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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Sex Life Ch. 17

group Slutty_Julie 2018-04-11

As I sucked and slurped, Kenny delighted in telling me that I was every bit as good a cock-sucker as Jenny but that he couldn't wait to fuck Katie's mouth as he was sure she'd be the best of the lot of us. I was in heaven as I took Richie's cock into my mouth, sucking it as Kenny and Mike fucked my pussy and arse while Katie and Jenny sucked and caressed my tits. The guys hadn't come so, as I lay there, quivering and breathing hard, trying to regain control of my body, I watched on as Kenny, Mike and Richie convinced Katie to replace me (not that she needed much convincing) and took up their respective places at each of her openings.

The Layover Ch. 1

group tirdbird 2018-04-11

Laurel takes the flutes and sets them aside and kneels down to the side of Ted. We both look at each other and know that we have to get this man undressed. I then pull away because I want to watch as my hands start to roam again, around to her back. After seeing his cock, hard and standing tall, Laurel whips her head around and our eyes meet, wide with excitement, with our mouths gaping. Laurel grabs his hand and pulls him on the bed to kneel by my head. I pull back and ask "would you like a turn?" She nods and says, "Yes, please." I roll out of the way for her to get in there.

One Bite Too Many

group tamol 2018-04-11

I clenched my pussy as two of John’s fingers slipped inside me, he caressed and tormented my clitoris, yes sucking cock turned me off but John playing with my wet hole was turning me on real bad. “Yes John fuck me and then I want Mike to fuck me and then Terry, I want to be penetrated by all three of you, my cunt wants to be fucked hard and long and I don’t care by who, just fuck me.” I said with some disbelief that those words had actually come out of my mouth. By the time the three of them had finished with me I was totally exhausted and still a little horny, Terry remained between my legs his limp cock lying comfortable along my slit while John and Mike caressed my nipples.

cuckoldress 2

group rorosam 2018-04-11

...From my knees I looked up at the cruel smile on Goddess Laura's Beautiful face and a feeling of happiness came over me, I was on my knees with Her Man's cum in my stomach and the taste of it still strong in my mouth but I knew that smile was for me ! Though I couldn't see I could hear Goddess and Sir kissing, how powerful they must feel, to relax and kiss while the devoted old subhuman they own works diligently on rubbing their feet. There in the hall on my hands and knees I kissed His feet, thanking Him, the taste of His cum still lingering in my mouth.

Party Sexting - The Game

group cptfritz 2018-04-11

If the average score for this couple is 5 or below, each couple member is required to remove a piece of clothing (as in the old Strip Poker game). Each couple member then draws a new card of the appropriate sex color to select the next couple, the old couple members sit where the new couple members were seated (to move players around in the circle, get a new view and neighbors to talk with), and the process repeats. As the game continues, couples will realize that the more risque or daring the pose, the higher the scores they're likely to get from the other players. Eventually all the players' cards will have been selected, everyone will have been in a couple and returned a "sexting" image, and that round is complete.

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 22

group Silverfox0551 2018-04-11

With her free hand, Janice reached up and gently grasped his swollen balls and squeezed them tenderly feeling the large contents inside and knowing it wouldn't be long she released his balls and moved her hand to his ass and placed a finger at the opening of his asshole and pushed her middle finger up his ass and began massaging his prostate. "I don't know but I think us girls' should get inside before they get here!" Terri said making a dash for the cabin door with the other three girls' following close behind. "Well how was your day?" Mike asked Terri as she scooted closer to him loving the warm feeling of his body next to hers.

Pool Party: Bikini Stuffers

group RaulTobe 2018-04-11

Taking in this many gorgeous, made-up faces framed by lush hair and big earrings, this many pairs of beautiful breasts, and this many naked ass-cheeks of all shapes and sizes (well, actually all round) was heating me up even more than the coffee I was brewing--I counted 6, 6, and 12, respectively, for those keeping score. Princesa lowered herself further into Katie's fingers, fucking them down to the knuckle, looking straight into my eyes and mouthing "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum..." She squirted against the glass door, her five girlfriends all letting out an "ohhhhh!" in unison as she came.


The Ther****t

group denniscarpenter 2018-04-11

“We would like to a bit of roll play and my secretary Amanda here is going to play a patient if that’s ok with you?” “Sure” I said sitting down with my hands in my lap trying to hide my erection from their gaze. Sam asked her if she would like to see how it was done and then maybe she could try it, I was shocked but rather excited about that but Amanda said, “No I don’t think so”. Sam pulled it away quickly realising that Amanda was not play-acting and changed the subject by placing her ample breasts around my cock and while telling Amanda that this was how to use ones body to wank off a man proceeded to do just that giving me a most amazing tit fuck.

Mindy's Massage Ch. 02: Mindy's Wild Night

group hornyolperv 2018-04-11

She could feel both pairs of hands caressing every reachable inch of her incredible body, gently stroking the soft smooth skin, fondling and squeezing her breasts, the muscles in her butt, her thighs, even her arms and legs all the way to her fingers and toes. The guy in Mindy's mouth began to stroke into her, holding her head in his hands, groaning in lust as his cock got harder, throbbing and beginning to pulse. She gulped and swallowed around the big shaft, letting the hot cum slide down her throat into her stomach, feeling ripples of orgasm begin in her own genitals, from the constant stroking her pussy was getting, along with the excitement of tasting the guy's cum in her mouth.


Making Friends

group NaughtyLittleMama 2018-04-11

I want every drop from that dripping cunt." Amber continued fucking her with her fingers until Leah stopped shuddering on the bed. Leah smiled and said, "I haven't had my pussy eaten like that in a long time...maybe offense honey." Drew grabbed her hair and yanked her head back so he could see her face while she came all over his cock, then he eased out of her still throbbing pussy. Amber came first and when Drew felt her asshole tightening around his cock with her orgasm he started cumming too, filling her asshole with his spunk that dribbled down onto Leah's face. Amber sucked her clit and Leah started cumming, squirting pussy juices all over Amber's face again.

A Visit with Megan Ch. 05

group ~Shadow~ 2018-04-11

I waited until Megan opened the door, and said, "Kevin's still in bed, still lying in bliss I'm sure. We pulled into the parking lot of the hotel and I had to tell Kevin and Megan they needed to fix their clothes a little before they got out of the car. Kevin sucked her pussy lips into his mouth, holding them there as he ran his tongue up and down them, intentionally staying away from her clit. She took her time, slowly running her lips up and down his slick shaft, her small hand cupping his balls, gently pulling at them as she pulled away from his body. I pulled Kevin's cock deeper into my mouth, digging my nails into his sides as Megan thrust her fingers deep inside me.


Script Celebrations

group JesseEvans 2018-04-11

After Ashley got Chris all riled up, he decided it was time to take her home. Usually I would never fuck one of my friends girlfriends, but I think I got the message when Chris walked out behind her naked with a still hard cock and told me we deserved to have some fun tonight. I could feel a little breath on my cock as she let out a slight moan when Chris' fingers went inside of her. Ashley's entire face was covered in my cum, and it was gushing out of her mouth, while her pussy was dripping with a mixture of her's and Chris' cum.

Owed by Ex-wife

group nokiaboy 2018-04-11

Renee came around the corner with a video camera and said, "Good job, I got most of it on tape." Karen put a robe on and told me to stop as I tried to cover up. Karen said, "I get you 5 days a year and Renee will get you six since she has been married twice." They told me if I can't make it the day they want me then I owe them 2 makeup days and I need to be at their house from 7pm to 7am the next day. I got under the covers with Andrea and she had me lick her pussy until 7 and she hadn't cum but said, "I can't wait for tonight Ken."

87% wife

Spring Break Party

group jnny 2018-04-11

As it got later and later some people were lounging on the balcony talking lazily as they sipped on their drinks, went out for some pool fun, or played in some of the games Christina, Chuck, and Jeff had for the party. "Do I feel like a brother?" Chuck asked Christina as he snaked his hand down to the small of her back and pressed her body closer to the hard bulge in the front of his jeans. "Yes, do we feel like brothers?" Jeff murmured in Christina's ear huskily as he slipped his hands along the silky fabric of her dress until he was cupping her firm ass and pressed his rock hard erection into the soft crevice between her thighs.

Blonde wife gone black

group hungstud9inches 2018-04-11

He would pull out all the way sometimes and he would use it like a club to smack my butt with and rubbed it against my ass, teasing my pink little asshole with its tip, and would then shove it back in me and he did it over and over again and eventually he just grabbed me and flipped me over and held my thighs down towards my chest and started shoving it in me really hard while on top of me, he was pounding me fast and hard, slapping my ass, kissing my feet, sucking my newly manicured toes, he was like a wild a****l, grunting and sweating on me, loved it though, and my husband stood there watching and playing with himself, it was like a live porn for him, watching his lovely sexy wife getting fucked by a hung black man, i was looking at his eyes from time to time and teasing him, saying things like how this black guy's cock is much bigger than his and he is fucking me better than my husband and all, my husband loves it whenever i tease him and make him jealous.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 75

group SteveWallace 2018-04-11

They turned back to face the audience and started to sing in tune with the band the song that the Shirelles made popular called 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?' Elsa, Melanie, and Sheila stepped forward to deliver about ninety seconds of the song. Kate whispered to me after the hottest kiss I'd gotten of the night, "Before you leave tonight, I want you to make love to me in your little sex room upstairs. I dressed and Kate slipped on a robe she'd apparently worn to get to the club's sex room so she and I could make love for the first time.


Patricia's Gauntlet Ch. 02

group Stardog Champion 2018-04-11

Having steeled himself the entire course of events with Tamara to save the lust brewing inside of his balls for Patricia, after he won the bet , even someone who had seen most everything sexually tangible as Will was caught off guard by the presence of the oldest woman of the group, the married one Sarah, standing pensively beside the bed. Reaching his right hand down to massage his sagging balls, Will then slowly traced his fingertips along the bottom edge of his cock, his insides fizzing with a strange and perverse arousal as he watched the way the married woman's dark blue eyes followed it.


My Friends Daughter Chapter 1

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-04-11

“Yes, I was a little tired and the shower felt so good, made me more tired.” Karri replied rolling over on her back to talk to me, letting me see her bald pussy again, sending more images flooding into my mind from the past again. I move back on the couch a little and then lean down again and begin kissing her between her breasts, and then I look up to her, and feel her hands rest on my shoulders gently pressing me downwards. I take the head of my cock and rub it against her pussy lips starting out low and moving up slowly getting the head wet until I brush it against her clit and watch as her hips buck up in the air.

Tabby's Toothing Adventure

group Tabby18lover 2018-04-11

Tabby was late for her usual Friday night appointment with her friend Lana. I'm going to take forever to learn how to use it properly," Tabby said, searching her purse for the little silver phone. "Hey Lana, how come you know so much about this?" Tabby smiled at her friend. Maybe I should go back to Ace's and see if Barry is still looking," Tabby smiled as the barman put down the two new drinks. To test her theory that toothing was a figment of Lana's imagination Tabby deliberately passed Ace's Bar, this time watching the tiny glowing green screen for any messages. A young couple were walking into the bar Tabby was about to enter, but neither had a cell phone in their hands.


Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry

group johnnieblue44 2018-04-11

Why was I not surprised, then, to return to see that Janelle and Paul were nowhere to be found, leaving Darcy and a sour-looking Diane on their own. Darcy and Diane laughed uproariously as I told them the story, how Paul was now unwittingly tagged with nicknames such as "Small Paul" and "Teeny Feeney" by the women in the office, and he was now mystified that he couldn't bed any of them. Diane extracted my cock as Darcy and I kissed hungrily while I mauled at her tits, wiggling in her cups like two oversized pink water balloons. Duly distracted by Diane's licking and Darcy's handjob simultaneously, it took me what seemed like an extraordinarily long time to remove the lacy bra.


An Oral Fixation at its Finest

group LilTrbleMakr 2018-04-11

Letting it graze against my cheek, my chin, my lips and then taking the head into my mouth, I softly sucked him. Soft grunts and groans escaped him as my lips and tongue caressed the head of his cock and my fingers gently massaged his balls. He lowered himself again and I slowly worked my way up and down the length of him, occasionally taking him deep enough for my nose to gently brush against his soft patch of hair. I flatten out my tongue, curling the edges around him as I slid my mouth up to the head again and sucked it hard. When he stopped and looked at me, I touched the side of his face and slid my hand down his cheek to his neck.

Cornhusker Girl Ch. 08

group Irish Moss 2018-04-11

"You know, you don't have to try to entice me by rubbing those against me," I finally told her, "because I have every intention of licking and sucking your nipples, eating your pussy and sticking my cock inside you." Knowing time was of the essence, I also resisted running my hands over her smooth, bare cheeks and instead quickly extracted my cock, which was still hard, and guided it to her waiting pussy. As I was focused on pleasuring Lisa, I was also savoring the feel of Dawn's pussy sliding up and down my tool and continuing to become even wetter and more engorged the longer she rode me.


Sunburned After Dark

group cj8000 2018-04-11

Kate interrupted our little moment and grabbed Lori by the hand, "Come on, girl. Kate looked down at her enhanced cleavage and put her hands on top of Lori's, "Yes, Josh is a lucky, lucky man." I'm not sure she was referring specifically to her breasts and there was an underlying meaning to that statement. As Kate turned away from us, Lori glanced down at my wife's round ass. Lori picked up her flute of champagne and took another big sip to finish the glass while her eyes darted from Kate to me to the center of the counter top. As I was bent forward licking and sucking away on Lori, Kate's hand came to rest on the small of my back.


The Dinner Party Ch. 2

group alexis_elizabeth 2018-04-11

On Josiah's right was Beryl, then Henry, followed by Moira, Peter, Eleanor, 'Sandy' last of all Anthea who was on Josiahs left. " I apologise Sir Josiah and Eleanor, I am mortified, I should never had said what I did I hope you will forgive me" and without waiting for her husband, swept from the room. Anthea was hear to be saying that she had heard of the Anne Summers parties and knew Beryl to be right in what she said and brought more lewd comments when she actually suggested that she hoped they were opening such a shop.