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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mariadela & Esperanza

group openmindedman 2018-04-08

Esperanza stood up to join her, and I got a "floor's-eye view" of the two friends locked in a steamy embrace, each holding the other close, arms encircling waists. I stood up slowly, starting to say my good-byes to the two girls, when Mariadela giggled and said something in rapid-fire Spanish to Esperanza. Mariadela grabbed my hand and led me down a short hallway to a small room with a huge antique-looking bed at one wall. As Esperanza went back down the hall to turn out the living room light, Mariadela reached down and pulled the hem of my shirt over my head. Esperanza leaned down even further as she continued to kiss her lover, running a hand up under Mariadela's skirt, and stroking her sopping pussy.


The Descent Ch. 02

group Sorian 2018-04-08

I felt Green Eyes' hands on my head as I worked it in my mouth. I felt another rush over my body and I moaned, letting Green Eyes' cock fall from my mouth. "Would you put your cock in my ass?" I looked at him, swallowing with each deep lick from Bartender. I thought of stopping and then Green Eyes pushed the tip of his dick into my ass. My ass gripped Green Eye's cock as tightly as it could and I did my best to breath while the dick knocked against my throat. He couldn't manage so I fell forward with my mouth ready to take in Green Eye's damp cock one last time.


Rick and Andy go on a road trip

group rixdix 2018-04-08

He is very excited watching my man fuck his woman, i suck him hard and he pulls me up, i straddle him and start to ease his fat cock up my ass. i move over, she looks at me and smiles, asks if i like her husbands fat cock as much a she does, i say yes then start to eat my mans cum out of her pussy. Bob starts to hammer me and he pump another load in my man pussy, Andy pulls my mouth off his cock and mounts me from behind and starts to push his big cock all the way in, it enter easy as Bob has stretched me so wide.


group wendy52 2018-04-08

Wendy suddenly felt a void in her pussy or as she was ceremonially lifted by many hands over to a cleared table, it wasn't wide but it did support her perfectly as she began to suck on any cocks within reach. Wendy took a nice long suck on the still present glistening black cock resting on her cheek before adding, you guys are just so good, your cocks feel amazing I need you to fuck me. Wendy could feel an orgasm building as the full sensation intensified, her swollen pussy being fucked deep, the two black cocks willing her on as she climaxed. He lifted her and Wendy wrapped her legs around him allowing him to crush her breasts against his torso as she enjoyed the feeling of his almost hard again cock in her welcoming pussy.

We're All Friends Here, Right? Ch. 02

group GreyGoose 2018-04-08

She touched one of Lily's hands reassuringly, and said, "Okay, now I just want to you take some time to look at it." Lily turned her eyes onto my cock. When Julie had finished her anatomy lesson, she said to Lily, "Now just watch what I do." She glanced up at me with a smile, grabbed my shaft by the base, and touched her tongue just beneath my head. Look, I just pull my lips around my teeth like this, and let his cock slide over my tongue as it enters." Julie grasped my shaft, and wrapped her lips around my head, sliding her mouth down around it.


The Lady & the Sluts

group Dr S Crow 2018-04-08

They got themselves horny talking about the slutty little conquests they had made; travelling salesmen picked up on Saturday evenings in sweaty smoky discos and sucked off in back streets, all the different boy friends (married men) they had fucked in cars, in car parks and always the same refrain, "We can wear any man out, sexually." At first they started visiting sex sites they had seen advertised in men's pussy magazines, found ways of entering them without being a member (lust is the mother of invention) and fingered themselves silly looking at pictures of well hung guys fucking girls. But Nancy had started to see what "fucking, beautiful, big, thick cocks these black guys have....oooooh, I want one right up here in this wet, hairy twat of mine..."


Side Order

group Penelope Street 2018-04-08

Only a vision reached my mind's inner sanctum: Sky blue eyes; complexion fit for a baby; the vaguest hint of a beard; chin, nose, and brow, all pointed just so; short, golden hair that didn't need a comb to look in place; shoulders broad without being bulky; a torso that tapered to his loins, where my eyes were want to linger no matter which way he faced. His hands left my bosom and began to roam my body, groping me in time with the movement of his lips and tongue. I don't think he ever took his mouth off of me, no matter how much I squirted him." I squeezed my thighs together, reliving the encounter in her mind "He must have licked me for like an hour as if I was Cleopatra, or some fucking goddess."


Getting Out the Vote

group TammyTrueheart 2018-04-08

I held your cock in my soft hand was I licked the underside, while you and your friend were helping yourselves to my breasts. "I like it when you call me 'bitch' sweetie" I said taking your manhood out of my mouth for a moment. You watched, peering over my pussy hairs and tits as magical Tammy made his long cock disappear between her lips. You and Dick shared handfuls of breasts, taking turns working my nipples between your fingers and thumbs. You watched as I licked his shaft, sucked his ball and bobbed my head on his dick. Dick shouted "Yea bitch, suck that cock; take it in your mouth whore.

A Mother Loses Control Ch. 07

group walterio 2018-04-08

Vinnie and Holly walked Walt, Audrey and Susan around the room and introduced them to their other guests. Susan let Vinnie have his way rubbing her shapely ass as she watched Walt's big cock piston in and out of the pretty girl. I saw you looking at my ass all night and I bet you would like to fuck it, am I right?" Susan asked Vinnie in a sultry tone. Vinnie didn't think that he could cum again but he liked Audrey sucking on his cock while his sons pounded her pussy and ass. Not ten feet away Audrey was sucking on Vinnie's cock while his two sons fucked her in the ass and pussy.


Weekend Surprise

group TwistedPlayr 2018-04-08

Anna told me you had a bad week, I hope your weekend gets better." She said as she came over to the cushions. I would have thought this the beginning to a wild night, but I knew both Anna and Claire. I hate to say it, but it was pretty interesting to watch Claire open her mouth, her tongue swaying as she accepted the warm meat. "Well, it seems like you two have more than just dinner on your minds." I said, not being able to take my eyes off of Claire's apparently bald beaver. "I think I feel Mike agreeing with us." Claire said while wiggling her hips. Anna leaned forward and I felt her hand grip the base of my cock.

Cruise for Two (Plus) Pt. 01

group Trysexuality 2018-04-08

That night when I was making love to Sandra I'd close my eyes and see Sher's face. Sher's left hand pulled Sandra's mouth closer while her right reached around to touch my face. Sher was now licking my balls as Sandra knelt behind me and started running he tongue up and down my ass crack. Sher stopped sucking me and stroked me with her hand while she watched my reaction to Sandra's tonguing of my ass. Not to be left out, Sandra knelt astride my head, facing Sher and sank her sopping pussy down onto my eager mouth and nimble tongue. My first shot hit Sandra in the mouth, the next got Sher across the face as I groaned.

Life After Love Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2018-04-08

And so with a heavy heart, Saya left me again that evening to be ready for work, and the real world, the next day. When I started to remove some of her clothing, Saya shook her head and then pulled me way from the couch. We got up then, Saya disappearing into the bathroom to take a separate shower while I returned to the couch and started channel surfing for a romantic comedy or something. After a moment of consideration, I realized that the door to the other bedroom must have just shut, and Saya's roommate had returned home. Saya's hand came around, and deftly she reached inside of my shorts to wrap her fingers around my hardness.


Best Man

group MrLoverman1986 2018-04-08

"I will tell him," Kelly thought, "...after I bring him down..." Buying some time, she let her eyes grin at Kevin as she gently sucked away. It was enough for Charlie that Kevin didn't seem to mind where things were going, so he wasted no time letting his hands get a little frisky with Kelly. As she cast off Kevin's shirt and began unbuckling his pants, Kelly wiggled against Charlie's lap until she felt his erection wedge between her cheeks. As Kelly edged closer to Charlie, Kevin took the step with her and watched with pained fascination as she reached out and touched his friend's cock!

A Nice Pair of Jeans. Sans Jeans.

group jsmiam 2018-04-08

We both had a laugh when we saw a race happening at the big nudist resort in our city called the Bare Naked Sun Baked Nude Day 5K, in honor of something called Nude Day. We laughed for a moment, because we had never heard of something called Nude Day. Then, we got back on task and decided to just do a training run instead. This morning, I decided to try again to get her with a practical joke, so I had come up with the brilliant idea to tell her instead that I had registered for the all-nude race, thinking we'd get a laugh out of it.


d***k abroad

group sussanka 2018-04-08

I came, I know I came coz my lips wear doing this thing they do when I cum, my upper lip was covering my lower one and I was biting it, a relaxing feeling had passed trough my body, every inch of me was relaxed, the scarred man stopped and removed his fingers, he told his friends to put my feet flat on the bed with my knees raised and held wide open, he again took up position between my legs only this time as he penetrated me he went deeper and deeper slowly stretching me, my pussy was hurting, every skin cell in it was taken a beating as he did so and by the time I thought my pussy will rip in 2 he announced " there you are, three fingers buried up to the third knuckle".

Weekend Winter Ski Trip Day 01

group samdog 2018-04-08

Michelle reached up and started to kiss my neck, nibbling lightly on my earlobe as she slid her hands slowly down my back and over my ass, releasing my towel and dropping it to the floor. Michelle gasped as I slipped two fingers inside her moist pussy and rubbed her stiff clit with my thumb, while my rigid erection pushed against her robe. I dropped down onto the bed beside her; she reached over and grabbed my hard cock with both her hands and started to kiss my lips. Michelle started moaning erratically as she played with her self, watching as Sara adjusted to the rhythm and was thrusting her ass back into me every time I shoved my cock deep up into her cunt.

Honky Tonk Ch. 02

group Xplorer2000 2018-04-08

I immediately recognized his voice and turned my head to see it was Corporal Carter, the same deputy whose dick was in my wife's mouth a month earlier. After a few minutes, he directed Shelly to turn and get down on her hands and knees on the couch. Bill and Eric had moved to the back of the couch just behind Shelly so she could turn her head from side to side alternating sucking their cocks. I can't explain the exhilaration I felt tasting Bill's cum in Shelly's pussy with the flavor of Eric's cum still fresh in my mouth, all the while Shelly was sucking two cop cocks. After probing me with his fingers, Bill pushed the head of his cock against my maiden asshole, slowly forcing it inside.

The Sales Meeting

group dgk001 2018-04-08

At one point, I was talking about how different that sales people dress, women in the finance area rarely wear the short skirts and black pantyhose look that Carol wore; I thought that maybe they were too self conscience. I change speed, reached around to massage her tits, rub her nylon covered legs, fingered her clit, even slipped a finger in her ass through the pantyhose. She wanted to see Gary cum in my mouth, so I concentrated on making him cum, milking his cock with my hand, sucking his cock as far down as I could, rubbing his pantyhose covered legs, and finally slipping a finger through his hose into his ass.

Lena's New Life Ch. 21

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-04-08

She turned then, watching John and Muriel swim, but her fingers were between her legs, and she played with herself (taking turns, one fucking me, then the other, two cocks fighting for her pussy) lightly, her fingers tickling her lips under the water, then she stopped watching them, lost herself in the fantasy (filling me with cum, John fucking me after Steve fills me) as her fingers split her lips, and slipped inside (sucking them both, shooting their cum in my mouth, my face) and then Muriel saying, "Sometimes when I'm alone I push myself up near the filter returns, and use the water on my clit to make myself cum!" and Lena opened her eyes to see John and Muriel standing in front of her, and she grinned, a took her fingers away, and stood up.


Recovering Ch. 03

group jay.palin 2018-04-08

Unable to see anything other than the slick, parted lips of her cunt and her anus, for one brief moment I oriented myself by reaching up and placing my hands over her cushy naked breasts and – at the same time – felt Jamie position the head of my erect cock against the moist entrance to her own snatch, just before the three of us became a tangle of thrusting, pleasuring flesh. Taking this as a cue, I soon pulled all the way out of Dana and buried my cock in Jamie's hot throat, leaving the blonde girl's pink rectum gaping open with her butt still moving in sympathetic fucking motions with Jamie's head riding atop it.



group Eagle1 2018-04-08

"Whatever, dude," said Andy, making some pretty grotesque hand gestures as he spoke, "I almost forgot how my dick worked till I met this bitch. "Dude," said Andy, coming round the counter to take her in his arms and planting a kiss on her lips, as if marking his territory, "Everyone knows it's your fucking birthday, already. Carlos wasn't having any coy shit this time though, he moved in for some real action and soon they were Frenching like nobody was there. I could feel her moist pussy touch my rod; the warm wet fluids of her juices and the punk's cum making the underside of my cock all slick and ready to penetrate into her tight, hot cavity.


The Best Man

group GreyGoose 2018-04-08

"I will tell him," Kelly thought, "...after I bring him down..." Buying some time, she let her eyes grin at Kevin as she gently sucked away. His imagination strained to envision what it would be to see her gorgeous body exposed, how her skin would drip with the unbearable pleasure of Kevin's penetrations, and what secret memories of the night seeped into her mind each time a moan passed through her precious lips. It was first of many times that Charlie remembered the look he had seen in Kelly's eyes when he finally made himself come. Charlie had recently gotten a new job across the country, and the timing with the engagement made it a perfect opportunity for Kevin and Kelly to take over the lease.


Naomi Takes A Trio

group happilymarriedguy 2018-04-08

She'd told me that the first time with these two together, she'd thought Kurt, in the over the top position Don was in now, was about to push his cock up her ass but even as she'd drawn breath to tell him not to, he must have felt her twitching away and he'd switched aim and started cramming it into her already occupied cunt instead. "Ooh, yeah..." he grunted as Naomi's pussy stretched reluctantly wider to accomodate the head of his cock as it forced into her alongside Kurt's big member. For the next 15 minutes or so, the three of us spitroasted Naomi or took turns fucking her one on one as she happily let us roll her about the bed and fill her mouth and cunt with our eager cocks.

Crystal Clear Ch. 29

group Romantic1 2018-04-08

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex (read my Road Trip series), Jim, girlfriend country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen, a love interest named Claire, and a nymphomaniac housekeeper Nadia lived together. We've got to get Crystal, Ellen, Claire, PJ, Nadia, Terry, mine and anyone else's phones that received or sent those photos off the air too; turn them all off. Crystal went on, "Each of us has those photos on our phones, and I know I sent a few of them to you and the others; I think I even sent one of your beautiful appendage to my mother as a memento of her last visit with us when you fucked the shit out of her.