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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group Kit minx 2018-04-06

"Oh, I know just the thing to do that," I said, feeling the evil grin spread from cheekbone to cheekbone on my face, "Nic, lets give Jeanette a massage.” He looked from me to his girlfriend and back, lust and Jose slowing his thoughts, then the light dawned; he eagerly agreed and stood a little uncomfortably to lead us back to their bedroom. She was still being impaled by 2 of Nics fingers; through glazing, half-open eyes she saw me, and began to beg, "OHH please Kit, please lick me, make me scream with your hot mouth, eat my pussy please!!!”

Hotel of Dreams Ch. 03

group sexyparty 2018-04-06

His eyes took in the tall Kat, long legs in stockings, naked above the stockings, her pussy neatly shaved to a small patch, nicely full breasts with nipples standing straight out. While Leonard handed a glass of wine to Russ and me, Miriam stood up and began to remove her shirt. I knew Russ was going to have a wonderful time cupping her breasts and playing with her nipples while she slowly undressed Leonard for the camera. Suddenly I began sucking Alex more intently, I wanted to feel this new cock come as my husband was coming, when I felt my face held and stopped. Russ moved over and held Miriam's small legs up with one hand and Leonard knelt down and licked around her clit.


A Modern Kajira, Part 8: The Performance

group 2018-04-06

“I hear your Master had a little party with you to start off the evening,” said kata to noma with a smile. Robert and George took them simultaneously, then George motioned noma to crawl to His feet and do obeisance before Him. Master did not need to motion kata to do so, as she instinctively did obeisance unless commanded not to. “Bow!” ordered Master, “Hands behind your head!” kata bent backward into a flawless bow, trying to ignore the way the butt-plug moved within her as she did. This double torment was too much, and kata collapsed against Master’s right hand, which had been supporting her as he fingered her anus with the left, with a wild cry as her juices fell like rain from her stuffed pussy.

Erin and Jenny threesome

group paulywill 2018-04-06

Jenny and I start to push together fucking you from both ends, my cock deep in your throat, her cock pumping your cunt, the throbbing vib up her pussy all of us getting close to orgasm, you are first to cum, you are gasping for breath, nearly passing out as my cock plunges and gushes its sperm down your throat, Jen is hard at work at your cunt, pushing, pulling out, pushing in grinding the vib into her clit, banging into you faster and faster the big hard black cock standing out against your pure white girly bottom, aaaahhhhggg you gasp as you cum powerfully eyes streaming, spunk running from your mouth, I love you Erin screams Jenny as her cunt explodes and gushes her cum all over your arse, I love you to Jenny, I love you Paul you gasp as you collapse onto the floor sex juices pouring from all of your holes, you have been done and you love it, you love us both, Erin you are our young fuck lover and we will be playing together for a long time to come.

Party Time

group Clohi 2018-04-06

Turning around and walking towards him, I put my hands on his chest and pushed him to the bed, "Suck and fuck." He smiled and watched as I unbuttoned my blouse. I smiled, "Yep and you're gonna get the best damn blow job you've ever had." I leaned over, taking his hard cock in my hand and lowered my mouth onto it. Riding his cock, I looked down and watched his hands play with my nipples. Standing there naked, with about thirty other naked people whom I'd never met before, I laughed, "I think, Madeline, I'm gonna lick your pussy till you faint and then I'm gonna fuck me some more cocks!" Oh what a way to relieve stress!

Educating Mary, Part 6

group mellencamp101 2018-04-06

Erica had one hand behind Mary’s head and was grinding her pussy against her face, all the while observing Jeff through cool, half-closed eyes. “I bet this is the first time you’ve ever actually seen what Mary’s pussy looks like when it’s all full.” She was right, of course: Jeff and Mary had always made love in the dark, Mary never wanting him to see her naked. Mary had opened her mouth, her eyes focused on Jeff’s cock, and she was straining to reach it with her lips, but Erica held her back by her hair. “I want him in my arse.” She was looking up at Erica with big brown puppy-dog eyes, and Jeff felt like his heart was being ripped out of his chest.

Field Trip with miss_milf

group assman56 2018-04-06

She stands up and move over us she grabs your head and brings it to her pussy telling you to eat her wet cunt like a good little fuck toy. She gets between your legs and moves ever closer to your pussy the guy get behind her and rams his cock into her as she starts to suck the juices from your cunt. “Shit!” I almost yell “We better finish up before we get caught.” With that I get you on to your knees and start to ram my cock in to you ass as hard as I can as the other girl gets under you and claps her mouth to your cunt, sucking your clit for all she is worth.

Sara and Sandy

group Dusty933 2018-04-06

Her twin sister Sandy got her work in on time but the quality was inferior. Sandy followed her sister's orders and hurried to the door. I got down on my knees and followed Sara's finger to the very spot and licked. I took my mouth out of her cunt and licked up her stomach until my head was beneath the large breasts of Sara. Sara then got on the desk and turned until she faced me, put her legs over me and then put her cunt on my face. Sandy mounted me behind her sister and thrust my cock into her cunt. Finally, I felt the fire build within me and I exploded inside of Sandy, who immediately dismounted and started licking my cock.

The Most Wonderful Day of the Year

group dave110256 2018-04-06

Mary took James' hand and placed it on her tit, then she slid her hand down to his bulge, grasping his cock, rubbing up and down the length of his shaft, making him squirm. James started sucking Mary's tits and Julie began stroking James' cock too as her tongue continued tracing the length of my shaft. James quickly moved behind Mary and easily slid his cock into her moist pussy, still coated with the cum I had deposited earlier. James sat on the couch this time as Julie slid onto his cock, her tight, young pussy stretched by his large member. As Julie lifted from James, a suction sound of his cock escaping her cum soaked pussy alerted Mary to another area.


One Creampie Deserves Another

group cpluver 2018-04-06

Lisa said she wanted to go and I loved the opportunity to ogle Felicia's body. Lisa said, "I saw you checking out Felicia. As I passed their bedroom window, I saw Felicia undressing Tom. I had to look to see, what would happen next. Later that night, Lisa came to bed and said she wanted to talk to me. Lisa looked at me and said, "It's not working out for her, but my pussy feels great. Lisa looked over at Felicia and said," Come and sit down. When we heard a voice we saw it was Tom. He looked at Felicia and then me. He said, "I don't know why you like eating it, but my Felicia is a happy girl.

My Girlfriend's Sister & Her Friend

group *Cassanova* 2018-04-06

Like he had done so many times before Joe was sitting on the couch watching Jamie's head bob up and down on his hard cock when he felt his cum rising up his shaft. Lucy finally dropped onto the couch next to Rachael as the two girls grinned at each other and Joe sat down between them, he leant toward Rachael and kissed her, his tongue eagerly tasting his own cock. Lucy was slowly rubbing her clit and sliding a finger in and out of her wet opening as she watched her friend get down on all fours in front of her and Joe line his cock up with her pussy from behind.

City Of Orgasm

group jason1000 2018-04-06

Thanks Andy you’re a dear Sue replied batting her eyes at the old man being just as subtle with her flirting as he was when he looked up her skirt. If he didn’t write the stories he would most likely go insane from looking on at others getting to live a life he cannot which includes making love to Susan Gander. Her three friends parted ways with her thinking that Susan is insane for wanting to go on a date with Andy Savage and perhaps end the night together in her bed. Oh Andy do it baby the lovely woman moans fantasying that the little man is with her stroking his magic wand in and out of the inner depths of her womanhood!

3 Heather

group SidTheSexist 2018-04-06

She came back about the time you got back with Pete – remember me telling you an old girlfriend had just moved back?” “Oh yeah” said Lisa “Well that was Heather and we went out together for about six months – only problem was she wanted more commitment than I was willing to give her – so we split up but still slept together now & then – usually ‘cos we were d***k” “ Not recently though?” asked Lisa “No, not for a couple of years or so – I think she was living with some guy out in the sticks for a while quite recently ‘cos we never used to see her in the pub very much” I said “I hope she has got some bisexual tendencies and this ain’t just a ploy to get me into bed again” I continued “Well she kissed me and shoved two fingers up my pussy in the ladies earlier” I tried not to look too shocked I knew how outrageous Heather could be and I was rapidly finding out about Lisa.

The Damned

group Rodneynimrod 2018-04-06

Natalie took the ceremonial dagger from my hands and started cutting Monica's clothing from her body. As Sherry took her position on top of Monica, Natalie started to administer the forty strikes of penance. I watched the two of them for a few moments as Terry held the reverend's cock up while she licked his balls with her long tongue. "Come on Charlene I want to fuck Father before the ceremony is over." Charlene raised her mouth up off my cock and held it as her sister got on top of me. Reverend Thomas and Terry helped Natalie down from the altar once she had completed her act of defilement.


The Trip Ch. 05

group Jake68 2018-04-06

Talking in a staccato voice, Barry said, "That goes without saying, Jane." She kissed him, then rubbed her equally large tits in his face as he continued to pound away at Shona's quivering cunt. Barry grabbed Jane's firm arse, pulling her pussy hard against his mouth, digging his tongue into her. Barry sucked on Jane's cunt, tasting her juices as his hips kept thrusting his cock into Shona's tight cunt. Barry watched as John's and Mike's heads turned as Shona and Jane walked past, their shorts tight around their arses. Terri was tonguing, sucking and kissing Jane's large breasts, wanting to taste and feel them every way she could.



group Rexman9 2018-04-06

As I was playing with her pussy and watching the slut on screen suck and give hand-jobs to the circle of men, I felt her fingers touch mine. He pulled his cock from my hand, bent down and tongue fucked Red's ass a little more. Over the moans on screen and to my right I could hear Red sucking the cum that had escaped her lips as she rocked back and forth on jersey man's cock. I turned, letting the cock slip out of my mouth, and saw that it wasn't "my guy" cumming but the black man behind Maria letting himself off deep inside her.

If I Knew Then... Ch. 05

group MVPrimetime 2018-04-06

At her house Penny was sent to bed by Jill, who went up with her, leaving me to boil a kettle, and Mike to kick his heels. She also didn't know that Jill fancied her and wanted her to join us in bed, or that we had set her up with Mike because he had a strong kink towards group sex and was keen to share her, or any other girl he got. Penny looked at me then, and said "I'm not sure that my father would approve of me living in a house with you and Mike as well. Penny looked at me, and said "Yes. You kiss Jill, but the way you do it isn't the same.


Mature Afternoon Pool Party

group msm865 2018-04-06

I could do pink, my wife could do blue, not sure either one of us is quite ready for purple or green. I'm not really sure about the next few minutes, but we ended up on the pool deck with drinks in our hands before the doorbell rang to signal the arrival of the next couple. The last two couples arrived, apparently together, and, after a brief introduction and a drink from the bar, they stripped and hit the hot tub. My wife followed them as the younger couple and I sized each other up. I glanced and noticed a small neon green fabric on the pool deck, watching our host shove his dick into my wife as the younger couple each had one of her nipples.

Leanne and Her Lovers

group geronimo_appleby 2018-04-06

During the short drive, Leanne changed her mind a dozen times, but inwardly, deep inside herself, she knew she would make the date. I want to taste her." Hearing her own words opened the sluice and the slick oil of her arousal slid along Leanne's thighs. 'God,' she thought, 'he wants to fuck me right here.' Leanne turned, knowing the effect her derriere would have on the man, he'd always made such appreciative noises about her backside. I wanted to see you one last time and know I had the strength to put you out of my mind, to forget you." Leanne picked up the cup causing James to flinch. Leanne felt she could strip bare in that car park and let him push his tongue deep into her body.


The Circle Ch. 38

group SteveWallace 2018-04-06

Marlene said, "Tammy, come and talk with us for a few moments." She smiled. Alex nodded and said, "Everyone one of us in The Circle loves you, and we grieve to see you so unhappy and unready to move on after four years. Tammy said, "I've often wondered if I were lucky that Mark died so suddenly, compared to my friends whose husbands cheated and went off with a bimbo – like Lynn's husband." Based on experience as a teen, Derek explained to Steve as he lay flat on his back in the hospital bed, "If you want to have your sex life seriously impaired, have a cast from mid-thigh to your foot.

Curiosity Satisfied

group Barb36D 2018-04-06

"When your dark eyes are mere inches from my blue eyes, and my hand behind your head cradles your lips to meet mine; when the passion of our first kiss offers only the desire for more and more seduction, will you still be curious for more? “No. No, Actually I think that’s the first time I’ve caught him with his hand up another lady’s skirt!” She admitted, with a dry humor. I hope you don’t mind, but there’s something I’ve been dying to try with you,” she said in a sexy voice, as she pulled my bra straps down. I love the way your fingers feel inside me,” I said, and pulled her hand back to my shaven lips.


Michael Fucks Two Older Women

group suidward 2018-04-06

Soon after Becky had come into the room, my "problem" turned into a joke. Next thing I knew, Julie and Becky had dragged me into the empty Meeeting room and had locked the door. Becky and Julie both had their hands on my cock and balls. Then, Becky sucked like crazy on my hard 6-inch dick while Julie licked nad sucked my aching balls. Becky then crouched over my lap before using her hand to guide my hard dick into her wet, hot pussy. While Becky fucked me, Julie kissed me and caressed my chest and stomach. "Anytime, you need advice about anything sexual, you know where to come." Becky said with a smile as she and Julie left the room.


the day a man became a whore

group smith67045601 2018-04-06

He stood over my face and lowered his hard cock into my mouth and this time I felt it go right down my throat. He pumped all the way in and out a few times then he grabbed me tight and started slamming all his wonderful cock into my ass and for the first hour I was just taking it then before I know I was buck hard wanting to feel him deep in my body. Then one guy got on the bed in front of me and said open your mouth bitch and get me hard. As one guy got hard he laid back on the bed and said get up here and ride my cock.


Tara Ch. 02

group vixendaughter 2018-04-06

Then she rubbed that peach over her breasts and his cock. She rubbed peach juice over her whole slit, threw it on the floor and then lowered herself on to his waiting mouth. Meanwhile I took his by now enormous cock and rubbed it it between my hands and then over my breasts, before taking it into my mouth and starting on a grand blowjob. Ari moved Tara slightly so he could rub her anus with his hand and insert a finger. I rubbed some ice over Ari's hanging cock, and he responded by rubbing some over my breasts and pushed a piece into my pussy. Not to be outdone, Tara rubbed a big piece over his butt and down over his anus.