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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tucker's Studio Ch. 22

group riverboy 2018-04-07

"Those fuckin' dimples kill me," Kelsey said, her blue eyes twinkling as she looked at Josh's smile. "So I got this friend Josh, at school, and he's like porn crazy," Kelsey said to Tucker at the studio one day. "She wants to see yours," he said, elbowing Josh as the two of them looked at Molly's pendulous tits. She liked being forthright with her students about real-world questions, but things were going a little too far, especially since it was Josh and Ryan at the table, the two male students she'd been most attracted to that semester. "Yeah, I think we all need a nice change of pace," Kelsey said. "Oh God!" he said, when Molly's big, beautiful eyes looked up at him. "I've never had a naked boy in my room before," Molly said to Josh.


The Joys of Polyandry Pt. 01

group rebecca2878 2018-04-07

Charles let go of me just a little too fast to embrace Carol, but I forgot the slight as Doug settled into my arms. And we switched partners a couple of more times over the next few weeks, although my steady date continued to be Charles and Doug and Carol remained a couple. Well, I was distressed, but then I got to thinking that Carol, the serial monogamist who tired of men quickly was probably tired of Doug -- and tired of me too -- and this was her way of breaking off a relationship. "I'm sorry you've lost your friend," he said, "but honestly I'd rather have sex with you than Carol.

The Hotel

group sprucett_78 2018-04-07

I liked Jim, I had stayed late at work to have a drink with him one night, which ended up in us kissing and then running to the toilets for a quick fuck doggie style. I felt something hot and hard against my lips and I opened my mouth to let the cock slide inside. My breasts were being rubbed with a cock, from either side there were hands all over my body and Jim between my legs, watching my face as he stroked the outside of my cunt with his cock, his mouth open slightly. I closed my eyes as I felt a mouth against my nipple and a hand stroking my pussy lightly.

Showing Off in New Orleans Ch. 02

group Buckiowa 2018-04-07

Joy had been riding "Cowgirl" as we talked for over an hour, her hips churning slowly on my still stiff cock as she talked about how horny it made her to show off that night, how she loved to watch the waiter stroke his cock for her and how it made cum so hard when his cock erupted onto her breasts and face. "I'm going to tease you all day and make this cock hard and these balls nice and big and full again," she said as got up and walked into the bathroom. Once we ordered and Bill brought our wine, I thought I'd see if I could send the couple at the next table over the edge and I asked Joy, "So, Baby, what do you think, are you going to fuck him?" I said it loud enough that I'm sure both the man and woman heard it.


Forgive Me, Shiroo – Part 2

group 2018-04-07

As soon as she put down her hands, he held her by her arms, pushed her against the wall, pressed himself against her and started kissing her lips. “Do I value that much to you?” She asked, looking into his eyes, unbuttoning and then removing his shirt and then pulling up his west, exposing his muscular chest. To be honest, when I was away, I missed you more than any other man would miss his love…” As he started rubbing her arms all the way down, and then up again, and said, “I know it is, but I wanna be humiliated little, by someone who loves me…” She rubbed his left thigh, as he looked at her arm. “no honey…” He said as he rubbed her left cheek with his right hand and squeezed it softly.

The House

group ValdamerRequiem 2018-04-07

Val looks around a bit more before he decided to make his way up to his room, but before he did, he took out his phone and decided to send Requiem another message. "Get up and on your knees on the bed, your ass facing me." Requiem nodded and moved as he said, looking back to the door, smiling. Don't worry, he wont try anything on you." She smiles and grabs his hand off her thigh and pulls it up her skirt onto her slit, letting him feel how wet she is. He works it in for a moment before placing them onto her ass hole.Feeling his fingers slip in and out with ease, she lifts her head up and moans as he moves.

Cabin in the Woods, Sequel

group theo_minor 2018-04-07

We paused to watch as Walt bucked his hips up off the couch, thrusting his erection into Sharon's mouth, grunting and gasping as she continued to suck on it. Slowly, deliberately, Walt stroked his long cock into Jean, while she purred and cooed with extreme pleasure at her husband's penis probing to her depths. With silky-smooth movements, Sharon slid herself along my body, pausing to wrap her tits around my cock, and give me a sultry tit-fuck before continuing to slide herself seductively along my body until her breasts had come level with my mouth. With my hands, I held Sharon's body tightly against mine, enjoying the sensation of her naked skin against my own, her breasts sensuously sliding against my chest, her nipples like little points of erotic electricity sending jolts into me.


Local Rumours ……..Continued

group trindriver121 2018-04-07

A while later mom walked in to my room, she had a tray of food and was dressed in the costume Amy had picked out, “My lift will be here shortly, eat your dinner then make sure you both shower, your dad will be home soon, and if you all like you can watch my show, can you set up your laptop on the big screen tv Paul, your dad has the pass word.” She commented on Amy’s torn tights and pretended to tell us both off for making a mess. the man began to orgasm, as he pulled his cock away from mom huge globules of his hot spunk sprayed all over her face and hair, strings of cum hung from her nose and hair, the pillow beneath her was also sprayed.

84% cock

When women fight back, Beware men

group 2018-04-07

Looking left, then right, I prepared to drive off when I was suddenly struck with a compulsive overpowering urge, to dominate this young man, and continue with my disciplining, 'Quick', I said to Gail, 'Help me get him into the car', and without waiting for her reply, flew out of my seat, opened the back door and started to drag him into the vehicle. I went upstairs for the bottle of wine I had left open just over an hour ago, and returned and poured as Gail and myself still naked, stood drinking, looking down on our captive, wondering what to do next, when my eye came to rest on my riding crops, hanging on the wall.

Handsome Ch. 19

group Paris Waterman 2018-04-07

Still, I didn't want to be the one to mess up Duane's chances and so I forced myself to watch the movie and didn't kiss or grope Leah. Those thoughts dissipated the moment Leah reached for my cock again, and standing on tip-toes, brought my dick to her smooth pussy-lips. She had looked concerned for a second, but as she realized that I wasn't forcing myself on Leah, she reached up, and covered Duane's hand on her breast, silently telling me that she was having fun too. Don't worry, you'll know." I left it there, knowing that most girls when properly kissed will send their tongue out on an exploratory mission, i.e., telling the guy she wants his in her mouth.


The movie

group 2018-04-07

I soon had three fingers in her and was fucking the hole hard jerking her as I pounded her cunt. Just as the gf had him about to cum I reached under him and found his ass hole and finger fucked him. He then grabbed us by our nipples and began to twist them and we kept jerking that huge cock. So as he fucked her ass with the monster cock I then waited till the right moment and finger fucked his ass and he really rammed her ass hard like he had my cunt. I soon had all four fingers up his ass and was fucking him good and hard.

My Next Visit

group Darcy84 2018-04-07

The older guy looked at me and said, "I want to eat that hot pretty little pussy." He took his fingers out of me and pulled the other guys hand away. I want to feel that hard swollen clit rubbing against my cock." I pulled the other guy's cock out of my mouth and said "Yes." He immediately began rubbing the head of his cock against my lips and clit and I went back to sucking my other cock. I looked back at the younger guy and said, "I want you to fuck my pussy with your long hard cock."


Amy Caught in the Middle

group mrhmann 2018-04-07

As the panties hit the floor Mr. Kay started kissing Amy's inner thigh working his way from one to the other. Mr. Kay could feel his cock hit the back of her throat and started pumping in and out as she sucked and licked. After two years of no sexual contact and only his hand to keep him from totally exploding this orgasm hit the back of Amy's throat with a force that caused her head to snap back. Amy and Mr. Kay did not hear Michael enter the room until he unzipped his zipper and pulled his own stiff cock out of his pants. Soon the two men were pumping in rhythm as Amy continued to suck on Michael's cock.

La Rose D'Amour Chapter One

group pedrosilva73 2018-04-07

He got up, standing with his back to me, while Manette still lay with her eyes closed, her petticoat and shift thrown up, her thighs wide apart, revealing to my ardent gaze a round white belly, the bottom part of which was covered with a large growth of jet black curly hair, and lower down, between her thighs, I discovered what I had so often heard of, but never before seen - a cunt; from between the locks of curly hair that grew over the mount above, and around the dear delicious slit, I could perceive two fat and rosy lips slightly gaping open, from which oozed out a little whitish-looking foam.

A Wild Ride

group TheTrueBigBoss 2018-04-07

" *He then took one into his mouth and sucked it, Krystal watched as Rita cried out and playfully smacked his shoulder but gave in and let him take it. Rita took a moment to flick that a few times with a giggle, but soon returned to letting her hands roam over her skin.. Krystal's hand roamed up and around Luke's pant leg, her eyes transfixed on the Rita across from her. Meanwhile across from Luke and Krystal; Rita was enjoying her own time with Martin. Martin's fingers pushed inside her pussy, her gasp attracting the eyes of Luke and Krystal who too were busy in their own fun: Martin's hand held Rita's black hair up away from her face as her dark marroon lips wrapped around the shaft...


Twisted in the Middle

group wetfeline31 2018-04-07

The guy pumping my butt said, "Hey man, you need to have a go at her ass, I feel like I'm about to blow, and I want to do it in her mouth." As he slowly pushed his head, then his shaft in, the one in front of me, a black guy, began to fuck my mouth. The guy who was fucking my ass said he was going to cum. My latest sexual adventure, namely being with multiple guys at the same time, started back in June when my boyfriend, Kyle, had a house party. The feeling of being between these two hot guys was getting me aroused again, and my hands found their way back to their strong thighs.


Secrets Open Everything.

group daezwifey 2018-04-07

She let out a long moan before going on to say “ You've got a great ass.” Then to me she continued “See, and if I would have listened to you we would have been home playing with a strap-on instead of her ass.” Amber jerked her head up and said “ No, need to go home I have a brand new one up stairs.” With a smile on her face Miss Porscha looked at me and Glen and said “oh.. Glen brought his meat in closer and I began to taste Porscha's pussy which made me shamefully more eager and happy to clean my wife's pussy off of the huge black dick that had knocked her insides out of place and left her cunt gaping open.

Strip and Bukkake

group publicnude 2018-04-07

Gemma, my friend's wife, came on stage, had me strip her, and then she knelt down and began to suck my cock. She looked into the audience and said, "Do you want him to cum on my face?" I fucked her for a while, all the time the guys were stroking their cocks, ready to cum on my wife. In order to get the line to move faster, Gemma stripped and came down and began sucking cocks to get them ready. We walked hand in hand out of the strip club; both completely nude, and my wife covered in cum. She said, "I think, besides being nude, I like men to fuck my mouth and cum so I could swallow, better than anything.

Size Queens Share

group Rubirosa 2018-04-07

With a practiced eye, Sandra started shooting photos of the blonde posing with Samson's tool like a trophy. "Fuck, you've got such a huge cock, baby," whispered Lana into his ear as she ran her hands over the thick slabs of muscle that spanned his broad chest. "Sure am," Lana moaned under her breath as she began jacking Samson's tool with both fists. However, rather than reward the impudent remark of his imperious cuckquean girlfriend, Samson turned his attention to Lana. "You like that big cock, Lana?" he snarled before feeding her pussy another inch of iron hard shaft. "Goddamn, this is hot," sighed Sandra as she kneeled behind her boyfriend, hands roaming across his chiseled pecs and abs as he crammed himself inside Lana.


New Beginnings Ch. 02

group sex4u4647 2018-04-07

Harry sat on a comfortable chair with Jean on his lap as Sue and Mike got cozy on the couch across from them. Jean told how she had her tits played with and then described what Walt did to Sue, taking off her top and biting her nice tits, leaving bite marks all over them. We knelt and started to suck their nice hard cocks." Sue continued her tale. "Get naked and suck us as you did them." Mike spoke as he unzipped his fly and showed her his half hard cock. Still sucking on Mike's slightly hard cock Sue was wishing it was either Walt or Sam she was blowing. Jean, sucking Mike, quickly noticed the change of his cock.

Very Good Neighbors

group BlBones 2018-04-07

The Boxers, Liz (43) and Walt (46), and the Coles, Wanda (42) and Tim (46), had been neighbors for years. Liz was really into it when she started to relate one story she had read of two couples who had been friends for a very long time and were caught in a situation much like the four of them were in right now. They broke the kiss and Liz rolled over and looked up at her and in a coy little voice slurred, "Why Wanda, I'm surprised you had to ask. Walt, although shocked, did not remove his hand from Wanda when Liz let his hand go. Liz broke the kiss, let go of Tim's cock and picked herself up off of Wanda.


Shared Pleasures

group A_Muse_Kate 2018-04-07

As he removes my bra, he places soft, hot kisses on my shoulders and down my arms and once exposed, he captures my nipple between his lips, tongue softly flicking my flesh until it peaks and the softly nibbles on the hardness. You lean down to pull me into a deep sweet kiss, tasting the muskiness of him on me, grabbing my breast and firmly squeezing my soft flesh as your tongue seeks out every crevice, every last drop of his taste in my mouth. As his hard cock enters me, I reach for yours and firmly stroke it as I look into your eyes and share the passion that we have so purposefully created, and then pull you closer to taste your sweet flesh.

The Grateful Virus_Ch. 100

group jadling 2018-04-07

One of Nicole’s agents saw a bizarre developing news story come up on the wire service involving an entire Girl Scout troop going out of control the previous day and all running off to chase a strange man into the woods in Yosemite. "Doors open in one hour, so you have time to get cleaned up and ready to receive the blessing." She switched her microphone back off and in the silence that followed Jim cleared his throat. Each time he spurted in one of them, the virus made her instantly come, causing his spurt to be pumped right onto the waiting eggs the virus had released, as well as making the girl shout or cry with joy and gratitude as she felt her life goal of carrying his baby becoming a reality inside her womb.

Tax Debt Solution Ch. 05

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-04-06

Expecting a peck on the cheek, she turned her head, but Lisa moved, and kissed her on the lips, and then didn't pull away, and she felt the tip of her tongue slip briefly inside her mouth. As soon as they got into the room Lisa released Bob and came to Marci, and kissed her, hard, forcing her tongue into her mouth. She felt hands on her head, and looked up as Lisa pulled her to her face, kissing her hard, smearing and sharing her juices from Marci's face and mouth.