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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Wife at the Holiday Party

group Atlantiz5 2018-04-10

Every guy, all of my coworkers, were staring open-mouthed at my beautiful topless wife as her tits jiggled and bounced as she proudly walked around the room. I know you wanted me to be naughty and show off, so it's okay if I let the guys you work with fuck me a little bit, too, right?" I was fine with them seeing Karen topless and even naked, and feeling her up a little bit, but actually fucking my wife? You wanted your hot naughty wife to tease all your coworkers and show off her boobs for them and let them fuck her a little bit?" You want to see all the guys you work with stare at your naughty naked wife and feel up her boobies and stick their cocks inside her?"


group marriedpervs 2018-04-10

That night at home I told Dee the hassles that Fiona and andress were having, and of my decision to help them out. I guess I've gradually warmed to the idea of having some sexy fun withyou and Dee. At first when you offered I was shocked, but then I thought that it really WAS the ONLY way andress and I are going to get this guy off our backs, and if me having a wild night of fun is the cost, then so be it." Ass the man removed Dee's fur coat, he revealed a stunning full length dress that flowed down my lovely wife's body like a second skin.


Shelly's Surprise In Submission

group Tarzan1210 2018-04-10

I worked my fingers beneath the fabric of her shirt as my other hand glided along her other arm which was pulling my head closer to her neck. When her orgasm began to ease, I moved back to her face and teased her with my cock rubbing against her cheek. Cassie's soft hand glided along Shelly's silky flesh and found its way to her full breast. So wet with anxiousness, it was easy for Shelly to slip two fingers right inside her new girlfriend's love spot. As she soulfully kissed Cassie's cunt, her girlfriend completed the 69 and took her place again into the cream filled treasure of Shelly. Shelly was frigging her lover's pussy with her free hand while Cassie began sucking on the swollen clit in front of her.

Club Cowboys Ch. 02

group anna_mcgraw 2018-04-10

After recuperating I learned from Jackie that Cowgirls were girls paid by the club under the table. By the time they woke, ushered out the guys whose names they couldn't remember I had showered and was back to looking like Casey. The final test to becoming an extreme Cowgirl included having sex with one girl and two guys in the middle of everyone on a night with more than 5000 people at the club. I saw myself standing in line that very first night wearing more clothes than I had to this club since. The next night she was to tear another girl's shirt to expose her fake tits but couldn't do it.

Paradigm Shift Ch. 02

group SteveWallace 2018-04-10

By that time, I'd come to think that I didn't have to watch KC that closely, I didn't expect Darlene to come on to me, and I'd reached a plateau in how to hold Edie at bay. I looked around, and almost everyone at the party was naked by then, even those coming from inside the house. In the past when we'd been making love, I'd wondered what it would be like to watch her being fucked, but only because I knew she'd had such an illustrious and sexual past, and because she was so beautiful. Don filled me in on the rest of the party and on how Darlene came and got KC, and they all tried to get into my house to talk to me.


Together Again

group Travel Bugs 2018-04-10

As the woman on the screen had three cocks in front of her and she sucked on each of them, Gretta unzipped Hans's shorts and pulled out his hard cock to stroke. Hans stood up and walked behind Gretta and whispered in her ear, "Let's get naked and fuck right here, don't worry there are no cameras." At that time he unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapped the bra that held her firm tits. In the meantime, Hans moved his body next to the wall with the strange cock so Gretta could stroke two cocks just like the movie on the screen. Hans pulled his cock out from Greta's mouth because and more watching her stroke another man while she sucked him and he would be cumming.

The New Playmate's Game

group MaxSebastian 2018-04-10

Penny and Anna introduced themselves to Charlie with the use of a few strategically placed kisses as Lucy began to slowly seduce Leo. Francesca turned to signal to Jonathan that they had things to be getting on with. Her confident expression denoted either a good hand or an even better bluffing technique as she stood up to pull down her jeans, revealing the small turquoise thongs underneath, which Leo tried very hard not to stare at – getting an erection at this stage might not be such a good idea, and with Penny stripping off, he could feel that tingling sensation down there that would soon turn his penis hard.


If we ever went dogging would this be your story?

group landi1 2018-04-10

I think your going to get well fucked tonight little lady, I walk across to one of the picnic tables, one of the watchers spreads a blanket over the top of the table, I plant your bum on the end of the table and turn you around so your facing me, you spread your legs and I step between them, I feel your pussy with my cock, your so wet I slip in easily, offfffhhh thats good, the young lad and another of the watches move too each side of me, two sets of hands reach out for you, as I begin to fuck you, this is so fucking kinky, your hubby's still trying to take photos but theres not much to see as me, the young guy and the six watchers all press around to get in on the action.

Nicole's Dark Night

group HungExecutive 2018-04-10

First one, and then several men stood cramped into the psuedo doorway watching the sexy little young woman worshipping a big throbbing cock. She noticed the wedding band on his finger and briefly thought about his wife and his kids knowing he was here looking at her like this, and talking so dirty to her as he rubbed his big horny cock. Nicole tilted her head back slightly, her doe like brown eyes opened fully as she looked up the veined cock to the man's face. The suit turned slightly and began rubbing the head of his giant cock all over Nicole's face as she licked all over the trucker.


Campsite Neighbors

group lover4u 2018-04-10

Alex turned on her side, gave me a passionate kiss, placed her left leg over mine so that my limp cock was resting against her warm and still damp labia, put her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes. I walked back to the RV and told Alex and Lisa that we would have company in about thirty minutes and that Harry and Jane were bringing over beer and wine. I introduced them to Alex and Lisa who smiled widely at handsome Harry wearing a dark green muscle shirt, light colored shorts and open sandals. Jane went to deposit her wine glass on the picnic table so that Harry followed Alex and Lisa into the RV.


The Third Wheel

group LustiestBeast 2018-04-10

Their friends James and Sarah had been dating for quite a while, and despite the ups and downs in their friends' relationship, neither Kevin nor Kara had expected the two to break up. Both James and Kevin felt their dicks swelling, and Kara could feel herself getting wet. While Kara stroked James's growing dick, his left hand slipped down between her thighs and began rubbing gently up and down her pussy. Sarah came on James's cock, but Kara always touched herself to cum. Kevin, watching the cum ooze out from around James's cock, couldn't hold off anymore either. "Mmmm" Kevin moaned, finally cumming, spurting his seed all over the sheets beside where Kara and James lay.

Yvonne - Nude Beach Thrills

group altaff143 2018-04-10

Seeing what was going on, every guy on the beach now came, a few others also armed with cameras, and Yvonne was soon the centre of attention with men jostling all around her to get a good view or good photos of Yvonne's body, tits, cunt, legs, ass, or just her lovely face. Under the combined sensations of having her ass-hole deeply fucked, her cunt with Rob's clenched fist continually pulling out, and then pushing back inside her body, and with her mouth and throat being slowly fucked, Yvonne's body, which had never left the stage of just verging on another wracking orgasm, entered that fantastic state once more and was totally consumed by fabulous, and so sensationally delicious as to be unbearable, orgasmic sensations that reduced her to a raving half-wit as her mind was totally overcome by her physical rapture.

Quid Quo Pro Ch. 03

group oomycota 2018-04-10

I lit one of the joints took a deep hit and passed it to Leah who inhaled deeply and handed it to Kristi. Then trying to ignore the fact that my girlfriend was eagerly looking on I moved my head towards Kristi, lamely I put my mouth over hers and exhaled. "Well you know Leah, I prefer kissing girls to boys." Kristi said while looking into my eyes, then continued. Leah immediately started licking a nipple which generated a moan from Kristi who had both hands up my girlfriends shirt. Kristi tried to kiss my girlfriend with an open mouth, Leah turned her head away and looked at me avoiding the kiss.


Al the Lust I Can Get Part 2.

group 2018-04-10

I was lying on the bed with this great cock in my mouth, my legs wide open, cunt was wet with saliva and juice, my tits were being squeezed by Paul and as soon as I rubbed my pussy in front of Paul he lost it. "Cum in my cunt." I said to Jeff and as I pulled on his balls I could see that Gina had her other hand down her shorts. "Ahh you slut." He said as he shot a load over my face before moving down to Gina who lifted her face from my cunt and copped a face full of thin cum from Jeff's rapidly deflating cock.

Happy Anniversary!

group Max_Maxwell 2018-04-10

Angela ran her hands up my thighs, gently caressing the head of my penis through the fabric, and I swear to God, I thought I was going to come, right then and there. She cupped her lips around Jenny's clit and began sucking gently, moaning loudly the whole time. She smiled broadly at me, and then pushed my wife aside, sliding her slick pussy onto my erect shaft, sitting across my penis, facing away from me. My wife – without missing a beat – crawled between my legs and began licking the shaft of my penis as Jenny bounced up and down on it. Sometimes taking one, then the other of my testicles into her mouth; Jenny lay there between my legs, licking sucking and kissing our genitals and my wife slowly fucked me.

Just One Night, For 4

group EnglishBard 2018-04-10

Do you need my tongue on your clit and my fingers working themselves inside you?" She cried out, "Yes, my God yes, finger my pussy, push your fingers into my cunt, I need to cum so much." This was the signal I had been waiting for, when she started getting louder, using this language, I knew she was too far gone to want to stop. Coupled with the sexy talk, the feel of another man's cock in her mouth, and my fingers on her clit, it was enough to drive her over the edge and I watched as she began to buck her hips, faster, and faster still, then screaming as she came hard on my fingers.


A Couple's Story

group moodcouple 2018-04-10

I lowered my mouth to her dampness and slid her cunt lips apart with my tongue, then began teasing her clit. Debby began bucking against me and pulled my face hard against her, forcing me to bite her nipple. So I pulled my panties back off, straddled his face and rubbed my pussy against his mouth. She began rubbing her wet pussy against my mouth, and I tried to lick the juices out of her. He was standing directly over me and I watched as Pat pulled his shorts down and took his cock into her mouth. The sight of Pat working George’s cock in and out of her mouth, and the sounds of others fucking in the background.

Something Sweet Ch. 01

group sammdavis113 2018-04-10

"Fuck, I could feed on your taste." His voice was a growl a second before his tongue plunged inside the gripping entrance to her cunt, fucking into her with licking strokes that had a strangled scream leaving her throat. "He...I swear...I can't stand..." She lost her breath as she felt his finger breach her ass, felt it slide slowly inside her as his lips covered her clit, his thumb slipping into the entrance of her pussy and destroying her. She was still dissolving around him as she felt his release, the hot, furious blasts of semen filling her, burning her, sending her into another quaking paradox of sensation that had her convulsing beneath him as he held his cock deep inside her, shuddering with the pleasure ripping them both apart.


Walking up to the Door Ch. 01

group CandleLit 2018-04-10

Watch him, watch my handsome husband suck that cock of yours." I watched as Steve started moving his mouth up and down on my cock, his hand wrapping around, milking it. Steve said, "He looks good." His eyes were on my cock. I want to see it in your hands." I undid his pants and reached in, feeling his warm, hard cock straining beneath his boxers. His moans became frantic, his hips arched off the couch and his hands came up to hold my head as his cock swelled and I felt the first spurt from his cock on my tongue, warm and creamy. "Time to come." Her mouth went back over my cock, her hand milking me fast and hard.

Dead End

group R. Richard 2018-04-10

Juanita lectured: "The last two years, for my school project, I got all of the local Amerinds inventoried and we set up a tribe. For most of the girls in this town the road out leads to the city and work as a low paid waitress for the very lucky and as a whore for most. I said, "We will set up a high way gas station setup, one on each side of the new road. Juanita, you will need to talk to your Amerind guys about that set up. Janelle said, "Why don't the rest of you girls kind of pass the word, gently. I said, "Not quite, I am gonna need a few 16 year old Amerind slave girls, as long as they are actually 18, of course.

Slight Misunderstanding?

group Softly 2018-04-10

Pam's mind could not track it all, yet the stimulation of her tits, and the hard thrusting of the cock made her insides tight and then tingle with a wonderful feeling. "Time for some good fucking", he thought as he got above her exposed vagina and lowered the huge cock head to her opening. Sally knew that Juno had tricks to keep from coming, so she got busy with some other girls and forgot about Pam, especially since they seldom used the Red room. Juno liked to play tricks, so he told ten of the men to quietly go into the room beyond the door and they could have a quick fuck.

What If? Ch. 02

group funtungnfrog 2018-04-10

Pam smiled, "Ohhhh, I'm sure she will and I want to lick you both clean." With that Pam turned fully to Curtis and put her arms around his neck, pulling him toward her, she kissed him deeply, letting her tongue dance across his full lips. She presses those wet fingers against Pam's G-sting, pushing them deeper between her orbs and smiles saying, "She's mine but I'm going to share her with you guys too." The four folks on the dance floor break into a hearty laugh and make their way to the back off the room heading to the same exit that Dana, Nancy and Tom went out earlier.


The College Students

group deadeye_76 2018-04-10

I decided to start the dirty talking, so I leaned close to her face, looked into her eyes, and said to her, "First I'm going to slowly tongue-fuck your pussy, then I'm going to tongue-fuck your ass, and then I'm going to suck on your clit until you beg me to fuck you." She did a pretty good job for a few minutes, so I then said "Okay, now lay back and open your legs, I'm going to fuck your little pussy." Nancy started off by tongue-fucking her pussy a little and then gently teased Natalie's asshole. My dick was wet, but I looked up at Natalie and motioned her down to lick and wet Nancy's asshole some more, adding a little teasing time to this fucking.


My Journey with Dana Ch. 02

group Olibauer 2018-04-10

The next announcement came, "any girl wearing a skirt, pick a guy other than your partner and let them work out, by touch, what kind of underwear you have on." To my delight, Jo immediately moved across and stood next to me, smiling that wide grin, her legs a few inches apart. As the cheering died down, Tom shouted "okay guys, to end the game, turn to face your partner and make your own rules." Ignoring this, Cara strolled back to her boyfriend with an angry look on her face, apparently she didn't like him getting a blowjob from Gemma.