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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

What a Holiday!

group Pussyrider 2018-04-03

One of the boys lay on the lounger right next to mine, and the next thing I knew he was snogging me wildly, with his tongue halfway down my throat and his hand right inside my bikini bra, his fingers tweaking my nipple. The moment we got in the lift Jimmy was all over me, kissing me again, his hand down the back of my pants and a finger stroking my bum crack, while Johnny stood back and watched with eyes like saucers. After that, the pattern of my week was firmly established: morning soaking up the sun by the pool; afternoon in Jimmy and Johnny's room, stroking, licking, sucking and fucking them in every way we could think of between us; and in bed at night sleeping the sleep of the dead.

Sleeping Boyfriend Ch. 02

group fhswarrior 2018-04-03

After about an hour, I stood up and said with mock concern, “Well, I wonder what could have become of Rick.” Turk followed me to the bedroom where we found Rick, fully clothed, flat on his back on the bed with his feet on the floor and his arms stretched out above his head. Once we had Rick’s cock at full attention, Turk said, “Let’s pull him up onto the bed.” We did this with some difficulty, both of us having to stand on the bed while we pulled him by the arms to get all 6’1”, 195 pounds of him moved to where we wanted him. Turk ran the head of his swollen cock around Rick’s lips and then slowly entered his mouth.

Our New House Ch. 02

group lovinghusband2012 2018-04-03

She leaned way over to hand us our wine making sure my wife and I got a good long look at her breasts. Sarah straddled my lap guiding my rigid cock into her hungry pussy.I put my head back and allowed my wife to straddle my face. Sarah just sat in the tub like nothings going on, while Paul went to the door still in his shorts. Paul and Sarah began making out heavily with John taking turns kissing him and caressing his crotch. John straddled her face allowing his cock to dance on my wife's lips before letting her take it in her mouth. Sarah got on the floor in front of them and began licking Paul's balls and my wife's cunt.


The Farmers Inn

group nicole.matt 2018-04-03

She'd turned to say something to one of the men at that point but when she turned back laughing and holding her hand over her mouth to stop from loosing the sip of drink she'd just taken, her knees strayed and a few of the old men and I got a look at how her little thong was furrowing up inside of her pussy. He leant in to whisper something to her about how much he wanted to help her with her car, and his hand remained upon her shoulder with his fingers slipping beneath the tiny strap holding her dress up. Nicole was watching him but he didn't look at her and he started massaging her tit and he gradually worked his way to the wet little nipple I'd left.


Two Sluts For Me

group bigcanuck 2018-04-03

"Fuck my cock with your tits!" I said to Jackie a few minutes later. I handed the camera over to Lisa and then rammed my dick into Jackie's pussy hard. "I love your fucking pussy baby!" I said to Lisa as I pounded into her. I'm such a horny slut!" I pulled out of Jackie's pussy and took the camera from Lisa before standing up. "You look so fucking sexy sharing my cock like that!" They sucked it for a couple of minutes before Jackie looked up at me. I pulled Lisa to her feet and then led her to a bare patch on the wall, where I picked her up and lowered her pussy onto my cock, having passed the camera off to Jackie.

Mist Finally Gets Some

group MFelder 2018-04-03

"Do you think it's about time for Mist to finally start getting fucked?" I ask you, giving you a teasing smile, my cock oozing with precum, just dying to be inside her. Without saying a word, you unzip his pants and pull out his cock and stroke it a little, getting it nice and hard, before putting it into Mist's open mouth. So when the guy banging away at Mist's increasingly sore pussy, pulls out and shoots cum all over her belly, you grab his beautiful cock and push it inside her. The idea of his hot cock covered in Mist's pussy juice and the cum of several guys makes you even wetter.

The Saga Continues Ch. 02

group WifeWatchman 2018-04-03

"Spring from underneath." I said, pointing to what looked like a ring of metal pipes that was seemingly concealed on a small island in the pond. It was ostensibly being hosted by State House Ways and Means Chairman Wilson Hammonds (R - Pottsville), and only a few trusted, exclusively Establishment Republicans had been invited to attend: Lt. Governor Graham Collins, U.S. Senator Samuel Russell, State Senator Cain Mitchell from the rural southeast part of the State, State Rep. Jeff Canton from the northwest Midtown suburbs. "Tammy was a very average student at County High School." said Theo. "Next," said Theo, "is Lorraine Karla McGill." Judge McGill's latest DMV photo was on the whiteboard, and it showed a woman in late middle age going on elderly.


Hardonis Academy P-10

group VictorL4fun 2018-04-03

Zack looked to be a few years older than Billy, tall and well tanned he wore the school uniform with the shirt unbuttoned most of the way and instead of the usual shoes he wore beach sandals; a classic surfer dude. “He could be out little b*****r.” Brenda suggested, as she rubbed her self with one hand then spread her pussy lips wide for Billy to get a good look at her pink place. Ana smiled a wicked smile, “Silly little b*****r, you can fuck Brenda all you want, you can use every hole she has, but Im the one who fucks you.” Having said that, she slammed herself down onto him then leaned way back.

My New Neighbors

group TongueDocAtWork 2018-04-03

The closer they got I knew I wanted them as neighbors, at least because of their hot tight looking bodies... Soon Susan pushed Mandy away and she slowly dropped to her knees, letting her hands massage at Mandy's tight little body. Mandy had reached out with her hands and cupped the sides of Susan's face, almost pulling her into her pussy. "Oh Susan, to bad our new neighbor wasn't here between your legs filling your hot tight pussy with his cum. I know you want to see his cock pound away at my pussy and finally depositing his hot load deep inside of me." Susan asked. When Susan's hands touched my head I about lost it, she pulled my face closer until my nose was pushing hard against her clit.


Right Place Right Sluts

group shotguner 2018-04-03

In the car I'm driving Tracy has the girl in the back pulls her clothes free and licks and bites her nipps alwhile fingering her hard they are moaning and pantting hot and heavy getting to the house and leaving there clothes they are both nake and pulling my clothes free we fuck for a couple of hours and Kat comes in and joines us so I sit back and watch the misstress take charge about 2:30am I take them back to the bar hubby and b*o just about passed out never knew they were gone I help them get the d***ks to the car and they kiss me long and heavy good bye as I start to walk away the girl who I findly found out was named Joy yells HEY HOW ABOUT SAME TIME TOMORROW?

From Stripper to Hooker

group SilkPantyGirl 2018-04-03

I slowly pulled the pearls off his cock, then licked up and down the shaft and took one of his balls in my mouth and sucked for a while, and rolled it around with my tongue, while stroking him up and down with my hand. It just kept coming, and Stacey sucked my clit even harder, and I felt the next splash of cum across my tits, and the wave rose again and I grabbed her hair and pulled her into my cunt as hard as I could and wrapped my legs around her, and she licked and sucked faster and faster, until I thought I might die and I pushed her head away and she pulled her fingers out and gently stroked my pussy lips as the orgasm subsided...


Small Town Life Ch. 03

group PinkIris 2018-04-03

The woman appeared behind her and after a short pause said, "That looks good on you, really brings out your eyes," speaking of the teal cross over shirt and slim black pants Wanda wore. As Debra started to concentrate on the hard little nub, gently biting and flicking it with her tongue, she slid in a second finger, reached high and began to rub, looking for "the spot." It wasn't long before she found the inside bundle of nerves and started working it. Wanda thought for a minute about the safety aspects of going to their house, but then decided that she was big girl, plus, if she got the chance to get a taste of Debra's pussy, she was going to take it.


Jean's Story

group biguy52x 2018-04-03

Mark said that if he came anywhere other than her mouth he would take her out two times next week and give her two loads plus find her two other loads to take. Shirley said yes sir and began to eat my pussy. I felt my orgasm starting to build but Shirley was going to lose it because she didn't have enough tongue to hit my wet spot. Mark slapped her ass a second time and Shirley brought a finger to my pussy. Mark pulled out of Shirley's ass and shoved his cock into mouth. Shirley laid down on the bed and Mark became gentle and started eating her pussy. Shirley orgasmed about two or three times as Mark ate and fingered her.

Linda's Guest Ch. 01

group Genrefic 2018-04-03

Alan, I didn't know what to do, I couldn't believe it, I was just so stunned, I didn't know he felt that way about me at all, I mean, I was his counselor in school and we've been friends online since, even though I'm a good 25 years older than he is, but he just looked at me, put his hand on the back of my head, and guided my face over to his cock." I kept working him, sucking his cock, and swallowing his cum, and I swear, I think I came once when I was doing it, like pleasing him and making him happy were all I wanted in the whole world.


my first 3some

group one43some 2018-04-03

The whole time im fucking lisa, walts talking to her asking her hows it fill, how do you like that big cock in you everytime he says something she gets louder until he asks her i bet you cant wait till that dick fills yours pussy with cum she went crazy and let out the loudest moan and begun to squrit.

Birthday Celebration Ch. 2

group wildsweetone 2018-04-03

Rich leaned forward and held me tight for a moment whispering into my ear "You look beautiful." His aftershave held a hint of spice against the all-male muskyness. I whimpered as his hand lightly massaged my breast and his tongue slipped inside my mouth. His free hand moved and undid the ribbon that held my dress together and then wet lips and tongue moved to trace the edge of my dress as it opened. Rich held my breast for Julie as her warm mouth found my aching nipple. His tongue flicked out and caught the edge of my nipple and when I moaned loudly his mouth closed over it and he sucked hard.

The Shared Ride Ch. 2

group activeimage 2018-04-03

As she was licking and sucking Tia I placed myself under Pt's sweet box and spread her legs so I could start to eat her I stroked her inner thighs and went to the outer lips of her delicious cunt I inserted my tongue into the bald cleft and lapped upwards toward her swollen clit when I brushed against her clit bars it was like setting off a wild woman she bucked and mashed her pussy into my face and began to ride me as she was sucking off my wife this was the life.

Rachel's Reward

group Jaymal 2018-04-03

That's on the proviso that our guests allow us a little 'us' time." Much grinning, Rachel noticed, particularly from the British party in the reception's middle table. "Of course there's one person joining us there to whom Kyla and I owe particular thanks." Reece glanced down at Rachel, and his bride turned her garlanded head to bestow a radiant smile. All perfectly clear that Rachel was a shy little girl, however curvy, to Kyla's fully-flowered woman. Rachel's sexual experience at that time had been limited to furtive back-seat fumblings with Clive Rintoul, ex-student of her school; she could scarcely imagine what it was like to be taken properly by a fine specimen of manhood like Reece, but her foxy ex-teacher knew the reality.


Adventures of Dave and Kat Ch. 01

group armydave 2018-04-03

Kat let her free hand roam up to find mine, and held my hand on her breast, then turned to me and leaned over the edge of the bed to kiss me for the first time. Kat then moved down on the bed as Tish leaned over her, their breast pushed together on either side of my hand, as she moved to kiss me. While we kissed I felt Kat move further down the bed, and Tish moaned into my mouth as Kat started sucking on her breast. When Kat relaxed, Tish sat up suddenly, and reached out to grab my shirt, pulling me up onto the bed. Kat's hand snuck into my underwear and began grabbing my dick while I reached up to pull Tish's thong down.

Older Men Still Have It Ch. 02

group redkissy 2018-04-03

Wayne then stood up opened his pants, pulled out his cock, and thrust hard into my pussy. Wayne started talking, "Damn, women you are going to be the death of me." Then he told me, "I have not fucked this much in one day in a very long time. While Wayne had a finger in my pussy, Charles started licking my ass. I could feel that Wayne was ready to cum so I started sucking harder, and faster. Then Mike crawled up on the bed, spit on my ass, and started pushing his cock inside. Mike had pulled out of my ass, so Charles grabbed my ass cheeks, and started pumping hard into my pussy. He went between my legs, and started licking my pussy filled with Charles' cum.

Jenny Goes To Town

group walton1 2018-04-03

As she spoke she stood up sliding her near naked body up against him pressing her hard breast into his chest and pulling him against her so that she could feel his hot throbbing cock sliding down between her breasts and pressing into her stomach as it came down as far as her crotch he tried to pull her panties to one side to let it slip in between her legs but she gently pushed him back before pulling him back towards the bed then sitting just on the edge she lay back and looking up at him she raised her legs and bottom for him to slide off her pants then she spread her legs and for the first time he saw her mount of Venus with the neatly trimmed auburn bush and her swollen inviting labia already wet and excited.



group KrystalLWatson 2018-04-03

"Oh yes Daddy, I feel so strange..." You stopped talking, as your hands reached up to squeeze both your boobs through your bra. Soon you'll be able to suck Daddy's huge black cock like this, won't you, My naughty girl?" I continued, "Krystal, you're Daddy's little girl, aren't you?" You nodded as you continued to stare at your breasts being sucked upon. I reached up from behind the well-endowed nurse & grabbed her right breast, cupping it with three fingers & My thumb while My index finger slowly moved back & forth at the bottom of the large, pink nipple. "Yes, my sweet girl, you want to suck & lick & kiss Mommy's boobies.

Making a Whore Pt. 09

group dna27fog 2018-04-03

It started out as simple 'I miss you' 'I can't wait to get out of here' 'I can't wait for you to get home' 'and had developed into 'I can't wait to suck your cock' ''I can't wait to taste your pussy' followed by 'I want you over top of me pounding my pussy hard while you choke me'. 'I want to hold you down and choke you as I slide my cock deep in your pussy' I texted her as I watched it happen on the computer. I slapped a little harder, watching her closely for a signal that it was too hard, but she continued to try to take my cock in her mouth until finally she stopped.

Friend with Ex Con

group biguy52x 2018-04-03

He was telling me that jail house faggots are good for fucking and sucking. He told me to suck his cock. He pushed his cock into my ass and started fucking me. I would find him and suck his cock I would fuck him when he wanted. He sped up and started slamming his cock into my ass. He pushed his cock into my face and I started licking and sucking it. He told me to jack off because no one sucked a faggot's cock. He told me to tell him before I started cumming. When I started getting close he had me get up and he got on all fours and told me to shoot my cum on his asshole.