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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Blossoming

group someoneyouknow 2018-04-06

Tina and Mai both looked over the crowd, making the occasional eye contact with guys who seemed to be interested but who never came over to talk to them. As they talked Tina came back to the table, a quizzical look on her face as she saw someone occupying her seat and Mai having an apparently deep discussion with him. The two shared a laugh, Tina's hand patting Mai's crossed knee, before Dave came back with the drinks. Dave was working on his third drink of the night, Tina's third and Mai's fourth, when he looked Mai straight in the eyes and asked, "Would you let me take some pictures of you?"


18yo Aussie Tom's First Time

group daveevans 2018-04-06

So Tom shoots me an email, he is 18yo, just started his last year of high school, he is gay (thinks he is), he has sucked cock and fooled around lightly with a guy but he wants to be fucked. If it works out, on Saturday I’ll have Alex and Tom come over to my place, it will look a little weird to me neighbors if two super hot guys rock up to my place and then I close all the curtains for 2 hours or so….. Grabbing another condom off the kitchen counter, Alex pulled his cock out the leg of his speedos (we couldn’t do this for Tom because his competition school speedo was so tight).

Is this happening

group Thy_Great 2018-04-06

I would guess she was a 34 D her boobs where perfect they stood up no sag and didn't lean eather way it looked like she had a boob job i mean perfectly round with her small little pink ni**les next ally turned her around and roughly pulled her yoga pants off to see a pair of red boyshorts that where see through from about mid cheek to inner thigh she had the best pair off legs i have ever since muscular toned with huge thighs turn around destiny lets get this over with then she started slowly pulling here panties down to reveal a little patch of pubes in a triangular shape which led to her p***y wow.

Invoking the Goddess

group tonidelasalle 2018-04-06

Indira held Naranha at arm's length now and gazed into her large brown eyes. Naranha felt they were her best feature and had even been embarrassed by Indira's love poems about them. Indira stepped out of the way and Naranha stepped into the middle of her guardians. Her guardians lifted her up and settled her onto him, positioning her now-dripping opening above his ready erection. The cries of exultation given off by the High Priestess as one of the others lapped at her tender opening were drowned out by the pounding in Naranha's head. Naranha lifted her head and, even though she knew it would be this way, started to weep.

Summer Seduction of 1981

group Victor1964 2018-04-06

It was just before summer break when Ken and Diane came in to stock up for their vacation. Ken and Diane striped quickly and told me to do the same. Ken suggested we watch a movie and Diane got a tape out of a brief case. My first thought was what is going on as I looked down and saw Ken sucking my cock. I looked at Diane and she kissed me and told me to relax. Ken was a great and soon felt like I was going to cum. I did and Diane fed me her pussy while Ken slowly pushed into me. That summer Ken and Diane showed me how to make love and enjoy my sexuality.

The Initiation

group Ghostrider13 2018-04-06

Swallowing the hot load Mike looked up and saw that the other men were stroking their cocks and that the woman was fingering herself. All at once the man grabbed Mike's hips and shoved his cock deep inside his ass and shot his load of hot cum. Shoving his cock in as far as he could the man let out a load moan as he shot off in Mike's ass. Mike knew that the next time they got together he would enjoy shoving his hard cock up their asses and in their mouths but also knew he would enjoy them fucking his ass and sucking their cocks and eating her pussy.

Be Careful what You Wish For

group HottieHousewife 2018-04-06

Just then a few of the guys started to cheer, shouting lewd comments of encouragement to Dan. This brought me to my senses and I pulled my head away from Dan while I pushed his chest away. One who really knows how to handle a man." He pulled me into him for another kiss, but I turned my head away to prevent him getting my lips. Dan's hands, now free from holding my wrists, went to my bra and lifted it up, allowing my breasts to escape underneath. "You are going to give me the best blow job of my life, babe", Dan said while gently rubbing the side of my face with his hand.


Pool Boy Ch. 44

group BigZeke13 2018-04-06

Her cold hand released my cock as her mouth moved down the shaft and she grabbed my balls to hold me in place as she started her blow-job. Oh my God, I'm going to c..." He didn't finish his sentence before his ass slid forward on the seat as he pushed Alexis' head down on his cock. I pulled my hand back to the steering wheel and said, "I can wait." She looked at my smiling face and then back at the bulge on my thigh. Fiona pulled her lips up my shaft and lashed her tongue around my velvety crown and then handed my cock to Alexis.


Diva Girlfriend

group your_siren_rogue 2018-04-06

Tessa reaches for your waist band and pulls your pants down, exposing your hard cock to the open air of the room, her friend whispers in your ear, "that is nice, I can't wait to feel that moving inside my warm, wet pussy." As she finishes her sentence, your knees buckle, you know that your legs will not hold you much longer. Her friend takes a position between your legs and begins to kiss your ankles, giving you the same licks and nips that Tessa is using, she is moving up your legs, ankle to knee, switching legs. Tessa moves to the side of the bed and her friend straddles your waist, she is suspended slightly above your cock, lowering herself slowly, inch by inch towards your hardness.

A Widower's Delight

group virusman 2018-04-06

When I raised an eyebrow, Debbie giggled and said, "It's not what you think Uncle Will, I've not become a lesbian overnight, and I'll always want a nice cock in my pussy, but a girl's got to have a bit of fun before she settles down. I knew that I would take some time to recover before I could fuck the two girls, but I felt that they should be rewarded for the pleasure they had given me, so I told them to lie back on the bed, and moving from one to the other, I proceeded to lick and suck their eager pussies, using every trick that I knew, until they both came, their bodies taut, and their faces alight with rapture.

Rose Blood

group James Cody 2018-04-06

My heart skipped a beat I let my eyes fall from hers to a slender neck and to the rose tattoo that rested over her left breast. I paused for a moment to look at the architecture; doors were covered in carvings of intertwined bodies, gargoyle-like statues stood vigil over street corners with long phallic members at stiff attention. He was transfixed, running his eyes up and down her transparent flesh as she took her lower jaw and popped it back into place; she smiled and then kissed him, moving her tongue around to make sure he could taste the mixture of his come and her saliva. Rose threw her arms upward, howled some strange words, and then transfigured into a sculpture of blood before falling away like water dumped from a bucket.


group starshine0717 2018-04-06

I watched Pete roll on his condom, then he got behind my girl, pulled her thongs down to her bent knees and started fucking her. She was clearly enjoying my girl eating her pussy because it took her a minute to slowly turned her head towards me. Pete wanted his turn in my girl's mouth, and I watched as he kneeled on the bed next to her head and stuck his erection towards her face. Theresa moaned into my girl's breasts, and I could hear Pete panting harder as he pounded my girlfriend's pussy with his dick as he kneeled on the edge of the bed.

I'll Show You Mine If... Ch. 08

group Many Feathers 2018-04-06

I like laying here spreading myself open, having you looking at me, seeing me as I pull my lips a part, letting you see inside me, knowing you will soon be thrusting your hard fucking cock so deep inside my pussy." I wanted to drown myself in her fluid, but I could only lay there trying to find breath, watching her cunt gush a geyser of clear fluid high into the air, drenching herself along with the blanket as tears rolled down her cheeks, her hand now soothing the nubbin of her sex, fingers stroking it, though a tiny thin streamer of liquid continued to occasionally pulse out of her pussy like the beating of a heart.


Vacation Ch. 02

group IDrew 2018-04-06

Back at the pool Kali was watching a couple kissing on the side and asked me if you had just walked by. I moved my naked body over to Drew's blanket and asked him where he wanted it. He moved just a little and I knew he was entering you, but his hands kept rubbing lotion on your back and I watched you two with a big smile on my face. I lean up and begin to move back to Drew when I notice him look at your cock. I had never said this to you, but it would really excite me if I could watch a guy suck your cock, I just know Drew wants to.


Public Service

group hotcat 2018-04-06

Intensely aware that my husband's hungry eyes were fixed on us, I worked at Charlie's cock with all my skill, alternately swallowing him deeply and sucking noisily at the flared head. There I was, pinned between two powerful men, my mouth getting plugged by the hot young cop I dreamed about and my husband fucking me like no tomorrow. Charlie steadied my head with his big hand as he pumped his ebony dick in and out of my mouth and his free hand cupped my breast. In the pleasure fog that followed, I was vaguely aware of my husband's softening cock slipping out of me as I shifted to lie beside Charlie with my face pillowed on his belly.

Strip Poker at the Conference

group eight8s 2018-04-06

She suggested that we tap our reserves and I quickly found Amy, Suzy, Trisha and I headed back up to my suite to tap into my secret stash of liquor I had received as gifts from vendors at the conference. Amy smiled as Suzy stood up and reached under her dress to pull off her pantyhose and tossed them into the corner with the growing pile of clothes. Trisha realized that with Suzy dropping her bra this was going farther than her normal flirting and teasing and she said "I think I'm getting tired and may call it a night." Trisha blushed and started another excuse when Suzy stood up and said "Another round everyone?" Trisha said "Suzy, I want to see you eat Amy."

Hot Fourth of July Pool Party

group atlsexyguy 2018-04-06

I sat down and leaned back and closed my eyes to relax for a minute to get my cock to go down, but with all the bump-n-thump music, men with tiny swim suits, and big bulges, it was near full hard on. I grabbed a beautiful hard cut 7+ cock, hairless and I oiled it up and he leaned back against my chest, turned his head and kissed me. Some guys hollered to keep me nude, ass a gaping hole, and hard cock ready for sex, but he opened the suit and helped me step in. He was rimming Aron’s hole and his buddies stripped and started sucking pecs, rimming ass, all while I kissed Ian so deeply I thought I would swallow his head.


group fouzia 2018-04-06

Many women don?t know the size of their vagina, as they normal won?t measure it for any reason. When your vagina is relax the vaginal wall collapse to each other. The narrowest part will be the opening of vagina and wider as it go deeper in to the vagina.Usually the front part of vagina has a size of one and a half inches. The backend of vagina usually has a diameter of 2 1/2 inches. It could be correct by kegel exercise and vaginal tightening surgery. inches is kind of small for a male?s genital However, you vaginal wall is very elastic so it can accommodate most size. To improve your vagina size, consider kegel exercise regularly.

Taster's Choice Awards-2006 Ch. 01

group claretwine 2018-04-06

I mean it was only a televised pussy eating contest!" he said as he glanced at his beautiful, secretary Julie. Julie scribbled frantically while she said, "The ultimate game show challenge would be to pit the male species against the female species in a pussy eating contest!" With four absolutely hot, ready to be licked pussies posed for pleasure, Julie sounded the buzzer to start round one. At the final minute of play, he decided to do what his teammates were doing so he pulled his semi wet finger from her red-haired pussy and started to fondle her body. But when Cindy felt the tip of her lickers tongue just inside her wanton pussy, she let out a deep groan that went quickly into a high-pitched squeal.


A Different Kind of Threesome

group IshtarIshtar 2018-04-06

I don't have to wait long for an answer, as I can hear her orgasm begin with loud shrieks and then he collapses on top of her, filling her pussy with his cum, deep inside her. But before I can say anything, Katherine grabs my face and pushes me back into her pussy, making me unable to speak and after a few seconds, I start to lick her again. Andrew pushes his fingers inside my ass now, making it harder for me to lick Katherine. Just like this, we continue for a while and I feel completely helpless, my head held against her wet pussy and my ass being fucked by a huge cock.

Helen Agrees

group wdelander 2018-04-06

You asked me what I wanted from our "relationship!" Well, last night was perhaps the first time in my life I have thought of myself in purely sexual terms. She felt his hands on her breasts, his fingers brushing lightly over the soft swell of her skin, then rubbing gently over the lace, teasing her nipples into hardness. She laughed a little, thinking of Gwen, wondering if she might even now be watching the movie while these two sexy men took Helen. She felt herself raising her hips, pressing her hot wetness against his face as he licked and sucked her pussy. She opened her mouth, knowing what he wanted, and felt the soft skin of a cock head between her lips, slick with the salty taste of pre-cum.

Deep into the Noughties

group schming 2018-04-06

But like the good little girl I was brought up as, there was always a lingering guilt that I wasn't actively looking for love, but some kind of "zipless fuck" of the Eric Jong kind. I kept grinding on to Vince's face, and moaning in stops and starts with his dick in my mouth. I wondered if Alex was watching by now and felt myself peak in the knowledge he was probably seeing me with a mouth full of cock and my cunt grinding onto Vince's face. And for a moment I forgot that Alex was watching this, as Vince started the pace up a bit. And as I lay forward on Vince, with his dick still inside me, Alex took his time massaging my arsehole with the lube.

Something Has Awakened Him Ch. 02

group ladyhawk100 2018-04-06

"Did you like what you saw Joe?" Jessie asked, her mouth glistening with the blonde's pussy juice. "That's it Joe. Fuck my pussy." Kris cried as she circled her hips around his cock. "Come on Joe, I want to feel your cock in my pussy." Jessie said sitting up and pushing him onto his back on the floor. Joe opened his mouth to answer when Kris moved and settled her dripping pussy over his face. Joe and Jessie continued to lick and suck as Kris came in a rush. "That was great Joe." Kris said, kissing and licking his lips, tasting herself. He watched Jessie take his semi-hard cock into her mouth, while Kris licked and sucked on his balls.

Coming Early

group ScarlettKisses 2018-04-06

"Do you want to touch them Nate?" Kyra runs a finger over the fabric of her bikini and feels her nipple become hard under her finger. "Yes," Kyra moans and tries to push herself onto Nate's hard prick but he holds his throbbing dick away. She then leans down again to kiss Kyra's boobs, pushing back against Nate's once again hard cock. She pulls out enough to look at him and hisses, "I want you to fuck me Nate." He watches as she returns to Kyra's soaked pussy, her fingers sliding down her stomach til they got to her own shaved pussy. Her back arches and she pushes down onto Marcy's fingers as pleasure floods her body and an intense feeling makes her moan.