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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

How He Found Out Pt. 01-02

group JanetG 2018-04-07

I explained my bare breasts by telling him "It's the heat." I gave him my best come-hither smile, kicked off my sandals, walked over, slipped the tape in the VCR and got comfortable on the sofa while he went in the kitchen to roll us the last of the weed and get our drinks. She looks like someone in a religious trance as she surrenders to the feel of two hands massaging her breasts, one hand squeezing her ass and one fingering her pussy. I stood up, slid his pants off, got back on the couch on my knees, straddling his legs, stretched out and covered his cock with my tits. My other hand pinched a nipple goodbye, slid down and pushed two fingers deep inside my cunt.

The Nights of San Antonio

group Suavemente 2018-04-07

I might mention that this was the first time in awhile that we had "closed the club down." Both of the girls were pretty buzzed and I guess you could say almost drunk, so we headed back to our hotel room to chat and let Regina sit it out until she could safely drive back home. It was just as good if not better than tasting it off my girlfriend's fingers, who was now kissing Gina's lips and sucking on her nipples. She kissed Raquel for some time before slowly working her way down Raquel's body, taking one of her very hard nipples in her mouth. Gina decided she wanted her first taste of another woman and worked her way down between Raquel's legs, taking her puffy pussy lips in her mouth.

Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 09

group Andyhm 2018-04-07

Simone smacked my hand, "Stop it, you're putting bad thoughts in my mind and I really want to go to the market!" Then she kissed my hand, "but when we get back..........." Her words trailed off into a suggestive grin. Simone and Angie still wanted to wander round the market, but I was happy to join him. Simone told me, "I saw that your old one was looking very battered, so I got this one for you to replace it." And while Simone and Angie packed away the purchases, Pete and I strolled down to the harbour master to settle the bill. I left Pete to his work and went and sat at the breakfast bar so I could watch Simone and Angie working.


Dancing Girls

group Chac 2018-04-07

When everyone was paying attention to Melina's lap dance for Carl, I began rubbing my cock through my pants. Melina was standing, facing away from the couch as "Naughty" encircled her within her arms from behind with her left hand massaging Melina's pussy and her right hand kneading a breast, as she bit, sucked, and kissed her back, shoulders and neck. I removed my mouth from "Naughty" concentrating on the pleasure she was conducting on my cock only to notice that Carl had gotten it up again and was poling Melina from behind, squeezing both breasts, his face contorted and his neck bulging. I watched Melina take Carl, I felt "Naughty" on my dick and I finally came.

My Visit to a Gay Men’s Club

group kul1 2018-04-07

It has group and individual rooms, though it is very dark and you often have to guess or grope to see who you are next to .The more lit area is the oral stage, where you stand next to half walls with ovals cut in them and guys on the lower level love to give head. I didn’t feel a stiffening immediately, so I as usual wondered if the injection was going to work, but I headed for the orgy room just in case. I told the guy he looked like he gave really good head and the guy just said “yeah”. I dropped trou and felt a soft hand on my tool, followed by a warm mouth on it head.

Re-Born On The Fourth Of July

group sexy_name 2018-04-07

He then reached around to my ass and pulled me in closer, rubbing his cock against me, I was already horny (alcohol does that too me) so I knew if this kept up I would be cumming very soon. We kissed for a minute or two and then we pulled away, Chantelle looked into my eyes, "how was that?" I pulled her in close and felt her erect nipples pressing against mine, my pussy was so wet I thought I may have soaked the bed. Chantelle sat up, looked at both Mitch and Greg's bulging shorts and said "you think that was awesome, wait til the others go home."

John, Tara and Paul

group JohnLeslie 2018-04-07

After a few minutes of finger fucking, I took my head off of John's cock, laid back on the couch, put my legs up and began diddling my asshole. I looked up at John and said, "I want your beautiful cock in my asshole stud." John leaned over and kissed me, then said, "Ok sugar, I am gonna fuck your little shithole now." He put more lube on his cock and pushed it all the way into my ass with one smooth stroke. Tara massaged us both and said, "I want to eat that beautiful cum out of your shithole." John pulled his cock out and put it in my mouth.

Our Hedonistic Vacation

group swingerjoe 2018-04-07

To my left, an older couple sat along the opposite wall of the oversized hot tub and chatted while their hands played below the surface of the water. Since there wasn't much action to witness, and since it had become an effort to keep my eyes open, I decided to exit the hot tub and head back to my room. As my head hit the pillow, I began to wonder whether that young couple would get together, and whether that husband and wife would take the black guy back to their room for the night -- or maybe even have sex right there in the area surrounding the hot tub.


Campus Frolic - Thanks Eva

group fuzzyb2 2018-04-07

I watched as Erica fucked her friend, repeatedly thrusting her hips forward, each time burying the rubber cock into the other woman. As this was going on, I felt Erica slowing down her fucking until she pushed deep into Bethany's pussy and stayed there. As Erica and I started up our full range of motion again, Bethany pulled away and made her way onto the chair, straddling my face with her 18-year-old pussy. I took me cock into my right hand — it was thick with Erica's pussy cream — and started stroking the shaft as if I was all alone watching a porn movie. When I finished, I simply dropped my softening cock onto Erica's messy tits and said to Bethany, "lick that up, would you?

Another Inspired

group morefunnaked 2018-04-07

He'd answered the door wearing only boxers and then shown me through to the garage where his girlfriend was tied and blindfolded, hands held above her head by a rope looped through a pulley that was attached to the rafters. His face meets her crotch and he goes to work with his tongue, in no time at all eliciting moans and some of the most obscene language I've ever heard from a woman's mouth. I felt good and I fucked her hard, making slapping noises every time I made contact with her cheeks. I proceeded to do as told, eventually blowing my wad deep inside her, but not until after she had climaxed a couple times and he had cum in her mouth.

Hotel Three

group bandito_slim 2018-04-07

As the elevator moved up Rich turned to Shannon, he brought his hand up to her face and gently pulled her closer to him and started to kiss her. Shannon climbed onto the couch and Rich pulled her to him and started to kiss her breasts and let his hands roam all over her body. "Alright, I'm going to go clean up." Shannon walked into the main room and picked up her dress and panties, she went into the bathroom and washed the cum from her face and tits for the second time that evening.

Glory Daze Ch. 07

group Eagle1 2018-04-07

"Harrison, for fuck's sake, would you just shut up already?" I said authoritatively, then back to the matter at hand, all the guys paying attention to what I had to say, "I've had 'em both and I can tell you with certainty that Janet McAllister may have bigger tits, but Michelle Collins can work magic with her pussy." "Dude I hear you, no problem," he said to me, grinning from ear to ear, and then by way of explanation to the other guys, "Marc and I fucked my old girlfriend Angela together a few weeks ago this past summer at my place. "Well, I am not going," said Ellen decisively, looking at me like she was little red riding hood and I was the big bad wolf.


June & I Call on Lola

group Boxlicker101 2018-04-07

I knew she wouldn't start licking or sucking the clit until later because we both like to spend a lot of time eating a pussy before the woman cums. While my lips nibbled, my tongue probed the inner surface from Lola's love hole, licking and nibbling slowly past Lola's sweet clit till I reached her mons. June replaced me, wrapped her arms around Lola's thighs, made a face at me when she noticed that I had eaten all the juices and started licking on an inner pussy lip, probing between the inner and outer labia and llicking both surfaces.


Truck Stop Ganbang

group ECHoney 2018-04-07

I knelled down in front of him and started sucking his cock letting my lips slide along his shaft as he held my head and fucked my mouth. The second guy sat down on a metal box next to the building and I turned my ass to him straddled him and guided his cock into my cum soaked pussy. I reached out my hands to them and they came closer to me and I started alternating sucking each of their cocks while the second guy I was sitting on kept fucking me. He pulled me back onto his cock hard holding it inside me deep and I felt his hot cum start squirting into me pussy.

Threesome Ch. 2

group Angelique 2018-04-07

As my pace quickened, her body thrashed out of control, thrusting down on my hand, forcing my finger deeper inside her ass. She eased a single digit inside his ass, while I shoved my head against Tom, nearly choking myself on his cock as it slid between the walls of my throat. I continued fucking Tom while Gina worked another finger into his ass, pressing upward to stimulate his prostate. Each time my body came crashing down onto Tom, Gina's hand moved further into my hole. Gina took advantage when his body hurled forward and moved behind him, pressing the head of the vibrating cock against his anal opening. Gina forced the cock into his ass while I continued stroking him with my mouth.

Terry's Last Day At Work

group SlickTony 2018-04-07

Present at the gathering besides himself, Bertie Latham, and the outside salesman, Sidonie Taulbe, was a woman named Jolene Bascom, who was going to be doing his job on Monday, Sidonie’s husband, Gavin, and some suppliers’ reps. The Master Builders rep, who had deaf people in his family and knew how to read lips, said, “I think she was saying that you looked like you were going to have to give birth to that new chair,” he said. He thought it didn’t even matter if she had some miles on her; there was nothing that looked as good as a long-legged naked woman in high heels.


The Politician's Wife

group Lola49 2018-04-07

The Governor and his wife sat at each end of the table and the guests took seats at the place with their name card. I was seated next to the Governor's wife Gayle and across from Charles business partner's wife Carolyn. I didn't ask for Gayle's advances nor did I want to encourage her either, but I knew if I walked upstairs to the master's bathroom she would be joining me. Gayle soft touch had me leaking my sweet juice inside my red lace panties that I was expecting Charles to remove with his mouth back at our place for a night of passion and now the State's First Lady had started something I was not about to allow her to finish.

Lord Roger's Women: Friday

group fannyanny 2018-04-07

Marietta knew her client far too well and knew how he liked his oral sex to end and he was coming to that time as he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth and she could feel its hot tip at the back of her throat. Staring at her teasing him with that tongue Lord Roger could already feeling himself slowly growing hard again. His friend came over and spat into his hand and ran it over his cock before spitting on the young woman's arse hole which Lord Roger had exposed by pulling her buttocks apart, Her tight arse hole became too much for the man's cock and soon he came and backed off to let Lord Roger finish fucking her.

Tila's Cum Obsession

group angeltriste 2018-04-07

three huge black guys that Jenn recommended to start fucking me 1st thing. room we'd have guys just jacking off into the pool, after some good fucking few minutes in there, just watching the guys fuck Jenn's friends. 1st guy came in me, I could feel his cum guys who were fucking Jenn were close to cumming and I put my perky tits "you look so fucking hott you cum dumpster!" Jenn said guys was done I took a rest, feeling the cum all over me and in me. Jenn started fucking a few guys. fucking christ she pushed MORE cum into my ass, hell I'm sure it was felt like I had to piss, puke, cum and shit all at the same time.

Best Friends Share Girlfriend

group times13 2018-04-07

Darin sat on his bed and started rubbing Victoria's upper thighs and ass as she was facing away from him while Darin watched his girlfriend make out with his best friend. The job wasn't done yet as Shawn reached for his best friend's boxers and yanked them down exposing Darin's dick. Darin took off Victoria's bra exposing her tits and Shawn went for her thong revealing her wet pussy. With Darin's fingers inside her and Shawn's tongue gently licking her pussy, Victoria began screaming in ecstasy. Darin began pulling on his dick spreading Shawn's cum up and down his 7-inch cock. Then suddenly, Darin's dick fell out and Shawn immediately pulled out and grabbed his friend's dick and guided back inside Victoria.

Beach Camp

group NUDE NATURALLY 2018-04-07

As class started again Mary sat next to me and said that she was going to work on her tan while in class so without hesitation she untied her bikini top and pulled it over her head allowing her large round melons to fall free. We finished our shower then walked naked back to our tent where we found Jill laying on her sleeping bag with a large dildo in her hand and shoving it recklessly into her wet pussy causing loud slurping sounds. I could feel a massive orgasm building deep in my loins, as the impending climax approached I pulled Bill's cock from my mouth and screamed with joy as Jill pushed the final thrusts into me triggering the waves of pleasure to rip thru me.

Reelin' in the Years

group bad_hobbit 2018-04-07

The spare room – another girl, Kerry, had moved out recently after deciding to move in with her boyfriend – was a bit poky, but again Bethany had added a few nice touches to try to make it suitable accommodation for her big cousin. Emma's eyes went wide at the unexpected and novel experience of such an intimate caress from a girl, and barely noticed when a male hand assisted the path of her thong on its way to the floor. Someone, she wasn't sure who, moved round behind Lucy and took hold of one of her perky little breasts, sliding the other hand down over her mound and pulling her pussy away from Emma's leg.


My wife - a fantasy

group playfullmale40 2018-04-07

- is chatting to two of the guys Marcus and James and they are lavishing attention on her and I think she is enjoying it! As we walk homw we are both in a good place and Jane has the twinkle in her eye that she gets when she is horny and relaxed. we chat and are soon disturebed by Marcus and James saying'HI' and asking to join us. They ask us to come next door for a dance - I look at Jane and she quickly says "why not". She licks her lips, Marcus is behind her looking down her top and his hands have come to rest just below her tits. Suddenly Jane stares at me and slowly places her hand behind her rubbing Marcus' crotch.


group Fredlake 2018-04-07

I went to lovers lane at least twice a month but did not see trading going again on for months, by which time I had been involved in a trade (in a house) and (my just-fucked date being agreeable) I traded with a guy I more or less knew and went to his car to screw a girl I was sure I had never screwed before. (Their parents thought that afternoon dates were great because they would obviously not have any risk of leading to sex.) One of the guys went to the pay phone (this was 45 years ago) and called a guy who rounded up another guy and they arrived at the coffee shop in time to e****t the single girls to the motel.