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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Story of My Tattoo

group stainedsoul61 2018-04-04

I was always painfully shy and every time Matthew came to the cube to talk with Jessica I could not even bear to look at him, but he frequently and openly stared at me. Matthew came into the room with three large metal jars; they said ‘Flour’ ‘Sugar’ ‘Coffee’, and started to take out plastic bags. “You want a blow job Bill?” He was nodding his head and I took the money in my hand and lay it on the table. I cannot have a cock in my mouth too far and I remember at one point lifting my head up and looking at him and saying, “You hold still.” It was like a command and he didn’t move a muscle after that.


Panty Heaven

group georgeofthejungle 2018-04-04

She takes the silky panties and begins to rub them in a circular fashion on my balls with one hand while her other hand is holding a pair and stroking my cock. She then takes out a bottle of lube and says "NOW, IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO CUM MY PANTY SLAVE." She lays on my right side and puts her left leg over my chest. She continues to use her left hand rubbing my balls with her panties and now begins using her right oily hand stroking my cock up and down. That's why we're going to tear your clothes off, tie you to the bed and rub our silky panties ALL OVER YOUR BODY! Well, here come my girlfriends now and they're all wearing your favorite -- WHITE BIKINI SILKY PANTIES.

The French Maid Ch. 13

group susan12346 2018-04-04

After a while he lay on top of me, and then rising himself on his arms he just let his chest touch mine, and then moved his body around in a circle type motion, caressing my breasts and nipples with his skin. I could feel his cock dragging over my breasts, the head, slightly wet at the end, touching and jerking along my smooth white skin. I just kept my mouth open, feeling that hard cock thrusting in and out of my mouth, feeling the head popping out of the skin as it rode past my lips. Pushing his hips against me his cock went straight in…all the way, making me arch my head back, biting my lower lip, moaning, eyes closed tightly.

Cougar Beach

group WayneGibbous 2018-04-04

"Mmm, let's watch Dvid finish himself while we get off, too, I just love seeing a guy make himself cum," Erin said and Mia agreed. I stroked on for another couple of minutes as Erin and Mia worked their pussies and I told them that I was getting close, so they both turned and watched while they rubbed themselves. Being naked in public with these two hot cougars was arousing enough for sure and soon I had spouts of white, sticky cum spurting up out of me as they urged me on, "Oh, cum, David, shoot it," Mia said while Erin told me, "Great cum, David, maybe you have some for us now?"

Tucker's Studio Ch. 06

group riverboy 2018-04-04

"I think you're outta luck Kelly," Dawn's husband Scott said. Oh...just...Dawn and that porn thing," Kelly said, surprised at herself for admitting it. Drinks were emptied, and Jon offered to help Dawn get the refills, anxious for a few minutes alone with her to talk about Kelly and the porn idea. So, Dawn's plan was at least partly feasible, but getting Scott and Kelly and Jon onboard might take some work. Fuck a beautiful, big-titted girl in front of the cameras?" Dawn said as she bounced on Scott's hot cock. I'm thinking Kelly and Jon. I know you wanna fuck her. Jon called Dawn the next day and told her what he'd said to Kelly.


FKK-Urlaub 8.Teil

group bavariatom 2018-04-04

Diese wiederum hatten ihre Ärsche hochgereckt und wurden von dem Stöhnen ihrer Opfer selber ganz geil Die Liebestechniken der Mädels war zwar sehr unterschiedlich, aber das Ergebnis gleich. Marcus, der Schnösel hatte sich, ebenso wie ich, nach dem Lesen der Notiz zum Frühstück eingefunden und war auf diese Szene gestoßen. In dem Moment, wo ich kam, zog Toni meinen Prinzen aus Milas Schoß und wichste ihn solange bis er, nach heftigem Spritzen, eine ganze Menge Sperma auf Milas Bauch verteilt hatte. Hier setzte sie ihr Säuberungswerk fort, indem sie an dem Riesenschwanz von Marcus die letzten Reste heraussaugte und Mila wie ein Kätzchen an Bauch und Muschi sauber leckte.


Embracing Chaos Ch. 02

group Bigdenverman 2018-04-04

Samantha felt the urge to explain her marital situation, including details about their possible open marriage and how they had arrived at the date this evening, but Crue wasn't interested. His hands felt good and she wanted more, but she belonged to another man...I have a husband...this feels wrong... "Oh fuck yes," Samantha said aloud as Crue slid easily inside her. No matter how deep my lover fucks me, no matter how strong or handsome he is, no matter how powerful the orgasms, no matter how good this feels, my husband will love me. She looked down, saw his moist cock split her lips wide and enter her repeatedly, and finally she closed her eyes and locked hands with Crue.


My Erotic Night Out

group loorslady 2018-04-04

I was going to come and when I turned to look at my husband and tell him, I saw the bluest eyes ever and realized a strange woman's hand was dipping into my pussy. I played with my pussy as I watched this and when I came it ran down my leg like a faucet and "she" took her mouth of my husband's cock just long enough to slurp my juices. I could feel her getting close and as I lifted my ass up to get a better grip and angle, my husband rammed his rock hard swollen cock into my pussy and fucked me like a machine.

The Joy of Joy Ch. 08

group LenNeal 2018-04-04

He saw Joy flip her eyes from Josh's resting cock to Victor's raging hardon, and the woman moved the hand on her pussy. Victor moved his hand across Josh's shoulder in a casual gesture and slid down to the other man's chest; his reward was a stiffening of Josh's body, which was embarrassing and exasperating, but the second part of the reward was watching Joy's eyes flash and her free hand, which had been draped on the couch, move to her breasts, fondling her amazing body. Josh was so shocked he was frozen into inaction, and, keeping his eyes locked on Joy's shuddering body, Victor brought the other man close and kissed him on the mouth, with carefully closed lips.

Hair of the Dog

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-04-04

While Moira did that, Shiraz abruptly began bobbing up and down on my cock with her mouth, her lips and tongue taking me further inside her than I would have expected, though she gagged a little at first. When Moira came yet again and she finally slid off my face, Shiraz rose to give her a very deep tongue kiss despite still having traces of my piss on her lips. My cock pistoned in and out of Shiraz, tapping that sweet Persian booty at last, and damn, it was heavenly to see those olive-skinned buns beneath my dick as I ravaged her and she hammered Moira's tush...much to the pixie-haired babe's obvious delight.


Biker Slut

group SlutKathy 2018-04-04

As they whipped me they told me to shout to the crowd what I was, everybody was cheering as I shouted out what a cumslut and a whore I was, and how I loved being naked and having my body used, having my cunt and ass fucked in public, and drinking their cum and piss, being used for their pleasure. Chas told me that he had seen a lot of people taken photographs and video of me during that evening being whipped, fucked, and pissed on, to which I replied I hoped it gave them something to have a good wank to when they looked at them and showed them around, and remembered that Easter break.

Based On A True Story

group might.b.curious 2018-04-04

By the time I made my way into the game room Denise and 7 or 8 other women were already seated and a sexy almond colored brother in a g-string was grinding his ass on some chick's lap. He must have been hitting the right spot because Denise stopped stroking his dick, leaned back, closed her eyes and started moaning softly. "Alex, get on your knees and suck my dick while your friend here eats your pussy." Without a word I stood up while he sat in my seat then I did just as he said and got on my knees. Denise had found the right spot and was sucking and licking my clit so hard and fast that I knew I was going to cum in any second.

Paying the Bills

group annalaneylane 2018-04-04

I felt a hand grab my hair hard and push me down so that I took more of my boss's large cock into my mouth. Whoever was fucking my cunt started slapping my tender ass in time with their thrusts and I muffled a scream on the cock in my mouth. Hands pulled my ass cheeks apart even further as his cock head popped inside me and started stretching me out. My boss grabbed me by the hair, lifting my face off the table and shot his load straight down my throat, forcing his dick so far in that I had no choice but to swallow all of it.

Pleasure Boat

group lancer69 2018-04-04

Tom climbed down to the stranded boat, picked up her things and carried them over to Lisa, who by now climbed aboard his boat. "It's beginning to cloud up and the wind is starting to blow." Tom and Lisa looked out the window. He took the cup of hot coffee that Lisa handed him then went below to get his shirt. Lisa stood close to Tom, her breast brushing his arm whenever the boat bounced in the light chop. Tom helped Lisa with her boat. He went up to the flying bridge and started the engines while Lisa took care of the mooring lines, then threaded his way out of the marina into the main channel.


One Lucky Bastard Pt. 05

group dacked 2018-04-04

Walking into the living room, I was greeted to a full-frontal view of Gillian, also naked, legs spread wide, getting her snatch eaten out by Simone. When I finally came up for air I saw Simone up above me, standing on the couch, her box pushed up against Gillian's eager face. At the same time I looked down and saw Mary rolling a condom onto my old fella, then she turned around and bent herself over the couch next to Gillian. Simone and I timed it pretty perfectly- she slide into Gillian as I entered Mary. She and I started to look at each other with a bit of lust, but the moment was cut short by Mary climaxing hard.

Open Love

group MsLed 2018-04-04

“You taste so sweet,” said Marta while she slid two fingers straight into her pussy fingering her whilst lightly licking her clit again. Marta slid her finger into Nova’s arse, still finger fucking her pussy hard and teasing her clit wit her tongue until she exploded screaming with pleasure. She pulled her open and slid her tongue slowly up until the clit, which she started playing with slowly then quickly just to tease Marta a little. “No problem,” she smiled as she let Leon slide in his cock from behind, and leant down to suck Novas pussy and finger her tight little arse hole. Beneath them Nova came again just as hard as before, and whispered “I want some cock now, make her come and then fuck me.” she asked Leon

Allison, Link in a Chain

group BetweenHerLegs 2018-04-04

In just a moment, watching us kiss passionately, Eric swore loudly and came inside Sarah. I was out of breath and light-headed, and largely unaware of what was going on, but I saw Beth kneel, gently lift Sarah's face from my lap, and kiss her softly. Gently hold her face, Beth licked my juices clean off the native girl's face, leaving Sarah gasping with pleasure. Sarah moaned and closed her eyes as the gorgeous blonde began kissing her lower lips softly and tenderly, caressing her hips and ass. With no warning, Eric just got up behind Beth, starting licking her ass cheeks while he loosened her cunt lips with his finger. Beth was now thrashing on both ends, mercilessly tongue-fucking Sarah and humping hard against Eric.

Movie Night Ch. 02

group piekna 2018-04-04

Once naked, they came back to the bed to lie down on either side of me, each taking a breast in his mouth and moving a hand down to stroke my pussy. Then Drew came up behind me, and I could feel his cock against my ass and his hands on my breasts, and I had to start fucking. We fucked in a steady rhythm, all moaning and swearing and gasping at the sensations, and then John leaned up and took a nipple into his mouth, and Drew gave my ass a little swat and I was cumming so hard around them that neither of them could hold on.

A New Meaning of Silence

group WFEATHER 2018-04-04

"I believe that we can get everyone still here to engage in really loud sex every night for the rest of the week, all at the same time so we can still ideally get some much-needed sleep." But I wanted Alexa's sounds of passion to be the loudest of the night – both because I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her screams, and because I wanted to send a powerful message of "revenge" to Jon and his girlfriend-of-the-month. For all three of us, there is now a new meaning of silence, and I, for one, would much rather hear those late-night sexathons than know that the "sex war" led to Jon's death.

mmf set up

group 2018-04-04

She pushed the fact that she wanted to book the room herself, and we agreed that I would settle up with the hotel when i got there. As I push it open she points me to the side of the room and says why not put the wine there. Pushing me onto the bed, she pulls down my tight boxers and moans as she takes my hard cock into her mouth. My eyes open with shock to see a man stood naked and hard pushing his cock into my wanting mouth. I look back to mrs b, 'say hello to mr b' is all she says, as he pushes his cock deep in my mouth and i start to suck.

Swinging The Other Ways

group richfun 2018-04-04

"We advertise for a straight swing at our usual room, and then suggest the gay and lesbian session at the last minute. Jen sat on top of the prone Phil, her pussy riding his cock, almost freeing it on her outward and upward movement, and then plunging it deep to her womb. The four of them met on a cold afternoon at Phil and Jen's usual hired room. At Jen's suggestion of a gay and lesbian swap, Max flushed deep red, her breathing making her breasts rise and fall with random movement. Max smiled, lay on top of Jen and let the red head suckle on the erect nipples, like a starving baby. Jen covered Bill's cock with cool baby oil, whilst Max lubricated Phil's pretty arsehole.

Midnight walk on the beach

group niagaraguy72 2018-04-04

As she f***e fed me her massive boobs her husband climbed between my legs and started to suck my cock, which was now rock hard. Slowly I finger fucked her chubby cunt as her hubby licked down my cock to my balls. Here she was with 2 big cocks in her cunt, a finger in her asshole and me sucking, biting and pinching her nipples, and she fucking loved it. Her hubby was still finger fucking her ass and thrusting his cock in her. "That was amazing" Her hubby sat up, got on his hands and knees and started to lick our cum off her tits. I fingered her fat ass hard as I fucked her and it wasn't long before I came too.

MFM so much cum in my wifes hole

group BBWandTrapObsession 2018-04-04

He asked me if I could get her to wear some tight shorts "I fucking love your wifes ass she'd look really hot in shorts" I recently got her a Harley Quinn Halloween outfit that came with a tiny little pair of spandex shorts I told him I could get her to wear those for us "I can get her to wear those for us but you have to make sure you don't cum until then". She stood up and bent over the arm of the couch "like this" He was already getting undressed so I helped her peel her sexy tight shorts off and felt her little pussy which was dripping wet before I sat on the chair across from her.

Family Connections

group AngusStoryman 2018-04-04

"Well as it happens Angus perhaps there is something you could do for my bedroom the bedside light isnt working, and I do like to read before going to sleep alone in that big bed of mine." Jenna said with feeling. I couldn't help myself and just called out.."TRISH.I'm really wasn't just happened." Instead of her reacting the way I expected, Trish quite calmly said " Ah but Angus it was planned..mum and I decided last night after you went home that we were going to seduce you this morning....did you enjoy the show you saw in my room earlier." I was totally stunned!!!!