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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Try sex quartet

group stif266 2018-04-03

I then turned my wand on low and rubbed it all over my clit and then slid my new glass vibrator into my warm and wet pussy. After I have my orgasm, George will lay on the blanket on his back and I would hop up on top and put his cock into my wet pussy. George then started to buck up into my pussy and let out a moan and came in my cunt. My pussy and ass were being stretched with these cocks and my mouth was being fucked. "Julie your ass feels so fucking great on my cock. I was being fucked in both holes and sucking on George's cock. Matthew and Michael went into George's home and took showers and then they left.

Sex Club

group simply_barbara 2018-04-03

Steve stroked his cock, finding he had a huge hard on, wanting to fuck Sheila again, but wanting to watch her return the enthusiastic girl’s favor and eat her out too. He fucked her hard, pushing her face into the girl’s cunt; knowing her nose was coated in her juices, hearing the girl cry out with little orgasm after orgasm, hearing Sheila slurp it up, and wishing for once their was a mirror on the wall so he could see what they were doing instead of seeing the men in the next room masturbate as they watched the threesome. “Take it slow, then.” Steve agreed content just to have his cock inside of her slippery cunt, in no hurry to cum, despite the urgency his body still felt.

A Roommate to View Ch. 01

group Phat Joey 1974 2018-04-03

She seemed completely oblivious to us and when I tried to stop, Kari reached back between her legs, grabbed my balls and made it clear that I had no options at this point. Well, after a while I actually started to cramp up in my hamstring, so I rolled onto my back and Kari took over. It's a good thing too because I thought she was going to break my dick off a couple of times there! I thought all hell was going to break loose when she turned her head and saw what was going on only ten feet away, but much to my surprise, she got up and started walking across the room .

Bisexual By Degrees

group danielblue 2018-04-03

There was something exotic and a little dangerous about Tyler, and Greg was fascinated by him; he couldn't imagine himself getting his cock out for any other guy and wanking off until he shot his bolt. Greg was just beginning to think that having Tyler lick his asshole was a small price to pay for getting to eat Julia's pussy when he felt something cold and slippery being applied. He felt like one huge nerve cell, being pleasured in both cock and ass, and wherever his skin touched Julia and Tyler's skin. No one told him that if his ass got stroked by a cock it would add to the pleasure he felt as he fucked the hottest pussy he had had in over a year.

I have my Mothers Genes and love for Men

group 2018-04-03

I left the room and walked past her room on my way to the toilet, stopping at her open door I counted five men in there, noting they all had erections and were touching mummy while two of them were having sex with her as the others touched themselves and her simultaneously. One man turned and saw me standing there and walked over to the door, his penis bobbing inches from my face, 'Be a good girl', he said, 'Mummies having some fun', he continued, adding, 'Go back to bed, and wait'. There was no pain, only a pleasurable fulfilling sensation as my legs seemed to open to some invisible command, it felt good and I found myself now enacting and getting into the rhythm with mummy, what a class act, mummy and daughter lying face down on our respective beds, satisfying men, with unprotected sex.

how i lost my cherry

group 2018-04-03

And that’s when it hit me I would talk to Chris by going through his best friend Jeff. So the next day in class I went up to Jeff and told him I wanted to fuck Chris. But as they left Jeff looked at me and said if you want me to tell Chris you want to fuck him you have to fuck use again tomorrow. And again when they reached the door to leave Jeff looked at me and said if you want me to tell Chris you want to fuck him you have to fuck use again tomorrow. A few days later Chris came up to me in class and said I heard you wanted to fuck me.

Mum and her two daughters loved daddy.

group 2018-04-03

Both of us sat very quietly, myself all tensed-up, it was a little embarrassing and certainly not in the 'Chippendale', stuff, yes we had heard of them, but the bulge in daddy's underpants done him proud, as both his daughters giggled their approval, even mother had a proud smile on her face, as she drew long into her cigarette, 'Here girls', she said, and as we turned to look at her, she threw her bright red lipstick at us, 'put some of this on, daddy like to slip into red lips'.

Tear It Up: Under Pressure

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-04-03

When I started to bottom out in Lisa's slick snatch, enjoying the wetness and warmth of her delicious pussy around my cock, David got a very bright idea and put himself in a 69 with his sister, feeding her eager mouth his dick while he resumed sucking and licking down there. Sure, you look slutty, but I like that about you!" I admitted to my voluptuous wife, who melted into my arms right then, even as David put his hands on each of our butts and initiated a raunchy, three-way tongue kiss. I also hear that he has a nice little basement where he can take me, spank me, and fuck me like the horny, saucy slut that I am!" Lisa put some vitamins in my hands as she spoke, and then stuck her tongue down my throat for good measure.


wifes desire

group mockone 2018-04-03

you have been playing pool for over an hour and haven't seen me come back to the table and as you go to the bathroom you see me on the edge of the dance floor and pull me into you and ask how things are going and I tell you to put your hand up my skirt and inside my shorts to find out. when hes done the guy that was kissing starts fucking me, that's when you walk up and the guy looks and says sorry man and you said don't be sorry I was enjoying watching you fuck my girlfriend so carry on cause when your done im taking her to my truck and fucking her.

French for Forbidden

group rlabodame 2018-04-03

Robbie was never the Ladies' Man sort, but he knew he could offer a woman much more than the typical joe with a chiseled six pack, a smarmy smile and blimp-like dick. Meredith watched with great interest as Jessica played with Robbie's junk. Jessica then lay down next to Meredith and kissed her neck five times, grazed her breasts with her left hand and fingered Meredith's clit with her right one for 30 seconds. Jessica sat up after a minute and pushed her way behind Meredith on the bed. Meredith returned to Robbie's side and kissed him, while Jessica forced his dick back into her pussy. Soon, Meredith spit some of his cum onto Jessica's tongue.

Making of a Motorcycle Mama Ch. 04

group jazm49 2018-04-03

Supper was a raucous affair with Doug, Bob, and Big John reporting their various adventures on the streets of Little Rock and Deena and Ruthie giving us an account of what was happening in the business. Deena and Beth freed Andy's cock from his pants and began taking turns sucking him. Deena was on her hands and knees happily licking Beth's open pussy while Andy fucked her from behind. I opened my eyes to the sight of Patricia kneeling in front of me with the fingers of her right hand buried in Ruthie's cunt. I ended up between Patricia and Deena; I loved feeling their bodies pressed close to mine, our hands clasped.

Sex Club: Best Fuck Of My Life

group KissedMany 2018-04-03

Yum. I let this go on for quite a while, wouldn't any man, and she was a trooper and simply continued until I said, "Okay, my sweet,suck my cock nice and slow and as deep as you can." Her face was even more beautiful when my dick was buried to the back of her throat and my balls were bumping her chin. My dick had become a bit soft as I had been concentrating on her pleasure so I reached up to her shoulders and pulled her down to her knees while growling, "Suck my cock you horny bitch and when it is nice and hard I want you to climb on to that big boy and I will fuck you 'til you have a screaming orgasm." She gobbled my wang like a two dollar hooker and in a blink it was rock hard.


Britney's Adventure Ch. 4

group Moxon4 2018-04-03

“Well, you know, we were going to go to another room, would you like to join u?” Britney asked, putting her hand on her leg, gently rubbing it, and moving toward her skirt. “I get very turned on by the curves a woman’s neck, and the taste of their skin.” He kissed her afterward, and then they heard a soft moan coming from the bed, they both looked over, and Amy was sitting there, with her legs spread, and she had a finger inside her completely shaven pussy. Amy leaned back, breaking the kiss, and let out a low scream as her body stiffened around Britney, and came hard, her juices flowing fully from her pussy, onto her hand, and Britney’s.

Katelyn Learns to Close Ch. 02

group Yukon Cornelius 2018-04-03

Every delivery Blake had sent with Katelyn's company had arrived on time, and the latest had made it to the distributor ahead of schedule. Katelyn figured that Blake had gone to bat with her with Cliff, so she hoped the dinner meeting would be a formality. "Blake wasn't lying about you," Cliff said with a smile. What they said about guys with big hands certainly was true in Cliff's case, as his hard cock was quite a bit bigger than Blake's. Billy seemed to enjoy watching her play with her pussy, and his cock twitched a little bit in her mouth. As she approached her climax, Katelyn took Billy's cock back in her mouth.


Shared by a Strange Couple

group cutemaid 2018-04-03

As she opened her lips and returned my kiss she practically swallowed my tongue - she tasted so good and I sucked on her tongue as I would on a hard cock. While rubbing up and down his hard cock with my foot I put a hand on my friend's thigh and ran it up so he could see my fingers enter her cunt. I could feel the tip of his cock stretching my pussy lips as I took my girlfriend's clit in my mouth. I was now sucking my girl's clit in time to the pumping of my guy's cock and I could feel my orgasm building with each thrust.

Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 10

group Benny024 2018-04-03

When I felt Oscar's penis stiffen even more in my hand, I opened my mouth wide, and pulled the large purple head in. After Oscar had washed his limp meat, he stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and dried his face and upper body he approached Susan. Still looking at me, Oscar smiled as he gently turned Susan toward me and eased her panties down over a small roll of sexy baby fat, and then past her smooth pussy, before stopping. When I didn't see or hear him, I quickly stroked my cock hard, mounted Susan from behind, and quickly came in her hot, wet pussy. During Oscar's trysts with Sandy, I got to fuck Susan's ass so much, that I thought I owned it!


A Van full of Hooligans

group Mag58 2018-04-03

Freddie was open mouthed in astonishment as he watched Tiler ease my legs apart and nudge my pussy lips apart with his massive cock. I lost track of how many times I got fucked in the next hour; one after another rampant cocks filled my cunt and mouth or wanked onto my face or tits. Before we set off for home I got spit-roasted by Freddie and Eyes then finally Cowans made me suck him while Tiler fucked me with his monster cock one last time. As I hobbled from the van with Freddie helping me up my garden path, Cowans made it very clear that he wanted a repeat performance as soon as possible, especially after I told him that my husband was going to work in Qatar at the end of the month!

Snowed In

group voluptuary_manque 2018-04-03

"This is a deer camp?" Shawna Miller stood in the entry of the cabin, her eyes wide, "It looks more like a log-built resort!" The wives would close their eyes, reach in, pull out a set and go home with the man whose keys they got. "We don't want you touching anything, honey," Bill explained, "since we know where everything goes and we're usually working in the dark before dawn and after dusk, if you put something away in the wrong place it will be chaos next trip. Her heart sank as she looked up to see Angela pop open her box and pull out Bill's truck keys, a predatory smile across her lips.


Andrea Follows Through

group jasexy28 2018-04-03

I lifted my cock back up to her hole and once again began to fuck her, but her boyfriend held her hips still as he leaned forward and suddenly Andrea's mouth moved away from mine. I then pulled Andrea down a little so that my cock slid up inside her hot, wet hole and then as I felt my balls press against his, he began to fuck her ass. This time as I fucked her, I noticed her boyfriend was down between her thighs and sucking on her pussy as Andrea's fingers were rubbing her clit frantically trying to reach orgasm and I was steadily pumping away at her ass.


Piano in the Den

group ticklechambers 2018-04-03

I am tall and beautifully worn in by the den holding me captive. In our first days together Kelleher's rhythm seemed off, like he did not understand how to play his part with me. There is something about the way I stand which makes those around me want to press their fingers into me; like a lock that fits my many keys. Kelleher and Charlotte begin to fondle with my most private parts. Charlotte seemed to have a hold over this master, which made him weak to the music. Again, I say I am beautifully worn in by the den holding me captive, like in a cage. If not; then I deserve to learn my own music- and kelleher, he will never play my piano again.

Sample Before Purchase

group flashpoint2 2018-04-03

When the couple stripped down and put me in shock and about all I could do was set down in a swivel rocker next to the bed and watch with amazement, and by now they were in a 69 position and I hear her juicy cunt as he slurp it up, and she had his very nice size, about 8 inch cock in her mouth, and by now I had my skirt raised and two fingers in my very wet cunt giving myself a good work out!! Then he kind of slide sideways from her and got his face to her face where they exchanged a very long kiss, then they looked at me and my fingers buried in my cunt and said, "So far this is working good, but sometimes Sherri has her girlfriend over, how about you join us to make sure this is what we want?"

Unexpected Results Ch. 2

group Red Hugh 2018-04-03

As the girls shared Jim's seed in a series lingering kisses Pip put Nicola's hand to her breast. The plan worked but Jim and Nicola nearly fainted when they heard that Pip's sister knew what was going on. The look of dispair in her sister's eyes melted Pip's heart and she asked Kim if she'd like to share Jim. As Nicola rolled away to abandon herself to Pip's oral love Jim moved between Kim's legs and ran his cock along her open sex. Jim's orgasm also left him lightheaded and as he rested on the floor Nicola came to kiss Pip and Kim. She had swallowed Jim's seed but the taste was still on her lips.

A Night Away from Home

group John_lord 2018-04-03

Carol moved to Frank and started kissing him while her hand was slowly jerking his cock to which he immediately responded by thrusting his hips up. A minute later Sarah got off the bed and moved to Frank who was hard again and planted herself on his cock reverse cowgirl and started jumping up and down fucking herself on his cock. Sarah moved to Frank and started jerking him off while talking to him "did you like watching another man fuck me?" Frank looked at her and said "Are you kidding? Sarah who in the meantime was moaning loudly from the cunt eating she was receiving, moved off Frank's face and down to his again hard cock from Carol's sucking and lowered herself onto him taking all of his cock inside her pussy.

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 10

group Jeremydcp 2018-04-03

I was referring, of course, to not only the passionate round of kissing that the two sisters shared, but the fact that Lindsay brought Alison to orgasm with her hand and fingers atop the kitchen counter last night. Alison held in a breath, her mouth agape as she stared at Lindsay with wide eyes in the process, then yelped and jumped when I gave that ass a swat - a little love tap - with an open palm. She aided Kristanna throughout the overnight hours when both Kaden and Ariel were awake, each throwing a massive fit, while I tended to Jackson with Trish, and later Dani Grace with Amy. That, plus the fact that Devon had gone to bed late anyway, meant that she had every right to still be sleeping this morning.