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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Around the World Ch. 02

group wcf 2018-04-07

Molly was now totally nude she walked to me and gave me a long passionate kiss and said "Relax and have some fun." She led me too the bed and had me lay in the center and she got on one side of me and we kissed again as she gently stroked my cock. Before she had time to recover Cindy moved away and I rammed my hard cock into Molly's very wet pussy. Molly said to Brad, "I hope you listed to Ed because you get to lick my pussy first.' "You have to make me cum before you can move to Cindy and then you need to make her cum before you can fuck her."


Better Than a Gold Star

group BrettJ 2018-04-07

"I like to reward good students for hard work, dear" Amanda said, voice dropping to a sultry purr. As they kissed, Jillian could feel Amanda's arms fumbling to remove her cashmere sweater, clumsy in the desperation to make the pretty teen naked. Jillian nodded shyly, blushing a bit as she felt Amanda's soft hands running over her arms. She could feel the girl's soft pussy rubbing against her own fiery patch and she saw Jillian lower her head towards her breasts as she pulled the top of the bustier aside. Jillian didn't have much in the way of skill yet, but her unbridled enthusiasm for the task of satisfying Amanda led the pretty teacher to orgasm from the girl's licking tongue.


A Crack in the Fence

group kenkx 2018-04-07

As I watched, Julie pulled her lips from Brad's dick and slowly moved up his glistening body. Brad reached up and began to massage her ample tits and I saw her dark rose nipples come to long, erect points between his fingers. Julie collapsed onto Brad's chest and they lay there for a matter of minutes with his cock still buried in my cute neighbor's slippery cunt. My mind reeled back to my earlier voyeuristic adventure, picturing Julie's luscious body riding Brad's stiff cock. Brad stepped into the pool and I heard Barb moan as his long, skinny cock disappeared from her view. When I looked again, Julie had her eyes closed, head back on the pool coping, with her legs around Brad's waist.


Surprise Threesome Ch. 02

group blueeyes8960 2018-04-07

"Vic, I'm feeling a little sweaty, think maybe we should join Susan in the shower?" I asked provocatively. Vic says, "Awww yeah, just like that, don't move!" and he climbs into the shower and sits on the edge of tub with Susan and me standing in an embrace in front of him. So Vic spreads her legs a little further apart and slides his finger up in that hot wet pussy hole. (Believe me I know the feeling, my baby is the BOMB!) I know Vic is really enjoying this too, I can see his beautiful cock standing straight up, wanting to join in on the action. I start licking on the side of her neck and keep pulling those pussy lips out wide so my baby can get all of that clit.

Famous German Model and Horse Sex

group 2018-04-07

Suddenly and unexpectedly, 'C' said, 'Let him fuck her' and I looked at both horses as the Stallion slid his cock into the Mare. Another came alongside and took 'C's long blond hair in his fist and turned her head onto his waiting cock, and I had just witnessed it disappear into the back of her throat and her 'Gag', when I suddenly felt my panties being pulled then torn form my body and the pain of a dry insertion, and I gritted my teeth as I thankfully started to self lubricate and feel him glide in and out with ease.

Three Become One Ch. 09

group bustyalix 2018-04-07

"Oh...fuck..." I moaned as I felt my cock throb and harden in my girl's hand. She and I made out for a while as she continued to ride my cock into oblivion, and as soon as we were done I felt a hand turning my head to the left and my lips were immediately met with the second girl's; and my tongue was soon met with hers as well. Soon her melons were being squeezed with all the enthusiasm of a man being fucked by a busty blonde teen and her identical twin sister. Next to me I could feel her sister's look of awe as she watched my passion and lust take over, and I turned to her to see her hands buried underwater while her chest heaved from the deep breaths she was taking and moans she was struggling to hold back.


Point of Contact

group robinmark421 2018-04-07

So as we passed the wine around one more time I said more bravely than I felt, "Well you know this is not the first time I have actually looked upon another couple having sex." This got a major "Oh Really" eyebrow from Cheryl. My description was long on euphemisms and short on explicit detail but by the time I got the story out -- along with some gentle cross-examination by Cheryl and Devin -- it was clear to both of them that tucked away in little Robin's personal history was at least one sexual experience involving some kind of group masturbation and exhibitionism involving three other people, two boys and one girl.


Ugly Uglier Things

group JimBob44 2018-04-07

"Hey, D'Eric, your turn cook," the brown haired man said lightly as he entered the room, pulling his shoulder length hair back into a ponytail. A few nights later, just as their evening was ending, D'Angelo invited D'Eric back to his apartment to smoke a little weed. D'Angelo put his mouth over the head of D'Eric's cock and licked all around, tasting another man's flesh. But now, three years later, D'Angelo slowly and methodically greased up his male lover's tight ass while D'Eric knelt on their living room floor. If pressed to say why they'd allowed Sage Smith to invade their sanctuary, why she was their first female guest, neither D'Angelo or D'Eric would be able to say.


Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 07-09

group Alexandra 2018-04-07

Amy moved beside him, but placed her hands on Alicia's knees and turned the wheel so she was almost upright, before kneeling before the wheel and reaching out to touch the clitoral ring and jewellery. Amy moved forward and although I couldn't see what she was doing, the look on Justin's face and the movement of her head told me that she had taken him into her mouth. Amy released Yoshi with a wet plop and turned to look, her breasts slipping free as she moved. 'But don't worry, I'm leaving him,' she nodded at his erection, 'for you lot to play with.' I smiled a little self consciously and turned to watch as Amy slid Justin's limbs into the restraints on the wheel.


Sturgis 1

group 2018-04-07

She often had said that he kind of creeped her out the way he looked at her but she grew to like him better and better as time went on. As his fingers worked her pussy and her legs spread even more, Jim asked if she would take off her skirt. Jim took his fingers and sucked his fingers to lick her come off. After a few minutes of jim looking his fingers and dipping his fingers in her pussy she rolled over on her stomach and carefully removed his hard cock from his shorts. Jim took her hair in his hand and began guiding the rhythm of her sucking his cock.

Jenga: A Game For Swingers

group xaggothe 2018-04-07

Dinner had gone well. Sex. Hot, wet, sweaty, multi-partnered sex. Now they were beyond the dinner. “I hope we can find out soon,” said Dave, standing behind them in the doorway. “Hmm, I guess we could play,” he said, “with a couple of, um, changes to the rules.” He could feel his cock beginning to grow as he pictured the hot blonde licking his wife’s pussy. The four were silent, not exactly sure how to proceed. Really wet. Dave stood as close he could to Jill. Eric rubbed his hand up and down Renee’s back as they watched the strange erotic dance continue in front of them. Wet. He imagined that Renee’s was probably about the same right now.


Cum Party

group FreakyLady 2018-04-07

Now I know my wife told Jen everything because this is my wife’s biggest fantasy for me to suck cock and eat cum. So now Jen and a big cock fucking her and right over my wife’s face and I could see her reaching up with her mouth licking Jen’s clit and the cock going in and out of Jen’s pussy. I did it and while I was sucking this guys cock right over my wife’s face I could see the cum starting to drip out of Jen pussy. This feeling was almost overwhelming for Lee as she was watching me suck a pussy drenched cock, her own pussy was full of cum and being licked out by Jen, she was ready to explode again.

The Computer Repairman Ch. 1

group Sean Devon 2018-04-07

As I was trying to attach some particularly stubborn wiring, I noticed two things: a faint scent of expensive perfume, and the fact that she had crossed her legs and was vibrating her foot nervously as she worked. Barbara: I was almost finished with my letter, and I was hoping that this guy would finish his work too before Rob called. Her leg grip was really sort of half-hearted though, and, as I began caressing her thighs again, I was easily able to slide my hand up to the top of her stocking and feel her warm, baby soft inner thighs. Mark: I was rubbing her hard now and as she spread her legs a little more, I could smell her perfume mixed with her warm pussy musk.

Gabriela, La Latina Mimada y Su Torment (Gabriela,

group PerverserFuckdaddy 2018-04-07

A man walked to the back of the couch, and Gabriela leaned forward taking the man’s cock in her mouth.  Now with three cocks inside her is was mostly the men doing the moving trying to shove as much of their length as possible inside his daughter.  This seemed to go on for a long time as the camera zoomed in on her being triple penetrated, and Roberto could see Gabriela tiring.  Finally the man thrusting into her ass jerked roughly against her butt cheeks and sighed loudly as he released his seed in her bowels.  When he pulled out, cum was dripping from her gaping open ano.  The other men pulled out of her too and repositioned her on her back with her head hanging upside down on the arm of the couch.  The one reentered her coño and began plunging deep into her with brutal haste.  The other came around and standing f***ed his cock all the way down Gabriela’s throat.  She heaved slightly then seemed to adjust as he mashed his pelvis into her face.  The men continued to use her driving as deep as they could.

Far Too Hot Ch. 04

group wendyhs9 2018-04-07

All this time Kevin was soothing Wendy's shoulders and neck as she gently came down from yet another huge 'O', he picked her up with his wonderful tool still buried in her arse, turned her face to him and kissed her passionately on the mouth. He froze, his head came as far off the bed as it could, he tried getting away from the pain, but Jen had her full weight on him now, Wendy pulled the whole thing out but immediately repeated her action then started a wanking rhythm on the dildo in his arse. He looked down and couldn't see his cock, just the delectable sight of Wendy's tiny bum still sticking into his groin, but he could feel her hand still gently milking him, but no cum, there was none to be seen.

Abriel's Dream Come True

group femstop 2018-04-07

Micheal began moaning "I'm gonna cum baby get ready for a flood!" His thrusts were faster and not as deep and he could feel her pussy spasming around his bonehard cock, tipping him over the edge. Oh Pat oh yeah I'm gonna cum!" Her hands pulled at her nipples and Micheal worked his engorged cock faster and faster. "Micheal come here are deep throat me while Patrick fucks me up the ass!" Micheal stepped off the bed and went over to her his flaccid cock resting over his big hairly balls. Micheal looked at Patrick as his friend's cock began to sink into his best friends arse. Their groans filled the room and Patrick began to work his cock in and out of Abriel's very tight arse.

The Hunt Part 5

group catherine-belmont 2018-04-07

Sam’s naked ass rose up and down as he drove his body into her, using the bounce of the bed to fuck Belinda hard and fast, his cock churning inside her reamed out pussy. Her crotch felt like one hole, always filled with a cock, burning her insides with their powerful thrusts and hard cocks. When she no longer cried out in pain, they both thrust inside her at the same time, feeling like one giant log shoved between her legs at one time, her insides cramping around the r****g cocks. They almost came simultaneously, John and Sam between her legs as Michael made her hold her mouth open as he pumped his spewing cock into her open mouth, his milky white cum coating her lips and tongue with his thick crème.

Waiting For Ride

group goodole312 2018-04-07

(while these two are in the throws of passion Denas 21 year old slut daughter Jen comes in for her daily lez session with mom.) DWITTB: (moaning) "yes jen" DWITTB: watching as Jen lapps at your huge nutsac Jen: slowly licking the underside of your cock moving toward the head and flicking the tip whith my tounge when i get there Goodole312: sucking denas clit and inserting another finger in her ass "god that feels good Goodole312: i shoot my load down Jens throat DWITTB: i shove jen aside and jump on your fat cock Goodole312: my balls swell as Jen licks them and Dena rides me Goodole312: i blow my load in you and it all runs down on to Jens face

On Vacation

group FurryB 2018-04-07

My wife unzips my shorts and starts stroking me slowly and at one point grabs both my balls in her hand and squeezes them to a point that I am just about ready to make her stop but she does so on her own. Suddenly he grabs her hair and looks her in the eye and with his other hand slides two fingers deep into her wet pussy, kissing her mouth deeply while she rides his fingers and hand. With one hand his wife continues to guide her husband's cock into her mouth and the other one begins to touch her wet vagina fingers sliding in and out rubbing her clit and full wet lips.

Two Fridays in one

group TomboyWitch 2018-04-07

Michelle swallowed a bit as she saw Mona's stomach rise and fall faster and faster under Jean as she breathed heavily. Mona kissed Jean for a long, slowly passing minutes, fondling Jean's cock. "S...sorry I came so soon," Jean said finally after Mona broke off of the kiss. Ohh yeah, I'm trying to..." Jean said, and then picked up speed, teeth heavily clenched and bared. After a few long and dreamy kisses, Jean was hard again – that was fast, Michelle thought, Mona's still in shower. Michelle felt Jean's rock-hard cock throb hard in her, and she let it slide deep in her one last time...

Stroking in the Rain

group iggyspear 2018-04-07

To make the yard work slightly more bearable, Rick daydreamed about having Lorena's puffy lips wrapped around his cock, her large tits swaying back and forth as her head bobbed up and down. Knowing exactly what she was doing, Lorena bent over and took her time taking the cookies out of the oven, giving Rick an amazing view of her shapely ass. The whole time this was happening the tent in Rick's pants didn't subside, but it wasn't until about ten minutes in when Tessa finally acknowledged it by saying, "It looks like you're enjoying this massage a little too much, Honey." Knowing they still had some time before she got the batteries in the vibrator, Lorena and Rick fucked liked banshees for as long as they could get away with.


With Lynnie and Friends

group gene55m 2018-04-07

We fucked slowly for awhile, savoring the warm wet pressure of cock in cunt, tit in hand. That's the sound of one red-head slut cumming!" My cock pulsed with excitement as I imagined her sprawled out on the bed, sturdy legs spread to allow Lynnie's mouth free access to her sweet pussy. Her little friend pumped into her damp cunt; her fingers stroked her erect clit; my hand squeezed my cock waving its hard length back and forth; Eric knelt behind Lynnie, kissed her pantied butt cheeks and fondled his prick slowly. I wiggled my tongue wildly over Lynnie's hard little clit, my fingers spreading her wet puffy lips so I could suck on her bud, too.

The Other World Ch. 04

group WifeWatchman 2018-04-07

"How did you know it was Kevin?" Cindy asked as we sat in my office at 8:30am, Sunday, March 5th, having just gotten back from the crime scene. I peered at her as she said "Yeah, I know the motive might be other reasons, but they are at least making it look like a hate crime of killing a homosexual man in a way that other white groups have killed blacks and homosexual before." "Jack asked me to call and tell you that Les Craig is already on the way to your County to take over the Kevin Greeley case as a hate crime..." "You just let him take the evidence?" asked Chief Moynahan as Cindy and I sat in his office at 1:00pm, Sunday, March 5th.


I Can Still Smell Them on Me...

group ConsensualKink 2018-04-07

Matt taps me on my chin and slides his long fingers over the back of my neck, his hand drawing me closer for a whisper of a kiss before he plants my mouth back on his cock, thrusting his hips upward this time. I am in heaven in that moment and move up to my knees, pressing my back hard to my husband and pulling his mouth down to my neck in one fluid motion, leaving Matts cock bobbing and aching. The first one is a writhing delicious agonizing climax that I am well and truly pinned down for; I try and lift myself up onto my elbows to pull away and my husband presses harder against my spot while Matt forces me flat down onto my back again: