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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Wedding

group rlfj 2018-04-05

The dress had lasted 23 years in pristine condition, and Frank thought his daughter looked as gorgeous in it as his wife had on their wedding day. If there was one thing that Frank Jellicoe was sure about, it was that Amanda Bentley looked damned fine in her wedding dress. Taking this for the permission it was, Frank began moving his fingers more boldly, slipping them under the hem of the dress and rubbing her thigh through the pantyhose. Amanda spread her legs wide, pulling her dress to her waist, and Frank dove in, fingering her clit as she moaned in orgasm. Amanda felt his fingers moving behind her, unzipping the dress, then Frank stepped away and pushed the dress down her naked body.



group heavensgate53 2018-04-05

My cheek was pressed against Hank's cock, my eyes though looking at Bob. His gaze followed my hand as he watched me reach down to slowly rest it between my legs. I was looking at him, moving my cheek against Hank's cock, and was licking my lips very slowly. I could feel Bob sucking my nipples through my blouse and Hank's fingers caressing my ass. I noticed Bob was looking at Hank's hard cock so I walked over to Bob. Taking him by the hand, I moved over to the bed. I felt Bob start to throb in me at the same time Hank started to cum in my mouth.

Double Pleasure

group softride 2018-04-05

As I pulled myself up onto the end of the boat the first thing I saw was Joyce kneeling in front of Paul with his hard cock in her mouth, sucking on it. As I came up into the boat she turned toward me, with Paul's cock still in her hand, and said "Oh oh, I think we got caught." then she looked up at Paul and started sucking him again. "No, I've had fantasies about seeing you without clothes Joyce" I said, "and I've seen Paul too many times in the locker room and he never did this to me." as I looked down at my throbbing cock, which was bouncing a little with each heartbeat.

The Game

group Polo 2018-04-05

I watch as your soft tongue plays with your lips - a teasingingly unconcious lick. I sit you down and tell you to close your eyes and listen to me. Every hard cock in the city is going to want you tonight; maybe this is their night. I see close your eyes and look to see that no one is watching you. I look over and tell you to raise your hand. I tell you to ask this one question: "Well.....isn't anyone going to kiss me?". I look to see one of the guys pull your tit out and suck the nipple into his mouth. He puts the head to my lips and says "Open your fucking mouth, white boy!".

One Fine Orgy

group mysteriouswoman 2018-04-05

Jim wanted to go in, so Patty made sure it was OK with me and then disappeared into the house, an old rambling 3 storied New Orleans "painted lady." I was left alone on the porch, nursing my beer in a plastic cup and wishing I had stayed home. The girl, who was obviously still very horny, whimpered, and one of the girls who had been holding her open moved in between her legs and, inserting two fingers, began to fuck her with those fingers while she also started to eat her pussy, sucking his cum juice out of her.

Sally, David and James

group hellwyn 2018-04-05

James knelt behind David and started to rub his cock, wet with Sally's pussy juice, over David's ass. James fucked David hard and deep, as David's cock pounded into Sally's mouth with every thrust. David was finger-fucking Sally's hot wet pussy, while pumping in and out of her ass; and James's cock was filling David's ass at the same time. He screamed as his body convulsed and his cock throbbed hard inside Sally; his hot cum filled Sally's ass, as his own ass clenched around James's cock — it was the most amazing feeling. Then James was cumming hard into Sally's ass; as David's tongue played with her clit, he saw James's cock throb and pulsate inside Sally's; he leaned back and screamed with pleasure, as he nearly lifted Sally off the table with his huge thrusts.

My First Group Experience

group edward_po 2018-04-05

Finally I broke eye contact with him and looked at his wife and said, “How do you feel about this?” I held his gaze steadily and said, “Yes, I want to make love to your wife, but the first time I do it she and I will be alone. I turned that over in my mind for a second before I said, “Okay, I will meet your wife here tomorrow evening at 6 p.m. and we will go to a motel together.” “No!” I said, “I don’t want him to touch you till after I have made love to you.” Her eyes clouded and I said, “Tell him that if he touches you before tomorrow evening the whole thing is off and you will have to recruit someone else.

Our Deprived Client

group pepstreebeck 2018-04-05

Long straight brown hair she'd tease in the ends into slight waves, fit my preference as a large breasted woman, and completed the mix with large child bearing hips she said had already carried four kids for a husband who "No longer feels the urge often enough." I personally had been working with her for two weeks onsite with Anna at the time of our 'issue', so we had the opportunity to get well acquainted. "Well, either way, let's try and keep a little composure, this fucking set up's going to take us into the morning, and I was hoping to fly out before the end of the week." I responded as Anna's phone rang in her bag.


Fantasy Comes True

group sonhcouple 2018-04-05

We finally pulled away from each other, and Tasha said "It's my turn again." Tasha walked over to us, and surprised the hell out of me, when she grabbed Stephanie and started kissing her. I knew Tasha was about to cum as her eyes shut and she put her hands on Stephanie's head, looking like she was trying to suck her head into her pussy. Stephanie pulled away from my lips and moved her head back down so it was very close to my dick and Tasha's pussy. I felt her tongue licking me up and down and saw that Stephanie was enjoying the taste of my cock and Tasha's pussy mixed together.

My new life as a brainless d**g house whore

group dncn31 2018-04-05

She told me I would eventually start taking cock for her amusement and her boyfriends b*****r loved sissies from his years in prison. I told her I feel like a whore I just want to be used by men. She said good then told them to cum in. After an hour or so when they had given me several loads I noticed new men cumming in quite frequently snorting coke then fucking me. I still could not deep threat or take a cock over 7 inches balls deep in my little gurl hole but I wanted to. I never felt more fulfilled than when I was high and men wanted me. I want no money just keep me high and in cock and cum.

On a Sleeper Car to Venice

group Sanomiya 2018-04-05

Given the temperature in the car, I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep unless I stripped way down, so I took everything off but my boxer briefs and climbed onto the bottom bunk. But I was now fucking a girl who I'd just met a few hours earlier, a girl who looked and sounded exactly like Penelope Cruz, on an overnight train bound for Venice. The rest of the shirt immediately fell down to her waist, revealing a set of tits that - even in the dim moon light of the train car - I could tell were more perfect than any I'd ever seen in real life.


Two Conventioneers Ch. 01: The Setup

group kinbote 2018-04-05

Over the two hours we sat there during the set, I watched Debbie and Kim, both because I'm a guy (OK, yes, if a women is between 25 - an age that seems to go up every year for me - and 50, I do wonder what they look like nude), and because I was trying to figure them out. It's about a mile - we can walk you there and stop at the bars along the way." I looked at Gail and said "We can grab a cab home from there and just leave the car." Then she looked over my shoulder at the three women, heads together, talking, with Kim and Debbie leaning down so they could hear Gail, and looked at me quizzically.

Stripped Down To Her Sandals

group ursulet 2018-04-05

As you gasp with pleasure he lifts your calves onto his shoulder and then leans forward over you and begins to fuck you, first slowly, then faster and harder, harder than you have ever been fucked before and you feel invaded, possessed, the huge cock filling you completely and thrusting deep and hard into you over and over, and you are moaning and crying out, and you feel him move faster and become even harder and other pairs of hands are all over you, and then he is coming deep inside you, groaning and moaning himself now as he fills you, and you throw your head back and cry out in pleasure and as you open your eyes the walls of the museum fade away and you are on a mountain top in a warm land with a sparkling blue ocean in the distance, and around you marble columns, blinding white in the heat of the noonday sun, but you are only peripherally aware of all these things because his cock is still in your pussy.

Story Time

group InYo 2018-04-05

It started small, just her rocking on my knees, but soon one of her hands began absently stroking her neck, eventually working it's way into the leather jacket to play with her breast. I didn't even notice when Billy reached out and began stroking her breasts, but Lynn did, moaning into my mouth. We separated long enough to shed her jacket, and then Billy and I each began sucking and nibbling on her breasts. I felt her take a hold of my cock, and heard Billy moan when she grabbed him with her spare hand. The three of us got into a rhythm, so that Lynn was basically moving forward to suck Billy deeply, and then moving back to impale herself on me.

Take Me Dogging With You

group geronimo_appleby 2018-04-05

I'd suck one cock for a few juicy slurps before turning to the other, all the time moaning and grunting around a mouthful of throbbing hard-on while occasionally working at my clit with my free hand. I knew he was about to pump the jonny-bag full of cum, not to mention I also sensed one of the boys alternately fucking my face was close to unloading, when a sudden cry went up from a couple of the other blokes. Then, with Emma staring back at me over one shoulder with that hot-eyed "just stick it in and fuck me" look on her face, I slid the dome of hubby's cock-head through her sex a few times.


The Payment

group c0rrupted 2018-04-05

Once I knew she had some on her tongue I leaned in and sucked the tip of her tongue I felt her moan under my mouth and As my tongue moved further into her mouth I moved hand back down her to pussy but this time I was rougher and pusher open her legs wide with my arm and I slammed in two fingers right away, I felt her legs buckle on my hand which made me excited and I started to push my fingers into her tight pussy deeper and harder, She was moaning under my kiss and I moved my mouth from her and I watched her eyes as I fucked her tight cunt with my long extended fingers.


The Box: Part 1

group fucurhole 2018-04-05

I asked her if she would like to come out with Luke and I and a few of his friends, have a few drinks and check out Luke’s buddies. My aching pussy was reacting to his soft touch; in just this few minutes I felt myself getting wet, my legs opened a bit more. I said, “You 3 guys turned me on from the beginning, As soon as I sat down.” He went further towards my pussy, brushing the silky fabric. He felt my wetness through the thin material of my panties and replied, “You do like this.” Half heartedly “I pleaded with him softly, please stop, “He softly laughed and kept up his stare into my eyes as he continued fondling my wet cunt under the table.

Treasure Beach for Three

group masterandmargarita 2018-04-05

She proceeded to pull the lever for the outdoor shower—a feature of the property that we didn't even know existed—and stood under the falling water, eyes closed and smiling. "No, we don't want to kick you out," Alice said to Mala, who seemed perfectly comfortable discussing the situation with us wrapped in only a beach towel. Mala handed me the camera and happily took my place, splashing and giggling alongside Alice as they continued to enjoy the active sea. Mala and Alice were not naive about the suggestive nature of situation and had some devious smiles on their faces as they posed together under the shower.


Love Thy Teacher

group petrelis 2018-04-05

"I spread your hot creamy cum on my pussy lips, and then I licked some of it off my finger like this" "Oh don't worry about that little boy, I can make that dick of yours cum all night if you like. "Can I stick my finger in your cunt please madam" "Please do you naughty little boy, can I suck on your cock while your finger fucking me?" Madam was still sucking my dick when Jason went straight behind her, lifted her skirt pulled down her panties, dropped to his knees and sucked and licked at her pussy and her arse hole. There she was, her skirt tucked up around her waist, cum dripping out of her pussy and arse sucking our best mates dick.

black fuck white

group savita009 2018-04-05

She came into my room and called my name and tapped my face then I heard the guy come in and was fucking her ,she was saying "your slutty wife is being fucked in her cunt by a huge black cock and loves it ,fuck me hard " I peeked and saw her face eyes closed cumming .Eventually the guy came over her tits face etc then left she slipped in next to me and was out cold on her back ,I saw her tits and felt them they were sticky so I started to lick them clean ,then between her legs god I was so turned on as I tasted there cum there was so much .

Camilla Ch. 035

group MawrGorshin 2018-04-05

About a half hour later, eight teachers from their school came in: Williams, Burgess, Langella, Johnson, Knowles, Matotek, Rudolph, and Fulson! When the name of the song, 'Fuck the Pain Away', was being chanted, Camilla, mouthing the words, spread her legs in front of Langella. As she danced, the now very tipsy teachers all felt her up: Burgess pawed at her breasts, Langella fingered her vulva, Williams felt her buttocks, opening them up, and Johnson put his finger inside her anus. "That heavy metal music's so loud, they won't hear a thing." They got her on all fours, and Williams's and Johnson's rock-hard cocks were ready to enter her face and ass, respectively. Camilla wrapped her breasts around Burgess's phallus, and her wide-open legs and moist vagina received Langella's cock.

A Follow-Up to My Date with Dan

group mdgsparks 2018-04-05

Tom and I turned the corner just in time to see Sandra drop to her knees in front of Dan and begin to unzip his pants. Sandra grinded closer, using her body and Dan's to create a small wall, just large enough to block the view of Tom sliding his cock into me. I begged for more, for both of them to continue, for Sandra to eat me out the way she was and for Dan to fuck my face, my mouth; to use my hole for his pleasure. Sandra kissed my ass trying her best as I kept grinding my hips and riding Dan's hard cock.


group bluntastic 2018-04-05

The moment I said "Thank you for tuning in everybody," Lee removed my phone from my hands, pressed the end button, and placed it face down on the side of the couch. My pussy grew hotter and hotter, wetter and wetter, as it screamed "me next, me next!" I opened my legs shoulder width apart as Waadi palmed my ass from underneath, still licking my breast. I continued to gyrate as Waadi then began to rub Lee's back, reaching for his ass inside his jeans. I grabbed Waadi's penis with both hands, rotating in alternate directions as I took him in my mouth, gently teasing the head before allowing it to find a place deep down my throat.

Gym Ratz, Round 04

group LilSheba 2018-04-05

As we near the bottom I do scrunch up my eyes though, knowing what's coming, and when the car roars through the bottom and goes up into a tight 90 degree turn, tilting sideways, I hear Wendy suddenly scream, and Josh growls, "Oh shit!" But I open my eyes and look over to see that they both still have their hands up! I begin to have that feeling I'm intruding again, but Josh says, "Don't I get one from Sheila too?" Wendy looks at me with a big grin and beckons with one finger, so there's no way that I can refuse, not that I really want to.