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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Loren's Tuesday

group 2018-04-12

I took a quick glance between Vicky’s legs toward Nina to see Ted standing near Vicky's thigh with a gloriously hard big headed cock ready for action. Looking thru Vicky's legs I could see that Sammy had gotten on his knees on the edge of the couch with his cock sticking over my pussy in Nina's face. Was only able to watch Sammy and Nina for a short time..cause view between Vicky's legs got blocked by Ted's balls. When I got back to the living room Ted was laying on the steamer trunk, cock hard with Nina licking his balls and Sammy and Vicky licking opposite sides of the shaft and head.

Odyssey, 2016 Ch. 01

group GoodMorning 2018-04-12

It wasn't intentional; we just had to check all buildings across our designated blocks for injured civilians, and a room of young Russian girls and women was the sight that greeted us when we broke into the apartment brothel. My eyes flicked across and followed my commander, Jamie, and good buddy, Taylor as they slowly inched around the walls of the foyer room towards the doorway. I felt nothing for him, and have never felt anything for a man, and never will -- I'm simply not inclined that way -- but without any sex for years, as Max himself said, we needed a release. Jamie picked the motherly-like raven-haired girl with large breasts. "Take the sisters," he said, nodding towards the girl with dark hair and glasses he'd talked to before and her bleach-blonde sibling.


My xmas 2014

group MyraFoil 2018-04-12

The my Master ordered the second course to be served and to bring him a big bowl. All the men peed in the bowl and by the time i placed all the plates before them on the table my Master placed the bowl with piss on the floor. When i brought in the main course i saw a big dog bowl full of shit and the rest of the piss. After they were ready the men went to the living room and I was ordered to bring them coffee and cognac and to clear the table and to the dishes by hand. The air was filled with the sound of moaning men, slapping bodies against bodies and the smell of cunt juices, sperm and piss.

An Evening with Kitiara & Teá

group Paendragon 2018-04-12

Kit sat on the counter between the kitchen and the den with her legs crossed, slowly kicking her left foot, and giggling at something Teá had said. Kit laughed, and looked at me gratefully, but Teá leaned closer to my ear, and whispered low enough to only be heard by me. "It looks like it's what you want, too," Teá said, obviously speaking about my growing erection. Kit looked me in the eyes, her lips parted slightly, and looked over my shoulder at Teá. My hands squeezed Kit's ass hard, and I pulled her against me, my cock driving into her in long, fast strokes. I felt Teá step up behind me, and squeeze my ass, making my still hard cock flex inside of Kit.

Connie's Health Club Adventure Ch. 03

group magas911 2018-04-12

Within minutes I felt the warm fluid from Ken's cock being squirted inside my anus and I immediately started to cum myself, my walls convulsed around Dirk's intruder fucking my cunt. "Look at you Connie taking all this cock at once, I never dreamed that you would become such a slut and such a good fuck," Anna said in a praising manner. My head was turned to the side and I watched Anna as she was double fucked by Jay in her pussy and Ken in her ass. In the weeks ahead even when I came home from intense sex with Dirk, Anna or both of them, I welcomed the tender Cindy into my arms and bed.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 59

group SteveWallace 2018-04-12

Besides the crew who had partied the night before, about eighty other people attended, most connected to Nils or Brita through family, work or school in some way. I plan to swim morning, noon, and night; get an all-over tan on this pale body just like that week in Mexico with your crazy crew; enjoy warm temperatures and forget the Danish grey and chilly weather; scuba dive and snorkel; exercise; read a big book every day; and fuck Nils to total submission six times a day if he'll let me." We'd also get a second officer in command rating on a 737 that would let us fly right seat with John on the larger of Mark's jets as we built time and worked on pilot in command type rating.


Be Careful What You Wish For

group Dokhian 2018-04-12

One guy offered me money to "give him a little show and see what I had in between those lovely long legs." Another laughed "fuck that, lets let the girl drain our balls dry... Looking down with tears gushing down my face I saw the guy who attacked me thrusting the biggest cock I had ever seen in real life into my pussy and pumping it like he was working out in a gym. Yes, I know that I had provoked them, that I had willingly entered that bar for the purpose of drinking some cum, it was my entire fault and I knew that, but something wasn't right in the way that they had violated my freedom to do that.

Dave and Linda Ch. 01

group platilove1 2018-04-12

Linda is taken by surprise and squirms a bit as Dave licks her pussy entrance and uses his thumb to rub her clit. Linda then motions for Jeff to come over as she takes Dave's dick in her mouth. Linda then pulls away and pushes Jeff's face down onto Dave's dick. She lubes every inch of him and slowly guides the head of his dick forward until it is touching the back of her hand that is fingering Dave's ass. Linda moves her fingers and grabs the head of Jeff's lubed dick. Jeff pulls out in one slow fluid motion this time and Dave lets out a moan of pleasure along with a "Oh yeah." Jeff pulls his dick out almost all the way again and then pushes it forward.



group tatts~horny65 2018-04-12

After walking for more than an hour I had managed to come up to a pathway that would lead me back home, just after the entrance to this pathway I heard some voices, so I left the track to investigate, after a short hike I found myself looking at two gorgeous young women reclining on beach lounges on the verandah of a house overlooking the bay, they could not be seen from the track or the road further up. As the plastic cock made contact with her cuntlips she reclined back onto the beach lounge & amazingly the whole length of the dildo disappeared into her cunt in one motion, now I would have to say that the plastic cock would have been at least 9 inches long & as thick as cucumber & she fucked it home like it was a hot knife into butter.

Captain's Woes Ch. 07

group superpeanut 2018-04-12

It didn't take long for Michelle to rectify that, and soon she was kissing and fondling Erica's tits, each about the size of peaches, each looking just as soft and delicious to Dan. Dan, at first a little disappointed he wasn't about to fuck these two hot women at the same time, brightened a bit when Erica straddled his lap and they began kissing. Dan, sensing he need some relief, began going at Erica's pussy a bit more aggressively, sticking in a finger as he sucked on her clit. Looking over Michelle's shoulder to see Dan finger-fucking her friend's ass, Erica got an idea. "God, I missed that," she laughed, once again riding Dan. Leaning as far forward as possible, Erica looked over her shoulder at Michelle.

Totally Used

group snaillover69 2018-04-12

You hear the voice of the guy who roughly fucked your mouth, he grabs you and pulls you over on top of him, he aims his big cock for your anal opening and shoves his cock inside, oh god that hurts, you feel like you're being ripped apart. Another cock replaces his instantly, you start sucking again, this continues one cock right after the other, you suck, they cum, repeat, you have lost count of how many cocks you have sucked, your mouth is tired, you are exhausted, and still the machine continues to fuck your cunt, again you pass out.

The Babes on Brentwood

group Dancing_Doll 2018-04-12

With his dark hair and flirty smile, Kendra was sure he was skilled at snagging those one-night stands with an endless assortment of mediocre girls. He'd never be able to turn the head of a girl like her, Kendra thought to herself smugly. Exasperated, Kendra shoved him back with both hands, turned on her heels and stomped into the bedroom, afraid of the way her mind and body was reacting to him. "Oh and don't forget that it's Kendra's engagement party this weekend," Chloe reminded the girls in a haughty tone as the trio of socialites walked up the stairs to the front door.


Doubled Stuffed Weekend

group Melanificent1 2018-04-12

As Jake and I sat there touch each other, Seth pulled her shirt over her head and began sucking her breasts. By this time, Heather was already on Jake's lap, rocking her hips back and forth , grinding her pussy on his shaft while saying dirty things to him. Jake began easing his cock into my pussy that was already filled with Seth's enormous dick. As Jake and Seth slowly pumped their rods inside me I could feel more wetness being produced. Heather stood on the couch and sat her wet pussy on Seth's face, her ass just inches away from me. Even my face felt like euphoria was touching it, placing hands over my cheeks and kissing them with sweet flutters of butterfly wings.

sissy comes over

group lickingherass 2018-04-12

I was feeling very horny and secretly hoped Sissy would roll over and see my cock at half mast hanging out the front of my open robe. And she is Hot. Sissy stands about 5'10", with flowing long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, weighs around 135-145, and has Huge 38DD tits with light pink nipples (I have seen them)! I surfed Milfs, Blondes, BBWs, Deepthroat, Anal, you name it...and was wacking my cock as quietly as I could just feet from my gorgeous wife and her sl**ping s****r. My wife is 5'8", with long black hair, deep brown eyes, weighs about 115, has 36C knockers, and a Kim Kardashian ass that just won't quit (so does Sissy just the blonde version)!


group italian_couple 2018-04-12

How can he prefer hanging around with these people?" Physically, I was really attracted to him, but I couldn't imagine cheating on Fred, and I think that at that time, John felt the same about his wife. I also told John I had never climaxed, and he couldn't believe that Fred hadn't tried harder to make me enjoy sex more. So, for the first time, I started to think that there was nothing wrong with me, I was not too ugly or whatever, and that it was not only my fault if Fred didn't want to have sex with me anymore.


Roots Motel Ch. 1

group Friskee_cpl 2018-04-12

I was pumping away when Sharon came over and knelt down between my legs and started to lick and suck at my balls and licking my cock as it slid in and out of Sheryl’s sopping cunt. Sharon would pull my cock out and simultaneously suck it whilst rubbing Sheryl’s cunt. “Oh fuck, oh fuck” was all she said before she pulled away from my cock and began shaking as a wave of orgasm swept her body. Bill just kept plugging away at her pussy and fingering her arse when he pushed her away and started to move his cock to her mouth when half way there he shot a load large enough to hit her fair across the nose.

Fantasy Weekend

group tamazon 2018-04-12

You switch places, he begins to go down on me and you put your cock into my mouth and start pumping slowly, I can taste your cum, you are starting to cum a little bit, it is sweet and salty all at the same time, you know that I am enjoying this and come up to my mouth and start to kiss me, you want us both to taste you. You let your friend know that now is the time, he sits down with his cock straight up and you place me on it and tell me not to move, he is groaning because of how hot and wet my pussy is and he can feel how slick my backside is from the lube you used.

Seducing the Newbies

group morris40 2018-04-12

If only Steve and I could get Paula to follow her desire, Alicia and Susan would have no trouble getting Bryan to share his manhood with them. Paula looked astonished, but offered no objections, as Bryan asked us to help her overcome her shyness and maybe even fulfill a few of those fantasies. At the top of the stairs, Alicia took Steve's hand and asked if he wanted to play a little game of squirm and squirt. Paula had closely inspected five fully erect penises before she married Bryan, but this was the first-time that she had seen a penis enter a woman's vagina other than her own. Paula saw Susan's hands moving her husband inexorably toward a climax.


Widower Takes Lovers Ch. 03

group joedevon 2018-04-12

Penny ran her hands over gown and looking at me teased me as her fingers lingered on her breasts and her tongue licked her lips provocatively. I could just about reach her breasts from my position and I kissed and licked them as my cock nudged against her thong I eased the bra down and took the full nipple in my mouth as she moaned. I moved slowly down kissing and caressing as I did until I reached her lacy thong which was quite wet, I enjoyed her through the material feeling her wetness and easing her lips apart as I licked. I looked at Penny's body, she was glistening with sweat and she was lying on her back on the bed with her legs apart as she enjoyed Jill.

Taking Care of the Troops

group Moonm8 2018-04-12

She now had both hands caressing her thighs, and as the guys got braver, and higher on her thighs, Lydia's legs opened farther. Lydia let them know right away they were doing the right thing by placing her hands on theirs and allowing her legs to open. Greg was looking up at her face and Lydia leaned over and kissed him full on the lips while David put her leg around his shoulder. She could feel David's lips and tongue licking her pussy juice off her thigh. As Greg and Lydia got into a rhythm, Bill took her by the hair and shoved his cock back into her mouth. As soon as her mouth was free, David took ahold of her head and pulled it to his half-hard cock.

Intimate friends

group papertriangle 2018-04-12

When she stopped licking Xia was smiling and Jena turned to Michelle: "I dare you to show me your pussy." She chose James, because Dan already had his head in the clouds from his experience with Xia. Jena took off all her clothes except her bra and panties. Dan suddenly stopped, a little bit of cum dripped out of his dick onto the breasts of Michelle. Dan sat in front of her and put his dick inside her while Xia threw her legs over her and stuffed her pussy in her face. "Dan, I want your dick inside my pussy while James fucks my ass." "Go fuck her Dan, I'll lick her pussy like she never felt before." Said Xia.


Beth's Room

group English-Dave 2018-04-12

His hand cupped Beth’s right breast and felt it’s softness and warmth through her plain white bra. They were both becoming lost in their passion and started to rut away at each other, Dan’s hard cock rubbing against his coarse jeans, just feeling the warmth and wetness of Beth’s pussy, a pussy which was now aching and pulsing with suppressed desire. Dan reached under Beth’s body and undid her bra with one hand, his dexterity surprising himself as much as Beth. Dan didn’t need much encouragement and started pushing into Beth with gusto, keeping his hands on her breasts and rolling her erect nipples. Not wanting to be delayed he pushed and his hand suddenly jumped downwards, his fingers sliding into the hot wet folds of Beth’s pussy.


Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 05

group Jeremydcp 2018-04-12

Lindsay just texted me out of the blue and goes, it's very disturbing to watch Donald Duck carve a turkey." Alison giggled again, then shook her head as she tapped away furiously on her cell phone, likely composing a suitable response for her sister. Yeah, I guess that sounds fine." Alison spun so she was walking backward, facing me as she added, "Trish and Lindsay told me that you are a lunatic when it comes to seafood, Jeremy. "If you like the outdoors and nature, boating, hiking, skiing, camping, you'll absolutely love Norway," I told Alison, perhaps 20 minutes later, as we leisurely cruised along European Route E18 toward our hometown of Sandvika in my Jeep Wrangler.


Marie Ch. 02

group kimbelina 2018-04-12

I continued to finger myself, sighing with pleasure as the men began pinching my nipples, and watched as Mikey and Chucky unzipped their golf pants and pulled out their cocks. When I opened my eyes again, I saw that the men had shifted positions; where there had been three guys surrounding me, now there were five, and for a moment, I was a little intimidated, as I watched them strip down and then approach me, two sets of hands all over my tits, pinching my erect nipples, another set of hands finally freeing me from the skirt and thong which had been shoved up and pushed aside by the previous group of men.