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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Hunger Ch. 02

group CorsetLvr 2018-04-06

Sharon smiled and reached down and took Jim's nearly hard cock in her hand and said, "I think we may have ignored poor Jim. Do you think we should make it up to him, or rather, do you think you might want to make it up to him while I finish recovering?" I rolled over Sharon and stretched out on top of Jim. I moved down and took his cock into my mouth, sucking it briefly and bringing it full hardness. I couldn't help but clamp my ass around her tongue and my pussy around Jim's cock as I absorbed the sensations they were both delivering to my impassioned body. Sharon's fingers pinched my nipples even tighter and the pain from them blended with the other pleasurable sensations my body experienced and flowed into a delicious mixture.



group thebigfella 2018-04-06

This is where Samantha joined in and began kissing and sucking on Nics nipples making them hard, while I undressed releasing my throbbing penis Nic opened her mouth and took me again sucking on my penis like it was a lollipop, then sucking on my balls, ohh how magic this was, then while I was having my balls and dicked sucked and licked, I watched Samantha run her tongue over Nics belly and working her way down to her juicy wet throbbing pink shaved pussy, suddenly Nic cum, her body shook while she cum again, she arched her back and moaned with delight, Sam had finally arrived at Nics pussy and flicked it with her moist tongue, while I ran a chilled strawberry over her breasts she moved her hips from side to side before wrapping her legs around Samantha as she sucked on her pussy before cuming again.

The Door is still open

group loloishorny 2018-04-06

The new guy comes up to me and introduces him and his girlfriend as Tim and Beth. I'm getting all worked up like I'm ready to cum again and this is getting Tim ready to fuck. I stay with my pussy over the one guy's mouth and Tim is straddling me to fuck my ass. Mark has know switched positions with Matt and is getting his dick sucked. Beth is getting into Matt's fucking and she is screaming for him to pound her. Tim has now gotten off in my ass and Mark is getting his fill of new sperm. Mark is wating for Matt to cum, so he can clean Beth's pussy. Mark then turns o the gay guy and says he can fuck his ass.

The naughty couple

group CumsGood 2018-04-06

Her husband is moaning away then stops pushes me away and says everyone stand up he gets out his wife leaves the dildo in my bum and says push your cock in my pussy so she bends over and I push it in she says now fuck me a little so I did her husband grabbed the dildo and started pushing it in and out of me his wife then said ok now lay down on the back seat so I climbed in her husband went to the passenger side and opened the door he said I'm going to fuck your mouth so lay on your back with your head out the door a little his wife climbed in the other door and said open your legs she grabbed the dildo and pushed it in then started sucking my cock thrusting the dildo pretty hard she wasn't far from making me cum then she stopped and so did her husband they said get out he walked to the front of the car and sat on it she came round and took my hand and said this part we are going to love

Between Two Brothers

group SexyBeast 2018-04-06

I was also surprised John wanted me along because I knew he and his brother, Eric, were very close and whenever they got together it was like they regressed right back to wild twenty-year-old college students. John was definitely surprised by that and like all guys looked a little too eager thinking about me being with another woman. Playing on the train made me lean toward the sexier ones I’d brought, but I was afraid I was going to be too cold if I wore one of them I did have a very tight red top that hugged my petite body and showed off my 34B’s to their best effect, but I felt like showing a little more skin tonight.


College Success Strategies

group wild_and_unbridled 2018-04-06

Blake grabbed a handful of Jada's hair and pulls her mouth back to his cock. Antonio saw how good Jada was sucking Blake's cock and knew he wanted her to do a suck job on his hard cock. Jada had one hand wrapped around Antonio's cock, and the other was laced through Blake's hair as she held him to her breast and pushed against his mouth. Here she was, leaning back against the couch while Antonio stood in front of her on the couch fucking her mouth, and Blake ramming her wet pussy with his enormous cock. Antonio got behind Jada and slowly inserted his cock into her pussy along with Blake.


George's House

group xhamporn 2018-04-06

Every voice in the room said yeah george fuck her good, and don’t forget to pound her tight little poop hole. I realized it was all part of the game and I answered back in a loud moaning voice oh god yes, uh huh, yes fuck my shit hole uh huh give me your hard cock uh huh take me in my ass, oh god yes George fuck my slutty little pooper. George said why?, just look at that dripping wet pussy ready and waiting for a nice hard cock. I hung my head and breathed through my mouth as he started to go harder and faster I squeezed my eyes shut as his long hard cock pounded deeply into my gaping wide shit hole.

Glynydrydd R.F.C Pt. 02

group oiyabugger 2018-04-06

He kneels down and positions himself between her legs, her bum raised, waiting to be taken up her bum for the first time, he holds his cock and aims directly at her asshole and with one slow motion, he expertly opens her up with his weapon of anal destruction, the rugby captain pulling on her shoulders to ensure he can drive his weapon of pain firmly home. Cheers go up again to encourage the captain to fuck her ass hard and he obliges the onlookers with vigorous strokes to poor Becca's tight bum. As his long fast strokes start to make me come, he expertly withdraws his impressive cock, this time he pushes my cunt lips apart and I groan as he quickly slides it into my pussy again.

First Gang Bang

group Chuck Wood 2018-04-06

I was surprised when Paul did not usher Jill to his bedroom, but maybe he was not sure she was ready to fuck him. Jill adjusted her position and Paul's hand disappeared inside her pants. It looked to me like she wanted Paul to remove her pants, but he was so busy finger banging her that he was not taking the hint. Steve had dropped his pants and Jill was giving double head to he and Paul while I pounded that beautiful ass from behind. When I finished, Paul lifted Jill to a standing position and pulled her pants and panties down. When Steve pulled out, Jill's anus remained open for a little while.

Teacher's Pets Ch. 02

group FemmeYen 2018-04-06

"Both of us would be lying if we said we're not going to make you cum harder than you've ever cum before." A look of lustful surprise filled her face and a quiet gasp escaped Kate's lips as she felt her body release its warm juice between her legs. "So this is what Ms. Sherman's pussy tastes like..." Zachary said, slowly licking her juices from his fingers. "You don't know how long I've waited for this." Zachary threw Kate's hands above her and kissed her deeply. Kate felt twinges of fear as Zachary sent trails of wet kisses down her neck to her hardened nipples. Kate pulled Niko up to her face so his dick stood at her mouth.

Sarah Vanhorn Ch. 01

group Lonedaddy 2018-04-06

When Sarah would take their food over and place it on the table, some would smile and say thank you, others would look down the front of her uniform, at her ripe young tits as she bent over. Next he grabbed her white lace bra and ripped that in half, uncovering Sarah's firm tits, topped with gumdrop size pink nipples. He got a good look at Sarah's white cotton pantys, letting out a snicker as he ripped them completely off. He sucked on her nipple's and roughly squeezed Sarah's tits as he raped her, who was enjoying every minute of it, as she pretended to struggle. Fuck my hot pussy.Come on Daddy, rape me?

A Gift to Myself

group golden smog 2018-04-06

I lay back on the bed and while Ted began kissing me all over in an unhurried way, Jim started to slide his hard cock over the skin of my face. While Jim played with my hair, kissed my lips, fondled my nipples, Ted straddled my hips and began rubbing the head of his cock across my clit and down to my vagina. As Ted ran his hands over my ass and made sounds of approval and encouragement, I began moving faster and faster, up and down, driving Jim to begin jerking inside me and gasping as orgasm overtook him. I could feel that Ted was willing his friend's orgasm too, wanting to see a man coming inside me while he squeezed my hips in his hands.

The price of blackmail - the red leash

group PNWgirl 2018-04-06

Both were drinking lots of red wine and my wife admitted that she was beginning to enjoy it – sitting there naked with a cute, much younger guy. The combination of the red wine, the embarrassment of being naked and the pressure from the clamps on her nipples soon had her panties soaking and more and more she was thinking of cock. She knew her face was now bright red with embarrassment while their stroking soon led to probing. Before long two guys were spreading her cheeks while each took it in turns to roughly finger-fuck her ass. While my wife recounted her ordeal she’d shown me how they’d humiliated her, making her parade on all fours and be tugged along on the end of the leash.

Best Friend Bedded

group indiajones 2018-04-06

"You know Sonali," Priya started, "Raj loves big tits, all the porn he enjoys watching is about big natural busty women. I think I'm going to enjoy fucking your husband Priya," grinned Sonali, taking my cock in her palm and drawing back the foreskin exposing the thick purple head. We both soaped Sonali's breasts and pussy while they cleaned my foreskin and washed my dick and balls thoroughly. "Fuck me baby it feels so good, I love your big thick cock," she moaned as I proceeded to pound her with deep hard strokes. "My turn now," Priya claimed her conjugal rights over my dick as she pulled my cock out of her friends vagina and proceeded to clean it with a wet washcloth.

Suite 69 Ch. 2

group daddyskitten 2018-04-06

When she pulls back from the kiss she looks right in my eyes, "He's going to fuck your tight throat and cum deep inside." As soon as she moves out of the way, he grabs the sides of my face and rams his cock in my mouth. Kissing each inner wrist in turn, he looks down at me and whispers, "A reminder of who you belong to, Christine." Heather leaves the bed for a few moments and he lays me back coming down next to me. "No, sweetheart, face the other way." I stop wondering what he has planned…then I remember his comment…'we take you on.' As I position my pussy above his throbbing cock I notice Heather standing at the end of the bed with the thickest, longest strap-on dildo.

BBW Experience With Horny Tenant

group ZeenatJi 2018-04-06

He said, "You ladies wear such tiny sexy panties and bras, so it's not any man's fault if they are stolen." He said that he would love to see our butt and boobs, as he noticed Yasmin and I have big ones. He got up, sat next to me and placed his hands under my skirt, then he started caressing my inner thighs while I unzipped his pants and found is thick cock. I told him to come in and went down again, sucking my lover's cock while his friend was watching. His friend quickly undressed, came behind me and pulled down my panties, squeezing my butt and telling his friend that "fucking big butt girls is always fun" He spread my buns and fingered me while I was sucking the other cock.

How my inclination for sex started

group urpussysucker 2018-04-06

After sucking and kissing her boobs till eternity, I just rolled on a condom and entered her and started fucking her slowly and steadily. As the momentum built up, I started fucking her furiously fast as if my life depended on it and as I was Cumming, she began pulling me deeper into herself with each stroke of mine as she was Cumming at the same time! In course of time I got married and started making sex with my wife only. By this time I undid her blouse and started to suck her 38" boobs. I sucked her tits as she undid my pants and got hold of my 9" penis and started to shake it to and fro.

Cabin Fever

group alonzo14 2018-04-06

I begin twirling my tongue around the head of your cock with every pass, and I love to feel your reaction as you groan and thrust your hips. "Gabbie, how did you get so damn sexy?" I ask as you push back against me, allowing the head of my cock to enter you, just a little bit, causing us both to moan. Letting my kisses trail down your neck, down your back to your ass, I turn my body so that I can lick you from behind, my legs now more toward your head, but with you still lying on your stomach. Feeling your body starting to move under my attention, I let my tongue run from your clit, through your pussy lips to your ass.


First Discoveries

group Optimystique 2018-04-06

We talked for a while as we drank our Pepsi and I kept trying to get a good look under Paula's shirt every time she moved around. "See what I mean about guys not telling us girls things?" Paula sat down on the sofa and looked right at me with a determined look. Paula hesitated then looked at me and said, "Do you want to know what happened next?" "I just laid there on my back in front of her and began showing her how I played with myself." Paula looked down at my hard cock again and lay back against the arm of the sofa while she moved one foot to the floor.


Do You Trust Me

group Charlylovesoral 2018-04-06

I squeezed his cock and looked into his face "I would trust you with anything David, why?" "Just asking" he replied, and his hand slipped down to my pussy. He went into a spasm and shot his lot into her pussy, as he pounded her some juices leaking out of her stuffed hole, as he withdrew I grabbed his cock and stuffed it into my mouth, sucking and licking every drop of his cum into my mouth. Our lips were inches apart when she slowly opened hers, and David's cum started dripping into my mouth, I eagerly sucked it in.

My Trailer Park Mistress Ch. 05

group nighttimestories 2018-04-06

Linda was already at the party and although she said she was going to slow it down until I got there visions of her pussy being split open with a stranger's cock kept racing through my mind. Diane had moved in on Stan, had his big cock pulled out, and was now doing her best to wrap her mouth around just the head of it. I reached for Susan's tits and pushed her back in time to see Stan's big cock penetrating my wife's pussy. This time Stan moaned and pulled his cock from Linda's pussy. Randy was now at Vicky's head and she was sucking his cock as Linda continued to suck and lick her pussy.


pre planned fuck

group 2018-04-06

Tara had told me she had always fantasized about being taken by strangers, and although the idea of watching my wife getting gang-fucked was good foreplay, thinking it and doing it were totally different things. siddiqe pushed her head off his cock with a loud pop, “Up on the bed dear.” he said. Tara pulled the black cock from her mouth, and said, “Is no one going to fuck me?” Good thing I was sitting already! Siddiqe whispered to me, “What would your wife think if she saw you just watching while she got gang fucked?” He thrust in right to the hilt and moaned, “I am cumming!” He snickered when he pulled out, “She is gaping now!” Two more men fucked her ass and came.

At the Movies

group craverandscarlett 2018-04-06

"Excuse us, darling," Rick said, standing, moving over next to the wall, where he took a seat, allowing the man he'd been playing with to sit next to Kim, leaving her naked and now completely surrounded by strangers who were openly masturbating their naked cocks. She knew if he wanted to she would probably let the black man slide up her body and fuck her with that huge cock, and knew he just might do it, but for now, she was exploding with lust as he ate her, and as Rick rubbed the dripping cock of his "friend" all over his face, licking it and sucking it openly in front of her.


Complete Physical

group marlowking 2018-04-06

After they all took turns with the external assessment, the doctor sat back on the stool and told the students to watch closely as he completed the first stage of the internal exam. By the time the second student took his turn, I was building to a massive orgasm and I came with a vengeance, moaning and arching my back as I thrust my hips up to force his fingers deeper inside while I rode the wave of pleasure. I was eager to experience more exquisite sensations as they each stood between my spread legs and filled my hot and horny snatch with their tools, first moving slowly and then building to a wonderfully hard and deep pace.