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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

4-5-1 Salamandy's Pad - May Day

group CopperSkink 2018-04-10

She swept up Sam right in the middle of the first real battle for him between Spring and Marissa, and strangely disappeared five or six months later for a few months more when it was time to start college. I'm sorry, what can I do to make it up to you?" she said, again on her knees and staring straight up at me with tricksy eyes, slowly swallowing every bit of my cock like none of the other girls in the house could do. Spring got on her knees beside me and started kissing every bit of wetness on my face where she smelled Mandy.


Our Girl and the Truckers Ch. 02

group MadaamMeg 2018-04-10

The man with the skinny penis pushes himself in to my mouth and starts fucking in long smooth strokes. He directs our girl to sit on my face, and he pulls her head down so he can take turns fucking my pussy and her face. Someone climbs on to the bed above my head, and a dick pushes between my mouth and Our Girl's pussy. She slides her fingers inside of me and begins fucking and pushing the cum out of my pussy and onto her hand. I open my mouth, relax my throat, and try to not let anything get in the way of the man's cock fucking my face.


group taleserotic 2018-04-10

Waiting at the first light, I opened the remaining buttons of my blouse and Tom lifted Sally's hand to touch one of my breasts, naked and exposed in the late night air. Sally lowered her arms in the relative shelter of the roof, her bra slipping off as she did, and I moved to her, brushing my bare chest over her full breasts as I kissed her for the first time. I don't mean that there were really all that many girls throwing themselves at Tom when he played his guitar in the bars, but he said that having a girlfriend actually did seem to make other women more interested.


Santorini Paradiso Ch. 01

group lamoureuse 2018-04-10

Costas, her friend's husband, was already dressed, his hair still wet from his own shower, and was pouring what looked like Ouzo into small glasses with the hotel owner. As Elena turned toward the bar - looking over the heads of the people in view on watch for her friends- her gaze was caught and held by two men. Elena slowly turned and had to look up at the man with the shoulder length hair and green eyes. Elena was nervously aware that this touch turned her on - which caused a riot of guilt in her brain, since only moments before she'd been passionately kissing his friend Adonis.


Ex Fun at the Theater

group xxx_photos 2018-04-10

We drove to the theater telling how she wanted to feel my dick deep in her pussy while she sucked the cum out of another dick. She began to suck on the dick making loud slurping sounds while I started rubbing her ass. She stopped sucking long enough to tell the guy in the doorway she liked to see a dick cum and told him to stroke his dick for her while she went back to sucking the dick in the hole. She pulled away from the dick in the hole and directed the cum down on her stomach and tits as she shoved her ass down on my dick.

The Silver-Haired Sex Gang Ch. 09

group phunandsex 2018-04-10

I was too busy concentrating on the task at hand which was unloading my load of hot lava in Arlene's red and swollen pussy but there were bodies all over the floor of the yurt fucking like crazy, legs flying everywhere, assholes being penetrated, cocks thrusting in and out. My eyes were closed while I was thrusting and all I wanted was to shoot my cum inside the pussy I was fucking. Kay took her hand to wipe the cum off Renee's leg and proceeded to lick her fingers clean. I positioned her on her back and pushed her thighs into the blanket and pushed my throbbing cock inside of her soaked body and began pumping hard and fast.



group hondo1906 2018-04-09

In it he told me how she had been set up and now loved black cock. Well one guy had to excuse himself, then when he re-entered the room, he was totally naked with his 10 inch cock hanging down. Well after this, they made her turn over, one guy said this ass looks good to me, she said no but they laughed and said yes!!! The guys all had a turn with her like this. One guy goes with her and she is a slut at parties with black men. I have no way to contact these guys, but the letter said I would be updated from time to time.

Clia and the Soccer Match

group stopeggo 2018-04-09

Unfortunately [for her, but not for the story] Clia had been under a little bit of a growth spurt and the last correctly-fitting sports bra she had was in the wash (which their parents had taken to the Laundromat while they toured schools with her brother). As luck would have it, Clia had got stuck right next to Russell and Mark. "That's alright, we should stay here until it lets up a little...then we can run back to my house, all of us can" said Clia equally slowly, and with a curl in her lips. "Let me help you with these," Russell said, sliding his fingers into the waist-band of her soccer shorts. Clia took turns taking Mark and Russell.

Cuckold with Librarian wife 2

group summerjacks 2018-04-09

When she put both our cock heads in her mouth for a second I was ready to blow...Jon had bent under to suck her breasts and she started putting her lips over my head and doing what she had done to Jon and I started cumming and Jon said I just came sucking her awesome breasts...At this Point started making her self cum rubbing Jn's large load over her breasts...we watcher her cum for about 5 minutes of bucking and humping...I stoked her hair and Jon had his had on hers grinding her clit...After this we all just melted down into some silence and enjoyed the afterglow...after which we went back to sipping our wine in silence...I put on some music "Fomentera Lady" from the Islands CD by King Crimson.

Claire & the Painters Ch. 01

group clairelovescock 2018-04-09

Standing, they took their cocks in their hands, and I wrapped my arms around a leg each as I lapped enthusiastically at the proffered organs, my mouth wide open as I ran my tongue freely over the glistening heads. With my right hand I pulled on Harry's shaft, pressing the warm flesh of his dick to my cheek, rubbing it against my face, smearing myself with the slippery fluid seeping from it. Just when Nick thought I was through with him, I stuck out my tongue and licked his balls with his shaft buried in my mouth to the hilt, a trick I love to use if guys aren't too big.

Adventures of Wendy

group wendy52 2018-04-09

I could feel that my pussy was getting wet, not just with the sweat of working out, but by the sheer thought of Nathan fucking me doggy style and me giving him a blowjob and swallowing his cum whole. Nathan’s eyes were shuttered with excitement as I kneeled down and put out my tongue to suck off the pre-cum from his virgin cock. I lifted myself up away from Nathan’s cock, my pussy was dripping with young white cum. But I asked him to pause a bit and flipped over and started to do a 69 as I sucked off his cock from remnant cum and pussy juice.

Nancy's Neighborhood Swap Club

group Alex_Ho 2018-04-09

Fred and Nancy thought it was a great idea and wanted to see if they could get something like that started in their neighborhood. Nancy told them about the couple who said they went home and started a monthly neighborhood swap party after their first experience at Roman Weekend. Thoughts ran through their heads like, "I wonder if we could start one here", "I wouldn't mind fucking some of the husbands around here", "I wonder if I could have sex with Nancy." Ann removed her own clothing and said, "I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before." She forced Nancy down on the couch and kneeled in front on her. When Fred got home that evening, Nancy told him all about their coffee clutch discussion and what happened with Ann afterwards.


My Wife Melinda Takes Two Plus Eats Pussy - Part 8

group 2018-04-09

Fuck Sara's pussy while your wife keeps licking it." Dante lowered his face down near Sara's ass and spoke to my wife whose cum-soaked face was visible between Sara's thighs. I want you to lick his cock and balls as he does the bitch and you watch him fuck her pussy. I slowly pulled my cock out of Sara's cunt and after a few seconds my load worked its way out and ran into Melinda's mouth. "Thanks for show," Dante said to me, "Now we are all hard and ready to get some more of your wife's white pussy." I stepped back as Jerome and dante helped Sara off Melinda.

Sheila's Adventures in Adult Videos

group SteveWallace 2018-04-09

In my first job in porn if the owner was nice and handsome they may let him appear in part of the film, thus he'd get to fuck someone like me." She gave me a Cheshire cat grin as we stopped. Powder usually takes care of that on them, sometimes on Em's body too, although often Wes likes the natural sheen of a long fucking session to come through, particularly if he's using back lighting. She grinned at Em and me, and said to no one in particular, "Thanks, I needed that." Carlos had obviously hardened some more and the low groan from his throat told me he liked Nancy's move.


I'd Like You To Meet Eva

group quad68 2018-04-09

I could video the whole scenario, paying close attention to Eva's cock as it slid in and out of Sandra's willing, wet pussy...the suggestions were almost too much, and just as I felt I'd cum out of sheer exasperation, the solution came...Eva was nearing climax, her back arching, her ruby red lips back over her white, clenched teeth, her face a picture of pure ecstatic intent, her nipples hard. Sandra sat forward looking up at us expectantly, one hand wanking her clit, the other massaging a giant nipple...Eva turned her face to me, opened her mouth, panting heavily as she neared orgasm, and we kissed quite hard, our tongues working was too much, and I ejaculated heavily, my hot, white jets streaking and slapping over Sandra's upturned face.

The Experiment

group DawnJ 2018-04-09

He smiled again, remembering that the girls --he had taken to calling Anna and Beth that in his mind -- had decided on this outfit together, and that they would dress alike for the duration of their time together. "Come on, let's hurry up and clean up the kitchen, so you can get a head start on this year's crop of boys!" He laughed again as the girls rolled their eyes, and Anna looked at him like he had lost his mind. Devlin watched them walk into his favorite sister-in-law's house, and his mind went back to the woman he and Anna were about to meet for the first time.


Runaway Bay Ch. 06

group crystal607 2018-04-09

Shortly before I closed my eyes, I saw that they had allowed Barry a movie camera to use, and he was filming from within the house. Shortly after that I felt the thin string of material that ran between my legs being pulled to the right, exposing my pussy to whoever it was and the cameras. I was soon with my hands above my head, with my eyes covered and my bikini bottoms having been taken off and pulled back up just my left leg to my thigh. I'm sure that I must have cum shortly after it landed on my pubes and between my open lips as the feeling inside me was incredible.

First Time Swingers

group wakedad8 2018-04-09

Frankie got a little more engrossed in the moment and just kept going licking and nibbling all over both of Katie's boobs. I got down on my knees next to Katie and began to rub her lower back and butt with one hand and massage her dangling boobs with the other. That did it for me and I pulled my cock out and Katie finished stroking it as I shot my load of spunk all over her Frankie's tan tummy and hot tiny tits. Katie jumped up and began slurp, lick and suck all the cum from Frankie's body as she squirmed in delight. Frankie seemed to be incredibly flirty and Don just kept sitting right up next to Katie and kinda brushing his hand up against her anytime he got the chance.


Punished hard

group rahul24355 2018-04-09

This time we became angry with her.that night we forcibly dragged her into our room removed her dress and fucked hard.a total of 12 members played with her for nearly 4 hours.we punished her with electric toys.we brought two toys which will makes small shock, one whip, spanking stick, huge wax candles, huge stapler, large rubber bands, some needles to torture her.on the first night of her complaint, we tortured her with spanking stick.we spanked her breasts, buttocks and her pussy region.we took a video of it and showed it to her.we warned her that if she will do any thing without their permission we will show that video to each student.we insisted her that the next day when she comes to collage she should not wear any inner wear.

Alan in the Office Ch. 03

group Hypoxia 2018-04-09

Little red-headed Tim from DB Security lounged in the cushy executive swivel chair behind Xenia's cleared-off desk, waiting for her to lock her door. I rolled and spun on the blanket-covered desk till my legs hung over the edge, my feet aimed at Tim. Xenia leaned down and gave my cock another good suck, then turned around and settled her butt into my lap. Tim rolled her desk chair forward, leaned down, grasped Xenia's ankles, and pulled them into his lap. Tim and I worked out our usual rhythm, rocking Xenia's body back and forth like slow-motion ping-pong volleys. Alas, my limped-out cock eventually slipped out from inside Xenia, and she pulled her feet away from Tim's grasp and rolled beside me.


Paradigm Shift Ch. 05

group SteveWallace 2018-04-09

Kelsey said to her, "I hope you don't mind, but a little later I'm going to borrow Matt so he can fuck my lights out." Kelsey bumbled around in my crotch until she found my cock, and then she took hold and started to bring me up to a 'ten.' When she wasn't kissing me, KC was. As I paid meticulous attention to her breasts, not rushing the evening, Kelsey said, "I like your naked body against mine." She reached down and grabbed my tumescent cock pulling it up between our bodies so she could rub against. It's so warm." Kelsey had another peak orgasm, and then we both floated down as I moved onto the bed and held her in my arms, kissing her all over.


In the sauna

group Gez71 2018-04-09

The complex is made up of various rooms of a variety of temperatures and when we ventured into this moderately humid room, we sat there relaxing when two slim, long haired beauties walked in wearing swimming costumes. A conversation started and it turned out they were two single ladies who had booked in for the weekend. Jackie turned to Sarah and sensuously peeled her swimsuit off her and down to her waist, kissing her as she did so. As Sarah twisted her hips to accommodate Jackie, she slipped out of her swimming costume, then helped her friend out of her swimsuit. Standing behind Jackie, Sarah slipped her long slender hands around her friend's hips and to her pussy.

A fantasy just especially for my hubby

group 2018-04-09

I finger and suck her til she cums – juices are soooo wonderful – she is soo wet and ready for you…….how do you want her – I want to see her on top of you taking you alllllll in before you fuck her from behind while she licks me clean – she’s riding your cock up and down – she’s moaning at the pleasure – u feel so good inside her - slowly and gently at first – you squeeze her breasts – she bends over you so you can suckle them – mmmmm she moans loudly as I finger her ass while you thrust upwards into her.

Two Wishes

group TamLin01 2018-04-09

Luc obeyed her missive to relax, leaning back with his hands behind his head and watching his wife kiss Anna's sweet, picturesque little pussy. Nadia pulled her elf away from Elise's pussy for a moment, saying in Italian (as she always did when they were in bed): "My God, you look amazing." Luc only grunted in response, reaching down Anna's back and grabbing a handful of her hair, pushing her face against Nadia's pussy. When it was all over Anna and Elise curled up on one couch, cuddling, while Nadia threw her arms around Luc, kissing him as hard and deep as she could and then snuggling up against his neck.