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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Two Bi-Curious Couples Meet

group married40scouple 2018-04-05

Marie lapped and sucked hungrily on Lisa's nipples and my wife just leaned back and enjoyed the younger woman's eager tongue and fingers. They looked at us and as Marie ogled my hard seven inch cock, Lisa spoke softly but filled with lust, "John, take Mike's cock out." Unabashed, I leaned over and undid his belt. Marie slid one hand between her open thighs and delicately stroked her clit and pussy while she watched my head descend lower and lower over Mike's very hard cock. Mike broke from his trance and saw his girlfriend finger fucking herself and Lisa slowly frigging Marie's clit while squeezing a sweet breast. Mike still sucked onto Marie's tasty looking breasts as I massaged my wife's ass cheeks.


Riding the 'train'

group farm_woman 2018-04-05

"Man, I got to try all the pussy 'fore I know which one I likes the best." He still had his arm around my waist, and I was still thinking about that monster between his legs. Six-pack ran his hand up under my dress and caressed my ass while he kissed me again, and Tyrese put his fingers into the waistband of my thong and began to pull it down. "You feel like ridin' the train, slut?" he said, then yelled over his shoulder for Leon to "come in here n get somma this!" He climbed onto the bed and I spread my legs to receive him.

Lilac's 18yo Friend: Ashley's FMM

group NonStopFunGuy 2018-04-05

I told Willy about that, and after we finished work that day, he and I took her to a motel on the Interstate (she didn't want her hubby to get home early and find out), where we took turns fucking the bitch a few times. I looked up from the girl's sloppy big tits and said, "I dunno, $15, something." I heard him mutter a swear, and he said, "Well, I $20 maybe -- we might need a bit more." So, looking at the nearly-topless teenage girl sitting right next to him, with my mouth planted on her naked boob and my hand grinding into her crotch, my 52 year old buddy said to her, "Honey, you got dinner money?


Far Too Hot Ch. 02

group wendyhs9 2018-04-05

Rather than be put off, he relishes the fact that he can feel my cunt gripping the life out of his cock whilst watching you stretch my throat with your pole, now completely out of your jeans and pressing up against your stomach with you wanking the end furiously. I would scream in pain but you have me full of cock, he pushes harder and my puckered tiny hole gives a little, but it's never going to be enough. I push it back inside my waiting mouth, I must drink you, you taste so sweet, I must suck you hard, not waste any, get every last dribble, every last tiny drop, I want to drain you, I want you to remember me and cum back for some more and maybe much, much more of everything.


"Fill 'Er Up" (inter.; bf/wm/wm/wm;

group SinisterMinister 2018-04-05

Chanice was breathing hard from the screaming orgasms and had little energy to suck his cock so Sam held her head down as he gave her a well earned face fucking. Much like his older b*****r, Sam showed no mercy to the young, black girl either as he rammed his hard cock into her pussy with one push and continued fucking her harder and harder. Once she was out of her sweats and the boys were out of their clothes, they laid LaShay on the desk and Hank, Jr. proceeded to eating her pussy as lustfully as he'd done Chanice just months earlier as Sam rammed his cock in and out of her mouth.

In the Desert with Jennifer

group SuperBill 2018-04-05

Jennifer pulled off the suit bottoms and began to use her fingers on her lightly trimmed pussy. Jennifer, also nude, was lying between the legs and had her head buried in my wife's pussy. My wife said that she wanted to help and joined Jen. She began to lick my balls while Jennifer inserted my rod deep into her mouth. Jennifer then moved up to my face and began to kiss me, while my wife engulfed my cock. Jennifer and I kissed, sucked, and fondled my wife's boobs while she was bouncing up and down on my hardness. My wife was kissing Jennifer's tits and sucking on the rock hard nipples. My wife moved her face up to Jens and Jennifer kissed and licked her clean.

Long Lunch: Final Chapter

group Ms_Messalina 2018-04-05

We had begun stroking Zack’s cock in rhythm, me on his shaft and her on his balls, just playing with him until he was hard enough to suck. I want you to see this." I kissed her on the mouth so that he could wait a little, see us playing with each other's tongues, a stray hand placed on a beautiful firm tit, nipples being squeezed. "Dana, NOW." I continued to pump his dick furiously, aiming it at our faces, waiting for the sweet stream of come to shoot there, my hand never stopping on his cock and then, hot and hard, I felt his sperm splatter my lips and hers.

Kim & Her High School Friends

group Even_Flow 2018-04-05

She began telling Rob how her and her boyfriend made love almost everyday and she told Rob that she "gave good head." Steve just sat on the end of the couch admiring Kim. He couldn't believe that she was turning him on this much, but her dress and now her talk of giving head was really turning Steve on. Then Rob stopped and looked at Kim and said, "I think Steve needs to get some too." Steve quickly got his pants off and sat back as Kim took his cock deep in her mouth. Steve began sucking on Kim's tits again as Rob let his second load go deep into Kim's pussy.

crossing barriers, high risk fun

group pete1233333 2018-04-05

The guy did not seem to realize that Lyn and I were together, certainly he did not attempt to remove his hand when he saw that I was watching. I looked around and saw the boy who had felt her arse standing with 2 other young lads leering at me. When she was able to bring her arms down, and it took a few seconds, she grabbed the boys hands and removed them from her tits. I gave up trying to f***e my way through the crowd momentarily as I was suddenly overwhelmed with excitement seeing one of the lads lifting Lyn’s skirt from behind, right up to her waist and showing her g string to his mates.

The Sleeepover - Chapter 14

group TreborCox 2018-04-05

I snuggle up to Kristina's side and suck her closest nipple into my mouth as Lauren tentatively starts licking her pussy. Stretching out over her, with her tits mashing into Kristina's chest, they lock eyes for a fraction of a second before Lauren pushes her tongue into her best friend's mouth. When we're all in position, Lauren lowers her lips around my cock as she tries to spread her legs wide enough for her pussy to meet Kristina's mouth. Fuck yeah!" Lauren cries as Kristina's mouth works its magic on her pussy. I release her hips and Kristina falls forward onto Lauren's body, disengaging my spent cock as she settles down on top of her best friend.


group 2018-04-05

She was already quite wet, and Erik lying beneath them watched as his wife’s pussy spread and Greg’s freshly sucked cock slowly slid inside her. Erik started earnestly licking Greg’s cock as he fucked Beth. Erik got on the bed too, his own cock dripping from fucking Joanne, and aching for release. Well, that makes you my nasty little cunt eating bitch, now get to work.” She lay the same way as Greg, her knees bent and her pussy displayed, cum was plastered in and out of her, and now that she was on her back it started to run down the crack of her ass.

Lilac's 18-Year-Old Friend: Madison Is #1

group NonStopFunGuy 2018-04-05

Although I have to say, now into our third season here, the best fuck of all of them was actually an 18 year old high school senior visiting the campus for a night, named Madison. She was a sophomore -- 19 years old -- and had a hot, slim body, long dark hair, big brown eyes, and a gorgeous face. "Hmm, yeah, strip poker, huh, that sounds fun," he agreed, smiling playfully at Holly and Madison, two girls he'd only met fifteen or twenty minutes earlier. The blonde stood up, peeled her panties off, and sat back down on the sofa next to Thad, her knees slightly partied, knowing he and I -- as well as Chanie and Madison -- were staring at her vagina.


Me and Her...and Him

group krookedhalo70 2018-04-05

She leaned forward and whispered into my ear, "I want you to play with this...and watch." As she said this, she slid my hand down to my semi-hard cock. His head rolled back, with his mouth wide open and he let out a long moan as she blew him. I turned her head to the side, grabbed a handful of hair and shoved my still hard cock into her mouth. She worked my cock out of her mouth and moaned "Cum on my face baby. Cum for me." She took my whole cock back into her mouth and started sucking again. I sat on the edge of the bed as she pushed him off of her and rolled onto her hands and knees with her perfect ass facing him.

Chance Meeting Ch. 06

group MsErotica1950 2018-04-05

Sara was really ramming it in good and hard now, while rubbing her clit getting Cathy off twice before taking it away and replacing it with her fingers. Sara had her mouth wrapped around Cathy’s clit, sucking it slowly as Cathy was doing the same thing to hers at the same time. She would let her finger slip inside Sara’s pussy now and then and finger fuck her for a short time before going back to rubbing her clit. He had a feeling that once Sara starting sucking his cock he would not be able to keep from coming and he didn’t want her to think she had the upper hand by making him lose control.


Hardintown Glory Hole – The New Teacher

group mooremike 2018-04-05

Sandy loved feeling a cock in her mouth and she was suddenly aware that a man was trying to look at her from the hole in the other wall. "Damn that was fucking good!" Said the voice but then she heard the door open and then close as her black friend disappeared "Do you like fucking white pussy?" She asked through the hole with the black dick There was a hard knock in the wall but Sandy that said the black man was about to cum but she did not care! My buddy said you liked black dick!" He moaned as Sandy used her mouth in him Sandy pressed her ass against the wall and the black dick fucked her with long deep strokes.

A Fantasy Shared is a Fantasy Lived

group bluelamp 2018-04-05

'No it's just I didn't think you would want to have sex with another man while I was watching, in case I got angry with you, and the thought of me and another guy would repulse you.' I said hoping she would respond by saying she wouldn't mind trying it out, what she did say almost knocked me off my feet. She sucked the first 3 inches of my dick in her mouth hard and fast, furiously stroking my cock with her hand. Rachel seized her opportunity for a pussy licking and straddled Brad's mouth, facing me to see me sucking my first cock. I was sucking Brad's big cock in my mouth while looking up at my girlfriend grinding her pussy into Brad's face and fondling her own tits.


The Headmaster Ch. 10

group deadeye_76 2018-04-05

Diane looked up and leaned her head back to start sucking on Jo's tits between moaning as Christy went to work on her nether regions. She starting slowing down her finger-fucking of Diane's ass and I let up on her clit, and she slowly came to a rest. I could look over her shoulder and see Christy eating out Jo. And I could watch as my wife got totally fucked by the two big dicked men. C-cumming!" She started shaking and jerking and Christy kept sucking and jamming her fingers up Jo's ass until she collapsed back against the chair. When she started cumming, my wife thumbed her clit hard, and Diane pinched her nipples and twisted them and Christy was jerking all over the place.

Swing Chronicles Ch. 09: Josh and Sharon

group LuckyGuy96 2018-04-05

Third, I felt awkward about my experience with Jay and Jenna, no matter how much I had enjoyed it, because I didn't know if Josh and Sharon knew what had happened. I decided that I really didn't want to talk about Jay and Jenna at this point, or at least not my experience with them, so I asked how they all got started. As Josh chatted with Sharon, the still frame of Sharon and Jenna frozen on the large screen, one thing occurred to me: it was absolutely incredible that in this lifestyle, people just loved to watch and be seen. At the point in the video where Jenna had dropped Sharon's dress and was sucking at her nipples, my hands were underneath my shirt and playing with my own.


Beg For More

group SexyJennaInk 2018-04-05

"I love this," Gwen cooed as she leaned over Benji's reclined body and licked softly over his flaccid shaft. "He likes that, Gwen," Kerri cooed, reaching a hand out and pushing the brunette's hair off her face. Benji watched in awe as he felt Gwen draw him into her mouth, felt himself grow harder against her moist tongue, watched Kerri shake her body suggestively to remove her pants. He felt Kerri climb off his back, allowing him to roll slowly off Gwen and stare at the panting girl. Benji groaned and placed his hand in Kerri's hair, forcing himself deeper inside her throat. "Your wish is answered," Benji beamed, placing his cell phone on the nightstand and returning his hand to the back of Kerri's bobbing head.

Hiking Ch. 3

group Bill Smith 2018-04-05

As she withdraws her "dick" from my mouth she looks sheepishly at Justine and says, "Hell I wanted to come while I fuck him in the ass but watching him suck my 'dick' was just too much.'" Then she hands Justine the apparatus and Justine slides the dildo into her cunt, buckles the harness, grabbing the exposed "dick" she looks at me and says, "Its time to rock and roll big boy." As I feel myself start to come the Great Hunter pulls her tongue back and bites my dick. Then the Great Hunter brings up her right hand and jams two fingers up Justine's sweet cunt while at the same time she moves her tongue to her clitoris.

Camilla Ch. 093

group MawrGorshin 2018-04-05

Camilla no longer wished to communicate with the spirits of Don, Agape, or Candice, or with Dr. Singh in Vancouver; she felt that it was pointless even debating her giving up her physical life. "Next year, I will vote for Garth Van Duyne," she repeated, having completely forgotten, in her submission to Ted's mind controlling powers, that she'd once slept with Garth, and thought she'd killed him, knowing then that he was one of the masked men. "Well, I dunno about that," Camilla said, widening her legs and turning her head away to encourage him to look at her pussy.


Lynn Loves Jamaican Bbc

group hondo1906 2018-04-05

I licked and sucked it until she came three times then she slid down and dropped her soaked cunt on my cock and rode me for about twenty minutes before I dumped a huge load of cum deep in her. There was a lot of drinking and one time when I left to get us drinks I was surprised when I returned because Lynn was sitting on the side of the tub and another hot looking lady with a very nice ass was licking her cunt. She told him it was too big and he said she might not be able to take it all but she should be able to take three quarters of it because she was well fucked by two good sized cocks already and her cunt was loaded with cum to lube it.

Late Night Coffee Ch. 04

group Estcher 2018-04-05

Amber popped Ethan's cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head furiously. Ethan locked eyes with Breeg and watched with mixed horror and awe as she took her ass-fucking finger and put it in her mouth and sucked on it. Amber stopped sucking Breeg's finger, slid her hands under his ass cheeks and lifted Ethan's ass off the bed. The wet sound of the dildo going in and out of Breeg's pussy drew Ethan's eyes back. Ethan pulled his cock free and yelled when Amber engulfed it with her mouth, cum and shit combined in some horrible concoction. Amber turned to Breeg and hoisted her legs and started licking her pussy and asshole with broad strokes of her tongue.

On The Way To Camp

group busty_wife 2018-04-05

Taking his cock into my hand I began to stroke the hard shaft up and down, enjoying the feeling of Jed's thick fingers fucking in and out of my pussy. With Jed's cock stretching my mouth, I felt Kyle's hand on one hip and his cock being drawn back and forth across the folds of my wet exposed pussy. Kyle began to slowly ease his cock into my tight ass, with me pushing my face into the blanket while tightly gripping handfuls of the blanket. Jed was watching us stroking his soft cock telling Kyle how hot my tits looked swinging all around while he hammered my ass.