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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Surprise, Surprise

group cocobeauty 2018-04-13

"Ughhh Jeff, don't stop, don't fucking stop!" Aaron said, licking his lips, "You're gonna make me cum!" Jeff then eased his cock into my pussy and began giving me the fucking of a lifetime. "Mmmmm Jeff you feel so good inside me, fuck me harder, I wanna cum so bad!" I cried in between Aaron's thrusts into my mouth. Jeff increased his speed, grunting and thrusting, finger-fucking Aaron's ass while Aaron fucked my face. I loved feeling Aaron's dick slam into me as I watched Jeff fuck him like tomorrow would never come. OHHHHH GOD!!!" I watched a satisfied smile spread across Aaron's face as he felt Jeff filling his hole. I felt my third orgasm building; Aaron pumped his cock into my ass, harder with each thrust.

The Tongue Patrol Sales-Rep

group dsoul 2018-04-13

The closet door cracked an inch open and the man hiding inside with a camcorder in his hands watched with mute excitement at the sight of the men bringing in the woman and dumping her on the bed. Curtis pulled his cock out of Edith and just before Booker took his turn between her legs, Errol caught the wide pink openness of his wife's cunt and marvelled at what the black men were going to do to her between now and when they were done. Errol had long switched off his camera and had jerked off twice while snuggled inside the closet and was right now watching the black man named Jones once more flexing his ass muscles as he sank his prick harder and harder into his wife's cunt.

Park Pleasures

group KymmieQuinnell 2018-04-13

He finds it difficult to do as he sees Bee take hold of Freya's tickling hand, touches it gently to her lips and makes a subtle kissing sound out loud. Freya is stroking Jon's cock, while she has her ass exposed, shorts at her knees, and Bee plunges her fist into her. Freya extends her tongue as she did towards Jon's cock, only now it slides around the outside of Bee's pussy. He feels a tug as Freya guides his cock to Bee. Jon grips the inner thigh and hip of Bee, and pulls her pelvis closer to his, then buries his engorged seven inches deep inside her.

Kelly's Fiftieth Birthday

group Peter Duncan 2018-04-13

I took Marta into my confidence about my plans and as an icebreaker she put together a dinner party for three couples, she and Phillip, Mike and another of her female "swinging" friends and Kelly and me. Phillip, Mike and I looked at each other and grinned as Warren's hands dropped to Kelly's well shaped bottom, pulling her tightly against him. She walked in, looked around the room, marveling at the scene of Kelly on her knees, being fucked by Phillip and jacking off Mike and Warren. it'll make a good camera shot." He pulled out and jacked his cock with his hand, threw his head all the way back and groaned as a long white stream laid a line on Kelly's back and ass, contrasting with her bunched up black gown.


Sophie Gagnon: The Finest Blade in

group SamStuart 2018-04-13

Sophie stands a mere five foot seven brunette with her fine porcelain body makes the women and men jealous. Sophie gives her a right cross and tears away her dress revealing Sophie’s toned legs. Bianca enters the room and brings her blade between them. Sophie moves forward and lunges and rips away Alisa’s dress. Alisa moves fast and binds her blade drawing Sophie against the wall. Sophie cuts Alisa brassiere in two almost hitting her right breast, but no blood. Then Alisa lunges and Sophie parries her blade and side steps at the same time. Alisa’s five foot seven dark complexion and 36DD bosom rubs against Sophie as she slowly fingers her shaven pussy. Bianca moves Sophie flat on the bed and continues to suck on her pussy.

All Ashore Ch. 05

group Evil Alpaca 2018-04-13

Then Keira pushed a couple fingers into Tara's willing crotch and both girls set their hands to work. Keira pushed on Tara until the young woman was forced to sit on the end of the tub, and then she started finger fucking Tara's pussy and asshole. Keira grabbed the young woman's head and held it against her crotch as Tara's tongue went into high-speed mode. Sure enough, the older girl began to cum, and the few parts of Tara's face that HAD been dry were now glistening with Keira's sexual spendings. "And if you like, I'll hold something besides your hand." She pinched something very sensitive on Tara's body, causing the young woman to squeak, then the only sound for a while was two women giggling.


Embracing Chaos Ch. 01

group Bigdenverman 2018-04-13

"If we try an open marriage, it'll be much harder, because we want to be a stable couple at the same time. "Well, some couples are okay with developing full relationships with other people, others want their involvement with others limited to sex. "How does a couple handle the emotions involved?" Samantha finally asked vaguely, still not quite able to put her concerns into the right words. Samantha prodded Gary with the therapist's question throughout, enjoying the prospect (fantasy?) of a satisfying sex life and a husband who was more attentive. Melissa and Phil were an 'open' married couple that had been specifically requested, by the therapist, to talk to Samantha and Phil about their experiences. "Do you know many couples that have made an open marriage work?" Samantha asked.


Sara's Introduction to Swinging

group SaraPeal 2018-04-13

'Yeah it looks like a great pool for a party' I replied, still flushed at the thoughts I was having about Byron's cock. There was Sean and Myself, Byron and his beautiful wife Linday, another couple Johnny and Sue, and two single guys Matt and Eddie. Meanwhile Byron was beginning to pick up his tempo fucking me and I was thrusting my hips backwards to meet his hard cock as it sloughed into my wet pussy. Byron was still commentating on his wife's action as I alternately sucked both his and Johnny's cocks and Sue sucked on Sean's.


Irina's Lucky Day

group Indickative73 2018-04-13

It all started with Nadia complaining about the size of Charlie's cock and showing Irina the size of it. We had amazing sex that afternoon but I think we were both imagining Charlie's big hard cock thrusting into my wife's wet, hairy gaping cunt. He pulled her knicker gusset aside and guided his cock to my wife's gaping wet hole and send shudders of pleasure reverberating around her body as he fucked all 10 inches deep inside her. She bucked and writhed on it as she sucked Rob. Soon Charlie was naked and she readied herself for his big cock. Then they swapped round and Rob fucked her for the first time as she sucked Charlie's cock.

The World of Swing - An Initiation

group TryAnything 2018-04-13

When she felt his cock slide into her pussy, Jolene moaned, arching her back, hyperextending her neck, her mouth wide open as Rob slid every bit of his 8" into her. When Jolene suddenly felt hands on her arms, gently pulling them up and over her head, she froze momentarily, realizing that this most certainly couldn't be Rob if he was holding her ankles while he continued to fuck her. As Jolene got into a deep, hot kiss, she felt yet more hands touching her legs, softly sliding up and down from her high upper thigh where Rob' cock steadily fucked her, out to her ankles where Rob held her.


Sex Writer Symposium: 01

group PenningFreer 2018-04-13

Both Jack and I turn to watch Beth raise her face and trace her fingers around Elle's asshole. She is rapt with wonder watching Elle's asshole throb in natural rhythm with Beth's fingering. Beth smiles an evil pleasure and holds her tongue still until Elle relaxes a little. We are watching Beth slowly tongue fuck Elle. Now Beth spreads Elle wide with her hands and laps at her tight bottom, making wide swaths of glistening saliva, licking from cunt to ass and back. Beth shudders a little and closes her eyes, opening her mouth wide and tangling her tongue with Elle's. Beth and Elle fuck shamelessly with their intimate mouths while we watch trembling.

The Dark Muse Ch. 03

group Lost Boy 2018-04-13

I moved back to the bed set my glass on the nightstand and settled the plate in my lap eating, drinking and watching as Vivian flashed me from time to time. After long grueling minutes Ryoko was down to the last piece of food on her plate and she began to play with it looking over at Vivian seeing her visibly squirm worse than before. Ryoko began her work of shaving me, the blade passed smoothly over my skin as I felt Vivian began to stroke me as she sucked. I felt my organ swell and pump into Vivian’s mouth as Ryoko said, “All done.” Like a good girl she swallowed every drop as it pulsed from me and my heart hammered in my chest from the dual excitement of tongue and blade.

Pam's Donation & Holiday Merrymaking

group kcamal 2018-04-13

Pam said the slow regression of the large head on his cock parting her lower lips was feeling really good when Philippe's breathing started changing. It seemed like minutes of silence with the guys just staring at my wife's openings when the two very large guards moved forward saying very little as if though they knew what to do next. He continued to play with her sphincter until she squirmed and just said "Please!" He obeyed her request and pushed forward until his large cock head plopped into her ass and stretched her swollen asshole to the hilt! Then surprisingly she said, "God, please more...MORE." Gus's massive cock was doing one hell of an anal assault on my little wife's asshole as he pushed forward.


Soccer-Mom: True Girl-Girl Planning

group KissedMany 2018-04-13

On the one hand, I feel guilty as hell that I broke my marriage vows to Ralph, the husband I love so dearly. I hear some music and look over Dorothy's shoulder and see Silvia and Frank dancing a slow one. I just have to give it a big kiss." She flips her hair to the far side of her head to give me a good look at her in action, moves her lips to my cock-head, and takes it into her red lipstick-covered mouth. Dorothy looks down at me and says, "Lay back Ralph, I want to suck your big dick." I lay back on the bed and she dives to my manhood and starts sucking like a two-dollar hooker.


The French Villa

group senwood 2018-04-13

Mouse had decided to paint a picture of 'our' villa and had promised to paint me into it later 'if I was good.' I knew that she would be very silent while she worked so I said I was going to walk round the island a bit and explore. 'I'd like that very much, Tim. Yes, please, if that's all right with you, Mouse?' Teri looked me in the eyes again and I was sure this time that she straightened her back slightly, so pushing forward her breasts, for me, I felt. 'You can explore your feelings for Teri if you wish,' Tim said, 'I won't mind, as long as you remember at all times and whatever you do that you're still to be my cunt when I want you.'



group jim313 2018-04-13

Coral and Laura went inside and brought back some cold drinks and Les brought them up to date on what was happening back home among Brad's constituents, which was said with a smile as he was referring to their sex group. As Brad thrust in and out of the beautiful hole, Coral slipped underneath Les and began licking and sucking his organs, which were hanging down just begging to be sucked and Laura got comfortable on a big pillow in front of her husband and fed him her pussy to suck while he was being fucked. He loved the texture of her erect clit and he began sucking it like it was a little cock as she squirmed in passion and described her feelings to Brad and Laura who couldn't help being turned on by the scene.


Pink Motel

group LolaDelValle 2018-04-13

Giovanna could not take it anymore, she passed one leg over his and straddled him, taking his cock in her hands, rubbing it against her hot, dripping wet lips and clit, moaning and panting, finally putting him in her entrance and very slowly going down. Ricci came at the same time, but he wanted to pleasure them more, so he asked Giovanna to lie on top of Ricci, their legs spread wide open, their pussys touching. Ricci came in no time and after catching her breath, they both kneeled in front of him, almost in a worshipping position, and took turns to lick him, and to let him fuck their mouths while they were stroking and lapping his tight balls.


Shirley Gets Her Appraisal

group MrPovey 2018-04-13

John meantime is speeding up watching Shirley bent over sucking off Mike while taking his cock up her has him cumming in moments and he straightens up as he shots his load up her, pulling her hips hard back off the table a little to get the last of his cock in her before it starts to soften, he pulls out of her and cum runs down the inside of her thigh. Scott speaks again, "Well Shirley we've all enjoyed watching you being fucked, so it's only fair you get the chance to watch yourself being fucked." Mike, behind her, pushes her head forward so she is looking down a little, enough to see her own pussy, panties straining across her thighs where the guys have not pulled them back up for her.


Nude Day Texas Hold 'Em Ch. 02

group alexxxis 2018-04-13

Here is a summary of that story for you lazy bones who don't want to read it: Alexis//Tomboy//Nebraska//Nude Day// Bazillionair's yacht//Texas Hold 'em// Lost the game//Stripped naked//HOT SEX. Bryan rolled off of me (well, slid is a better description since we were both slippery with body juices), propped up his head with his arm and looked down at me. In truth, my position in my company was so lowly that if I walked into the HR office and asked for time off they might respond with "Excuse me, do you work here?" Actually, I have a great boss who constantly tries to peek up my short skirts and LOVES my ass.



group mmumbles 2018-04-13

His older sister, Sandy, had brought her room-mate, Shannon, home from college for the weekend. "It all smelled good to me, Shannon." She was tall with light brown hair, green eyes, great tits, wide womanly hips, long tapered legs, a wide sensuous mouth under a prominent nose.....attractive in a completely different way from Shannon. Kelly Brooks was the beauty of Sandy's class in high school.....homecoming queen, part-time model. He hopped in his Mercedes and headed for Bayside Villa.Kelly answered the door wearing a robe and slippers. He used a condom because he wanted to eat her later and he didn't like cream pies, even when it was his own cream. He dreamed of Kelly and Shannon, their red and black hair mingling on his chest.

A New Experience for Ann Ch. 02

group funinthesun56 2018-04-13

Replacing my tongue with my fingers to continue stroking him there, I moved back up to take his velvety cock into my mouth, sucking gently at first, then increasing the pressure, bobbing my head up and down as I took him in and out. He held that one still and deep, and as I moved back and forth sucking his cock, he finger-fucked my pussy at the same time as he licked my clit, bringing me to a violent orgasm. That was the last I saw, as I turned my head and took the velvety tip of Brian's cock into my mouth, running my tongue around the edges, into the slit to lick away the pre-cum.


While You Were Sleeping

group MemberX 2018-04-13

This one particular night, Bob realized he'd left a book in his room that he'd need early the next morning, and I went with him to pick it up. "Jesus," Bob said, "I can really do without looking at Jimmy's dick. "These tits aren't going rub themselves you know," I said, and Bob dutifully unbuttoned the front of my dress and reached inside to give them a good massage. When I thought Bob was moments away from cumming in my hand, I let go of both dicks, knelt at the side of the bed, and wrapped my mouth around Jimmy's. I'm not going to lie: having a new dick in me after three years with Bob was exciting.

My First Threesome

group Jareck 2018-04-13

Within minutes of kissing his neck, I felt his hand reach up my skirt and began to rub my slit. When he saw I was really getting into it, he pulled the panties aside and I felt his finger quickly thrust inside. After the kiss and he saw I had gotten off, he removed his fingers and began to play with Kathy. I could hear her softly moaning and knew then that she did not mind so I leaned up and straddling Robbie I pulled her against me and began to kiss her passionately. After a few more minutes of kissing her, I longed to taste her so I removed Robbie's hand from mine and laid my pussy within inches of his mouth as I leaned down to please her.

Club Anais!

group StiffClit 2018-04-13

Eve stuck her hand down his pants and felt his hard dick, murmuring, "This is really starting to make me hot, baby." She laid her head on his chest and inhaled deeply, bringing in his delicious and familiar scent. Eve and Dallas followed Maxwell, meandering through another series of dimly lit hallways which finally opened on to a vestibule type area with a series of "rooms" running down the left hand side. Dallas stepped behind Eve and pressed his cock into her ass again and said hoarsely in her ear, "Feel how hard I am, Eve. This makes me want to fuck you right here, right now with all of these people watching." He gripped her tits and pulled and twisted her nipples.