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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Inside and Outside (Part 2)

group tellmewhatyouwant1 2018-04-13

Only wearing my jockstrap, I had a beer and looked out to the pool in the garden, and heard Lyn coming back downstairs to join me, with the promise of a 'bonus' soon. Tanya kissed my cock, licked it, and looked back towards the pool, so I kneeled at her back, and held her tits in my hands, as if I was weighing them. I stuck my tongue down Lyn's throat and Tanya licked her pussy. At one point, I remember taking T up the arse, and removing my cock so Lyn could lick the tip, and Tanya's fluids. Tanya had a bit of both - she was kissing me all over, then helping out with the blowjob, and licking Lyn's arse, clitoris and tits.

Maria the Wood Nymph

group SuperBill 2018-04-13

"You taste a little salty, from sweating in the sun." She continued to lick Maria's breast and then moved to her other one. Maria moved over Mary and lowered her head, between her legs. Mary's hands were stretched out, holding Maria's head in place, but she did not need any help staying there. Maria's tongue licked up and down her wide open pussy lips, stopping now and then on the clit, flicking it back and forth. My wife began to writhe uncontrollably while Maria began to use two fingers, which she had inserted into Mary's wet pussy. Maria's fingers began to fly in and out of Mary's fully wet pussy. Maria said she wanted to feel me cum inside her, if Mary was all right with that.

The Girl at the Pool

group Alex_Bee_1 2018-04-13

Taylor reached behind Jessica's head and pulled her face to her breast. Taylor leaned into Jessica pushing her to lay down on the bed and crawled on top of her, continuing to kiss her and fondle her breasts. As Taylor and I shared her tits in our mouths I felt Jessica start rubbing my thys and sliding her hand over my straining member. With this, I pulled back out of Taylor, as she began crawling up Jessica's body, kissing her all the way until they met face to face. In all my life, Taylor was the only woman I had ever had sex with, and to feel the foreign warmth of Jessica's pussy around my cock was sensational.

Two hot white bi-girls sharing a BBC!!!

group luvcuntlickingsluts 2018-04-13

In no time at all Mary's slimy fucking cunt started creaming like crazy so, together she and Birti literally shoved the head of that black dick into Mary's cunt and together they helped raise and lower her up ad down Barry's massive cunt stretching black dlck while thsy took turns licking her quivering cumming cunt lips. Well by now Barry had managed to get over 2/3rds of that massive dick inside Mary and Glenda could tell that he was getting very close to cumming so she asked Birti to help her while one got on each side and reached under and grabbed Mary's sexy cute little ass and literally started lifting and lowering her on Barry's monster dick.

Condominium Ch. 11

group SteveWallace 2018-04-13

I raised the issue with Amber of how Diane might broach the subject of our party group with Jim Arnette, our seldom seen next-door neighbor. The plan to convert Jim to our way of thinking evolved to include Amber and me on Friday night before Diane and he went out to dinner. "Jim was a little puzzled, but I then raised the subject of the parties every two weeks, and how a lot of sharing in a sexual way went on at them. She took them to the kitchen, and in that short time, Amber moved over and sat beside Jim. Diane sat beside me when she came back. I heard Amber explaining to Jim that she wanted to fuck him while I did Diane.


Double Trouble Ch. 04

group The_Unicorn 2018-04-13

I had already told Robin I'd be there so, taking a deep breath, I hit the garage door opener and started the car. Robin said to the tall man, "Nick, this is John. My eyes were still trying to adjust to the darkened setting but I spotted about a dozen people sitting at, or standing around, the tables on the left side of the big room, socializing. "Well, watch your Ps and Qs, but have a good time," Nick said with a smile before heading back into the main room. I reminded myself that this was not a nightclub but was actually a sex club, so I wasn't going to be arrested for indecent exposure as she pulled my hardening cock out of my pants in front of the whole room.


Kelsey's World Ch. 07

group riverboy 2018-04-13

Brie, Charity, Raymond...maybe Austin," Kelsey said, glancing at her mother. "If you're trying to get me to come to your party you don't have to work that hard," Sharron said, looking a little embarrassed that she was so ready for something so wild. Sharron smiled at Kelsey's youthful enthusiasm, but she too was flipping a little inside as she thought about what Friday night would bring. "I'm way over-dressed," Trina said, smiling when she saw Brie, in nothing but panties, hugging Raymond. "I know that Bobby and I are more open than you guys, but, I think things should balance out nicely tonight," Kay said.


Sexual Ambush Ch. 03

group goblinbox 2018-04-13

I turned to Angela and quietly asked, "Do you know this guy?" She whispered back, "Oh yeah, that's Malcolm, and you better watch out!" "What do you mean?" "He's a friend of Tony's and mine, but wait 'til you see him drop his drawers!" I started thinking that this may or may not be a good thing. I don't know how Tony couldn't have heard me fucking his wife while my girlfriend was sucking hard on his cock...must had been the grunting and moaning that Roxie and Malcolm were doing in front of him, stifling any noises coming from upstairs.


My Boyfriend's Dad...And Me Ch. 04

group Imme26 2018-04-13

Jack's kept up his leisurely pace, letting his cock move slowly in and out of me, his hands squeezing my buttocks, then he ran a finger down my crack to my other tight hole, "I want to fuck this later," he told me, and he pushed the tip of his finger inside for a moment, before pulling out. All I could do was moan and nod as I had Dan's cock in my mouth, but Jack seemed to understand and he began to fuck me hard, ramming his cock deeper and faster into me. "That's it slut, come for us," Jack whispered, as he fucked me harder...and I did, I came with a strangled cry, letting Dan's cock fall from my mouth as a powerful orgasm hit me.


The Shower

group tk5555 2018-04-12

Frank started to lather Evan's back, running his hands from his shoulders all the way down to his ass. Fiona watched as Evan's hands moved down Frank's body, getting closer and closer to his cock. Frank felt Evan's hands slide down his body, then up his hips and on to his ass. "I've go this, " Fiona said as she pushed Evan's hand away from Frank's cock. "You work on the top half, I will take care of the bottom half." Frank felt Evan's hands on his chest, but his full attention was on Fiona. Fiona felt Evan hands on her ass, then his tongue between her legs.


Wife and Her Twin s****r Surprise for Hubby Pt 2

group 2018-04-12

Having said that, Jane made Dan lie down and she started licking his cock and twirling her tongue around the tip, catching all of his fountaining pre-cum. Dan reached up and held her tits and Jane lifted herself up and then settled back down on his shaft, slowly picking up speed. Jane asked him what about how their pussies felt on his cock, couldn’t’ he tell them apart that way like he said he could. Before Jean could reply, Jane told him that they would tell him in the morning and they both climbed into bed with Dan.

A fitting reward

group diddliedoo 2018-04-12

Michael, a white k** who was about six feet tall and kinda skinny, and Robert, or Robo as he was known on the court, a black k** who stood six feet four and was very muscular. She rode him for a few minutes while sucking Robo's dick as he stood next to her. Michael laid in the seat and they moved to the aisle so Robo could join them. After a few timid strokes he began to pound her ass as Michael tried to keep his dick in her pussy. Michael was squeezing her tits as he sucked on her nipples. Robo groaned and thrust one last time as he filled her ass with cum. Robo sat down on the seat across from her and Michael.

First Time Strip Poker

group HCarl 2018-04-12

Lin didn't have much of a social life outside of their group, but whenever she had the chance, she interrogated David and Ashley about their sex lives, as neither of them had had serious relationships in quite a long time. "So, shall we relive the old times and use this excellent whiskey, and later the probably spectacularly mediocre vodka Ashley saw fit to buy, to play a game which can only end in a drink-addled taxi ride home for Ashley, awkward situations when David and Lin are forced to share the same bed tonight and probably hot drunk monkey sex for Steph and me when Ashley's left and we hope David and Lin are no longer listening?"


The Circle Ch. 41

group SteveWallace 2018-04-12

Worried about how his presence in her bed fit with everything else in her research about The Circle, Matt suddenly stammered out a few words as he came out of the fog of passion he'd started to feel: "Jess, you don't have to ... Jess put her finger on Matt's lips to stop his sudden blathering, and then kissed him rather hard this time as she threw leg over his and seductively slid her body on top, grinding her pussy against his thigh as she did. Matt's cock quickly swelled in appreciation of Jess's gorgeous and near naked body pressing against his own, and her passionate kisses. After Tammy's glow had passed, Jess leaned down and sucked on Matt's cock, returning it to a state of high arousal and hardness.


The Department Store Ch. 02

group Jena121 2018-04-12

When we got back to the lounge room, Bob and Ann were sitting on the love-seat passionately kissing. I looked over Jeans shoulder again and Bob was just releasing his load into Ann's cunt. Ann then confessed that Bob also fantasized about another woman, and looked at Jean. I then took the opportunity to put my face between her lovely legs and began to lave and kiss her inner thighs, working my way up to her golden haired mound and pussy. I looked around and sure enough, there was Jean, sitting in the rocking chair in a pretty negligee, watching us, and finger fucking herself at the same time.


Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

group JorisKHuysmans 2018-04-12

Even in her embarassment Rose sensed that he saw her as a woman for the first time-- and all the thoughts she had been repressing, about his thighs pumping and his tight buns in her hands and his body between her legs, overwhelmed her like the waves of heating coming up from the pavement. She needed him in her now, she had to have cock in her, complete the feeling; she had not known that she had needed this so badly but that seed, the single aphrodisiac seed from the Hawaiian baby woodrose, had revealed something inside her that had been buried for so long, had unleashed a desire that she now knew had to be satisfied, today and often in the future.

He Planned a Secret Ch. 03

group Scorpio44a 2018-04-12

At Jose's motor home we stopped and Diane asked him, "Which of us are you inviting to stay with you tonight?" They high fived each other, kissed Kasumi, Ann and me good night and went inside with Jose'. I held Kasumi and asked, "How do you feel, knowing Jose' is next door enjoying Almond and Diane?" As we walked to the motor homes Diane and Ann bubbled over about Jenny, the food, the passion and the delight of working as a team. Kasumi walked a step behind them for half the block, and then Diane turned on her and said, "Do you guys know that Kasumi saw a way to improve something Jenny has been doing for years?" Jose' said, "Boys meet Diane, Ann and Kasumi.


Anniversary Present

group MysticalFairyQueen 2018-04-12

Heather dipped her head low and began tracing Casey's wet lips with her tongue, pushing in deeper, moving towards her clit. While Matt pounded Heather, she sucked and licked at her friend's pussy, moving two fingers inside of her. Casey leaned forward and began rubbing Heather's clit as Matt fucked her pussy. As Matt drew closer to his orgasm, he dug his fingers into Heather's hips causing her to sucked and lick her friend harder, trying to get her closer to an orgasm. They moved together, faster and faster, until Matt grunted as he spurted his hot cum inside his wife, and Casey screamed as Heather cried out from her orgasm, causing her to cum onto her friends face.

In the pool room

group uk_col 2018-04-12

One guy takes a pool cue and slides it into your ass making you squeal against the cock in your mouth. Me and three of the guys take an arm or leg each and stretch you across the table holding you wide open ready for each of us to fuck you in turn. I lose my 8 ball for less than a couple of seconds as one of the guys slides his cock deep up your arse and pushes it out. With your other hand released you grab onto another cock and shove that deep into your waiting mouth, still sliding your hand along the first, trying to coach a face full of cum from the end.

A Good Cause

group Enamored 2018-04-12

I arrived home to find that Kim had beaten me home, apparently by quite a bit, as she and a free-spirited friend, Denise, were sitting at the kitchen table, drinking wine, with all kinds of paperwork spread out on the table. We arrived at the hotel about 3:30pm, to be greeted by Denise who enthusiastically told us that everything was set up and ready, the staff had been briefed (something that Kim had not looked forward to), and that our rooms were ready. Kim almost immediately took off with Denise to double check that everything was set up the way it was supposed to be, and I took the opportunity to unpack my suitcase and put everything into the dresser in the room.


Garage Gang Bang Payment

group perpetuavelouria 2018-04-12

After a few seconds he added a third finger "that feels tighter, I guess we're getting near her limits, lets see how much this bitch can take" and he pushed a fourth finger into my pussy, stretching me wider than I've ever been stretched, creating a burning pain, but also a small amount of pleasure which increased as he fucked my cunt with his fingers. He grabbed my ass cheeks and lifted me up and down his cock a few times to loosen me up further then the guy who had just been fucking my ass slammed into my pussy and they continued their rough treatment of me for another ten minutes before finally, they both came together and sprayed my insides with their cum.

My Group Experience rewritten for Loren

group 2018-04-12

I took a quick glance between Vicky’s legs toward Nina to see Ted standing near Vicky's thigh with a gloriously hard big headed cock ready for action. Looking thru Vicky's legs I could see that Sammy had gotten on his knees on the edge of the couch with his cock sticking over my pussy in Nina's face. Was only able to watch Sammy and Nina for a short time..cause view between Vicky's legs got blocked by Ted's balls. When I got back to the living room Ted was laying on the steamer trunk, cock hard with Nina licking his balls and Sammy and Vicky licking opposite sides of the shaft and head.

Plumber's Perks

group jdodg 2018-04-12

Having said that the girls all turned around and lifted their skirts above their waists giving me a fantastic view of 3 young, firm and very sexy bottoms. They dropped their skirts and turned around and Anna again asked which was the sexiest – I truthfully said that all 3 were equally sexy and Helen looking straight at my straining cock said that I certainly seemed to have enjoyed the sight. I sat down on the floor and as I recovered I watched as the girls licked my spunk of each other, seeming to pay a lot of attention to each others nipples and Helen was soon using her tongue on Anna's pussy whilst she lay on her back with her legs wide apart.

Professor Titts

group TheDirtyDoctor 2018-04-12

Reaching my arms up above my head, which did unfortunately raise my skirt higher up my thighs and showed a little slip of my stomach at the hem of my shirt as well as push my breasts out, I unclipped my hair and let the waves of it tumble down. Brad's hand rests on my stomach, gently pressing me back, while Ethan licks along my neck and down the curve of my breast, nipping hard on my nipple, making me gasp. Sliding their fingers in and out of me in tandem while Liam sucks harder on my clit, l quickly come undone, the walls of my cunt squeezing tight around their fingers as I cum hard, gushing onto his face . Liam slides his hand down my thigh until his fingers are millimeters from my swollen clit and pussy lips.