew this was only the first of five cocks. “No, please, not there, you’re too big...please...” The guy probing her anus with his fingers just laughed and said “hold her boys, looks somebody doesn’t like their medicine.” Hands took a firm hold and pushed her down as the finger continued to finger fuck her anus. She felt somebody knee in front of her, and another cock being pushed into her mouth, and has before, they worked together, thrusting in together, pulling out together and has she got use to the cock in her arse, her body began to respond.

Awakening 9

group happycuckknutsford 2018-04-13

The girls left,Phil amazed that his beautiful big tatted formerly shy wife was now so easy with her nakedness, even in front of the creepy horse cocked Fred,who remained standing where he was told ,his prick jutting obscenely, a large puddle of pre come on the floor.phil really didn't like him.especially the way he'd driven it into his wife's tight cunt, making her scream, but ,he thought again, it'd made her cum too.he walked over and took the huge prick in his hand Fred watched Phil kneel and f***e his mouth round the huge purple knob" good lad,as good as your Mum. It's like this, once I've fucked them, start off slow, make them cum and then get harder they fucking love it, they soon forget it's me, it's just a big cock filling their whore cunts.

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 10

group oldhippie1949 2018-04-13

Maybe a verse could start with 'In a place above the tree line where the air is pure and clean...the ground below is so far away, blending into green...somewhere in a special place where everything is serene...there is no place better than in your love and I think you know what I mean.' Maybe that's too moon-june-spoon but it might work. As we ended it, I recalled that many years before, I hung out with Lowell George at his house which was not too far away up by Blue Jay Way. I started to play "On Your Way Down" and was happily surprised to hear Paul Barrere playing a Lowell-esque slide. Jimmy started "Like A Rolling Stone" and we had a great time playing it in a barrel-house, drunken style.


Sharing Tina Ch. 03

group Clansmansco 2018-04-13

Lucy couldn't wait, she was on the bed then astride my face and then bent over down on my cock which she took fully into her mouth and started sucking and wanking. Tina got on the bed and laid so that her legs were wide open and either side of Lucy's face. "Go on you fucking bitch, have that hole as well, go on stick your tongue up my arse and lick me out!" Tina said. We all laughed and Lucy started wanking me while Tina got down and retrieved some of the cum already leaking from my cock. After we all showered and got into bed where the kissing, licking and sucking started all over again and well into the early hours.


Cinema Sex

group yvesmondog 2018-04-13

This cinema sells wine by the glass so when Maggie stands I know her plan and nod yes. Maggie places her hand on her leg next to Sams. Maggie runs her hand high on Sam's leg. Maggie is very wet and and the slurping sound of their cunt mouth kiss can be heard above the film's soundtrack. Holding Sam's head firmly in place between her legs Maggie cums hard against his face. Maggie slips from her seat, turns and pushes Sam to slide over next to me. With her back to the screen Maggie lowers her head to Sam then to me alternatively sucking our cocks deeply into her mouth. His cock explodes with a long youthful string of cum onto Maggie's face.

The Inner-City Kinky Boutique Pt. 03

group BondGrl 2018-04-13

Jodie said, "all of you look so comely, plump, and desirable but you're not like average models. "Like that movie 'Harlem Nights' the models will all have a white long beaded necklace, similar hairstyles of wavy, shoulder-length or short-length to sort of blur the physical differences between all of you," said Jodie. You look lovely," said Jodie, "and Samantha too, wearing a red Strappy Halter Lace Set, with matching hooker heels. As I walked down to the kinky playroom, I yelled back, "No champagne!" I need you to be on your P's and Q's." I'm walking through the hall, taking a few step down as I open the door, look at all this mess and money everywhere, napkins and towels on the floor, glasses on the table.


Meet Annie Cummings Ch. 02

group TriplXXXL 2018-04-13

Oh no, this big fucker deserves some better company than that honey..." Penny nestled herself right next to Annie, both buxom and busty beauties handling Dexter's hefty humpstick. "Alright Penny, my turn again." Her co-worker responds by giving Dexter on last, long lick from base to tip and a kiss to the crown before she rises from her perch and lets Annie get her some more. "You're going to fuck me then cum on my face or in my mouth on my tits or all three, but you're gonna do it fucking me!" Rising back to her feet, Annie pulled Dexter's knees forward bit to give her some sitting room, then with a fiendish grin almost, she propped herself over his lap, the heft of her E cups tits hanging inches from his face.


Fucking My Mind Pt. 05

group blondechristine2012 2018-04-13

He repeated the pouring of the oil on my front smoothing, rather than rubbing it onto my body and lingering, but not really caressing my tits, nipples, tummy and thighs. I knelt down and saw his big balls hanging down and momentarily wanted to grab and rub them, but doing that sort of thing uninvited or at the wrong time was not a good idea with Guy. Instead I poured what I guessed to be a similar amount on his back to that he had poured on mine. His hands ran up and down my slippery body as he rubbed his slippery chest against my back, his oiled legs against the back of mine and his so smooth cock against my well-oiled bum.


The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 44

group SteinWolf8 2018-04-13

Teagan O'Riley had ventured up to retrieve a fresh pair of drinks for herself and Joan, who remained stretched out on the white plastic public lounge chair, facing the bay and the dozens of screaming and splashing children, and Frisbee-throwing teens and young adults that were enjoying the summer sun. "Is she the one you said liked getting it up the ass?" the other young man asked Paul, though his wicked grin was turned her way. Paul considered her for a moment, and then replied, "Yeah, I think she was." Joan felt ashamed by the way these two talked about her, with her standing right there in front of them, as if she weren't there at all.


Patti's Arrangement Ch. 2

group Leslie 2018-04-13

Patti was sitting on the end of the couch now, watching Nate and Charlie, slowly rubbing her clit, enjoying the scene before her. Nate brought his right hand upwards and began to stroke his new lover's cock, keeping it in time with the movement of his mouth. Nate took a few last sucks of Charlie's cock, and then began to stroke him quickly with his right hand. As his orgasm subsided, Nate slowed his pumping motion, but held Charlie's cock tight in his right hand. Nate began to fuck Patti slowly, his hands still gripping her ass, feeling entirely in control. Charlie felt like he was watching himself in a movie as he bucked and writhed under the firm control of Patti's mouth and hands.

May & Deke Ch. 07

group BlueByrd 2018-04-13

"Good grief, Deke, can't you bring us forward a century or three?" says Jim, popping his head up over May's bare shoulder. Alone with May in the evening twilight, Jim finds the strains of soft instrumentals on the stereo to be compellingly romantic; and after a lengthy kiss he confesses, "Dad told me you like to dance and that I should ask you. I think I would like to serve you and your friends," May says, flattered that Jim wants to include her in their swing parties—and surprised that she finds his proposal so overwhelmingly provocative. "Good-night," May and Deke respond in unison; and Jim and Barbara leave, closing the door behind them.

The Julie Journals: Ch. 01 Her First Party

group Shady_Lady 2018-04-13

Turning to his young wife, John moved her shoulder length blonde hair to one side and whispered seductively in her ear, "I bet you would love to taste that girl's pussy, feel her cum in your mouth, wouldn't you?" Claire looked up and smiled seeing her husband having his cock sucked by the sweet young girl they were sharing and savouring the juices she continued to work on Julie's clit as she lapped in a steady rhythm. As Claire clawed at Julie's hair pulling her ever closer, Julie felt something cold on her ass then the slippery feel as John pushed two gel coated fingers into her ass, before pumping them in a steady rhythm at the same time as his cock drove into her pussy.

Memories and Possibilities Ch. 01

group Romantic1 2018-04-13

It might have been in the delivery room when Jonathan was born, or one time when he came over and fixed the washing machine that had spilled water all over the basement, or when he held me through one of my many breakdowns about Jon's loss and my plight, or over one of our increasingly frequent dinners together, or when he'd hang around the house and hold Jon in his arms, cooing at the baby in a caring way. Matt had made me his new partner only two weeks earlier, a fact that suggested with all the more certainty that I should not mess around with him, but then we worked close to each other one day, alternately leaning over each other's shoulders at adjacent computer screens as we added some major features to another vacation planning website that helped our burgeoning business.