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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Bi Threesome in College

group JustJimColo 2018-04-11

After kissing for a while, I noticed that Bruce was kissing and sucking on her breast so I moved down and started to kiss her other one, letting my hand slide down her body to her pussy. He finally stopped fucking her and slid his cock out and started kissing Diane's breast again. I couldn't hear what they were saying as they whispered to each other for quite some time but finally Diane said, "Oh shit that's hot." Then I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers and start to spasm as she came. Bruce had moved and Diane was sucking on his cock again, even though it hadn't started to get hard again. I started kissing Diane and she pulled Bruce's cock out of her mouth so we could both suck it at the same time.

The Screamer Ch. 05

group Liquor69 2018-04-11

His eyes closed as he thought back to the wonderful feeling of tender lips sucking and caressing his hard cock. I just want you to know that for the first time in my adult life, I woke up happy," Wendy said. I woke up the last two days feeling loved and appreciated for the first time in years, even if Rose was getting first dibs on you today." I am over flowing with years of unspent cum and I am damned sure going to get wild today," Rose giggled. Rose straddled my forehead, her wet pussy leaving a nice wet streak as she held Wendy and began kissing while he tongued her deeply.


Pre-Birthday Treat Ch. 02

group IceKitten 2018-04-11

So merrily I begin to place pieces of fruit around her frosted body making sure to put a cherry in the right spot sliding it in just far enough so you will have to dig it out with your tongue to eat it... Once done with the fruit I grab the sprinkles and start to sprinkle them along the frosting and whipped cream leaving a colorful trail for you to follow while you're eating your B-day Cake. Then sitting up I turn and look at you, smiling, I ask "are you ready?" You nod your head and then your hands move to my back and start to run your fingers freely over my body...

Cyber Love

group nAwT 2018-04-11

As if someone had turned a light switch on, the cloud of smoke had disappeared and left in its place a drop-dead-gorgeous, could-pass-as-a-model-looking man with bulging muscles everywhere. Again I clicked on the box at the end of the arrow, which went immediately to the next screen that looked like clouds of smoke moving about. I guess my legs parted enough for the next thing I knew, I felt someone's fingers parting my lower lips and was filled with the persons tongue darting in and out of my pussy, fucking me. If the attention my pussy was getting wasn't enough, I felt another pair of hands parting my ass cheeks, and someone's tongue teasing my asshole.


group returningsaiilor 2018-04-11

Finally, I worked Brad up to orgasm with my talented mouth, while Mark was pounding my hot wet ass. I shut the water off, rest my elbows on the edge of the sink and sigh, at the same time trying to push his tounge deeper in my hot, wet, frustrated hole. I pull your cock from my mouth and suck one of you smooth balls into my mouthk as I spread your smooth glimmering ass cheeks with my hands and stare transfixed at you smooth, sexy, and lubed rosebud. My other hand begins fucking Mark's tight hole and he responds by grabbing your head and sliding his cock in and out, in and out, over and over again.


Better Than A Ticket

group zGoodGirl 2018-04-11

I also notice that my pussy is still a little wet from my hand being there only a few minutes ago, and I tell myself as soon as I pull away, my panties are coming off and I am going to ride my fingers all the way home. I work on his cock hard and fast, tasting his pre-cum on my tongue, and hearing his low moans between each thrust deep into the back of my mouth. I hear him softly chuckle and then moan deeply as I feel his hard cock slowly slip inside my pussy. I feel George's hands squeeze my ass cheeks hard as he start thrusting his cock harder and deeper inside me.


Fraisethorpe Nudist Beach Experience

group yorknudeguy 2018-04-11

naturist beach and any open sexual display on the main beach is both a real of ammunition (and real offence) to the non-naturist beach users who are on The main area for social nude beach use is some 400 metres south of the Auburn outdoor pleasures: sexual activity was rightly taboo on the main beach but here as within minutes a middle aged man, totally nude but clutching his shorts passed the familiar rhythm of a man's cock thrusting inside me and sucking greedily upon the young man's cock I settled to the familiar delight of being impaled at both ends of A snigger from the man who had been sucking my cock and he stood.

I Won Pt. 02

group nkdoldman 2018-04-11

When I asked her about it the next evening, she said that she loved the feel of Doug cumming inside her, and she usually had an orgasm from the feeling of his cock slowly getting smaller as it got softer and the head slid past a short area inside of her. Sonya was moaning a bit louder when suddenly an orgasm took hold of her and she bucked under my lips as she softly screamed and grabbed my head, pushing it firmly onto her pussy. Sonya also said she liked it a lot because it somehow magnified Doug's movements, yet, at the same time, she felt him moving more "clearly" than ever.

Accident in the Greenhouse

group littleblackdress50 2018-04-11

Tim has been my husband for twelve years and over time our love has grown stronger each day but it faded from an unquenchable bucket of burning passion to a slow simmer. I couldn't be mad at Tim over this persistent threesome thing because it wasn't so much about what he wanted as what he thought I needed. There I stood, mud clinging to my shirt in auspicious places, looking at my husband as the smile refused to leave his face and thinking about the possibility of sex with two men. I couldn't find anything that wouldn't do him serious damage, so I pulled my dirty, smelly tee shirt over my head and threw it directly in his face as I rushed from the greenhouse to our connected home.


The Push

group slippingpoet 2018-04-11

"Filthy," I say to her as my grip in her hair loosens and my very stiff, very aroused cock slips out until the tip lies on her tongue. "Suck his cock, baby," I say simply, "I want to watch." Now he starts, but her palm is already rubbing the front of his pants, working the zipper down. I can barely get my shoulders to the bed before she is getting her thighs around my hips, grinding that unbelievably hot, completely bare, soaked cunt against my ridiculously hard cock. It is when he slides up, his hands planting on either side of her hips, that I realize he wants to fuck her ass. And then I am kissing the corner of her mouth, feeling his stiff flesh fuck her between her swollen lips.

Anniversary Gift

group ExpeirmentalGraham 2018-04-11

The sensation of the sensitive skin stroking cotton, as my cock intermittently flexes only making me more turned on and unable to look at anything but your stunning face, amazing body and huge, beautiful breasts. I love the sensation of fucking your mouth, feeling your wet lips and tongue devouring my cock as I slide in and out of you. I begin to slowly, so softly, run a finger in circles around your soaking clitoris, as you push yourself against me, your hands absentmindedly caressing your incredible boobs. You then feel something hard, warm and wet at the entrance to your tight pussy- I have your dildo in my hand and am slowly teasing your entrance with it while stroking your clit.


Three Close Friends

group SFAuthor 2018-04-11

I'm sure James is showering in the bathroom in his room." Dan said. James walked down the hallway and stopped when he saw Mary sucking Dan's dick in his living room. With Mary concentrated on Dan's cock in her mouth, and Dan with his eyes closed, James decided to walk up to them. Both Dan and Mary noticed James' huge cock hanging outside of his pants. She grabbed both of their dicks, Dan's still completely hard and throbbing while James was only semi-hard, but a drip of pre-cum sat at the tip. Dan and James' pre-cum mixing together, their dicks sliding on each other while Mary licked up and down both of them. "Yeah, you want to come in my girlfriend's mouth?" Dan asked James.

Mariana at the Movies

group Erica_Gasca 2018-04-11

Each man moved his hand onto her firm thick thighs and felt her smooth inner legs as they made their way up to her tiny little white g string thong. Her nipples become so hard and long when he men pulled her thought aside exposing her tiny pussy. Mariana stopped sucking and jerking off cocks long enough to moved on the lap of the man to her right. Both waited for the man on her left to get between her legs and shove his cock into her little pussy. The other one was standing in front of her tity fucking Mariana and making her lick his cock every time it got close to her face.

'Little s*s' chapter nine

group halinaplays 2018-04-11

Lick and suck them even harder.’ Jason said ‘fuck your tight little hole and show me how wet you can make your nipples.’ It felt like I was being double-dared. He whispered ‘tell my b*****r how much you love one of my fingers in your ass when I make you squirt.’ I basically laid back in scott’s lap and said ‘please daddy fuck my ass when you make my pussy squirt.' Jason moaned watching scott start pumping my ass while he kept working my g-spot. The first words out of my mouth were ‘goddamn you Scott you ripped my favorite pair of panties to shreds.’ He started sucking my neck and whispered ‘you know you wanted it.’ Then he laughed and said ‘little girl I gave you one hell of a hickie you’re going to have to blame on my b*****r.’

Tawny's Hair Ch. 02

group sethp 2018-04-11

Where Janie had fuller lips, hips and an amazing chest with miles of cleavage, Tawny was very thin with cutest little breasts Seth had ever seen. Seth walked over to the edge of the bed still hard and when he got close enough, Tawny took him into her mouth. Seth felt Janie scoot up behind him and she reached around and started to feed his cock into Tawny's mouth. He then pulled out and placed his cock to Tawny's pussy and entered her for the first time. Seth offered his glistening cock to Janie who sucked him clean and then he pulled out of her mouth and aimed his cock at Tawny's hair.

A Midsummer Night's Dream Ch. 02

group VF_0079 2018-04-11

Annoyed that she couldn't remember where she was, Laura decided to head towards the source of light, perhaps there lay some answers to her questions. Without realizing it Laura pushed the door open and stepped inside the room to watch. As she stood beside the bed watching, she felt the familiar hardening of her nipples, soon followed by a swelling in her vagina. Unable to resist, she raised her hand and with her index finger she touched his cock just below the glans on what seemed like a pink landing strip. Curious, Laura touched these with her fingers and saw that they were much like her own sexual fluids, acting as a natural lubricant.

First time....and with an older lady!

group Cum_Shooter 2018-04-11

Before I could blurt out any questions, Mrs. Bonnie silenced me with a finger to my lips and a sexy sweet smile, then she pulled me out of the back room. "Tina," Mrs. Bonnie started "Take our new friend Mark into the guest room and get him changed. I felt a surge of pride at the way the room responded, but more so how Mrs. Bonnie seemed happy at my large size. Mrs. Bonnie must have sensed it, because she suddenly looked at me calmly, and lifted her tits in her hands, pinching and tweaking her nipples, and said: "Cum in me Mark. A look of complete lust came over Mrs. Bonnie's face and she closed her eyes, orgasming silently with me.

Izzy's Salisbury Weekend

group sarah_siddons 2018-04-11

Panting hard, I writhed and squirmed on the carpet, licking, sucking and occasionally deep-throating Ian's huge cock which forced my throbbing cunt hard into Jamie's face. But even through the wild hot haze of my own lust, I realised that if anything, Charly was even more aroused than I was; for she moaned and sighed with frantic need as Steve and Peter explored her luscious, writhing body. They were squeezing and sucking Charly's firm tits, hand-fucking her glistening pink pussy, and kissing every inch of her wriggling naked body; her moans of pleasure were loud and intense. "Oh my god!" I moaned, with Ian's cock out of my throat, I was now being swept up in a hot sexual delirium by the fierce fucking Jamie was giving my tingling pussy.


My First Bukkake

group 2018-04-11

I was welcomed in by Carol who quickly explained to the guys that this was my first bukkake party and that I wasn't too sure about it, she seemed to give one of the guys, who I later found out was a regular, a bit of a wink and he came over and started chatting to me. It wasn't long before the guy I had in my left hand pulled his cock out of my hand and started stroking it himself until he launched a thick load of hot cum all over my tits, Mark followed shortly afterwards and I got a bukkake facial right there in Carols lounge lol

Mike's Last Stand

group daviea9 2018-04-11

“Poor Polly,” I thought, “in my experience it’s usually the wife who isn’t up for some night-time sexual activity.” I thought about getting up and going back to my own bed but the room was warm as I’d turned on the electric fire and my own bedroom would be cold so I decided to stay with Mike for a bit longer. When we had all recovered our senses Anne said “well now you’re safe Mike, I certainly won’t spoil my friendship with Polly by telling her about what we have just done, but next time you visit just remember that you need to pleasure me as well as Dave.”

My First MMMF

group 2018-04-11

Mike joked that it looked like John's cock needed the kiss of life, something David knew I really enjoyed doing. I love the feel of a nice hard cock in my mouth and soon John was moaning loudly as I leant over and wrapped my lips around his knob. I was soon sucking the whole length of John's cock into my mouth as David's fingers probed my soaking pussy. John was still fingering my pussy and licking my nipples as I tongue washed the beads of pre-cum of David's cock. It felt fantastic as Mike alternated between sucking and fingering my pussy and David switched from one nipple to the other.

The Woodie

group cambam 2018-04-11

This lady, her name is Bertha, if I remember correctly, Bertha got to the Dairy Queen at 1120, right as I was about to lock up, and helped me clean and lock up, the guy who handled the ice cream being a bit too stoned to be of use, or at least I think he was too damn stoned, the man knew how to combine ice cream flavors though, I'll tell you that much. She referred to her car with mock-affection as the "Woodie," since that's what the real wood cars used to be called, "Woodies." (I know what you're thinking -- get your mind outta the gutter!) This particular day Bertha was rolling down state highway 25 at quite a leisurely pace — which, mind you, on this stretch of road people usually can't drive all too fast on, since the highway patrol is located right near — when her engine started sputtering and hissing more than usual, and just about quit on her.

Jen Has a Bang!

group bradtina 2018-04-11

When we got to the cabin, each of the guys took Jen in their arms and kissed her. One of the guys beside her head pulled her mouth onto his cock while the one between her legs started to lick her pussy. Jen reached out with her other hand and started to stroke the others cock. Two of the other guys moved to Jens side and she started to stroke their cocks. I slid out from under her and another of the guys moved in and took my place, his cock easily entering her well fucked and extremely well lubed asshole. After I finished shooting in Jens ass, I sat back on one of the chairs and watched these 9 other men fuck my wife in every way possible.

Tabby and The Queue

group Tabby18lover 2018-04-11

Tabby's friend Lana and her boyfriend Chris had invited her and Cliff this year, along with Brian and Stephanie. Working together the six friends had their two tents (one for Chris, Lana, Cliff and Tabby and the other for Brian and Stephanie) erected and were sitting back with a cool beer to watch the other groups arrive. Tabby and Lana watched as Chris started to kiss Stephanie on the lips, passionately, his hand cupping her bare breast, feeling it, squeezing it. All this time Stephanie didn't stop stroking Chris' big hard cock, feeling it throb in her hand. That seemed to send a chain reaction through the group with Brian firing a wad of white spunk into Tabby's butt and Chris cumming moments later in Stephanie.