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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fixing the Neighbor Ch. 03

group spaldan 2018-04-09

"We figured you two could cross off both the initial requirements at once," Claire explained while tracing her fingers over my ear and running her hand through my short hair, "sexual activity in an open area AND with other club members. As Claire's mouth sucked hungrily up and down my pole, I watched Andre slip his member into Nikki's pussy. With just his cock head left inside of her, Andre grasped Nikki's thin hips with his large hands and pulled back on her as he carefully thrust his full eight inches into her. Claire's hand joined her mouth, pumping up and down my slippery dick, as Andre pumped his long cock in and out of Nikki's tight pussy.


Wife's Night Out

group B. Beattie 2018-04-09

The men would pull Sam's thong out and put their hand with the money inside, getting a good look and feel of her pussy. Kathy looked stunning on the stage dancing topless, big eyes, long legs, trim waist and firm tits. Kathy kept moving her hands over her tits and inside of her panties, caressing her pussy and nipples with her fingers while watching the men. Kathy's beautiful tits and trim blond pussy was being looked at by 20 guys that all wanted to fuck her. When I told her she had danced naked with Sam and had let men put their hands in her panties and play with her pussy she told me she did not believe me.

Teen Goes To Swinger Party Ch. 02

group Southernstud97 2018-04-09

"Open wide," she says, as she dropped her massive ass with full force onto my mouth. I open my mouth and start licking Carly's ass. Keep licking my ass you sexy boy!" I start using my tongue more and more, making Carly moan more by the second. I open my mouth and start eating her pussy like never before (well because I never done this before so... After the door shuts, Ashley gets on my face and I open my eyes to see a big black male in front on me, standing in between Ashley and Carly. "How does my sexy tight boy toy wanna take it." I bend over onto the bed, exposing my big white ass cheeks to the BBC.

J&M and the Swing Club

group SuperBill 2018-04-09

J moved her hand to my cock and began lightly stroking it to hardness. I felt a rumbling deep inside my balls and told her I was ready to come, after she had cum for the third time with me. She lowered her head to my wife's pussy and began to lightly lick and kiss the opening. I was very surprised when my wife began licking J's hard nipples. The girls began kissing each other with a passion I had not seen from my wife, in a long time. He moved to his wife's ass and began rubbing his cock against it. My wife moved to my hard cock and began deep throating me.

Ingrid's Au pair's Adventure

group angelfeathers 2018-04-09

“You do it Mike,” Uncle Pete said and I found myself taking up where he had left off, ramming my hand into Ingrid’s soaking wet cunt, “She’s got a real tight bum-hole I’ve been wanting to have a go at!” Ingrid really groaned, cried, begged, thrashed and bucked as I worked my swollen meat up her nicely stretched ass, her spunk filled butt helped make it easier but her eyes were watering like mad and she made protesting mewling sounds for a few minutes but these soon became mewls of pleasure as I began to thrust inside her butt vigorously and Uncle Pete did the same from the front.


Alan in the Office 02

group Hypoxia 2018-04-09

Xenia, the lean Greek woman with curly jet-black hair and nervous feet, and Sylvie, the spectacular black ('colored') girl who switched contact lenses to match her vivid clothes and body decorations, now worked nearby. Xenia slid down between Moira's legs and gave her a good tongue-lashing. Sylvie got on her knees, straddled Moira's head, stuck her tits into my chest, and sucked my tongue down her throat. "Let's ask him." I pulled the little stuffed toy ferret from my bag and asked, "Reggie, would you like Andrea to rape you?" I wagged his fuzzy head up and down. Suzanne's mighty ass rested on the sofa's arm; Fanon stood between her raised legs and pounded away.


Five is a Party!

group vhornybimale 2018-04-09

The cocktail tasted so good and I swallowed a lot to leave a gorgeously strange sensation in my throat which I wanted more of and it wasn't long before my needs were fulfilled as I felt Dave's balls tighten in my stroking hand and rub on my chin as I licked both him and Lana as he came both in her ass just millimetres from my open mouth which was rewarded by him pulling out to share his wads of hot spunk into my mouth and over my face and her fucked ass. I licked and swallowed as Lana moved slightly to pour further ass cocktail juice slowly into my tonguing mouth which Jayne wanted some of and licked Lana's ass and my face free of all external spunk to which Mike continued to reward her with by swapping fuck action from her pussy to ass as he watched.

All Brand New

group Sable1347 2018-04-09

The very first day at lunch time I went down into the bowels of the court house and was introduced to Harry Summers the old guy that keeps all the records and thousand of files of every kind. I was about to lean forward and lick the smooth skinned head when Harry said "Melissa my dear why don't we go into the house where we can both get undress and enjoy the comfort of my bed. Harry looked at me and said "Well Alex you will not get an invitation like that every day. I was excited because I wanted to feel Alex join in the fun and take me from behind as I swallowed Harry's cock.


"Ask Anna Anything" Ch. 05

group Anna_Exposed 2018-04-09

He had brought his phone up to the bedroom and took numerous photographs of Anna's lovely tits: just sitting, jiggling gently; cupped in his big hands; with his cock between them. He made her text her own phone from his so she'd have his number, saying, "I know Len's hot on this anonymity business but if you do have a kid after this, ring me when you're lactating so I can give you a hand managing your milk yield." Anna found the idea of this big, burly, rubicund man feeding from her breasts perversely arousing and pleased him by cumming as he fucked and suckled, her lithe limbs locked around his hips.


Unexpected Delivery

group CatherineTheGreatest 2018-04-09

Bulge took his hand away from my pussy and Mick thrust three fingers into my now sopping wet cunt. Bulge didn't have Mick's stamina, or maybe I'm just a really good cocksucker, and a few minutes I felt his cock begin to thicken in my throat. He took the encouragement and I felt his fingers move around to my cunt, filled with Mick's cock, gathering some lubrication. Mick's big cock was still throbbing in my cunt and Bulge was still deeply imbedded in my arse. "Yeah you can do it Catherine," Mick cajoled as he too pushed his fat cock further into my eager cunt, "come on, blow for us again."

Tag-A-Long Ch. 01

group behindtheseeyes 2018-04-09

"One room or two?" He asked in a somewhat more gentle tone. I saw him turn back towards the hotel clerk behind the desk and he repeated my previous statement: "Two rooms." Two absolutely, stunningly beautiful girls... Two absolutely, stunningly beautiful women walked into the hotel lobby. They were talking to each other while looking at, what seemed to be, pamphlets of some sort. She had long, straight, beautiful, flowing black hair. She was wearing tight jeans and a short, black puffy coat, and black high heeled boots. "Come on, Jordan." Josh handed me my room key. I got up off the bed and started pacing around the room a bit, trying to think of something to do.

twins emma and laura

group 2018-04-09

2 weeks a go i fuck a 18 old girl i allways like fuck a 18 old girl her her was emma shes was a virgin i meet in town few weeks back so this day shes come back to my house we had sex it all start when saw me have a wank shes call me a perv at first than i was luck her tits fuck her ass she give me a blow job shes was real good . 2 weeks late i found out shes was a twin i met her twin laura fuck them hard on my bed i must say laura was best in bed


group Starlight13 2018-04-09

"You really shouldn't be doing this…" she slurred. There was one other reason to value his friendship. That friendship with them seemed to moderate their behaviour towards me. Last week, following an after work drinking session in a pub, I heard myself invite him back for a coffee. "I really think you ought to shag me", before lapsing back into her slurred, happy mumbles. "Shouldn't be doing this." She muttered as he eased her onto all fours, parallel to settee. Her vague mutters turned in an "aaah" of pleasure at the feathery contact. I wasn't prepared for this. I wasn't ready for this… ulp. He let out a happy groan, and muttered a quick, "Bitch" at her.


Camp Happy Landings Ch. 02

group mrpuk2u 2018-04-09

I looked over and saw Millie coming down the path wearing what I was sure was one of Donna's bikinis. This gave me an idea and I swam up slowly below her tube and reached up and gently caressed her ass along the edge of her bikini, starting at the bottom of her ass and running my fingers up until the reached right beside her pussy. As she said this, she began to very gently rock against my fingers and I saw her hand, which had been on the rim of the tube, slide over and under the fabric of her top, gently pulling and rubbing the nipple.


Thong Fantasies Ch. 03

group Smooth_Bi_Guy 2018-04-09

Whilst our tongues explored each other's willing mouths, I felt Gloria's fingers circle my smooth, engorged shaft and start to pump it slowly. I sucked one nipple gently into my hot mouth, my tongue still twirling, whilst my fingers encircled and teased her other breast. Eager to taste her flowing juices, I parted her outer lips with my fingers and pressed my tongue against the moist, pink flesh. She reached down to her own pussy and started to finger her recently battered clit as my swollen cock thrust in and out of her slick hole. I took one last look at her gorgeous body, before she slipped her dress over her head and smoothed it down over her thighs and still damp knickers.

Summer of Innocence Pt. 02

group Erlikkhan 2018-04-09

Emily was screaming and moaning from the feel of my cock deep inside her and Amy's tongue against her pussy and clit. Emily had pulled away from Amy's mouth and was getting off on two fingers she pumped in and out of her cunt. I coiled her fingers around my slippery shaft and moved her hand back and forth so that she was jerking me off while the tip of my cock was still inside Megan. I moved the head of my cock in and out of her cunt lips, rubbing the tip against her fingers and clit on each stroke. Rachael didn't let go and soon her whole hand and my cock and balls were dripping with cunt juice that poured from Megan's quivering pussy.


After Careful Negotiations Ch. 01

group Buff_Husband 2018-04-09

"I can't believe that we're actually having this conversation," addressing Anna across the restaurant table, "I'm a bit nervous, are you sure we want to go through with this?" "OK, sure, if you feel like he's truly not interested, we can have a code about 'Merlot'?" she said looking at the empty wine glasses. God, I love the feeling of hot cum on any and all parts of my body." I explained, perhaps a little too enthusiastically, "But, fine, no problem." Secretly I was glad that Anna had at least a couple of things that were off-limits in this exercise. Before leaving the restaurant, I sent a text message -- "Hi honey, dinner with Anna went quicker than planned, and we're thinking of coming back to our place."

Friday Night Surprise

group Christopher41 2018-04-09

The one you couldn't stop looking voice rising so she can hear me...the one when we got home that night you told me you wanted to go down on...well she's here ...getting right next to your ear as you feel her hands on your skin as I whisper and were going to fuck you all night like the good slut you are. Your mouth works her clit and you start fingering her and her moans turn to screams and she tells you what a good little slut you are, I push the head of my cock inside you as she grabs your head and explodes on your tongue I drive every inch in your soaking wet pussy.

My Family's Nudist Colony? Ch. 16

group regularguy13 2018-04-09

Wendy said with a chuckle, "So you want to know what it's like at a Hedonism resort. Dave said, "Wendy and Walter, we are going to add a Hedonism section to the resort." "Speak for yourself old man," Wendy said winking at Dave. We plan on having some young, hot looking talent, but to be honest with you, we also want to have Wendy's fun-loving attitude and your experience Walter." As Wendy went straight to the hardcore action, Walter and Angie kissed and let their tongues get to know one another. While Dave and Angie were having their meeting, Bree and Chloe gathered their naked friends Carl, Clay, Peter, Paul, Pablo, Piper and Tracey inside their cabin.

Christmas Surprise Ch. 02

group nikkie 2018-04-09

‘Just a little bit,’ he said pleadingly, ‘please, just a little bit.’ He rubbed her pussy and in a few minutes, she started trembling, then thrashing and finally wildly slamming against Martin’s fingers, which never left their place between her legs. Finally, Martin positioned himself onto her ass, holding his cock with his right hand, and grabbing her hip with the left. She stood still, face full of discomfort, but now little yelps escaped her throat, becoming slightly louder as Martin started pushing inside of her a little harder. We finally slumped on the bed, I exhausted, Daria probably exhausted and thankful that the invasion had finished, Martin on the other hand didn’t look all that exhausted to me.

Teen Titans, Go!

group CianPerrel 2018-04-09

Before he could say anything else, Mylene, his girlfriend, stood up next to him, and said, "It's okay, honey; I think Beast Boy is way cuter then Robin." I got in the first one, with my girlfriend, Christy, and Mylene; while Serge, Mike, and Jesse got in the second. Jesse had the cowl of her Raven costume pulled back, and was sucking Mike's cock, while Serge had slid the bottom of her leotard over, and was fucking her doggy style, while holding onto her cape. Jesse stopped blowing Mike long enough to look over at my cock in Mylene's hand. Christy broke the kiss, looked at me, and asked, "Honey, is it okay of I try, you know, with Mylene?"


Further Filth from Michelle

group lolaenglish 2018-04-09

"I want you to go and suck on Steve's big, fat cock." I continued to her, still pumping my fingers in and out "and while you do I'm going to go and suck your boyfriend." On hearing this, Ben unbuckled his own belt and both of us girls moved across the room to the two men, sat side by side on plastic kitchen chairs, cocks in their hands. Having seen Steve's cock before, I knew that he was endowed with a short but very thick cock that had the wonderful advantage of stretching a girls cootch out as he banged you, but Ben's penis was new to me.


Boring Night Gets Better

group mfitalian 2018-04-09

Through one door I hear a woman's voice talking to someone about sucking cock and getting fucked. I brought my face up and saw her sucking the guy next doors cock through the hole. The woman sucking my cock jumped up and started to lick my lips and chin where this girl's pussy juice was. Just as she finished cumming I heard the guy yell out as he filled the girls mouth with his seed. The older woman jumped up also and brought me to my feet guiding me to the girls waiting pussy by my cock. As I settled down the older woman dropped to her knees and sucked my cock clean before pushing her face into the girls pussy eating my cum from her used twat.

Craig's Scuba Dive in Barbados Ch. 01

group scubasam61 2018-04-09

Brenda told Craig that she was leaving for Barbados in two weeks for a one-week vacation with her 22-year-old girlfriend, Vanessa, an Irish Red Head. That evening Craig mentioned to his wife that at the family reunion Brenda invited him to join her in Barbados on a scuba diving vacation and that he was able to get time off from work. Craig's wife knows how much he loved to scuba dive so she told him to have a great time, just remember that Brenda is family. During the kiss, Craig reached under Brenda's Dive Vest to start teasing her breasts rolling his finger over her erect nipples. Craig removed his regulator swam over to Brenda and started sucking on her small sensitive breasts.