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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

January Friend

group barabajagal001 2018-04-08

Still, the longer they dated, the more Devon apparently felt free to resume flirtation with Hailey whenever Maureen wasn't around. While Maureen was changing into her bathing suit, Hailey and Devon grabbed the drinks, and they all trooped out to the hot tub behind the dorms. It was so big inside of her that she thought she might come again just from the feel of it, but as good as it felt, it was nothing compared to the waves of pleasure that poured over her when he started fucking her. Hailey pulled Liam's cock out of her mouth, stroking it firmly with one hand while she looked back at Devon.

First mff threesome. not what I expected

group jackelaine 2018-04-08

As beautiful as ever.I should have taken her up on her offer of sex ages ago.Her belly was a little saggy and she had some stretch too,but after 5 babies,no wonder.Not that I cared at that moment.She reached over and turned the light off,leaving us in almost total darkness.She climbed on top and my cock slid in her very wet pussy.I almost forgot about Rachel as I sucked and licked her nipples.Then I heard the hall door open and close.I heard footsteps come up the stairs.The door opened,and I could just see a dark shadow.But fuck it made me all the more horny.I started to say something but Ann-Marie shushed me,putting her finger on my lips.I heard clothes fall to the floor.God I wished I could see her.She joined us in bed,going under the covers.I felt her take my cock in her mouth."Oh Rachel,Rachel", I said as she sucked me expertly.I sucked Ann-Maries tits and kissed her passionately.Soon I was on the verge of cumming."I'm gonna cum Rachel,stop,let me fuck you,".

Ladies' Night

group pervinplainpackage 2018-04-08

By the time the limo driver opened the door in the dimly lit garage and helped the two ladies out, Eileen trembled with a sensual energy unlike anything she had ever felt. On the other side of the door, when Kim and Eileen's eyes adjusted to the growing darkness, they were met by a tall, beautiful blonde woman, with long flowing hair. Through dungeon rooms with men and women strapped to crosses and sawhorses, being flogged, fucked and fisted; to banquet halls where naked figures were covered with canapés and petit fours to provide a delectable treat for hungry guests, to a room where their tall blonde hostess was tied spread eagled and blindfolded to a bed while a line of well hung suitors waited their turn at her pussy and mouth, to another where men and women orally serviced the cunts and cocks that were proffered anonymously through holes in a black plywood wall.

Wife Swapping Combinations Ch. 06

group Bodington 2018-04-08

Alternatively, Leah would periodically stop tonguing and instead give a hand massage to Octavia's delicious cunt. Leah then positioned herself so that as I started to lick her pussy she was able to take Clarence's cock into her mouth. The first combination was Octavia on her back with me eating her out while on my knees to allow Leah flat on her back to suck my cock as Clarence was fucking her. The second combination was me fucking Octavia doggy style while she was sucking Clarence's cock who was flat on his back while Leah was sitting on his face. This position was most pleasurable for Leah as the orgy ended she had a mouthful of my spunk and her cunt was full of Clarence's sperm.

Rum Gets Me Again....

group fyrbush 2018-04-08

I then lay on the seat with the lower half of my body out of the car thinking "what have I got myself into?" Legs spread, pink, slick pussy open and ready for business. Just as the last wave of orgasm rippled through the neighbors' dick, spewing a pulsating, large wave of cum into her, I felt my pussy tighten around his cock and the warm ache of orgasm ripple through my body making my twat squirt a mix of his plentiful, youthful cum and my own lubricant. I looked out the garage window, made sure there were no other neighbors around who might be witness to the three young studs leaving my house, opened the garage door, and sent the boys on their way.

The Last Toy

group midnightfalcon 2018-04-08

"My god," I had thought, "it's taking her a long time to come down," and yet I really didn't want to see her stop because I was getting close to cumming myself. Up until then we sort of kept to ourselves and watched each other, but on that Friday night Kelly was on her fifth attempt and she was right on the edge, but no matter how fast she moved her hand, or where she put her vibrator, she simply couldn't make it. I must confess that it was better than usual, probably because Kelly was watching, but more likely because I heard Blake's voice whispering and telling me to cum for him.


Marie Ch. 02

group LaLaLady 2018-04-08

Eva locked her blue eyes on Marie's darling, doll-like face and pulled back the hood that barely covered her swollen clit. Eva replaced her tongue with her fingers just as Marie's pussy began to spasm. Eva swirled her tongue against Marie's tender flesh as she drank, much the same way she had moved it on her pussy moments earlier. Donovan smiled coyly at Eva and began rubbing Marie's clit with his rather large thumb. Marie felt the soft pussy walls contract on her fingers and saw Eva's juices come down, over her fingers and down her hand where she licked it off. She buried her head between her thick thighs and began licking and sucking Donovan's cum as it leaked out of Marie's pussy.


The Observers

group Leslie 2018-04-08

Finally, Randall nodded his head to Kurt, and the men began to massage my breasts together. Randall and Kurt eagerly stripped nude before me, and I swooned at the sight of their nearly erect cocks jutting out from each man's body. One last look into Randall's wild eyes, and I began a slow swirling motion with my tongue around the crown of his cock. My right hand moved to my pussy, and I still held Randall's cock with my left. As Ellen and Marie writhed and moved like snakes in their bonds, I sucked James' cock, using all the tricks I know. Occasionally I would look up at Ellen or Marie, teasing them, letting them get full views of his big cock in my mouth.


Recollections Ch. 11

group Kaadorix 2018-04-08

Alexa was in her post-childbirth glory, of course, looking absolutely beautiful holding our infant son, Cooper, who was born a mere two weeks ago. When I handed Cooper off to Grandpa, Bob grinned at us and said, "I gotta go!" Then he abruptly turned and began walking away as if he was leaving, and taking his grandson with him. let's see what he looks like." Alexa pulled back the hard roof cover of the stroller, and handsome, suave Cooper was there with his beanie hat on and eyes closed. They all grew up and went to school together here in Overland Park and, even when Merissa began dating Grayson six years ago, Alexa did not approve of him then, either.


The Performance

group its Leslie 2018-04-08

Patrons began to arrive at the nightclub at the normal opening hour 9 at night, and the buzz was all about the mystery dancer. Several men began to pull down zippers as a collection of erections sprouted around the stage. In the room several other men had also taken the chance to remove stiff cocks from there pants and were watching and enjoying the relief. In the main room the 3 regulars were also having men cum loudly into their pussies. Then the music was gone and the dancer in a seductive voice granted all the men a final smile and slowly faded from sight, just a wisp of smoke left with her passing.

Stoner Sleepover

group StayingStoned 2018-04-08

His best friend Oliver sat in a soft round chair in the corner of the room with his knees pulled to his chest texting furiously on his phone. Luke showed the phone to his friend where it read the name "London" and displayed the photo of a sweet blonde girl with her head tilted to the side and a coy smile. "I don't know how you did it man, but we are blazing tonight!" Luke set the beer on the table and began to light a bowl, leaving Oliver to wonder what has just happened. Luke set the bowl down and positioned himself behind the girl teasing Oliver's nipples, letting only the head of his cock push the entrance.

Anything Goes at Hedo

group Hedo_Harry 2018-04-08

Sexy Sadie watched with a huge smile as the lady stroked me off, and licked up my cum from the palm of her hand! Anyway, one of the ECs, a muscular Jamaican fellow named Melvin, had hooked up Sadie and Karen with two young guys named Carlos and Charlie for a bout of Body Shots. Charlie wasted no time; he got down on his hands and knees and did his best to lick all the Rum Cream off of Karen's boobs before it could run down to the plastic lounge pad or into the pool. I watched with pride as my Sexy Sadie sucked Charlie's long, thick cock all the way into her mouth and expertly deep-throated him.


Mike and Christy

group jacqui4u2 2018-04-08

Mike agreed and said he would like to watch Christy and me together if that was alright because he found that a big turn-on. Christy begins stripping off my panties as Mike leans forward to see my shaved crotch. Christy turns her head and begins sucking on the tip of her penis. I watch Christy suck Mike as I continue fingering her. As I feel Christy begin to orgasm, I suck her clit into my mouth and continue to thrust my fingers into her pussy and ass. Mike sucks my hard clit into his mouth and slides two fingers into my pussy. As Mike begins thrusting into me, Christy lifts her head and begins licking my clit.

The Cabin

group Stories4Her 2018-04-08

B's hands caressed A's pussy while his tongue was all over her nipples. I continued to probe and caress your g-spot with my finger while I alternated between kissing your mouth - your tongue wonderfully, aggressively attacking mine - and back to your clit. B moved in closer, as well, and you felt his cock against your ass while his hands roamed around your back, shoulders and hips. As you felt the warm rush of cum on your ass and heard A come to a screeching orgasm as well, I felt your pussy clamp down on my finger and you screamed in my ear more loudly than I had ever heard.

Katsumi's Secret Life

group walterio 2018-04-08

He had sex a few times and the girls he dated liked playing with his impressive cock but they were never very pretty and Blair was uncomfortable being seen with them. Katsumi got out of bed still wearing her robe and went back to Blair's bedroom this time to act like she was waking him up. Katsumi got chills thinking about that cock filling her mouth and then her pussy with buckets of semen. Blair was torn between the taboo act performed by his stepmother and how good it felt to have his cock in her mouth. Blair took in all her curves and he loved what he saw, so much that his cock was hard again in no time.


A Visit from the Decorators

group VinegarStrokes 2018-04-08

Somehow the thought of your moans carrying round the house as you feverishly imagined your own private paradise makes you hotter than ever, and you spread your legs as wide as they can go, one hand working your clit and another finger slipping inside your wet pussy. "Looks like she's ready lads," The oldest says grinning, and you look back across at the third decorator, now stroking an impressive erection as he watches his colleagues hands roam all over your body. They fuck you as you lie on the floor of your own living room and a pornographic recording of you masturbating plays in the background – your recorded sounds of ecstasy matched by the muffled moans that escape the lips wrapped round a hard, young cock.

Fantasy of a Threesome

group DaddysSweetPea 2018-04-08

That is when Rachel lets out a scream, her hips convulse against my hand between her legs, and she pulls my face deep into her breasts as she cums on my fingers and squeezes them with her contracting pussy. I plead once more using my little girl voice that I use with my daddy, "Please fuck me, please suck my clit." Rachel pinches my nipples hard and says, "Be the good slut that you are for your daddy and I'll fuck you better than he does." My lover gives amazing oral so I know that Rachel is enjoying the way he fingers pussy and sucks clit at the same time.


Three Way Storm

group 2018-04-08

Even though they had two separate rooms Camille said she felt to awkward to have sex with her in there. Camille told Kristen that my dick gave her the most pleasurable orgasms in the World. Later that night me and Camille started having sex. I started doing Camille harder then Kristen knocked on the door, she asked if she could come in. Kristin came in and asked if she could stay in the room with us the night because it had started storming so bad. I start to think about the fact that I’m half-naked in a bed with two sexy women who are wearing sexy night dresses. Kristen started making out with Camille and eventually I switched vaginas and started eating out Kristin’s pussy.Kristin enjoyed it so much.

My First Threesome Experience

group urpussysucker 2018-04-08

Rita asks, "Where are you going sweetie?" as she reaches around, grabs my cock, and starts stroking me in front of Sonja. My wife let Sonja’s head go and she shot up, cum running out of her mouth but a smile on her face. Rita had her orgasm, I knew because she squirts a little when she comes orally and when Sonja pulled back, her face wet with my wife's cum. About 15 minutes later Sonja got up "Can I get cleaned up?" My wife and I both said "Sure". Soon the door shut and my wife came back into the room dropped her robe to the floor and got back into bed.

Moonlight Madness in the Outdoors Pt. 02

group Djmal6 2018-04-08

John began to think that she had caught him trying to work his fingers beneath her shirt, but was surprised to feel her push his hands down to her legs, slipping them under the hem of her short pink skirt suggestively. John smiled at the Oliver Twist reference and patted Leon on the back, "Tag, your it." As Leon stripped off his shorts, Tina leaned in and kissed the blonde girl gently, "I know how you like it a bit... Rough," both girls looked at Leon, "You'll like this one." Tina took Johns hand and led him away, while Mary's legs were spread once again. Tina smiled watching Amy push herself toward another orgasm and felt John's hands begin to twitch between grips, and his legs become more tensed.

The Birthday Present

group toffeepopnz 2018-04-08

"Karen is your other birthday present," Rachel said brightly, trying not to show how nervous she was. Karen scooted over as Daniel got on the bed and she helped tie his left hand to the headboard with a silk scarf while Rachel took his right. Rachel glanced at Daniel and noticed his pants looked uncomfortably tight. Rachel leaned on one arm and watched Daniel's face as Karen pleasured him. Rachel couldn't really see what was going on but Karen's closed eyes and moans of ecstasy suggested Daniel was doing something right. Rachel sat up and straddled Daniel's hips so she was facing the same direction as Karen. As Karen continued to writhe and groan on Daniel's face, Rachel slowly pushed down on his cock.

Lord Roger's Women: Wednesday

group fannyanny 2018-04-08

Frances was sitting in Colette's lap with an ivory dildo in her slender hand and at the sight of Lord Roger she smiled and pushed its length into her cunt. He found that hard little button of pleasure and with his tongue ran it round and round so Colette moaned into his cock and press her pussy into his face. She let out a long loud gasp as Lord Roger forced himself deep into her and came at the same time as Colette's tongue caused her to orgasm again as well. Lord Roger gently played with a breast and Frances purred as her fingers stroked Colette's pussy and clit.

Playing for Peanuts

group erossmantic 2018-04-08

"I don't know about my ass," Rosa quipped as she put her two peanuts in and dealt the fourth hand, "but I am beginning to have fun imagining what I'll have your ass do when those last three peanuts are gone." She smiled devilishly as she watched sweat roll down Candace's neck and cleavage. "Now that's not a good sign is it?" Pausing for effect she added, "I think I will raise you one." Candace jerked her head up to look pleadingly at Rosa and watched her mercilessly throw a third peanut into the pot. If this was the last game Rosa would play, the evening would not end with the grand prize of the plans she had for Candace's ass.



group SpankMeDaddy 2018-04-08

David starts to smile too, and rubs Lisa's back. "Well," Lisa says slowly, "don't base your ideas about menage a trois on that movie. "Yes, girl, I have licked the kitty and I loved it." She moves away to snuggle up to David and says, "Don't get me wrong, I still love how Big Daddy puts it down, but it was so much fun being touched in a different way." Lisa suggests, "Hey, why don't we play poker until David gets here?" Lisa comes and settles herself in your lap, thong panties riding up and starts to grind her bottom against you. David's hand grabs the back of my hair and pushes it down into Lisa's waiting sex.