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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

George's Erectile Dysfunction

group Stormysailor 2018-04-10

Well pleased with the night's performance, George and Milly said that the following week they would like a foursome with Mel and Janice. "This boat has two main sleeping cabins, I suggest we all use the one bed until we get sleepy and then I will take Mel to the other cabin," said Milly, "The crew work and keep watch four hours on and four hours off in turn so we have to keep our shouting in ecstasy down a bit, we don't want reports of rowdy corporate guests going back to George's employees." Mel pushed his cock in to Milly while George messed around with his limp cock in the area of Janice's pussy.

Another Reunion with an Ex Ch. 03

group JamesSD 2018-04-10

"I have also tasted pussy, and hunger for more." Emily closed her eyes and Isabella closed the final gap between them, pressing her lips against Emily's in a passionate kiss. "We'll let you work that off one "thank you" at a time," Emily replied, slipping free from Isabella. Having came, Emily slid forward gracefully, popping my erection out of her tight, freshly fucked pussy. "Emily convinced me to let her take a turn cleaning while I take a shift fucking," she said, quickly stripping. Emily took a moment to watch Isabella and me before turning around and heading back to the kitchen. We watched a little television in the living room with Isabella cuddling up against me and Emily curled up in our big comfy recliner.


How to save a mariage part 2.

group 2018-04-10

Heather left me, dropped to her knees in front of her husband and slipped his pants to the floor to show his lovely firm cock, reminding me of how good it looked earlier in the day. Heather pulled away from him and stood up, Mike then dropped to his knees, edged over to me and took my solid cock in his hands, wanking it a few times before wrapping his lips around it and working the tip with his tongue. It now went on in a flash, the three of us were on the carpet, my cock now between Heathers lips, Mikes cock in my mouth and his tongue lapping at her wide open cunt.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 57

group SteveWallace 2018-04-10

My first bout of news I didn't want to hear came from Brita shortly after our guests departed. I think we were all introspective about the event, because after their departure we seemed to talk about everything but Brita's decision and her wedding to Nils. We weren't even sure the man knew about Mark's Danish love interest, but better to be on the safe side. The security guard had finished with Mark and was walking back towards his station near the front door. Mark, Doug, and the fire chief on scene got together in a huddle. The security team I sent thought they saw Tanner running from the scene, but can't be completely certain it was him – right build and ran like the wind.

Outback Fantasy Ch. 04

group IT1250 2018-04-10

I take my throbbing member and start to stroke the length whilst I watch my wife rubbing sunscreen over Richards back, her hands running over his bare butt and between his legs; his cock already hard from watching my naked wife working on me. I start to tremble in pleasure, looking over at Richard's glistening member, I notice the pre-cum glisten off the end, and seeing my wife, who up until two days previously had never even held another cock is there giving the two of us a fantastic hand job. She looks back at me, "Come over here, I want you fuck my ass," as she gets down on all fours, "but first you need to get it well lubricated with your tongue." Turning to Richard, she says, "I want you to fuck my mouth.


Splurge Ch. 01: Waitress Gets Dessert

group sweet_lusciousdesire 2018-04-10

Looking at Tatiana's perfect lips he added, "Working at the Splurge office gives me access to what we need to pull this off. Alison had never been attracted to other women but as they completed their participation papers she felt a tingling in her pussy while looking at Tatiana. It looks like you're trying to cheat the system and I didn't pay good money to be cheated, especially when that wench is such a hot little morsel," Stewart said indicating his desire for Tatiana. "Hmmm, keep going girl, I'm sure likin this," Stewart said his cock springing to attention the moment Alison dropped her terry cloth robe and revealed her stunning figure. When he left Alison closed the door and turned around to look at Tatiana.


The Hazing Ch. 02

group jallen944 2018-04-10

From her very intimate position over Pam's ass, Donna watched George get himself into place between Pam's legs and work the head of his cock into the lips of her pussy. Licking his lips at the sight of her luscious, round ass and the juicy lips of Donna's pussy, Al quickly yanked his cock from Pam's mouth, leaving her gasping with her mouth hanging open. Donna's eyes were wide open as she watched George's huge cock sliding in Pam's ass. Donna kissed Pam's ass, then tilted her head up and licked George's groin just below his belly button. Pam was relieved when George yanked his cock out and the next thing she felt was his cum splattering on her ass and she shrieked and came, her body twitching convulsively.

Well... Ch. 18 Pt. 02

group Pegleg 2018-04-10

The pleasure of making love to Mary in the morning and then the sheer lust of the afternoon, emptying my juices all over Tanya's huge chest as she came so hard from watching Brian and Ann. Mary was not taking a passive part in this however, flicking her fingers over Brian's balls every time they came near her throbbing pussy, she was moaning and instructing him exactly how she wanted that giant prick to satisfy her urges. Ann turned her head and as she did so James withdrew from Tanya and standing next to her head pushed his cock towards her mouth.



group stitcherblue 2018-04-10

You lean over to give me a long kiss and I’m surprised when I feel Steve sit down close to me on the other side and run his hand over my ass. As I start to suck his cock, he slides his hand down my back over my ass and inserts his fingers into my pussy, thrusting them in and out as he moves one to swirl it around my clit causing me to moan. He brings his hands up and lifts my breast to his mouth and starts sucking the nipple of one as he massages the other continuing to fuck me. As we catch our breath you come close to me and give me a kiss saying that you enjoyed watching me get fucked a lot.

College Cathouse Ch. 12

group DaviBlack 2018-04-10

"What?" Stacy asked defensively, "I'm worn out after a night of hard fucking here . "He's had a non-stop hard-on for the past five days?" Jess asked, "That poor guy." The next day Kelsey informed us that after a little teasing about all the other cock she'd had before she got home she did indeed suck him off. "Do you think some time you could set it up so that I could fuck a guy at my place?" she asked. I waited a while until things slowed down a little bit and then I headed over to James and Kelsey's place. Kelsey got right between my legs and took my cock in her mouth again.

One Spring Morning Ch. 03

group a_student 2018-04-10

Rachel's oil slick ass slides on Dave's belly until her cunt-lips cover his cock tip. Sandy's slick cunt has more zuftig oomph, but Rachel makes up for size with fierce force of will gaining ground on the three-way cock, cunt, clit sliding frenzy. Rachel's legs pull Sandy into a tight hug as they kiss deeply, tits rubbing one another and pussy's juicing on the shared cock. She settles his cock deeply in her body, then launches her little ass into motion, whipping short hip tilting clit rubbing rabbit fuck strokes hard against this cockroot. Every stroke of Dave's dick into Sandy bumps Rachel's ass rubbing her sensitive clit on slick skin.


How I Met My Shemale Pt. 04

group Eroticalover1968 2018-04-10

It hardly matters. It was going to be a long night. Might as well hear her out. Her body surged; Dammit, she woke up. Angela loves her stories, especially the one written just for her? She whispered my instructions—my part to play. Joyce pointed at my cock, "You mean?" They nodded and laughed and laughed. Had her ex husband known that side of her? No matter. I remained on my knees in the closet stroking my throbbing shaft. "Oh, that's an understatement. Joyce, that bitch. "We didn't part on the best of terms." Talk about understatements. "Hungry? You sound hungry!" She smiled her best fifties Hollywood smile. You're a prostitute." She remained so damn calm. "Calm down.


Why I Became A Male Cheerleader

group jbwalker 2018-04-10

The other cheerleaders were Ashley, the busty brunette, Allison, the dirty redhead, April, the fox with black hair, and Alicia, the sexy blonde. “Yeah, and start with me,” said Ashley, releasing her brunette hair from a ponytail, pulling Fred over, and shoving his head between her legs. Ashley started to moan a little bit, as Allison got under Fred and began to tug on his pants. Fred watched in amazement, as April penetrated Alicia’s pussy with the fake member, then began to pump in and out of the blonde like some wild animal, her black hair falling over her face. He got up and walked over to Sasha, who immediately tore off her cheerleading shirt, revealing that she didn’t like to wear a bra.

An Unexpected Encounter

group fabfables 2018-04-10

I could see his naked figure - a strong tight back with firm muscular cheeks and as he turned slightly his erect penis swing gently. Soon I lay as naked as they were, stretched out on the day bed, Ann kneeling on one side, holding firmly onto my rigid cock, Simon kneeling on the other slowly unbuttoning my shirt, his hand gently brushing my chest with each one. I moaned, as looking up I saw Ann's round firm breasts swinging gently as she played with me, while stiffly to attention between us was Simon's erect penis, wobbling and swaying gently as he slowly worked his way down the buttons. She bent forward and kissed the exposed tip of Simon's cock then sat back and watched as I pulled it towards my mouth.

It Happened One Sunday

group exjock 2018-04-10

Erin moved down to get her head under me, taking my balls in her mouth as Ashley kept sucking. Erin quickly moved Ashley away and took my cock in her mouth to finish me off. Ashley broke away from Erin's pussy and lay back groaning loudly, "UUUUUhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnn, Yyyyeeeesssss!" She let loose with a small stream of juices all over my face and in my mouth. Erin then looked at me and said, "Charlie, eat my pussy again, lick it clean," as she climbed over my face and lowered her womanhood to my mouth. Erin kept wiggling her pussy all over my lips, and as she continued, she said, "Lick my ass now, Then fuck me in the ass with your tongue." She moved up to put her asshole in reach of my tongue.

Wild Oata - Liam and Steve

group twistedgraygoat 2018-04-10

I went back to taking as much of Liam in my mouth as I could while Steve climbed onto the couch behind me and positioned his cock at my very wet love opening. I sucked Liam even harder and he came in my mouth as Steve became fully inserted in my vagina. I was still swallowing Liam's cum as Steve began pumping in and out of me. I immediately moved around and began feeding Liam's cock into my vagina as I sat on his lap facing him. I wrapped my legs around Liam and pulled him in as tight as I could while using my vaginal muscles to milk every last drop of cum out of him.

Her Desire Ch. 02

group Sledge-Hamr 2018-04-10

As the Professor entered he looked at Carolyn with a sly smile and said, “Hello, Carolyn.” That was all he had time to say before Bonnie grabbed her by the only piece of clothing she had on, a long white T-shirt that came just down to the bottom of her tight little ass. Her right hand grabbed hard at Carolyn’s thigh, unconsciously, as she looked into the Prof.’s eyes then started to kiss down from his neck to his chest. Carolyn looked into her friends stare as she said, “Oh yes, a hard cock in my pussy and You touching my tits. Bonnie felt the words move through her entire body as she answered seductively, “Oh yes, Baby, I liked it.” She leaned to Carolyn and kissed her passionately as her hips moved faster and pushed harder onto the Prof.’s lips and tongue.

Tim and myself 1st trip to Hedonism 2 in Jamaica

group blondeslutforblacks 2018-04-10

I told Tim I was going to the hot tub did he want to go he said he was tired and that I should go and have fun. Anthony asked if I would be interested in going to a local bar tonight and getting a drink I said sure that Tim and I would love too. Just as one guy was about to press his cock into my Pussy Tim must have said you have to wear a condom. I saw Tim in the corner with a black eye and asked what had happened and told Anthony that if his friends were going to act this way I would never fuck them again.

Team Effort

group spoonerism 2018-04-10

I smiled and nodded, now completely nude before the young woman sucking hard at my stiff cock, her mouth sliding up and down the first few inches while she worked the rest with her hand. "Do you like the way daddy eats your pussy?" my wife asked, coming up from sucking on her young tits to tantalize her. My wife, now that I was fully inside Kelsey, removed her clothing and stepped over to Kelsey's head and presented her own wet pussy to the nubile young thing currently getting fucked from behind. My wife, smiling up at me, worked my balls from underneat while I jerked my cock, aiming at Kelsey's waiting face.

Sandy & I Ch. 4

group Bull10 2018-04-10

She reached for the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head leaving those beautiful orbs with their little brown nipples open. Instead I raised up and hooked my fingers in the elastic of her waist band and pulled her shorts off very slowly, enjoying the sensation of the nylon slipping over her smooth muscular thighs and down her long shapely legs. Sandy expected me to lick off the sticky gooey marshmallow, but I didn't instead I wiped it off with my finger and placed it just below that hard clit inside her folds. That got a groan from Sandy and she started flexing her abdominal muscles to rub her clit against me and get some motion out of the cock she had herself impaled on.


The Sales Office Ch. 05

group timelord1963 2018-04-10

Using the phone right next to the computer Kia called Albert and said they both needed two weeks' vacation time. The Master told Xena everything is in hand, not long ago Kia and Elie and four cocks in hand and the bruises will take a while to heal. William told The Master, "I love Elie and Marta and I am sure Kia as well if I knew her. For those who do not know me I am Kia, Marta and Elie's good friend, I am with them out her is this God forsaken place." Elie got all the records she needed for the people back home and asked, "Could have something to make Marta sleep on the plane."


Theresa's Trip Back to College

group shoeman1965 2018-04-10

As Hannah's hand went higher and higher, Theresa started getting a little quieter – nervous but excited. Hannah reached Theresa's panties and started to rub her pussy, getting her hot and bothered when they arrived at the party. One lay down in front of Theresa on his back, moving his face under Hannah's pussy and started licking. Theresa bent over on her knees to start sucking on his cock as the 4th guy moved behind her and started licking her pussy and ass. He would fuck her mouth while Hannah started to rub his cum all over Theresa's body. They were both so cum hungry at this point, Hannah would start licking cum off Theresa's body, then would move up to kiss her.

Missy naughty (slutty) schoolgirl !!!

group oohmick69 2018-04-10

his hands cup my bum too and his fingers find my special hole --- yes this is what i want ---- as his finger slides all the way in -- i cum on his cock and squirt on his stomach --- my head is buzzing as he pounds my pussy ---- this is hard fucking not just passionate there is something else tonight -- aggression ?? Mick eases her panties across --- i rub the ice over her 3 red lines --- does that feel good i ask her ---- yes thank you she says --- as they start to melt Mick spreads her cheeks wide --- 1 cube goes into her soaking pussy ( she is so wet ) and the other --i f***e into her open bum hole .....

Delilah's Special Weekend Ch. 03

group DeeAnne 2018-04-10

I think it’s time you filled me in.” Delilah said, relieved to know Karen was finally ready to unload the misery she had been carrying around. Delilah moved her hand in and out slowly in a fucking motion, while Karen pushed her tush out further and bent forward slightly giving Chad quite a show. Seth and Dale, and you, have been my only happiness and link to sanity these many painful years.” Karen smiled down at Delilah as a single tear fell from her chocolate eyes. I told him he needed to recall our conversation about a ‘healthy settlement’ or else the firm got the love notes and mommy got the pictures.” Karen boasted.