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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group DireLilith 2018-04-11

"Do you know what we have in mind for you?" said the dark-haired girl, her hands on her hips as she sneered down at Jared. Blondie leaned forward, giving Jared a long lick with her tongue, right across his bottom lip. A stiff black sash made of silk was tied around Jared's head, forcing his mouth open and his tongue down. And before Blackie could say a word, Blondie was suckling Jared's cock. Blackie was now amusing herself with Blondie's tits, pinching at the dark and perky nipples, rolling both of the soft breasts in her hands. Then, as he looked down, Blackie let her tongue join Blondie's, and both began to lather and suck on Jared.

Birthday Bombshell

group AngelaCameron 2018-04-11

With a fist full of my hair, she pulled my head to the other breast and pushed my mouth to that nipple. I looked back to Charley, who leaned her head against the wall, and began to trace her hand over her breast in tempting circles. As the hand moved lower, she opened her eyes and stared down at me, spreading her boot-covered legs. Carl stroked himself and watched as she moved to her feet, dragging her hand along my leg. I moved to her button, licking it in long, unhurried lashes as she eased two fingers in and out, letting them rub across my button before sliding back in. Charley's tongue was on me, licking what she could reach, and rubbing the space were his cock met my spreading flesh.

Back to School: Incentive Ch. 06

group JohnEvans 2018-04-11

The first student fucking Jenny from behind placed his hands on her hips, and quickly had her rocking back and forth between the dick in her hot, sucking mouth and the one in her tight, wet pussy. Mark felt his balls tightened painfully when he saw Sarah's sweet lips seal around the head of his buddy's prick and saw her cheeks billowed out as she accepted the hot load into her waiting mouth. Sarah reached up and took a hold of the hard shaft in front of her and began to gently suck on the head, letting her tongue lave around the fleshy knob. The head of the cock popped past her sphincter and Sarah hummed around the dick in her mouth as the other hard shaft wormed its way deliciously into her bowels.


Kimberly, the Innocent Sex Addict Ch. 01

group kimmy81 2018-04-11

As soon as he was done pumping his seed in me, I stopped sucking Jakes cock; Matt's dick flopped out, I slid down and started sucking it. As soon as he said that, Jake grabbed my hips, set his cock at my ass hole and started to push. I didn't know what Matt thought off Jake's balls slapping his, but when I started to rock on his cock again, he didn't care! Jake then came up on top of me and slid his cock back into my dripping pussy and started to fuck the shit out of me! I bent over and started to suck Matt's cock, as Jake got behind me and slid back into my anus.

One of Two

group Shale 2018-04-11

When I was out with Laura at Lookout Point, sliding my fingers in her pussy and sucking on her breast, Brad would be studying in the dorm for a math class that he would attend twice the next day while I slept in. Brad took Laura to an off-campus motel the next night and told me how they got very oral and that she stripped off his clothes and licked him all over before taking his dick in her mouth. When Brad got in he said he met Laura in town, and they had Subs for lunch and had arranged to go with her to a movie on campus this evening, then maybe a stroll by the lakefront.

Massage Leads to Bi-Sex and More

group walterio 2018-04-11

Art was still hard when he removed his cock from Cory's ass and got off the massage table. As Art massaged the slender attractive blonde he felt that she resembled Cory somewhat and he recalled how he enjoyed fucking Cory in the ass. Cindy had expected him to fuck her ass but she allowed herself to be turned over and she closed her eyes as Art's hands rubbed oil all over the front of her body. Her rectum held his cock tightly and Art felt as if he could stay hard forever in Cindy's beautiful ass. Cindy had her head turned to the side of the massage table and she was gripping the sides with both hands as Art fondled her shapely buttocks and plowed into her.


A Fall from Grace

group dustybit 2018-04-11

Anne-Marie cleared her throat; "I'm sorry Mr Richards, Sir it's been a difficult month" (Not strictly true; on a whim two weeks ago she had splurged massively on some must have lingerie and now only had enough to pay 60% of her rent.) "I'm afraid I can't afford to pay you the full amount this month, I was hoping I could pay what I have now and then what's owing next month." Daniel's face was briefly clouded by a look of what could have been anger, but this was quickly gone to be replaced by a smile that obviously was trying very hard to appear kindly but which somehow managed to look hungry.

Shark and Minnows

group curlyspurs 2018-04-11

The moonlight provided a great view of her near nakedness and Landon had no trouble identifying her "B" breasts with small pink areolas and erect eraser sized nipples which, in their excited state, suggested much colder temperatures. While Cades finger was deep inside Kendra, Landon's mouth was busy engulfing one of Jessica's nipples. Kendra leaned back on the bed and opened her legs as Jessica began to place small kisses up the inside of her thighs before gently penetrating the warmth wetness of her pussy. Jessica had moved one hand up to play with Kendra's full breasts whose nipples, in their excited state straining for attention and reached between her own legs with her free hand to rub her clit as Landon's cock moved inside her.

Erica and Liam Ch. 03

group antooine 2018-04-11

Closing the door, Liam leaned against it as Lexy and Erica stood in the centre of the room. While Liam just looked agog at the wall of toys (he had never seen such a collection before) Erica walked over to that wall, right on the end by the changing rooms, and pulled two toys from the shelf. Setting Erica down inside, she looked at him, then grabbed his shirt and pulled him in close, her right hand gripping his shirt while her left hand undid his belt and fly, and went into his boxers to grab his cock again, stroking it and leaving precum on her hand and wrist.


The Feast

group Guru 2018-04-11

Now, Steve has begun to use his hands to knead the oil into Kris's skin, slowly massaging her breasts and upper arms, spreading the fragrant oil mixture around. Denise has begun to help Steve apply the vinaigrette to Kris's chest; they are each massaging one breast and the sides of her body, pushing the oily dressing down to her thighs. Steve and Denise begin covering Kris' body with petals and the red and green lettuce leaves. When Kris is completely coated with dressing, and has a very nice pattern of flower petals and lettuce leaves adhering to her breasts, stomach, mons and thighs, we begin to eat.


the best parts of sharing my wife Wanda pt. 1

group lovebigtits9190 2018-04-11

I didn’t know how Wanda was gona react to having a black man involved, but once she got comfortable with him which all it took was for JJ to show her his enormous 12 inch long cock! I knew Mike and Tom were both really heavy into the kinky more perverted side of sex, so without Wanda around to hear me I’d told them some of the things I wanted them to f***e Wanda to do where I could record it for later use. Hell the first weekend they spent at our house with Wanda they started out fairly normal, each one taking turns fuckin her then they ran a few trains on her as soon as one cock came out of her pussy it was replaced by another cock….

The Request: My Wife's Fantasy

group billyt98366 2018-04-11

As the student continued to orally stimulate Marie's vagina she started thrusting her hips forward and moaning, around the cock in her mouth. As quickly as the fucking pounding started the student in her vagina held his cock deep inside her and screamed out as he shoot the first load of hot sperm deep within her eager cunt. When the group had recovered the two students pulled their cocks out of Marie allowing the newly deposited sperm to leak from her ass and cunt, pooling on the bed. Feeling the force of two cocks in her cunt, Marie turned her head and smiled up at me revealing the sperm deposited in her mouth and on her teeth.

Wanda's Story Epilogue

group rpwilbur 2018-04-11

Every year, soon after their wedding anniversary, Lorraine and Bob traveled back to Provo, where they celebrated the life of Lou Spillington on the day of her death. The men in Wendy and Cindy's life were often involved in threesomes, foursomes or even fivesomes when the women added a third girl. Thus, a year after Wanda died, Anne moved away from Provo to start a new life. Shelly, Donna's sister, became Katy and Becca's legal guardian under the terms of Donna's will after Wanda-Rose died. All the Catrons were there, as was Lorraine's husband Bob, Shelly Hendricksen, Cindy Robinson, and any guests they chose to invite. It was a fitting tribute to Wanda-Rose Catron-Mettert, who was a sexual woman who died too soon.

My Girlfriend's Sextape

group magas911 2018-04-10

My girlfriend lets him for a few seconds, and I can hear her sigh pleasurably before she pushes his hand away, "No touching, I said!" She looks at him a tad too long before she pulls the other guy's shirt off. My girlfriend doesn't miss a beat and with her mouth inches away from the guy's cock she says "Sorry, I don't think I'll make it tonight." "Mmhmmhh!" My girlfriend moans with pleasure over the cock in her mouth and I can clearly see how she's wiggling her ass to get the guy's fingers further into her cunt. With her lips on the guy's balls, his big dick resting on her face, my girlfriend brings both hands to her panties and pulls them down to reveal her pussy.

This Afternoon

group CQ80 2018-04-10

You were sitting very close on the other side of me, kissing my neck, and your hand was slowly stroking up the inside of my leg, up under my miniskirt, your fingers grazing around my thong, teasing me. He took off his clothing, while you stood behind me, pressing against me, kissing the back of my neck, cupping my breast in your hand, and stealing down to stroke the curves of my ass with your other hand. Your fingers laced through my hair, and you moved steadily in and out of my mouth, not thrusting, just feeling the warm, wet sensations as I sucked you in as far as I could, my lips tight so that it felt like you were pressing into my slit over and over.


Beach Holiday

group cbrmale 2018-04-10

Julie glances from the corner of her eye; she sees Steve and Susan still holding hands, faces in wonderment at the show. Steve heard Michael grunt and come, emptying himself inside Julie. Again Julie kisses, her tongue feeling it’s way through Susan’s lips. Susan does not resist this time, instead opening her mouth to allow Julie to explore inside. Julie tightens her grip on Susan’s waist, holding her close, willing Susan to relax and allow her to explore. She rolls onto her side, pushes her legs forward from her body and squeezes her thighs together, trapping Julie’s hand hard against her pussy. Susan squeezes hard as Julie keeps on rubbing that firm regular stroke.


OH MY GOD.Uncle Jack

group adel5000 2018-04-10

A week after I asked Uncle Jack to help me, he called and told me he had a project set I found Uncle Jack talking sitting with three other men at a table in the bar. a group of five men, who also gave Uncle Jack a few hundreds. The men were not paying attention to either me or Uncle Jack, but rather unzipping Uncle Jack counted it while these men got completely nude. I felt the second black man put his long, thin, rough fingers in my pussy. “Can Eric fuck me instead?” I asked, just as Eric began stroking his cock at my face. up over my head while standing over me while men took turns fucking my pussy.

In the back seat of the car

group 2018-04-10

After a while it became quiet in the back and as we passed through a small village with street lights, Carol glanced round and in a loud voice told me that Ann was wanking Steve’s cock and then said ‘Jesus, you should see the size of it’. Ann said to Carol to really wank Steve with a tight grip and long hard stokes which he loved. So to sum up, I got a hard on and the job of cleaning the car, Carol got to wank what apparently was a very big cock and was covered in cum as a result, Steve – well we know what he got and Ann just enjoyed herself.

A Fantasy Comes Alive in Vermont Ch. 01

group jimnrider 2018-04-10

"The other one is yours" she said to the other guy, as she moved his head to her other breast, where he started playing with her nipple, rubbing it hard in his fingers, blowing on it, and taking the entire breast in her mouth. Then, as she went back to work on Sean's now very red and very hard cock, Bill rubbed the large head of his cock against her pussy for a minute, then slowly slid inside her, greeted by two long, deep moans, one his, one hers. But she stopped, looked at me, smiled, turned around so her back was toward Sean, backed up to him, reached back and took his cock in her hand, and slowly glided it into her as she lowered herself onto it.


Handsome Pt. 02 Ch. 01

group Paris Waterman 2018-04-10

When I reached her glistening pussy, I gave one long lick up her slit, causing Hayley to gasp; then kissed her inner thighs, stopping only to wet a finger in her flowing juices, and then inserting it up her ass. I did feel a little resistance, but nothing to write home about; nor was there any apparent pain to Hayley, who was already wriggling her ass around beneath me like she was going crazy. Afterward, near exhaustion, Hayley whispered between kisses that she wanted me to come to a party she was having the next night. The girls all realized that, except for Hayley, none of them could take the expensive lingerie home with them, fearing that their respective parents would not approve, and probably think they were up to far worse activity than merely modeling for each other.


Spades with Friends

group johnkelly 2018-04-10

Mike got back and started dealing, this time we both bid 7 which gave little chance for anyone to get bags, however the girls realized half way through they weren't going to win the hand and started throwing off. It was my turn to deal again and this time I thought we had a very good hand, my cards were strong and Mike said his were too, but again the girls under bid and set us and took a bag. She turned around and got on her knees took her breast and rubbed them along Mike's legs then between his legs over his balls and up the shaft of his cock and began to tittie fuck him for a couple seconds then laid back on the floor and pulled her panties off and threw them into his face.

Paula's Online Fun Gets Real

group pjlush 2018-04-10

John slowly peeled the straps from Paula's shoulders and then gently pulled the dress down revealing his wife's pert tits and black bra and down to her hips as he did he could see Andy and Ray both stroking their cocks in anticipation. "Would love to see how your tits feel," Ray blurts out excitedly as Paula turns back to him, his hand is moving a little faster up and down his cock. "Andy slow circles on my ass please," she requests, her eyes still fixed on Ray. She slowly starts to lower her hands letting her bra fall a little to reveal her tits.


Ashleigh's Carnal Friends Ch. 09

group a_diamond_geezer 2018-04-10

"Tell me what you think of her tits, John," Ashleigh said, standing over me with a smirk on her face, her top lip rising slightly on the right side – and an 'I'm here to be fucked' look in her eyes. Ashleigh reached her mouth over to Danielle's and they kissed and swapped tongues over me, while I continued to suck their nipples and press their tits together. When I arrived in the bedroom with three glasses of pink champagne, they'd thrown back the bedclothes, and Danielle's head was clamped between the wide-open legs of Ashleigh, who was sucking on her own right nipple.


Renae's Pool Party Pussy

group LitEroCat 2018-04-10

Sue and five men watched as Renae stole a look around then obediently pulled her suit down a bit and shifted it into her right leg joint. Renae scratched and rubbed her pretty pussy deeply and quickly pulled her labia open to allow her small, crimson inner lips to pop out for air. Sue began rubbing her pussy openly and firmly while her other hand covered and agitated my swelling cock. When he saw me looking, he sneered with lust and, without waiting for either of us to consent, pushed Sue's bantam top above her tiny tits then twisted and pinched her bared, perfect nipple which was already hard and tall.