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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group campmaster 2018-04-09

Both Mike and Carl smiled as they discovered Marie and Gabrielle in each others arms, giggling and playfully caressing each other. It would have been readily apparent to Gabrielle as well, however, she was occupied with Marie's tongue in her mouth at the time and was too late to notice before Carl slipped under the water. Reaching down, he removed the hand Mike had been stroking him with and said, "No hands." He then grabbed each side of Mike's head and began to stroke his cock in and out of his mouth, using him as his personal fuck toy. Pulling away, Gabrielle closed Mike's mouth with her hands and said "Swallow it," which he did.

My First Experience as a HotWife

group HotWifeMandy 2018-04-09

By the time we got to the bar after the game, my husband started complaining that he wasn’t feeling good. By the time Dan stuck his fingers inside me, my pussy was burning to be fucked again! I felt a pair of hands spreading my pussy lips, then something warm and hard pushing its way inside. Shane and Dan continued pumping their giant cocks deep inside my pussy and ass for a few more minutes. I couldn't believe how good it felt and I caught myself screaming "fuck me , fuck my pussy." The other guys cheered Shane on. Without any time to recover Shane pulled out of my pussy, quickly f***ed his way near my face and sprayed me down with his hot, white cum.

University Diaries Ch. 03

group luvuwthoutmeasure 2018-04-09

I wanted the guys to have complete access to my tits, pussy and ass. He lifted me onto the big wooden table in the work room and bound my wrists and legs with something like handcuffs but they were looped to these spiral bolts so I could be turned completely without being released. He stroked my puffy pussy lips and said, "What a wet little whore you are." I heard his zipper and the sound of this pants falling to the ground. The next thing I knew, John had straddled my face and started rubbing his balls and cock on my mouth. I put his big cock between my tits and squeezed them tightly around his dick and gave him a good titty fucking.

DIY Teens Ch. 03

group Mag58 2018-04-09

"Good girl." Derek told me as he took the back of my head and pulled it forward until I could smell his sweaty genitals, "Now open wide." I complied and he lurched forward filling my young mouth with his long cock. "Okay titlicious get going." He demanded as I placed my hands either side of my boobs until his cock looked like a hot dog in a bun and began shaking my tits as he slid backwards and forwards until his breathing got shallower and my titty shaking got faster and a big glob of cum shot out and landed on my face followed by a few more dribbles which ran across my chest and onto the bed.

The Detective

group OLDER AND BETTER 2018-04-08

"Sam Blocker," he said, thrusting a sweating hand at her. Sam realized he needed some work but didn't want to lower himself to being a bodyguard, although he had to admit, it was quite a body. "Because he is a cop," she said, almost too soft for Sam to hear. She squirmed in the chair, he short skirt now high enough that Sam could see a thin line of blue that disappeared between her legs. Sam watched as she pulled the limousine from the curb and hurled down the street past the black and white police car. Before Sam could climb down, the door opened and the black and white shot out into the street. "I'm sorry I couldn't get in before this," Sam said softly.

Our Interesting Night

group B_BADBOYS 2018-04-08

I pulled out my cock threw the zipper and started to lightly stroke it trying to copy the motion of Sparkle’s head as she pushed her tongue into Abe’s soaked twat. Sparkle gave light moans from tasting the delicious juices, along with Abe’s moans to her extreme pleasure of getting tongue fucked by her best friend. I pulled out to the head, and then pushed my cock deep inside her pussy, causing her to moan from slight discomfort, but soon faded as her pussy juice ran down my swollen member. I began to slide up and down fucking my beautiful Abe. Pushing my cock to the brink, and pulling out till my head almost falls out.

Folly! Ch. 02

group Oz Wizz 2018-04-08

The girl's hands grew bold as Miriam felt them caressing her arse before moving down her legs and up the inside of her thighs. Seagram's hips began to move and her head bobbed faster as Gabrielle's fingers penetrated her cunt. Gabrielle pulled her tongue away from Miriam's arse and stood next to Seagram. She moved sensuously as she undressed and he grew more excited as she knelt before the open legs of his pretty secretary, bent and began to lick along Gabrielle's wetness. Mmmmm, that feels so good," Gabrielle moaned as Miriam's tongue slipped between her cunt lips. He could see that Gabrielle's hands were at Miriam's head now pulling her face hard into her cunt, guiding her mouth over the cunt spread before her.

Too Horny to Study

group PreviaWynne 2018-04-08

Carley was concentrating so much on what her hand was doing up under Amber' skirt, that it took her by surprise when Alan finally resumed his work on her own clit. Amber actually screamed in pleasure, and Alan thrust deeply while his cock convulsed and shot cum inside of Carley. Carley's frustrated yell caught in her throat when she looked up and saw a large male figure standing in the room next to Alan. He went to his knees in front of Alan and took his flacid cock into his mouth, sucking off the lubrication Carley had left there. By the time the boys started thrusting and Amber went back to work on Carley's pussy, the whole pile of people was a sweaty groaning mess.

The Glass Ceiling Ch. 02

group tommythetank 2018-04-08

“Once business has been completed,” Sue continued, “You will give each man present a blow job, but be ready for more; sometimes the men have trouble controlling themselves.” With a mischievous grin she added, “So do the girls, occasionally.” Amanda wondered if an oral gangbang would turn her into a wild thing. “There,” Sue said, “That shouldn’t smudge, no matter what.” She rubbed a fingertip along Amanda’s lips, for a bit longer than necessary, Amanda thought. Sue took the other stocking and began rolling it slowly up Amanda’s right leg, slowly running her hands up Amanda’s thigh, then bending forward to kiss up from the inside of her knee. The first man was back, but before he filled her mouth, Amanda asked, “Would you rather fuck my tits, Gerry?” When she saw his cock twitch, she knew she’d made the right call.

Out of Your Seat, Out of Control

group Rosso17 2018-04-08

I can't put my hand over her mouth, she bites!" Jason said to Taylor, looking to him for ideas. You've got a big mouth, Kate, I think it's time we put it to another good use besides yelling at us in the boat." Taylor smirked. She didn't know if she'd ever get to experience anything else like this again, so she didn't want to blow it now....Speaking of blowing, with a few more thrusts Taylor exploded, shooting his seed into Kate's mouth. "She's good, the little whore." He slapped her ass, causing Kate to jump in surprise and almost choke on Jason's cock, which all nine inches had and still were in her mouth.


My Best Friend? Ch. 04

group nighttimestories 2018-04-08

Greg began to moan, pulled his cock from her pussy, and began stroking it until his cum shot onto her chest and stomach. Everyone was watching Mule's long cock spreading Jen's pussy lips apart with each stroke. Seth walked up to her and pushed his cock against her lips, "She won't open her mouth." He said. Seth was struggling and pulled from her mouth and stroked his cock until he shot his load onto her face. Warren pulled out and Steve stepped in and said, "Let me fuck the little whore's ass." Jen let Brian's cock slip from her mouth as she cried out again at the slap on her tight ass.


More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 16

group Paris Waterman 2018-04-08

As her hand moved along his leg, she saw that he was jilling Peggy, but was surprised that she didn't seem to mind this at all; and on reaching up to grasp his hardon through his slacks, she encountered the zipper and with a sly, knowing grin on her face, pulled it down, reached in and extracted Johnny's six inch cock. Johnny's hand left Peggy's cunt and he rose to his feet, very much aware of what was to come as Kathy knelt in front of him and began to suck him off. In addition to Peggy's mouth making Kathy squirm, Johnny's hands were running all over her body and she couldn't believe they were doing this in the open.


Sarah Goes For Another Jog

group sarahsmith1989 2018-04-08

Graeme got the message and began rubbing his hand over my sopping wet shorts. "This is getting real hot, maybe we should move this party inside?" Graeme said. "Well at least lets go over there." Said Graeme, as he pointed to the jungle gym. There was an enclosed portion under the gym's slide, it had walls on three sides and a waist high opening on the fourth, I guess it was constructed this way to encourage little kids playing like they were running a store. When the boys successfully lifted me inside the 'store' and hopped the bar to join me we resumed our three way make out session. Chis kissed down my body stopping his mouth at my hot wet box.

Mature man seeks mature woman who loves sex

group eloveboy 2018-04-08

Erotic fantasy plays a big part in my sex life and sharing fantasies I'm looking for a real life, romantic relationship with a single woman, think it's rather shallow to look for love based on something like this, enjoy perverted c***d fantasies, then it's entirely possible that we'll In my dreams the woman I'm looking for loves reading erotic c***d sex stories and loves masturbating while dreaming of c***dren having sex and yet, even the simplest of things, like imagining kissing a c***d, can drive So, would you like to have a special male friend who will write erotic Ultimately I'm looking for a woman who wants a real life relationship. All I'm looking for is a woman to share my fantasies

Summer Storm Ch. 05

group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-04-08

And almost as soon as she was done cumming, she pulled me on top of her, my chest against her breasts, our faces almost touching, and she kind of bit down on her lower lip and said 'Terry, what makes me cum like crazy is when I fuck right after I get my pussy eaten. Kathy described how she'd coated Larry's cock with Lube -- Larry and Linda always brought lube with them, for obvious reasons -- and how it felt as he slid the thing between her breasts ("it was like fucking a big, soft pussy," Larry added), and how with each stroke the head of his cock came close to touching her mouth.

Movie Night

group SouthJerseyMale 2018-04-08

She recalled their first trip to the Plaza where another couple was near the front and the woman was sucking a dick when Sue got nervous and they left. Instinctively, Sue opened her mouth and began sucking the stranger's cock, twirling her tongue around the head and moaning in pleasure at the tongue on her clit. The man she was sucking grabbed her hair and began throusting his dick in and out of her mouth and quickly came. "Now clean it up" he said when he pulled his throbbing cock out of her mouth, and he scooped up his cum from her chin and tits with his fingers and made her suck them clean.

I did her while her black boyfriend watched. Then

group 2018-04-08

His other hand was up Claire's skirt, getting her pussy nice and wet for my future pounding. He rubbed it and watched me play with my tits while his girlfriend licked and sucked my pussy. He kneeled his right leg on the couch behind Claire and she moaned on my clit when he slid his cock inside of her and began pumping. "Gonna fuck it right in front of you, Claire." he pounded her harder and she whimpered, madly licking my cunt and shoving her fingers in and out. He put his lips to my ear and breathed, "Claire doesnt' want me to fuck you tonight but I'm not sure I can resist." he squeezed my tits hard.

Boys' Club

group jalbpowsl 2018-04-08

Several of the men, whose names Leigh or course did not know, but many of whom John told her were pretty high-powered, were left to pull a sofa across the room for themselves, an image Leigh rather liked. From the preceding men's turns, John could tell that this woman was really into it, talking to each as he took his turn with her, moaning and responding to each touch. When he moved his hand up to her crotch, the woman had said "yes, fuck, rub my's getting wet from all this attention." He'd walked around behind her and given her a playful spank. As he retold it to Leigh, when John's next turn came and he approached this completely naked woman, he had paused for a moment, not knowing what to do first.


A Night to Remember (Sex Club)

group lauren26f 2018-04-08

At 18, I had already had lots of sex with many partners, men and women, boys and girls. I read a story that said only be in a sex club if they require testing. Me and husband had lots of sex thinking about her after seeing her picture." Rob was stroking his cock since I got his wife and only thirteen of us. Melissa wiped it off with a napkin as she showed us his cum in her mouth then swallowed his large load. I came hard with a loud moan as I watched Rob slipped his dick in Melissa. I agreed to let Rob fuck me doggie while I licked Gina's hairy pussy. Gina exploded three more times then Rob finally came in my pussy.

Semi-pros Ch. 04

group unclehans 2018-04-08

"When I was eighteen," remarked Sharon, "my hormones where on fire and a good-looking young man like Hans, who knew what he was doing was what I wanted." "Your mother and I are going to the Dog and Badger pub, kids." said Tim "We trust both Sharon and Hans, but if you have ANY concerns, phone us and we'll be back in a few minutes. As they were tickling her clit, she sounded as if she was enjoying it, So I licked a finger and gently pushed it into what she called her frou-frou and explored the upper wall of until I found her G-spot when she shuddered and said "I see what you meant.


A man has a threesome with both of his girlfriends

group fotisampini 2018-04-08

Again it was Lauren who pulled free first, this time to bend a little and place her open mouth around Tanya's breast, groaning with pleasure as her lips closed on the rubbery nipple, doing exactly what she had said she wanted. To have one girl playing with you at the same time as you thrust yourself into the pussy of another is a sensation like no other and one that I can highly recommend, and I could tell by the look in Tanya's eyes and the smile on her face that she had an idea what was happening and was enjoying it just as much as I was.

Tom and Karen

group spiritseeker561 2018-04-08

Karen pulled away from the kiss, "My roommate is gone for the week, and I wondered if you wanted to continue the workout?" Grinding her pussy into me emphatically, she added, "I think the answer is, yes!" Eventually, she turned and faced me, laughing, "Oh my God, I really got you all wet!", and at that she leaned in and kissed me on the mouth, and licked her own juices from my face. As if to keep me from asking, Karen pushed her pussy harder into my face, and licked my softening cock, still wet with our juices. One mouth slipped off my dick, only to be replaced by Karen's tongue and lips, and her hands squeezing me to get that last bit of come to dribble out the end of my cock.

Matured Wife's First Massage

group kvijaya508 2018-04-08

Here was this beautiful woman -- my wife -- twisting and gasping lustily on a table while a big man gave her obvious pleasure. Viji took out a condom from her purse and Kajal rolled it on his huge dick and he started to push his big cock into my wife. Soma and Viji gripped my wife's arm as Raj settled his naked body between her wide open thighs. Please don't..." she moaned softly as the man pushed golf-ball sized head gently in while Kajal was caressing my wife's thighs and belly. Liked the show?" Viji pointed towards the table where Raj was pounding my wife's cunt. After a couple of minutes Soma proposed, "Raj, why don't you leave Vijaya-mam for the time being and let her hubby penetrates her now."


Telepathic Twins

group dave728 2018-04-08

Ronnie and Bonnie, (I couldn't honestly tell them apart most of the time) were also pretty intense. She gave me a soft kiss and whispered, "Make love to Bonnie, and I'll tell you what she's thinking and feeling." With that, she scampered back to her chair, and put her hands behind her head to watch. When the fingers had been licked clean, they kissed quickly and Bonnie sat down on the chair, and Ronnie came to me. He's ready for us so soon!" Bonnie said, and I felt Ronnie glance at my cock and start to move down that way. Ronnie had been sucking my cock and balls, and started crawling up to my face to give me a very hard kiss.