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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ana in a black gangbang at home

group Anitaslut44 2018-11-15

The eleven inches guy positioned himself in front of Ana, who was on her knees and guided his rock hard dick inside her hungry mouth. "Her pussy is wet and ready for my cock" Said the biggest black men, the owner of the powerful twelve inches dick. "Look carefully at that, you hubby” “My old friend Boss is stretching your slut wife`s pussy out” He said laughing. As she sucked Rufus, Boss got hard again and came up behind her with his twelve inches piece in both hands. As I closed the computer, Chas was on top of Ana again, plunging his twelve inches black hose into her and filling her insides with more semen.

Big Women Crave Anal Lover

group Samuelx 2018-11-15

I'd publish articles on the subject. That's how much I'm knowledgeable on the subject. Once she was done, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and looked at me. I finally came, amazingly too. What happened there was something else. A tall, large and lovely woman with dark bronze skin, long black hair and pale green eyes. This time, though, she was in civilian clothing. Man, this chick looked good with a cock in her mouth. This is what happened during that unforgettable night. She told me that she liked doing that almost as much as she loved getting a hard cock up her asshole. And I must say I'm loving these nights of mine!

My 25th Birthday Present

group LeahLidocaine 2018-11-15

Moaning and sucking hard on Rob's cock, I felt him begin to throb and realized he was gonna cum. Dan and Rob took turns face fucking me, until I feel the familiar throb of Dan's cock and sucked him hard and tickled the tip and shaft with my tongue until his load hit me in the back of my throat. For a few minutes I stood there bent over getting face fucked and my pussy beaten, enjoying every second of it, when Rob suddenly hit my g-spot. I wrapped my arms around Rob, grinding myself on his cock rubbing it against my g-spot, while letting Dan pound my asshole.

Whatsapp Orgy With Friends

group bava12 2018-11-15

Initially started with kissing and hugging pics, things went more and more erotic. Eventually it became like we were having more and more sex to post pics in the group. Where else would a group of sexy couples think to go for a trip except Goa? We all went on a sexy trip to Goa. We listed out things to do in Goa. Our top priority was to have an orgy party. Our partners sat on our laps cuddling while we watched the couple getting more and naughtier. One more couple too started fucking along with us. One couple had sex in their car while we stood around protecting and also watching them. One more couple fucked in a mall while trying out different clothes.

My first threesome

group MissyLuvsYa 2018-11-15

It was the end of spring semester of my senior year of college and by that time I’d had sex with three guys, all three I had dated for at least a month before I had sex with them. I walked ahead of them wearing only my panties so they could watch me and stopped in the doorway turned toward them and stood their several seconds with them both looking at me with these hungry horny wanting eyes and then I slid my panties off dropping them in the floor right in the doorway and said, “Well, c’mon!” As soon as Roger had cum, Sean got on top of me and started fucking me again.

How I became The Volleyball Team's Slut - Part 3 -

group GoJohnnyGo 2018-11-15

“Sluts, those butt plugs will stay in NO MATTER what.” Cassie began, “if you are caught without them in, you will lose all your current slut points that you have accumulated, and your slutty ass hole may require some attention from Buster.” Cassie grinned, “There is one catch for today; we have your numbers, but you do not have ours. “Furthermore,” Cassie continued, “you will receive one slut point per cock or pussy you are fucking at the time of receiving our message. I quickly found the slutty photo of my ass in the air with a cock deep in my pussy, and my mouth sucking the other guys cock.

Twelve Inches of Black Man Power

group Samuelx 2018-11-15

Especially after the porn movie casting directors got a look at my twelve-inch, uncircumcised black cock. I began working for Black Superstar Studios, a fast-rising amateur porn company that was making waves in the industry. My co-stars in the video were Mr. Dixon, a tall and lean, light-skinned brother with long hair and green eyes along with Captain Ebony, a big and muscular, bald-headed, jet-black stud. The female stars were Janet Jock, a petite, busty and big-bottomed, dark-skinned black woman, a lean and muscular, light-skinned black woman with bright red hair named Estella Wood and a chubby, fat-bottomed gal of African-American and Asian descent named Sholonda Lee. Straight-faced, the light-skinned black woman took a massive cock up her tight asshole without so much a grunt.

Lazy Day or My boring day turns to porn filled orgy heaven

group fruswife 2018-11-15

I'd had a wonderful afternoon fucking and licking Kathy, and now we were standing at the party watching two women make a man cum as he was bound to a frame in front of lots of people. We must have looked good, because before long I felt two men approach from each side as I gave the guy in my mouth a blow job, and they sprayed their cum all over my arched back and shoulders, and some even onto my ass cheeks as shorty fucked me well. The men who just came left my side, but were replaced by two more cumming cocks, and before long there was a pool of sperm forming in the small of my back, just out of reach of the crack of my ass as I sucked and was fucked.

1. New York Secret Lesbian Circle - Initiation

group aristidis500 2018-11-15

I felt her breath and tongue on my slit as I pulled open Bebe’s small hard arse cheeks and buried my face as deep as I could into her wet blond pubic hair. You were classmates I guess…?” Natalie smiled and nodded but before she could say anything Sandra turned her attention to one of the older ladies; “Margaret, did you know that Natalie here was a classmate of Bebe?” The woman on the far end of the lounge came over and introduced herself. The ladies stood around the bed sipping champagne as they watched how the black girl pointed her long dark strapon dildo towards Bebe’s red open slit and slowly pushed it in between her light pubes, into her pink fleshy opening.


group ashly 2018-11-15

When he had me naked the three of them gathered around and we all got on one of the mattresses.One guy started in to suck my dick and another was comeing on my face from behind. I shoved my dick up her ass and started in to suck off the red head while I was hand fucking her. The red head kept grabbing two dicks and shoving them both in her pussy at the same time. One of the brunettes said she was a selfish bitch and they started to fight so the three men each grabbed one and threw them down on their back and started to fuck them, so I just went from one to the other fucking the guys in the ass and then rolled them over and fucked the women in the ass.


Diary entry 6/21/11

group tazznjazz 2018-11-15

Finally getting my wind and a measure of sensibilities, I pounced on my slyly grinning Adriana in a greatful embrace and shimmied down her sumptuous body, showering lingering kisses as I progressed downward, I shimmied her thong down her sumptuous hips and clamped my mouth on her delicious honey box that tasted like vanilla to my loving lips, tapping my fingers on her soaked clit as my tongue explored her intimate recesses, biting her thigh between languid oral ministrations on her beautifully wet cunt. I suddenly felt a sharp smack on my ass and Adriana loudly said''I know you saw him first, but I want!'' like a little schoolgirl, and joined me in a sexy kiss on the head of his cock, our tongues meeting mid lick, then going different directions, then homing in on each others again as Mar'e laid back with his hands behind his head as if this sort of thing happens everyday!

Just friends

group ricky12345 2018-11-15

My wife Lisa and I were longest married, followed by Kit and Denny and Abby and Len. The six of us did everything together, from partying to camping to vacations. Abby was a slightly chunky redhead with a great ass who loved getting big loads of cum dumped deep in her asshole. Tammy had slid off my cock when she had finished cumming, and she and Kit were watching Denny smack Lisa's ass as she bounced up and down on Len's cock. I had waited a long time to watch Lisa take hard cocks in both holes. Kit had a big grin on her face and she was looking at my cock pound on Abby's asshole.

The Hijab Hunter: Moroccan Beauty

group Samuelx 2018-11-15

At the age of eighteen my father, Reverend Theodore Morrison of the Fervent Hope Baptist Church of Nepean kicked me out of the house when he caught me getting busy with Liam Lloyd, a white dude who lived next door. The first time I laid eyes on Choukri ( or Miss Djibouti Booty as I called her in my head ) I was late for my Business Ethics class and looked for a seat in the crowded lecture hall packed full of students. Someone in my row dropped a pen and like the helpful soul that she is, Choukri bent down to pick it up and handed it to the timid-looking Asian chick it belonged to.


Freeway Threeway, Chapter 3

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-15

Knowing that we would be getting to Jack's sister's house today (her name is Tina) and that we would soon be adding a fourth to our little group, we decided to have a good breakfast that morning. Now I understand that a "working girl" like Angel puts on a bit of a show to make the client feel good about their performance, but I'm convinced that wasn't the case this time. I went back to licking and sucking on the stiff little nipples in front of me as Angel began gyrating her hips on my cock, moving back and forth and getting my cock to touch all the right places. As Jack and I got to work loading the moving van up, Angel and Tina sat in the kitchen talking.

2 4 1

group smiler77 2018-11-15

  The conversation took a turn onto a straight and narrow street, myself, my friend, John and Clive enjoyed our separate evenings. Then I felt two tongues on my pussy together, and that and the image above me was too much to bare, I cried out gripping both of their heads as I came very noisily into their hungry mouths. All three of us watched ourselves, urged on by how good we looked, they both held me tight as I cried out “Fuckkkkkkkk I’m coming” “Fuck!!!!!!!” The muscles in my pussy, and my ass, contracted and spasmed and in seconds Clive and John were filling both my holes with cum. “Fuck, that looks so good” said John, and Clive twisted his hand.

The Wild End of Summer, Chapter 2

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-15

"Nice, John, yes, I think I'm going to enjoy this very much, and I'm so ready," she murmured as she swung up over me, held my cock and eased down over it, driving it up into her then began rocking back and forth as I massaged her generous breasts. I'll tell you all about it but right now I just want your cock in me, fuck me, John, please," she begged and I got up over her, suddenly excited that it was looking as though she'd had a good time of it.

The Department Store

group jena121 2018-11-15

While this was going on, Jean wasn’t going to be left out and she moved up beside me and French kissed me.  As she lay alongside of me, Karen took the opportunity to insert her index finger into Jean’s pussy and her thumb on her clit, rubbing those sensitive places and bringing my darling Jean to such a climax.   Karen kept it up and inserted more fingers into Jean’s cunt, working it for all it was worth.  I loved the idea of all of us enjoying this at the same time.  Jean then started to suck my nipples and playing with them, I knew I was going to cum again.   I reached up and played with Karen’s tits, those beautiful massive boobs that first caught my eye.

Back at the Golf Club

group nickitaylor 2018-11-15

Angus let go of my arse and took a tit in each hand, mauling them, clawing at them as he fucked my tight wet pussy over and over again. But the time I had spent with Landry, Angus and the chairman that morning had left me exhausted--and that was on top of the previous day. I knew he was going to cum soon, and just as he gave a final almighty thrust, I felt Bill's cock twitch and deliver a mouthful of spunk. He took it as a come-on and pushed his cock into my arse; thank God he went slow (though I am sure that was as much for his pleasure as my comfort).

Limousine Fuck Ride Surprise

group MindFucker2 2018-11-15

“Oh Mike honey, what a great gift you have given me, when can I open and fuck it.” My mouth getting wet and wanting to suck on those tits and lick pussy very badly. You pull her arse off the seat slightly, enough for easy access for your rampant tongue, using your thumbs on either side; you start to lick her clit and pussy lips. I spread my legs for easy access as you run your hand up my leg to my crotch sliding two fingers into my wet pussy as your other hand is fucking her slit and clit faster. I am getting juicy and it is running down my thighs as you are watching your woman tongue fucking Jill, with the luscious tits and sexy eyes.

A day in Edinburgh

group Eve 2018-11-15

I slid into the bubbling hot water next to Tom.   “I was just about to come and look for you,” said Tom, “sure you’re all right?” “Yes, I’m fine,” I said as I leaned over giving Tom a big soppy kiss at the same time reaching down and grabbing his penis.   The guy was wanking hard and I thought I’d better leave before he got other ideas.” Toms cock stiffened even more and he returned my French kiss with more passion than I’ve felt from him in a long time.     “No,” said Tom, “come on in.” Mark slid into the bubbling water, placing himself next to myself, but keeping a reasonable distance between our naked bodies.


Honey, sweet Honey pt II

group Skarletta 2018-11-14

Since there was no way for me to get his entire cock in my mouth - it was just too damn long - I stroked my cum covered hand up and down the length of him while I sucked hard and fast on his rounded head. Tommy sat on the bed watching as Honey and I took turns sucking Rob in. I slid my hand inside, pressing my fingers in between the swollen lips. I wanted to close my eyes and get lost in the moment but I couldn’t look away from his face. I turned toward him, fully wishing to climb on top of him and find out what that gigantic rigid cock felt like buried deep inside my whetted body.

Titties Bay

group Dehumanization 2018-11-14

You rest your head on my shoulder and I kiss the base of your neck, stepping forward into me you feel the press of my hard cock against your hips and a sudden jolt of excitement runs through you. The man beside you takes your hand from his shaft and stands up, you hear him moving down towards the woman and she is thrust forward her hair slipping down on your hips. She is a small woman one with soft and silky smooth skin her hips are exposed and the gently rocking of the man behind her pushes her tongue gently in and out between your pussy and clit.

We Weren't Prepared for Camping Chapter 8

group QBBC 2018-11-14

Tammy noticed that the third lady (she named her Zoe) had taken control of the movie camera from Dick, zooming in getting close up shots of Tammy’s pussy and arse both being licked and finger fucked without any breaks in attention. Joe meanwhile had lain down on the ground with his head at her feet, and looking up at her cunt, was also taking picture after picture of all the action working her pussy. In the earlier shots Joe focused on Tammy’s swollen mound in the foreground with her tits skin wrapped in her T-shirt in the background, and now with her clothing removed he perfected his position and camera shots of Tammy’s naked cunt and tits. As Tammy turned slightly she saw that Zoe was now bent over Dick giving him head, and whilst she could not quite see his cock being sucked off she could see Zoe’s swelling pussy lips from behind clearly portrayed below her tight little arse.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

group Ciri 2018-11-14

If you are sleeping, Santa will come quicker and I know he will bring you a very special gift,” I said laughing. Maybe I can get a few of my friends to play some of the other reindeers for Bill’s special gift; after all it is Christmas so why not make his fantasy bigger in reality. ‘Comet’ kissed him too as she grabbed hold of his semi-hard cock and started stroking slowly. ‘Comet’ collapsed next to Bill and I slid down to suck his cock that was oozing pre-cum. When Bill noticed what was going on his eyes opened wide and his hot, thick cum started flowing straight down ‘Prancers’ throat, much to her delight.