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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Be Careful What You Wish For

group NonGenericBrand 2018-04-12

She loved double penetration during our previous 3some experiences and wanted more - she wished for a gangbang and she often texted me at work with hot photos of her wet pussy explaining to me that it got that way because she spent the morning fantasizing about 4 or 5 big men using her like she was a whore. Within seconds a hard cock appeared and Amber, on her knees in the dark, flooded with the sounds of porn, didn't hesitate to take it in her mouth. But within 30 seconds a younger man, maybe 30 who smelled of whiskey was behind her, squeezing her tits with 1 hand and guiding his cock into the same wet hole I was fucking.


Confessions of a Cum Slut Pt. 11

group CandiNyse 2018-04-12

In fact, I was right in the middle a four-way, on my hands and knees, getting deeply into my role as party hostess (eat your heart out, Dolly Madison!), with Alex underneath me, sucking madly on my clit, and my friend John's cock lodged deliciously in my asshole, when a porn video producer introduced himself to me, informally, by shooting a load of hot semen into my mouth. I laid myself on the edge of the bed, my open legs dangling, with Brandi supporting me from behind, her big, firm tits rubbing against my back and shoulders, her warm hands cupping my little breasts, letting my nipples slip through between her fingers, and gently squeezing them.


Marilyn's Adventures in School Ch. 03

group walterio 2018-04-12

Marilyn licked and sucked her lover and felt Donna's tongue play over her pussy again and again. Donna's sweet delicious pussy juice shot into Marilyn's sucking mouth and she let it flow over her tongue, savoring the taste before she swallowed it. Marilyn lay back on her bed as Geno got in between her legs and slowly but surely pushed his cock into Marilyn's pussy. Geno began fucking slowly and each time he thrust into Marilyn more of his cock entered her twat. She now realized that Marilyn's hand was absent and that Geno was thrusting his huge cock all the way into her pussy. Marilyn was sure that she heard an audible pop when Geno pulled his cock out of Donna's cunt.


Trick or Treat?

group Satin Kitty 69 2018-04-12

"Good boy," her hand reaching out, and lightly tracing over your body, pausing to tease your nipples and hard cock. She moves laying down on your bed, as you continue to pleasure your mistress, she cums hard, squirting more liquid into your open mouth. Telling you "Suck his lick up and down the shaft..." as you relax and get more confident her commands lessen, but she still continues to feed the very first cock between your lips. Your mind racing with the sights and sensations of his naked body and his erection, as your continue to suck and lick that tasty hard treat that your mistress has given you. Her tongue pushes into your ass, you moan, pressing back hard against her as the cock falls from your open panting mouth.

Anniversary Present

group SweetGrl247 2018-04-12

As she slowly ran the trimmer over my wife's pubic hairs, Holly was rubbing her nipples and licking her lips. Having watched Holly do this a dozen times, I understood that she would soon be stroking her pussy in anticipation of my cock. I had long ago perfected this position with Holly and I reached up to spread Charlotte's pussy lips to allow me access. Holly wasn't a "creamer" but rather a "squirter" so I again reveled in this new sensation as Charlotte's cum sat in my mouth. By now, I knew we were in for a long night and I only hoped that Charlotte would clean my wife up with her mouth.

The Society

group Martins 2018-04-12

Lisa and I had watched each other fuck other people in the past - it was an exciting thing for both of us and one reason we were here actually- coupled with the fact we liked to explore all areas of our sexuality. As soon as Lisa began enjoying being fucked by a mysterious masked stranger while I watched stroking myself – it was clear we both gained pleasure from the experience, so the masked couple moved on. I tried looking around the room to distract myself of my wife being pleasured to the edge and gorgeous women making love around me while my dick was impaled in one of them.


Twin Summer Ch. 08

group jane700bond 2018-04-12

Taking Iain out of my mouth I thought I'd get my sis off Mr Brown and try-out his cock for size, but at that moment Laura started to splutter as Mr Brown forced himself up deep inside her mouth and came in a roaring gush, spunk bubbling out between her lips as she could not swallow fast enough to deal with the flow. Sister Laura, who had by now taken Jamie's load came and knelt by Mr Brown's face, licking off Tom and Diana's love juices whilst whispering to him: "Naughty teachers shouldn't spy on their beautiful sexy pupils should they?" and "Bet you wont ever forget today darling Mr Brown, your cum was too diddly-lishush.

Snow Day Ch. 02

group dre_jones 2018-04-12

Keisha then said to Shaun, "Put it in my ass baby, fuck me good in my little brown hole." Sara greedily took Shaun's tool in her mouth and licked off all of Keisha's wetness. Keisha reluctantly pulled away from Sara's skilled mouth and offered her ass to Shaun. Keisha winced and then her mouth opened and she began to moan as Shaun worked his magnificent tool into her ass an inch at a time. I was squeezing Keisha's breasts and encouraging Shaun to "fuck her ass good," when I noticed Sara slip away into the bathroom. Sara pounded me hard and my ass gripped onto her big strap-on cock as my body spasmed in orgasm.

Kelly's Senior Exhibit

group taleserotic 2018-04-12

Jeni sashayed up next to me, oblivious to Tom and Yana in the moment, leaned down and kissed me like a lover. Jeni admired the next series too, tearing away just enough to lean back toward Tom over my shoulder as she kept her eyes on the photo of him and Amy. Squeezing my hand with love, she let me go, wet and torn, back to Tom and Yana. I was leaning against Tom, still holding Yana's hand when Lindsay and Jan arrived. I moved away from Tom and Yana to lead Lindsay and Jan through the exhibit. Fucking Jeni had kissed me and made me wet in front of Tom and Yana and Ethan and the whole Fine Arts Department, but my former girlfriend?


Visit to Burgholzhausen

group zweifelhaft 2018-04-12

The guy would pull out his wallet and hand her the agreed-upon fee: the club standard €50 per half-hour of sucking and fucking, plus separately negotiated surcharges for extras like anal or a money shot on her tits. As with all other women I have ever seen in an FKK club, her pubic hair had been completely shaven away, to give guys like me an unobstructed view of her cunt. Without warning, perhaps sensing I was close, Magda threw her arms around my shoulders, pressed her lips against mine, and thrust her tongue inside my mouth, again and again, matching me in aggression, violating me just as I was violating her friend, with the same force and rapid speed and desperate intensity.

Lady Alicia's Arousal Ch. 8

group alexis_elizabeth 2018-04-12

Bandey was the first, his monster cock sticking up like a flagpole;Lady Margaret, James mother-in-law, lowered her extremely aroused cunt onto his face, at the same time taking Franz's long thin cock into her mouth.Millia lowered her tight fuzz covered quim onto Franz tongue and eagerly grasped the prick of the newly arrived Tom, the aroma of 'cum' and female juices exciting the young woman even more. At last their were just three people on the floor.Werner who had emptied his balls into the rapcious mouth of Mrs Jenny Fellowes had been unable to induce lady Alicia to 'cum' although he had tried everything he knew, sucking licking her large clit, tongue fucking her, sucking on the engorged labia.

Our Anniversary

group mrbill4u 2018-04-12

We talked waiting for our drinks to arrive soon I felt a toe sliding up my pant leg coming to rest at my crotch she asked what I was up to as her foot massaged my balls I was beginning to respond to her attention when the waitress returned with our drinks interrupting her query of me giving me time to think we drank our drinks as she worked on me to revel my plans I told her maybe we would go dancing after dinner I had heard the club here was pretty hot she smiled.

Open Doors Ch. 01

group skj111 2018-04-12

The mouth eagerly teasing her tits reminded her of Sean and when she reached out and trailed her way down his body to wrap a hand around the hardening cock she was fairly certain she was correct. Concentrating on the intensity of the pleasure of Sean's mouth and her own hands she completely forgot about the open door and the agreement she had made. Her legs widened in invitation and she held Sean's head increasing the pressure of his mouth against her throbbing clit as she opened her eyes. Stepping close he bent and kissed Rachel holding her head firmly his large hand covering most of her skull. Sean's hand left her hip where he had been guiding their moves and wrapped around her right breast.


Bridal Dance

group Michael142 2018-04-11

All I had to do now, was to get married, get to the hotel where our wedding reception and my bridal suite was, and be pawed and felt-up by every male friend, uncle, friend-of-a-friend, and every adenoidal twelve-year-old male relative, who had ten bucks to pin to my dress (or hand off to Megan) for a chance to paw me at the 'dollar dance.' It seemed like every time David and I turned around someone was handing us a drink, or a beer, or me a scotch with very little water. David didn't know and I had forgotten that I wasn't wearing panties, and he lifted up my dress and the petticoats high enough to allow a pretty fair view of my bare little clamshell snatch, to quite a lot of the onlookers.


Bad Penny Ch. 05

group MVPrimetime 2018-04-11

Some were erotically charged (Penny kissing Lucy, Penny riding Mike); some were disturbing (Penny in the harness with Andy pouring drink into her, Penny bathing the bite-marks he had left); some were somewhere in between (Penny tied up with Mike taking her anally while Tara used a vibrator on her pussy, Penny bent over in the Student's Union to receive a butt-plug before she went to a lecture). As Penny rode me softly, making love to my body, my mind was analysing each move, each physical sensation, and comparing them to the feel of Naimh, or Lucy from the night before, or Shauna or Tara, or one of the other girls I had been intimate with, and even with the way Mike had touched me. Penny was a good looking girl, sexy and sensual, and loving in all the best ways, but, I realised, not perfect.


Spring Break Foursome

group the_green_fairy 2018-04-11

"Sure," Roxana said as she moved off of the sofa and lets Raine sit next to David. Roxana stood up and then said in a sultry whisper, "I am even better" and drew Raine's mouth to her own, kissing her deeply and passionately. David then broke away from Raine and goes to kiss Roxana. Roxana broke away and Raine collapsed forward, mashing her breasts against David, kissing his neck as she plunged her fingers further into herself. I paused for a moment to take off my own shirt and see that Raine had dropped her sweat pants around her ankles and had David's long, thin 8-inch cock into her.

Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 6

group Carlanna 2018-04-11

“Well I want to nominate Heidi as the girl who gave the most and received the least tonight”, said Carl raising his glass of whisky in a toast. “Yes me too, come on Andy, ‘Take me to bed or lose me forever’”, she said quoting from the movie Top Gun. The pair of them drained their glasses of Cognac and kissed each of us in turn. “Come on you two, time for bed and you” I said pointing at Carl, “Keep your hands and cock to yourself, my pussy needs some recovery time”. My cries had an immediate effect as Heidi slid her hand down to her clit and rubbed furiously, she also started to cum her cries mingling with mine as her juices gushed from her and mingled with the thick white creamy cum spurting from Carl’s cock.


group LoveyDuvey14 2018-04-11

It was also no guess that the girls put out so Jasmine had no chance with the brothers because she didn't put out nearly as much and who would want her anyway, she was a big assed big breasted black girl who was a goody two shoes who did all her homework and did what she was told. "Oh," she moaned, she pulled it in and out thinking about Marco forcing her to suck his big fat cock and about Andre roughly taking her ass while Carlos pushed deep into her pussy. "Damn, Andre this is the best cream pie I've ever tasted," he said slurping her vagina's juices "And she's got a clit piercing, hot damn that makes me even hotter that those nipple piercings don't you agree brothers?" He laughed.

Another Tequila Night

group Joe F. 2018-04-11

You had better get your ass over here and deal with them pretty quick.” And she put her hand out and patted the space between her and Ell, then ran her tongue over her lips, smiled hugely and took another sip from her drink. I took my right hand and stroked Pat’s thigh until I reached her pussy, then as I pulled my face away, I gently pushed two fingers into her well lubricated cunt and began to use them to massage the inside of her hole, at the same time I put my thumb against her big red and very erect clit and slowly stroked and rubbed it in rhythm with the fingers inside of her cunt.


Jan The Whore Does Some More

group doom333 2018-04-11

After a night of drinking Jan finally gave in and tried some percocet Don and Taylor offered her. He pushed all five inches of his dick into Jan's cum filled ass. Once Taylor pulled out Don made sure to take some pictures of Jan's cum filled ass with his cell phone. After he had made the phone calls he went in the bedroom and fucked Jan up the ass again. "Fuck her fatty!" Taylor yelled and slapped the fat man's ass. He had been stroking his cock while all the other guys fucked her and came in less than two minutes. After their friends had left Don and Taylor took turns fucking Jan's ass one more time.


Sensations Escort Services Ch. 11

group SteveWallace 2018-04-11

For his part, Roger obviously wanted to impress Amber, so spent considerable time responding to her questions by talking about himself, his business, and the upcoming trip and the hopes for what would happen in each country. He truly made love to her breasts to the point Amber had a small orgasm, and then went down on her with enthusiasm she'd rarely experienced with a normal 'date.' When they finally coupled Amber put her best effort forward to please Roger, giving him a large ration of dirty talk that he obviously relished, and then making him change positions with her several times whenever she felt him nearing the edge of the orgasmic cliff.


Her First Taste... Ch. 01

group vastiesmith 2018-04-11

My wife, Vastie, has been corresponding with a very lovely woman from Great Britain named Amanda or Mandy to her friends. As I drove I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Mandy as she told us to please call her when we met with her hand moving around my wife's white shorts. When they reached the top of the stairs, Mandy pulled Vastie's top off over her head and helped my wife slid her white shorts down her own lovely legs. My wife wasn't wearing anything under them and Amanda smiled brightly finally seeing Vastie's completely shaved vagina in person for the first time.


vacation 13

group hotandhard007 2018-04-11

The next time I looked at you, your attention was riveted on the screen as the chubby girl was now on her back with her legs spread in the air while one of her friends was pumping an increasing number of fingers into her widely stretched pussy. Constance didn’t waste any time and pushed Cynthia out of the way and she took over the prized position between your legs as soon as she was naked. I put one leg over each arm of my chair and began to slowly rub my super hard cock while I watched the action on the bed and on the TV where the dad was laying on his back while the girls were taking turns sitting on him getting their asses fucked.

Undercover Agent To Mole Ch. 01

group walterio 2018-04-11

Callie entered the warehouse to meet with Sal, Joey and Frankie while the building was staked out by bureau agents. The hot dry depths of her ass were so tight around his cock she knew that he was going to cum hard too. Even though Callie had her asshole stretched by Joey and Frankie had lubed his cock, the fit in her ass was still incredibly tight. Frankie pulled his semi-hard cock from Callie's ass and she could feel the cool air of the room touch her anus. Once again Sal and Joey held her securely as Frankie's cock was pushed into her ass. This time she felt Sal stiffen and shoot his load into her pussy and right after him Frankie in her ass ejaculated.