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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

s*s and I head to the beach

group bufffreak 2018-04-06

Jenni grabbed the tanning oil and started spreading it on her body. “Hey don’t be upset, she said, we try to stay away from the old folks and the perverts also, my name is Kristen and this is Ron. “Jenni and Derek” Jenni replied Jenni kind of grinned at me as we drank down the beers and looked at a hot young couple naked. We all got dressed and Jenni and I followed Ron and Kristen. As Jenni came out of the bathroom Kristen had slid her hand down my shorts/swimsuit and grabbed my dick. Jenni glanced at me as she and Ron headed to the bedroom. I started thrusting and I looked over at Ron and Jenni.

Guy makes love to his teacher years after graduati

group XXXNoBounds 2018-04-06

I started by ramming my cock down her throat fucking her mouth until I came. I slowly slid my cock deep inside her pussy started fucking her in the kitchen. Pamela started sucking my cock like a baby would a bottle. "You're welcome lover." I picked Pamela up slid my cock deep inside her pussy are carried her to the bedroom. I slowly slid my cock deep inside April's pussy. You have two slaves at your beck and call now daddy." April and Pamela started taking turns sucking my cock. Pamela bent over in the same way April did with her legs spread waiting for my cock to slide deep inside her dripping wet pussy.


group mustbtuesday 2018-04-06

As Jeanine reached to pass the joint to Caleb, the women locked eyes and Rose took the tiny, lacy string that was Jeanine's knickers' waistband between her fingers. Rose took the joint from Caleb as she wrapped Jeanine's knickers around his hard shaft. The laughing subsided to giggling that gave way to sensual moaning when Rose started to lick and suck Caleb's spunk from Jeanine's nipples. Jeanine's hands both went to the back of Rose's head, which Rose rightly took as a request to suck Jeanine's hard excited clit and speed up her fingering. With heavy breaths, she took a sip of her wine while looking at Jeanine and Caleb, each collapsed on the couch.

Four Plus One 08: That Feels Nice

group ReefBeach 2018-04-06

"Mmhmm?" An inviting response, not at all threatening, yet Andrea shuddered before she entered Danny's room. His cock sprang out and slapped Andrea on the hand and she laughed. Mel says you have the best tasting come she's tried!" She pulled the skin up over the head and watched his cock twitch. But you, you look like you want a happy ending," he murmured, stroking a thigh kneeling beside him. As his fingers rustled through Andrea's hairs and worked between the outer lips, he felt her hand clutching and stretching around his shaft. He brushed his hand across her mound, or stroked the now thoroughly wet outer lips, himself getting distracted by her long strokes of his cock.

Sweet Summer: The Punishment

group fotisampini 2018-04-05

"I remember." Sam and Nina had taken advantage of their mother's absence this week to plan a major house party, inviting dozens of their friends from town, including plenty of people that they'd previously fucked. It was during one of these kisses that Sam came, covering Nina's lovely face with thick white semen; several hot spurts landed on her wet, gleaming breasts. Sam kept an eye on them, making sure nobody broke anything, while Nina went to chat with Cynthia and her twin friends by one of the long granite counters. Sam watched in shock as Cynthia stood between Nina's parted legs and ran her right hand over her exposed vulva.

The Package

group MariaGonzales 2018-04-05

I couldn't believe it, my wife, the same woman that was embarrassed to make love to me in a hotel room because the people in the next room might hear, sucked a guy off in public and let him cum in her mouth. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened slightly, and I watched as she lifted herself up, then pushed the head of the cock into her wet pussy, moaning loudly as it slid between her pussy lips. Then she winked and added, "When I get home do you know what I'm going to let you do?" She paused and continued, "I'm gonna let you eat my pussy and taste the cum of the last guy I fucked.


Dark Canyon

group BenLong 2018-04-05

Non-house boaters were supposed to be the same, but they were often times not quite as intent on coming or going and I was never one to pass up the opportunity to say hi to a pretty girl. Some friends told us that we should come down here, that there were lots of secluded canyons and places where we could get away from everyone and be by ourselves; catch a little sun -- that kind of thing." There are a couple of pretty nice places up there." They asked about the cost of a boat, and as I suspected they couldn't afford a rental. Clearing my eyes, I looked up at the boat just in time to see Linda dive off, topless.


Summer of My Awakening

group smithE101 2018-04-05

Through the slender opening in the curtain I could see past my balcony over to Daniele's and Marco's and into their villa. "Aww Marco, our Bella wants to feel like a woman," she commented before looking over to me "Of course you can sweetie, why don't you come over right now so you can try some on." I smiled at Marco and walked into the bedroom where Daniele was laying out various swimsuits on the bed. "Don't be embarrassed sweet Bella, it's perfectly normal," she comforted as she pulled her lips away from mine, "Come on, let's go finish trying on your bikini," she continued, grabbing my arm and pulling me back to the bedroom.


Naturist Swingers

group nigeltallguy 2018-04-05

What surprised me was that over the next few days I got a few emails from the husband asking if I found his wife attractive, and whether I would be able to not have a hard on if I was naked in the same room as her. After a few minutes her husband said he wasn’t going to last long so I inserted a couple of fingers deep into her pussy and turned to watch her sucking him. We all cleaned up and laid in bed for about 10 minutes chatting and the wife said that we must do this again soon, and maybe she might want to do a bit more with me.

Strip Monopoly

group LstDghter1 2018-04-05

Me and Lisa had a quick whispering discussion so the boys couldn't hear us and agreed to sell our tops and maybe borrow against our trousers to get property on the buying stage of the game Then it hit me, what if Lisa lost and the boys got all her properties as well, even mortgaged they would probably have enough money to at least pay off the mortgage then it would just be how long it took for me to be naked. Both Dave and Steve started to collect all Lisa's properties as I counted my money and tried desperately to think of a way out of the inevitable ending that was staring me in the face.


The Fantasy

group B_888 2018-04-05

"Oh, my god, your vagina is incredibly tight!," said the second guy in my group, as he began to pump his hips back and forth, stroking his cock in and out of Steph's pussy. Just when I thought I couldn't hold it any longer, it was my turn to thrust my penis inside Steph again, and I slowly pushed my penis inside her juicy vagina, (which was, by now, drenched with her juices, and our pre-cum) at the same time the guy in the upper group began to get his cock sucked for the fourth time.

The New Playmate's Friends

group MaxSebastian 2018-04-05

As he did so, he watched the girls – Anna, the brash blonde flaunting her figure as much as possible; Penny with her smouldering good looks who walked up behind him and patted his behind cheekily, her serious expression cracking into a sweet grin as she raised her eyebrows in mischievous reference to what they’d be doing together some time soon; Lucy, who had an air of confidence about her that came from having already had her wicked way with him, a fact which had gone into her apparent role as group leader; and finally sweet little Francesca, who shied away from his gaze and blushed at his attention, her curves hidden beneath fairly baggy clothing.


Discovery Ch. 06

group D H LAW 2018-04-05

Debra said, "Wait a minute, Bryan and Jen lost the last hand and according to the rules have to do what I say for two minutes." Debra thought and then said, "When Bryan does his two minutes then you have to put his cock between your tits and jack him off with your tits for two minutes." Bryan was back between Jen's tits and this time when his cock head emerged from between her tits, her mouth met it. Almost immediately, Debra began to tell Bryan how great it felt to have my cock up her ass. As her tongue made contact Jen went off, shaking and grabbing Debra's head to hold it close to her pussy.


Sharon's Surprise Ch. 03

group SharonMWF 2018-04-05

"Oh God, Bob, your cock feels so good inside me," was all I could say as I lowered myself to completely engulf his prick with my cunt. "Ooh, I like that," I said to him, "I love the feel of your cock pushing itself into my cunt. "There is room for 5 to sleep on the boat," Bob said, "You don't need to bring anything, except that great body of yours and the sexual adventuresome spirit that I know and love, and something to wear while we are out on the boat, and perhaps something to wear if we go out for dinner one or more nights."

Doing It For The Boys

group RedHairedandFriendly 2018-04-05

"Do we tell the boys, before the game?" Denise asked, wondering how she was going to tell Alan he was welcomed to screw her best friends, because she was going to be screwing his. You can go to Delbert and Darrel's, hang out there with the others and Sarah or come home with me and hang with your parents," Greg told his son. He grabbed Steve and said, "Come on dude, I need to talk to you." The others looked up and asked what was wrong and Dean just muttered. He heard someone dive into the water and was about to holler back into the house that the guys had gone swimming, when his eyes caught the naked figure of Catherine, Steve's mom, rising from the pool.


Submission to Andre Ch. 11

group Dragonlipz 2018-04-05

I could be satisfied if I never fucked or sucked her again as long as Andre would have me. If I'd been told a couple of weeks ago that I would be in a hotel room sucking a big black cock and loving every second, I would have laughed. He gripped my head in his hands and gasped, "I'm really hard, I'm gonna cum", He pulled me off his nuts and shoved my head onto his shaft, "Suck on it, bitch! I thought about his little show with Sean on the couch and wondered who was going to fuck whom tonight? Andre had promised Sean that they'd hook up later but he wasn't specific and if he changed his mind and fucked me again, so what?

Jennifer Ch. 11

group Mark Singer 2018-04-05

Finally able to regain her sense of balance as Randy straightened out the van, Jennifer stayed on the carpet, looking up to see Dan and Shannon smiling at her. Keeping her eyes locked on Jennifer's, Shannon opened her mouth wide and slid Dan's hard on between her lips. Jennifer stared at her friend, feeling her heart begin to race as she watched her boyfriend's cock slide in and out of Shannon's full, red lips. Jennifer heard Dan sigh as they both watched the girl slide her hand inside the boy's suit. Dan's hands felt wonderful on her breasts, and although no one had approached her yet, a number of guys were giving her sexy glances as they watched her boyfriend feel her up.


Phileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 16

group Paris Waterman 2018-04-05

Both women laughed and writhed about on the bed, until with a hungry moan, Eunice knelt between Dolly's legs and began to lick her juicy quim. As Eunice toyed with the tiny nub I licked her lips just below and occasionally our tongues touched and we left off Dolly to enjoy a short spell of French kisses before returning to the business at hand. I pulled her to me, and opened my other arm to embrace Eunice, then held both women close, stroking their hair, as Eunice's hand played with my stirring prick and Dolly rested her head against my shoulder.


Revenge on the Bride

group nevermindthefalling 2018-04-05

It mostly bothered me because when we were dating she would seem to give off signals like she wanted to have sex but then I tried to advance things she got upset quickly and told me to stop pressuring her. They became impossible to ignore when Jen, a bridesmaid and old friend, walked up and said I had to kiss Stephanie because "Kiss an ex" was on some checklist they were trying to finish. Stephanie started complaining but Jen told her to shut up and that I was going to make some coffee for the groom. Stephanie said, "Come fuck me hus-Band, I have been wanting your rock hard 5 inch dick all day."


First black cock

group petercee 2018-04-05

I would also have liked to be there later when he fucked her doggie fashion while she leaned over the breakfast bar and talked to me on the phone telling me what was happening at the time, as I tried to concentrate on business my cock now hard as a rock beneath the desk as my secretary waited for me to finish the call. Unfortunately Joel had to return to Sydney on Monday before leaving for the States the week after that, but for the whole of Sunday I got to watch as his wonderful black cock fucked my darling wife at least another eight times, when he left for Sydney he looked worn out but he had some memories to last him.

Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 11

group Jeremydcp 2018-04-05

"Kristanna and I are headed out to the water on our surfboards," Pamela offered, her hood up, little wisps of blonde hair flowing out and casting shadows on her enchanting face. And of course, the final act was four ladies - Kristanna, Devon, Pamela and Scarlett - each grabbing one of Lindsay's limbs, only to carry her out to the water, then toss her into it some 20 feet from the shore. Lindsay was straight out of my ultimate fantasy; on her knees with her back turned, her petite, little frame and her perfect, sun-kissed skin, her long-flowing blonde hair shimmering underneath the room light with her lips and tongue literally attached to Pamela's pussy.


The Dirty Old Man Ch. 04

group JustALittleCrazy 2018-04-05

I want us to eat, take a shower together and then get that cock hard and into my ass as soon as possible," she says. After the late show, she pulls me up and says "I want to write something in my diary really quick and then it's time for sleep." I go to the bathroom while she writes in her diary and wash my cock again (thinking about maybe getting a morning BJ again). I eventually start to flick my tongue over her clit and every time I do she goes "Ooooo!" I stick my thumb into her vagina and slip a finger into her asshole up to the second knuckle.


My Sister The Slut Ch. 02

group Pokerman 2018-04-05

Both girls moaned loudly as Laurel ate her friend out, and I leaned down to suck on Sam's firm breasts. Laurel moaned into Sam's chest with each thrust, as Samantha stood there, eyes closed, as she enjoyed my sister's attentions to her breasts. Laurel used her internal muscles to work my cock inside of her as Samantha licked and sucked us both together. Hoots and hollers went up from the table as Glen got Laurel to cum even faster than Samantha, and as she stood up, Dave grabbed her and started working his fingers in and out of her wet cunt too.


Careful what you wish for.. I'm regretting it

group Givem9 2018-04-05

My wife stood up and turned around to the young man, and asked if that was enough of a tip in which she got a real quick "yes ma'am" she turned to me and said now is that what you wanted? As she was catching her breath one more time he burst his hips up and f***ed every inch of his cock into her pussy, she took one last deep breath and screamed as if she was in the worst pain of her life, but moments later after a brief freeze she began rhythmic pulses up and down on the thick shaft.