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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

group Bob Waters 2018-04-04

I watched her kneeling before me, head bobbing up and down on my cock, the front of her dress swaying open, tits partially exposed to the night. She straddled me and pulled her dress high enough for me to get a good look at her pussy, open and glistening before she lowered herself, reaching down to guide me in as she impaled herself on my cock. Same with Jen. There was one guy who was talking to us one night at the bar who MIGHT have been him but we weren't sure and it wasn't something we were going to ask – "hey, are you the guy my wife blew after watching us fuck?" I suppose we COULD have but it seemed like bad form.

A Titillating Tale Ch. 06

group MKvDeepSea 2018-04-04

Fondling, kissing and playing with my semi-erect prick, Billie quietly inquired, "Are you sure you want to hear about the 'end of the school year pool party'... With her hands still on my chest, she pushed herself up and looked down at me, she kissed me, "You have no idea how much I love you or how much I missed you at the party. "We played grab ass for a while, splashing each other and groping each other." Laughing, Billie said, " I attempted to suck his cock underwater but got tickled and started giggling; I couldn't get any air through his 'flesh snorkel', no matter how much I sucked on it! I love it when a guy does that!" Billie laid her head on my chest, " He then started to finger fuck me.


Testing the Waters

group MollyBloom1904 2018-04-04

She answered with her own groan before she felt the firm hand again, this time between her shoulders at the base of her neck, pushing her slowly forward and she complied, groaning again as the man beneath her grasped her breasts when they came within range, his fingers pinching her nipples. You don't know how bad it was, she thought, and nearly wept at discovering that she was not sandwiched between her husband and his best friend, that her openings were not filled with the dicks of two men she loved--but she was more than ready for the one sleeping next to her. Just as she felt she couldn't remain silent any longer, she heard Carl groan quietly; then he suddenly clapped a pillow over her face, just in time to muffle her scream as she, too, was overwhelmed.

What Are Best Friends For?

group needteachin 2018-04-04

Mike lay down on the bed, cock still in hand, and told Veronica to bring it over there. She and I both moved over and began licking and sucking his cock and balls as he lay back rolling Veronicas tits and fingering my pussy through the wet, white fabric. While I sucked her tits, Mike directed my ass to his face and began licking and slurping my pussy and clit. I then moved to sit on his cock, compelled by an urge to be fucked deep and hard, as Veronica now took my place on his face. When I had finally finished convulsing on his cock, he redirected us, moving me onto my back with my feet at the head of the bed, with Veronica sitting on my face, facing my feet, and he slowly entered her ass from behind.

Kitty Gets Naughty Ch. 02

group Red_Destroyer 2018-04-04

There was something uniquely erotic about being taken by two men on a beautiful old Chesterfield sofa, though the plastic covering on the upholstery made it feel rather odd and uncomfortable when it came round to the double penetration (a favourite of Kitty's now). She looked in to see Gloria being used by a large group of men and then looked back at him, flashing a knowing grin when she noticed the little droplets of semen that decorated the knob of his cock like studs of pearl. Sam took her hand then and led her downstairs, through the hallway to the large country kitchen with its beautiful iron cast stove and then to another room off that Kitty took to be an old-fashioned scullery, full of large pots, pans, kitchen utensils and a double Belfast sink with antique brass faucets.

Fun Brazilians

group KillerSteve 2018-04-04

As I drove forward to shove the last couple inches of my cock into her pussy, she lifted her face away from Jazel's pussy and began talking dirty in Portuguese. Yesenia disengaged herself from my cock, climbed up Jazel's body and began kissing her passionately, both of their mouths glistening from the dim light from the bathroom. I got up to use the bathroom and wash off and when I returned I saw that Jazel had pulled Yesenia's hips up and off the mattress and began to eat her best friends ass, licking up all my cum that came dripping out. I lifter her legs up and as I slowly began working my cock into her ass, Yesenia straddled her best friends face with her back to me.



group SPEN STERLING 2018-04-04

Amber and my wife slowly leaned into each other, their arms coming up in an embrace, and ever so gradually their lips moved closer and closer, until they were just an inch apart. Amber and my wife stopped kissing for a moment, turning their heads cheek to cheek to look at me, all the while continuing to embrace and run their hands over each other's bodies. As Amber's lips expertly worked my wife's body, she arched her back and closed her eyes, completely wrapped up in the passion of the moment. So there I was, cock in hand, and my wife's lips had finally worked their way down to the nipples of Amber's fabulous breasts, while Amber arched her magnificent body back and enjoyed the attention.


group Wistful1 2018-04-04

I looked her in the eyes as she sucked the knob of my cock and told her "This morning I'm going to fuck that hot little ass of yours while you ride Gary's cock!" she moaned and I felt a gush of juice squirt from her pussy. Then I took Lona's hand and led her to straddle Gary's hips and once again she fed his hard cock into her juicy pussy. Lona, glanced over her shoulder at me and said "Take it easy at first but I want you to fuck my ass." Then she moved down and started to kiss Gary passionately.

Just Out of the Service Ch. 03

group nyc1975 2018-04-04

Oh, and Jack, if you ever step into my personal space like that again, I will demonstrate the training my previous employer gave me." Without waiting for an answer, Paul turned and walked into the classroom. "Paul, this is my little sister Susan", said Joannie, breaking the spell. Joannie said, "Let Paul get undressed without our stares." She turned Susan's face to hers and kissed her hard and deep. "Maybe," Susan spoke softly, "but from what you said, I want to taste his lips, not yours." Not missing the invitation, Paul stepped up to Susan and took her in his arms. Obedient to Paul's instructions, Joannie began to kiss Susan deeply.


A Corporate Affair Ch. 01

group tantricjim 2018-04-04

Howard was busy holding Donna by the hips and slowly rubbing his cock between her cheeks, "Yeah Bryce, you said that you were going to fuck the ass off of her with her heels on." Bryce pulled his cock from her hands and said, "I am going to the bedroom now, come and join me, but first let Howard play with you a little while. He soon realized however that Donna was not going to relax enough, so he kissed her on the back of the neck and said, "Maybe later baby, go and see Bryce, he always gets first pussy." As Donna straddled him, lowering her ass down slowly, letting her radar locate the waiting cock, Bryce said, "Guess Howard did not have any luck," he said as his finger probed her butt hole.

Stacy's First Swing Pt. 09

group Boondocker42 2018-04-04

Helen pressed the vibrator firmly into the flesh above Stacy's hidden clit, goading the young woman's body into greater orgasmic ecstasy. After Helen had ignored her breast for a few moments, Stacy unconsciously brought a hand to the slick mound of flesh and began kneading it. Letting her hands run along the pale woman's body for a moment as they two kissed, Helen then teasingly slipped away from Stacy's questing tongue and journeyed back down her body, pausing once again to grace her breasts with loving attention. With her hands against Helen's head in an unvoiced plea for pleasure, Stacy focused on the growing orgasmic pressure. Deftly moving Stacy's hand out of the way, Helen slid the vibrator wand partially out of Stacy's pussy, pressing it up against the top of her hole.


The couple

group redhelm 2018-04-04

Jake watched as his cock dissipated into my mouth, and his girl sucked on my had dick, still holding my head in both hands, and then he began twisting it around, trying to drive his cock even deeper down my throat. Her hand went to her pussy, and she drooled a little bit, as she watched her man loose all control, fucking my throat hard, and thrusting in every direction. Fuck me, Jake, fuck my ass!" I began thrusting back, trying to get his cock deeper inside me, and then forward again, filling Tammy's wet pussy with my very hard dick. Jake responded by fucking my ass hard, pulling his cock all the way out, and re-entering me, burying his dick inside my ass as deep as he could.

His Slut Act 05

group HotHunty 2018-04-04

"I'll fuck you, you filthy whore..." the man behind me promises, locking his hands around my hips and yanking me back onto his cock as hard as he can, driving his hips into my ass with amazing force. He laughs and pulls out of me, yanking me back up onto the couch and on top of him, positioning me to slide back down on his cock, yet leave my cunt and mouth ready for use. I do so, and as soon as he is in me, hands reaching around to pull and yank on my tits, the others converge on me, one sticking his dick up into my cunt, another positioning himself near my face and telling me to open my mouth.

Fucked senseless in San Diego part 1

group seelee01 2018-04-04

Now if you don't know, SD is home of a military base (navy and marines I think), and about 30 minutes after we sat down, 3 young military men came in with their cocks swaying in the breeze. I saw the solder-boys watching me, and so I turned up the heat, crawled over to Dave and started sucking him off on the dance floor. By this time two of the army guys had moved closer, slowly stroking while watching me gag on Dave's cock. I pushed dave down on the couch, and started riding him in reverse cow girl, grinding against his pelvis and bouncing my ass on his lap. As I rode Dave, I took turns sucking and jacking these two stud's cocks. Then his friends came and each took turns fucking my pussy.

Wheel of Fortune

group molly z 2018-04-04

The restrained men on the floor on the perimeter of the circle are all muscularly built and extremely well endowed, not only for the pleasure of the bitches, but undoubtedly for the titillation of the audience as well. The wheel is descended skillfully and the rotation slows to a stop so that each hot bitch is directly over the cock of a horny young stud. The wheel operator raises and lowered the wheel up and down about 6 inches each stroke as the women's pussies ride up and down, up and down on the shafts of the lucky bastards below. Almost an hour later, a winner emerged as the seventh man shot his load high into the air just as the girl was lifted off of him.

Pussies Taste So Good This Evening Ch. 06

group temp171 2018-04-04

I was standing in the center of the room, feet slightly apart, knees slightly bent; I was keenly aware of the subtle piquancy of Angela's perfume, mixed with her own womanly scent, the delicious sensation of her tongue gliding over mine, the pressure of her calves braced agains my own, the supple strength of her body cantilevered from mine, the provocative touch of her nipples against my chest, and the exquisite sensation of her cunt muscles, milking the last spurts of my orgasm from my cock, deep up inside her. She immediately began cumming copiously into my mouth, sending me over the edge; I thrust my cock upward, deep into the wet heaven of Dorothy's cunt, and erupted.

Copenhagen Couple Ch. 02

group TimothyM 2018-04-04

Actually, this is one of the reasons we like having a threesome with a guy, because we both get a need fulfilled." I remembered Daniella's fabulous cock sucking in the shower six months ago, and Michael's obvious pleasure as I fucked him, and I knew just what he meant. Daniella took my dick all the way inside, and Michael shoved a spit wet finger up my butt, while licking everywhere between my legs. From my first time in their embrace I knew that Michael would probably stay hard for a while, and as I sheathed my dick, I asked: "OK, which of you wants to be fucked up the ass first?" It was very flattering the way they both cried 'me, me', and I pretended to consider the requests carefully before I made my decision.


Sex Among Friends...

group d4david 2018-04-04

Doug replied 'I took four of those pills just before I came to get you and Brain, I wanted to see which one of you was a pussy boy'. 'Look at Brain see how his cock is getting hard, he wants to fuck. I leaned back out of the corner of my eye I saw Brain stand and drop his pants showing his cock beginning to get hard. Removing his fingers Doug scooted up to my butt and position his steel hard cock right up against my anus. Reaching his hands behind me and gripping my buttocks Doug pulled me to him and begin to fuck my anal cavity with passion.

Cupcake and Brownie Ch. 01

group hoosieryank 2018-04-04

"I want to be a pastry chef." Now that they were talking about food, Jess failed to notice Cupcakes hand moving farther up her leg and fingers shifting to her inner thigh. Her lips were quivering and her green eyes widening as Cupcake slid her hand up the young girls thigh to her pussy and back down her leg. Cupcake reached around and undid the unruly restraint and lifted Jess' top and bra off, exposing her tits to Brownie's gaze for the first time. Jess' body stiffened causing her to raise her ass off the smooth leather of the couch and clamp her thighs around Cupcake's head. Brownie had moved up behind Cupcake and spooned against her, his soft dick against the crack of her ass and his hand cupping her tit.


The Beach House

group davidw61 2018-04-04

When she sees the surprised look on our face she laughs and says "didn't I tell you that this is a naked hot tub" Both of us love the thought of someone watching us, especially some one that looks like Kelly so we go at it. Fucking and sucking each other, going at it making love getting hotter and hotter knowing that Kelly is watching us and stroking her pussy as she watches. You and Kelly are eating each other's pussy and I love watching it. Kelly tells you that it looks like I need to be pleased now; she starts to suck my cock and invites you to join her.

Football Party Ch. 01

group MLPatricks 2018-04-04

I placed my right hand on her right shoulder, pulled her body downward, and thrust my cock forward, penetrating her pussy lips. "Todd, do you have a big cock?" Jessica asked. Jessica began to gently massage my asshole with her fingertips, while she continued to suck me and stroke me with her right hand. "Why didn't you tell me that Todd had such a nice cock?" Jessica asked. Jessica nestled her head underneath Todd's abdomen and took his cock back into her mouth and resumed sucking and stroking. Jessica wrapped her right hand around the base of Todd's shaft and pointed his cock toward my mouth.


An Emily Story: Afternoon at the Pool

group B5040905 2018-04-04

Forty-five minutes later I was pulling my truck back into the same driveway where I had abused Emily's sexy little mouth a couple of weeks back. Becky had slipped a hand down to her bald pussy and was rubbing her clit and lips at the same speed she was moving her mouth on my cockhead. My hands were holding Becky's tight butt still as she started to buck against my mouth. I clutched Becky's ass hard and buried my tongue deep in her sweet wet pussy as Emily lowered her tightness down on the my shaft. I looked into Emily's face and saw a sexy vixen mouth opened wide as if to scream with no words coming out and her eyes fixed and unmoving.

Tag Teams by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-04-04

A lot of the cum slid down her throat and some of it came squirting out of her mouth around Clive's cock as he continued his deep spurting thrusts. I lay on my back with Sandy's mouth tonguing my groin area and Ted was on his back licking her clit and pussy lips as Clive pounded it to her. Sandy was constantly moaning her pleasure around my cock as Clive and Ted were busy giving her pussy the workout it wanted. Clive pulled out his purple monster and crashed onto the bed beside Sandy as a pool of his cum came flowing from her battered pussy hole and down her leg.

Third Swinger Event

group KillerTom 2018-04-04

Felicia had no problem enjoying Doug's full erection and his checking her out, and a moment later he was sucking Alex while groping her fantastic breasts, eventually using two hands for it. "Share Doug's cock with me," she said for all of us to hear, and for the first time I went down on a guy, licking him along with my girl, while the guy she nearly hated French kissed her, groped her tits and she and I licked and sucked him. We moved on to a full on make out session with Doug and Felicia, and Alex just shook his head for a moment, as his plan to be with his man had become hijacked, but in a good way.