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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Last-Ditch Therapy

group Thomas_Foxx 2018-04-09

Dr. Brogan left the room, and Lauren looked at Alex with pleading eyes. Lauren pushed the throbbing head inside and lowered herself slowly onto Alex's lap while keeping her eyes on Dr. Brogan. Dr. Brogan firmly said, "Not yet." Alex and Lauren both stopped and looked at him. Now, she was riding Alex hard, and he was groaning with pleasure while Dr. Brogan intensified his efforts from behind while squeezing Lauren's tits. I suggest we make the most of Lauren's arousal, and go for another." Alex opened his eyes, looked at Lauren, and said, "I'm going to need a minute, doc." Dr. Brogan obliged and began to pump slowly, hands on both legs providing a beautiful view of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

Spirits of the Sleeper

group Allan_Arbinger 2018-04-09

"Sunny", Pastor Gabe pitched his voice to his daughter who was standing around trying to look engaged at the snack and drink table. "Sunny," beamed Pastor Gabe, "this is Charles or Charlie, excuse me. She looked at me seriously and asked, "Charlie, do you think I am pretty?" She laid the large towel upon the ground as if it were a beach towel on some sunny beach. "It's good to see you again so soon, Charlie," said Pastor Gabe as he welcomed me into his study. For an instant, Charlie's mind's eye played back the scene in the woods of Penny walking from shore to blanket. Pastor Gabe began, "Charlie has told me about you briefly but I would like to hear it from you."


Not in Control

group DBarclay 2018-04-09

This felt so good as the surge of sexual electric flowed through me, he used long strokes nearly getting to the point of coming out before slowly thrusting back in again, and pinching and playing with my nipples at the same time, then I noticed he was keeping pace with the penis in my mouth, so I speeded up that one up a bit and sure enough he speeded up as well, This was wonderful I was virtually in control again, I slowed down with my mouth and the one inside my honey pot slowed again

Boys' Club Ch. 02

group jalbpowsl 2018-04-09

As Tom walked back, John selected Nathan, whose wife fit the classic model of the curly-haired, starved-past-the-point-of-hotness Jewish woman, who enjoyed having her nipples twisted and her pussy slapped. If you want to see my tits bounce, just wait until the next round and bounce them yourself." The group laughed and, as if in response, David moved quickly to her breasts, placing his hands underneath them and, while cupping them with his fingers and palms, ran his thumbs over her nipples. Alan walked calmly to Leigh and did much the same as he had done the last time they'd hosted; he went directly for her breasts, followed by her ass, massaging and kneading each in turn.


Beer Party

group Tenorhorn 2018-04-09

When Hal pulled up in front of the nurse's dorm, I was surprised to see Lou in the front seat with him. In short order, Hal was playing with my nipples and Lou was rubbing my crotch and I was getting real antsy. Hal unsnapped my bra and Lou slipped his hand into the front of my panties and started fingering my pussy, which by now was getting quite wet. Having played with them before, I knew what to expect when I grabbed them and started slowly jacking them up and down. Feeling incredibly erotic, I asked, "What do you want to do now?" And, it didn't take very long for Hal and Lou to agree that a nice, slow blowjob sounded good.

Wife Swap IV

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-04-09

“You know," Danny said after a bit, “we should try and see who can make the other’s fantasy come true first.” “No, go ahead,” I replied, stepping to the side to allow Danny and Sam out on to the dance floor. Heidi stayed quiet while we watched Sam put a hand on to Danny’s ass and raise her dress, exposing her bare ass. Danny, in turn, pressed herself up against Sam as they worked their way to the corner of the dance floor. I took Heidi by the hand as I stood.“Come on,” I said, “grab your shoes.” I put my hand on her waist, just like I would have done for Danny.Heidi didn’t speak.

Lit Ch. 1

group WetBiChick 2018-04-09

But Melissa had met Jon at a mutual friend's party last month, and they'd been together ever since. She saw that Melissa's bedroom door was closed, so she figured it would be another night with her candle and the thin wall. Just as she was about to close her own door - her pussy already wet in anticipation - she heard a strange sound coming from Melissa's room. Jon sat on the bed, stroking his massive cock into life and staring at Melissa. Jon looked up at her, saw her staring not at her friend, but at his dick and smiled at her. He put a finger to his lips and smiled deeper when she closed the door.

After The Dance Is Over

group toffy 2018-04-09

Kay bent down and kissed Marlene just as passionately all the time saying between mouthfuls "Fuck him Marlene , fuck him, let me put his cock in you, I want to see you fuck, I want to see his cock in your pussy." This was a side of Kay I had never seen in all the years we had been married, and I realised just what a sexual being she was, and it completely set me free. As I looked at Marlene's sexy back and arse and she pumped up and down on me I felt Kay's mouth start to work its magic on my cock, and I could feel Marlene go into sexual overdrive as Kay's tongue lapped at her clit.


A Vacation to Remember Ch. 05

group CuriousCouple24 2018-04-09

As Patrick tread water two hands grabbed his cock and Marie and Elaine's heads popped out of the water right next to him. "Joe let's get closer to Marie so she can suck both our cocks.," Patrick said. Marie smiled up at Joe as she opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth and began to suck. After a minute or so, and at least one orgasm produced by Elaine, Marie switched and began sucking Patrick's rock hard cock. Watching Joe cum in Marie's mouth drove Patrick over the edge and he shot his own load deep into Elaine's eager pussy. Joe and Patrick stumbled back to sit down and Marie climbed off Elaine's face and brought her own close as if to kiss her.

Hot Tub Trio Ch. 02

group Turbidus 2018-04-09

"I wouldn't turn down another scotch," Chad said softly before tilting his head to look at Amy. Amy's eyes when from Chad's throbbing cock to Vince's face. Amy watched fascinated as Vince's tongue touched the base of Chad's cock where it joined his scrotum. Amy looked puzzled but as Chad laid back in the bed she hooked an arm under his leg when Vince pushed it up. "Wow, just like the little kiss he gave me," Amy thought as Vince rested his head on Chad's thigh and looked at her. Vince contented himself with nuzzling Chad's thighs, watching him eating Amy's pussy. Watching Chad's tongue dance around Amy's beautiful tight little know of an ass, Vince went at Chad's ass with renewed vigor.


Gangbang Fantasy

group BroadiRed 2018-04-09

I gave the dice over to my wife and she very carefully shook them in her hands, she rolled them out on the bed, a 3 and a 4 was the result I looked into her eyes with a wicked smile on my face and a rock hard cock to back it up, she just stared at the dice with her mouth wide open, I asked what was wrong to which she just gulped and said "you want me to screw 7 men in one night!!


Whore Elle: Gets a Job

group WhoreElle 2018-04-09

'You may insert it in you cunt once then shove it in you arse.' I went to remove the dildo from my sex only to be stopped, 'I did not say you can take it out, maybe we do have stuff to teach you,' Realising now he wanted me to double penetrate my cunt, I lifted my ass off the car seat and slowly inserted as much of the dildo as I could, the pain was great but I was still far to turned on to care, removing the butt plug from my cunt I eased it into my ass, feeling it fill me.' I had been in some threesomes with some of the guys I use to run with back home but since moving to the city most of the sex I had was work orientated and the massage parlour wasn't really into group sex, so it had been a while since I had been this filled.

Two For Me

group Dr. Bull 2018-04-09

The trip home was quiet all three of them fell asleep, the kids in the back seat, Kris next to me, she had changed into a loose fitting button down flannel shirt her breasts still unrestrained bounced each time we hit a bump on the mountain road. Kris came in from the side slipping my penis into her mouth, working it deep down her throat, Karen sucked my left testicle into her mouth and rolled it on her tongue then moved to the right one. We got out of the hot tub and dried each other off, Karen and Kris went up stairs to check the kids and I headed for bed, it had been a long day.


group sunny7390210 2018-04-09

James has asked me if I would like to suck someone else's cock while he fucked me. John looked at me and said "fuck ya" I couldn't believe fantasy was about to come true. On the way there James kept telling me how badly he wanted to see me fuck John. James and John sat on the couch I went to the stereo and put on a song that I could dance to. When my body relaxed I removed John's cock from my mouth and turned to kiss James. John kept fucking me until he was close then he pulled out and John and James spewed their wet cum all over my tits.

Can I Watch Ch. 02

group jushorny 2018-04-09

I lifted my ass and watched as my cock sprang free, Jess' hands pulling the shorts completely off. "Tell Jess to use her mouth Mark, I want to hear you moan as she sucks you, I want to hear you groan and grunt as you shoot your come. My cock jerked both from thinking of Ben naked and from Jess' mouth as it opened and slowly sucked on the head. Jess let my nuts fall from her mouth, her hand slowly stroking my cock as she looked up. When I heard Jess and Ben telling me how good I was, telling me it was obvious I liked to suck cock, well...I would leak more pre and make the wet spot in my shorts larger.


I'm Sorry

group Gethelred 2018-04-09

I can remember the look in your eyes, the first time I suggested that we should go to one of those clubs; you weren't morally against it, but still you screwed up your nose, making an adorable expression. I saw your nipples tighten earlier; I watched you now, as your hand found its way across, to rub your breasts; the other, down, between your legs. She thrust slightly, and ran her hand down; I couldn't quite see, but I'm sure she opened her lips, and let you look all the way inside her. You parted your legs between hers, letting me in; you moved yourself harder against Rory, your breasts pressing through your shirt and against her nakedness.

Seven Dates Ch. 02

group smagic 2018-04-09

He greets me with a smile and then looks taken aback when I hand one beer to Giant on my right and the other over the shoulder to University Boy in front. As I take Giant in hand University Boy turns full to face me, presumably to thank me for the beer. My right hand beats a rhythm on Giant's cock, my mouth engulfs University Boy and is being pushed ever deeper with each thrust from Him behind. I turn my head up and to the right and meet Giant's eyes, they are alive with the orgasm that is sure to come soon given the speed he's got my hand working at.

A Certified & Professional Slut

group English Bob 2018-04-09

Maggie wanted to help the proceedings along, and flipping June's skirt up and over her ample butt she licked her lips as the older woman's pale blue panties were revealed. James could see the moisture leaking from between the folds of June's pussy as his wife had indicated, but he was too excited at the prospect of fucking her to look for very long. Assisted by his wife, and to the sound of Maggie's loud moans, he opened her vaginal lips as wide as he could and eased the massive head of his erect cock into her pussy. "Well doctor...I mean June, This has been great, but apart from showing me how to make James's cum in my mouth, you still haven't solved the problem of him actually fucking me, have you?

Decisions Ch. 01

group Romantic1 2018-04-09

About five o'clock, Pam had stuck her head in my office and said, "I still want to fuck your brains out full tilt. I thought some more and said, "So this is a big calculated risk that at the time we choose no one will walk by his office on the twenty-forth floor." She kept nodding in agreement. After ten minutes of intense fucking, Pam had cum a couple of more times and I hit that point of no return. I took the train out of the city; my friend and co-worker Russ Perry met me at the station and we drove together to the large estate where the match was to be played.


Laurie's Milk Ch. 04

group TheAdventurer 2018-04-09

"Well, I mean, Alex knows that I like girls" said Danny slowly, processing Laurie's words. Steve and Alex roasted chicken breasts coated in a Cajun spice rub on the barbecue as Laurie prepared a Greek Salad in the kitchen, while Danny leaned over the counter top talking about investing in new bar in the city, bouncing baby Angus on her knee. As one they turned to Steve and Danny, and Laurie's eyes widened in surprise while Alex only smiled. I want your pregnant pussy to get so used to me fucking it that you get wet every time I walk in the room." Danny moaned into Laurie's breast listening to Steve's words.


Poolside Posers

group cruiser_2015 2018-04-09

But as well as Lucy's naked body to play with, over her pretty brunette head I could see the TV screen, where one of the guys was leaning back against a rock shoving his cock forward, with one of the girls squatting wide legged on the sand in front of him with his cock in her mouth sucking him off while another of the girls stood next to him with her thumb and forefinger round his shaft stroking in time with the other girl's lips. With Lucy arching her body into leg spread, breast thrusting positions every bit as erotic as the poses of the porn models on the screen I got her moaning and gasping wild with my fingers and tongue on her breasts, her bottom, between her legs, and tickling the inside tops of her thighs.

Stripping the Boss

group jennanips 2018-04-09

Phil complied with her unsaid request and slowly removed his briefs, half hiding his small, pink penis with his hand, not sure he was ready to expose himself to her. "Phil, how am I supposed to fuck that?" she frowned, pointing towards his genitals, "your belly is so big I don't even think you could get that little, teeny, tiny penis inside of me." She laughed and then turned to face the men. "Well, since he's not man enough to fuck me, who's first?" Toni challenged, looking over all of the men before fixing her eyes on Mark, who at ten inches long and as big around as a coke can, had the largest penis of the group.


New Years Eve Resolutions

group chicagophotoman 2018-04-09

We carried the drinks in to the Living room and once we got settled Frank and Chris bounded in, they looked like they had worked up quite a sweat. We all watched it grow in her hand, Samantha, Alex, and Sarah all licked their lips and said, "Ok, lets keep playing!" I won again and made Alex get naked, she pulled down her thong facing away from us and looked over her shoulder and smacked her own ass. So when Mary won Samantha was forced to get naked, she gave us all a mini lap dance rubbing the girls faces in between her ample tits and grinding her ass in Mark and my laps.


Sexual Education 101

group CV 2018-04-09

Her body tenses up, and she shakes all over, her pussy contracting around my fingers as I rub her G-spot and lick her clit and around her little pink lips. Stacey was moaning loudly, and I had my face buried in her muff, two of my fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, rubbing against the inside of her pubic bone. I ran my fingers through Jen's soft blonde hair, and gently nudged her head towards my lap, "feel free to return the favor any time," I said. Heather was bucking wildly against Stacey's face, her hands clutching the back of Stacy's head, holding her tightly against her pussy. Jen laid down beside me and rested her head on my chest, as we watched Stacey and Heather.