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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wifes First

group CyrusMann 2018-04-04

Bri felt the water in the hot tub, hot like she wanted it, enough so to allow the wine to work it’s magic. Bri looked over her, now very excited men, and decided it was time to let them stew for a bit. Ken sat to her right, Eliot to her left, leaving Josh to admire the whole scene from across the tub. Ken looked at Josh, winked and pointed to the cooler of beer he had snuck beside the hot tub. Ken said,” Been watching too much porn there El, that was a new one!” They both laughed as Eliot lost it and with a smile slid back down into the water.

Fucking the twins. . . and more

group slapnuts69 2018-04-04

The other girl was Diane that was dancing with Linda. Diane was cumming and squeezing my cock every time she did, but I could also feel the dildo working in and out of her ass. Jo had also cum several times from the dildo pressing against her mound as she fucked Diane's ass. "Now you know our secret, we fuck each other all the time." So she said to Suzy, "Well, you want this." Suzy looked at my cock and the dildo and opted for the opposite of Diane. She mounted Linda and took the dildo into her pussy and then I lubed up my cock really well and worked a couple of fingers into her tight ass.

Strait-laced Schoolgirl, Secret Slut

group billy69boy 2018-04-04

As we resumed playing the video game, I strategically, yet innocently, opened my legs for the boys to get a look at my bald pussy lips peaking past the tight little boy shorts I was wearing. As Derrick continued to fuck my ass in earnest, James reached down, and thrust his big cock deep into my pussy. James took my hair in his hands, and jerked my face toward his hot cock, and plunged it down my throat mercilessly, as I continued to ride my stallion. I couldn’t get enough of their strong fucking, and I didn’t want it to ever end, but finally I could hold back no longer, and I gushed hot pussy juice all over Derrick’s cock, even as he pumped me full of his own semen.

Educating Charlie

group privatejoker 2018-04-04

A little under a couple of hours after the new Jake started talking to her, the girl was almost naked in his living room in just her thong as he worshipped her delightful black auroles and nipples. Jake nervously looked in Steve direction to see how he was reacting and saw his friend staring intensely at Liz's hand whilst sporting a hard-on himself. He looked around for clues as to where he was, when he heard Charlie shout from outside the room, "Hey guys, I got back early." Suddenly a tonne of memories flooded back into his head and a blurry, naked Liz was moving quickly in front of him and putting on a dressing gown.

Walt's Gift Ch. 03

group Scorpio44a 2018-04-04

The five women, Pat in apartment 2, Helen in 3, Maria in 4, Krystn in 5 and Linda in 6 all had been in love with my Dad. In love with and his lovers. Inga (Krystn's sister) had spent her life cooking, cleaning and taking good care of her family. Maria slept with me on Mondays, Inga on Tuesdays, Two on Wednesdays, Krystn on Thursdays, Pat on Fridays and Helen on Saturday. Inga said, "Let's think about it while we get the courtyard cleaned up. Helen said, "I'd like to ride an exercise bike, but my apartment's too small. Helen nodded and said, "There are a couple of people at work I'd like to know better but I haven't done anything to have that happen.


a night in

group hotcntryby 2018-04-04

You take care of her.” I stepped to the side of the couch and looked down at Alyssa and asked, “Do you need anything right now, sweetheart?” She looked at me and shook her head no and said, “I just want you to sit here with me.” As I sat at the end of the couch near her head, she lifted it and I slid over next to her so she could rest her head on my thigh. Almost sensing my thoughts, Becca said, “Ok, now I want to you go ahead and eat that beautiful pussy.” I smiled and looked up at Alyssa who quickly turned and leaned against the wall and placed her bad leg over my shoulder.

Tender Love Hurts Ch. 08

group ImmortalRomance 2018-04-04

you just want to get a good look at my pussy and my ass," Alicia said teasingly, reaching up to pinch Jade's dark-pink nipples. "Well, I guess you forgot to tell me you and Alicia are MORE than friends," said Erik as his eyes skimmed over both young women as he blocked the bathroom door and they stood there half-naked and wrapped up in towels. but I don't know," said Jade, looking from Erik to Alicia, then back again. "Baby?" Erik said, looking at both Alicia and Jade. "Yeah, we'll explain later," Jade said happily, reaching for Erik's hand as she pulled both him and Alicia into the bedroom.


Never Enough Ch. 07

group Sweetcheekss 2018-04-04

It was almost 10:30 when I woke up Sunday morning; time enough for coffee and a few cigarettes before my date with Steven. “It’s been a long time since any woman has been on the boat.” Steven stated. “Seems like way too much for just one person to take on at one time.” Steven remarked. I slipped quietly back down the steps and into the berth next to Steven, putting his arm around me, holding his hand tightly to my body. I’d let Steven decide how far and how long he wanted our relationship to continue. Steven dropped me off at the service entrance to the club just as Melissa and Jackie pulled up.


I don't like cricket oh no I love it

group 2018-04-04

My wife Ruchi, unlike me, is also a big cricket fan and Next time when I went to get more beer, my wife asked friend as my wife sat rubbing shoulders with him in saw Oracle pinch the tip of his cock and scoop some I saw Santosh and Oracle looking at each other and his slimy cock wet with probably my wife's pussy juices coated cock in my wife's mouth and started humping her tasted his cum on my wife's lips and I got up I wiped Bhura's mouth with your cock, Oracle. plunge his cock deep inside my wife's pussy as his ass as Oracle wiped his cock on my mouth and clamped our

Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 06

group Jeremydcp 2018-04-04

That was the day following the medical scare when it was believed that Pamela had a heart attack at work, and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Thus, Kristanna offered her hand to Pamela and simply said, "Let's go home." But lo and behold, as I was laying in the hospital overnight with what seemed like thousands of wires attached to every square inch of my body (and before I knew what my true ailment was) my white knight in shining armor was galloping my way on his trusty steed from halfway around the world to be at my side (okay, Jeremy was on an airplane, but that does not sound near as dramatic).


Bi, Bi Friday & Saturday

group Nip2NIp36D 2018-04-04

The night was going on, and Jenny was really getting loose, she kept on rubbing on John's cock saying how much of a turn on it was to watch him fuck her husband, but that he had to save some of his spunk for her, because she wanted to coat her tits with his cum (and she has some really big tits) I was checking out Jim while Jenny was saying these things, and yes, he was getting hard too, I was stroking his cock a little as well under the table and asked if I was going to get some of that too, and he said "You betcha."

An Old Friend Visits

group sex4u4647 2018-04-04

Joan was on her knees between Bob's legs sucking greedily on his hard cock while Ron knelt behind her fucking her. Ron and Bob used Joan's body for the rest of the evening, they took turns fucking and eating her and having her suck them. It was strange, standing here holding Ron's prick while he played with her tits and watching Joan get fucked just a few feet away. Fucking back to Ron's thrusting cock she turned her head to watch this other mans prick fucking in and out of Joan's pussy, the action was only a foot away so she could see his shaft sink deep then come out pulling the puffy lips of Joan's pussy, moist with their mingled juices.

The ex files - Emma, Jane and Mick

group olly01 2018-04-04

Jane turned and began to undo Micks jeans and pulled them down just enough for her to release his hard cock which she took a hold of and guided into her mouth.while Mick continued to watch Emma on the screen who was now naked on the bed with her hand between her legs. As we recovered our senses i looked at the screen and watched myself come into Emma's open mouth and as the camera zoomed in for a close up heard myself say "You really are a bad girl aren't you?" to which she smiled and nodded.

Bastille Day Ch. 03

group leBonhomme 2018-04-04

The German girls also immediately took their towels off, smiling in response to the men's glances, mine too, which earned me a chuckle and pat on my ass from Marge. There were no immediate comments, but a few moments later there were again soft chuckles, and I imagined that other couples were being more active about arousing each other, like Marge was, her fingers creeping closer up the inside of my thigh. I ventured a glance over at the sofa, obviously a fold-away double bed, where Sans-culotte and his woman friend and the oldest couple were sitting, sort of throned above all of us on the floor.


My wife, the perfect hostess

group Bamba682 2018-04-04

A third guy, a big young black man, sat in the chair next to them with his cock in his hand. The guy underneath her slid his fingers out of her ass to grab a firmer hold of her hips and started fucking her harder than ever. Aaaaaahhhh!” then she dove back at the arab cock again as the black guy let go of her arm to grab a hold of her heavy tits from behind. As ninas´ finger slid up the arabs´ ass, he came on her smiling face and hair, roaring like a b**st. As cum dripped from her face and pussy, with eyes closed and the black mans´ hands on her tits, nina came again and again.

Getting Filled

group diegoroyo 2018-04-04

Or they could be straight up good men looking to fuck a hot young thing like her. She looked back at Jack with his hard cock, and then lifted one leg up to spread her smooth pussy lips for him. "Damn, girl, slow down," Hammer said as he moved into the sitting up position with his cock near her head. She leaned over nearly on her stomach, twisting her body to take Hammer down her throat almost all the way while Jack held her waist and fucked her harder and harder. Jack got behind her, having not fucked her yet, and Hammer got on front of her and held her head up to his cock.


Valentine's Gang Bang

group kev269 2018-04-04

Finally I parted my lips slowly, licking them to make them wet and took the head of his cock into my mouth and sucked on it my tongue ran little circles along the eye and the rim. I tried to turn to see who it was helping me out of my panties but Jamal pressed even harder on the back of my head making me nearly choke on the length of his cock he now had deep in my mouth. He likes eating sweet young pussy.” I glanced out of the corner of my eye as Jamal’s hand pressed more of his cock into my mouth and saw another black guy about the same size as Jamal with his face buried deep in my crotch.

Wisconsin Trio

group tall758 2018-04-04

Right on schedule, the couple, Ollie and Darla, walked into the bar from the room that they had rented. He then stood me up and held me while Darla snapped a leather cock ring around my hairless cock and balls, which had shrunk to a small size due to the shower and my embarrassment about greeting them in the nude. I immediately stood next to the side of the bed nearest Darla and reached down to rub her body from head to toe. He must have only sucked my cock for a minute before he stiffened his entire body and came in Darla. Bob stood by the side of the bed and Darla began sucking his rapidly hardening cock. Ollie came over and sucked me clean while Darla licked the creampie from my ass.

Between Friends

group Syren74 2018-04-04

Spurred by my encouraging nod she ran on: "I'm just so curious to experience some of those things you've told me about, you know, I've orgasmed but, not in the way you describe it – I just feel like there's so much I haven't experienced, and Kareem he tries but, I don't know that he can, that he can..." Thing is, a few years back Kareem had gotten a big promotion and the extra cash he was bringing in went straight to his head like a fine wine. "You know those lazy girls won't dare show their face in here until they're sure the table's set," I countered, matching his tone.


Golf Pro Delights

group Rocket1010 2018-04-04

Rick watched as she pulled the sweater over her head, seeing her hard nipples protruding from the knit fabric. "I want to feel your hard cock deep in my pussy" she said moving back to the edge of the desk. Rick watched Kathy take his hand and suck on his wet fingers. Kathy moaned softly and then thrust her hips against his, wanting him to keep his hard cock buried deep within her. She pushed her hips upwards against his, encouraging him onward "aggghhhh yeaaaa fuck my hot pussy with your hard cock. Grabbing his hair hard, she pulled Rick's face against her slippery cunt, moaning and thrashing about, riding her orgasm.


My First Couple

group sexdrivesme 2018-04-04

Paul was smoking a cigar and sitting back watching as I took Barb in my arms and we began a nice slow dance to the music pouring from the built in speakers. I felt like I was in underwear but Paul told me I looked hot and sexy. I swallowed some water and took a small swig of the drink then moved down Barbs luscious body, kissing my way down to her lovely thighs. I jerked and moaned and realized Paul was there, taking my cum covered cock into his hot mouth. Barb began kissing me as I lay back and then I felt Paul's mouth on my cock.

Double Penetration Pleasure Palace

group DJincredible 2018-04-04

Her pussy was hairy and I could feel its wetness as I slid my cock through her lips. My hard dick slipped between her wet pussy lips and again rubbed up against Stephen's hard cock. Then, when he put his cock deep inside her hairy, wet pussy, I leaned in further and licked her hard clit with the tip of my tongue. She pulled up, and again I licked and sucked all of the wet pussy juice off his hard dick. We kissed, our tongues licking an playing with each other while Stephen fucked her deeply. I let go with a huge blast of cum that soaked Stephen's dick and spilled out of Becky's cunt onto his balls.

Bringing A Third to Bed

group standingstones 2018-04-04

Amy got up from our table and ended up walking towards the brunette woman. Amy brought my dick to her lips and she started cleaning all the love juices Joyce and I produced. Joyce pushed one of her fingers into me as I was driving my cock into my wife's pussy. Amy said she told Joyce in the shower about her fantasy. Amy said that Joyce would like to think about that, but the idea of both women becoming pregnant together sounded very hot. My cock is now hard thinking about having Amy and Joyce in bed again. I haven't told my wife this, but I do want to take both women again with my bare cock and give them both a big belly.

Dorothy and George

group jwseekolder 2018-04-04

I had previously enjoyed some sexual activities with George when he lived at home and on our way back to his new house on one occasion after football, he brought up the subject of our previous encounters and asked me how I was doing on the sexual front now. Dorothy started to blush and nodded her head so George told her not be shy and explain what she liked and how that made her feel. My cock was standing up like a flagpole under my bottoms and suddenly George grabbed it with one hand and started to pull the bottoms down with the other. Dorothy was still playing with her tits and said that she wanted to watch the two of us wanking each other so we sat back and gave her what she wanted.