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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Peeping Tom

group fannyanny 2018-04-03

His trousers were down around his ankles and the maid clasped his red hard cock in one hand as her other ran over a breast squeezing it. The friend's eyes were closed from extreme pleasure as she alternated between his erect cock which he thrust forward as her hand ran up and down its length. The friend guided his own fat cock into her arsehole and though the maid whimpered she felt her muscles give way and it slipped in. With him gone from her back the maid sat upright a little and smiling down at her lord she began to clench her muscles round his cock and every time she came up she almost slipped off his cock to tease his sensitive tip.

Danger Ch. 19

group snowsquall 2018-04-03

"Anyway," Meghan began saying as she put her martini down and took Danger's beer away from him, "I think it's time for a dip." Romy smiled and put down her martini and the two girls each grabbed one of Danger's hands and pulled him up from the chair. Meghan then formed a mental picture of Cheryl being bones by two thick, black cocks and suddenly she was releasing an orgasmic scream of her own as her cunt gripped Danger's cock enticing it to erupt and shoot streams of thick, white cum into her sweaty, naked body. Meghan who had been kneeling beside them as Romy came quickly kneeled over her friend's limp body and began cleaning off Danger's cock.


Mistletoe Treat

group Justtoold 2018-04-03

Daryl pulled his tongue from her and Charley on his hands and knees moved up towards her head and rubbed his big cock against her lips. Daryl was pushing the right buttons because my wife opened her mouth and Charley who had been waiting quickly shoved the enormous knob on the end of his cock past her lips and into her mouth. Kurt had been fucking a short blond, but he walked over and knelt down in front of Dawn and started to rub the head of his cock against her lips. Kurt jerked rapidly and started dumping his own load in my wife's mouth as he yelled "oh yes I'm fucking cumming, swallow it you cunt, swallow it all bitch, and don't waste a drop."


La Playa Ch. 06

group Fog43 2018-04-03

Carmen knew they were already enjoying themselves, as they had shared a standing fuck surrounded by all the guests and staff during the welcome reception. Margo took Joan's hand, put her at ease with a knowing, frank look, and launched into a steady stream of girl talk about the wedding as she led the group toward the changing area. Margo and Steven led Joan and Peter, now dressed in robes, into the colonic treatment room. You'll feel some discomfort in the forms of fullness, some minor cramping, and an urgent need to expel the water at various times during the treatment," Steven explained as he and Margo raised Joan and Peter's feet into the stirrups and reclined the chairs to the proper positions.


A party to remember... Part 1...?

group milli214 2018-04-03

Ginger." She waved back and I looked over at Tory who held a slip of paper in his hands and I could tell the writing said 'Beach Party Tonight!!". It's a fucking party!" Sandy laughed and I couldn't help but manage a smile at her brightened face and she took my palm, leading me to the crowd sitting by the pool. "Just leave me alone." I said to her and she stopped walking after me and I walked into the cabin, looking for a glass of water and I bumped into Vanessa, my long life BFF who I met in kindergarten. Now, go to Carrie and fuck her brains out." Sandy laughed and Carrie jumped to stand, wanting to get away but James covered the exit.

Daisy Expands Her Business

group daisychain2 2018-04-03

She flushed as she recalled seducing them, of how Tom refused her advances with the "I have a girlfriend" excuse, of sucking off Greg while Tom watched, of Tom fingering her, of looking him in the eye while she fucked Greg, of Tom finally losing control and fucking her mouth while she bounced in Greg's lap, of the two of them fucking her back and forth while giving each other high fives, the feel of Tom's hard cock in her pussy and Greg's dick between her lips. She knew she looked a mess, spattered with spooge, Tom withdrew, she took a deep breath and another man stuffed his dick between her lips and began to thrust, making her cum-spattered tits jerk up and down as the hand worked her cunt.


A Temporary Solution

group English Bob 2018-04-03

As was usual for her, Wendy was not wearing her high heeled shoes in the office, and Sarah grasped her pretty stocking clad feet in her hands and began to massage them, pulling her legs ever wider. He wasn't sure if this was due to her seeing his erection, or the fact that his wife was now sucking the young girls toes through her stockings while her other hand seemed to be doing wonderful things to Wendy's wet and open pussy. As Sarah came, her whole lower body bucked up from the leather seat, giving Gary a perfect view of two of Wendy's fingers buried deeply in her anal passage.

Fuck Buddies

group TxRad 2018-04-03

"Hey George, why don't you get that doorknob of a dick out of the way and let me sit on Lena's face," Kate said. When Jack grabbed her hips and rammed his dick in and out a couple of times, she whispered loudly, "Oh yeah baby, make it hurt so good." With a groan, she dropped her head back to her sister's sex and rammed her tongue home. Being between Lorrie's tongue and Allie's sweet pussy had Kate withering and moaning in no time flat. It wasn't long before Kate abandoned Allie and was sitting up, rubbing her pussy against George's face. Again Allie wondered if George had cum inside Lena as her eyes went to Lorrie's upturned butt.


Mid-Life But No Crisis

group Susan McK 2018-04-03

I worked part time as a receptionist and for about 3 months had acted as a sort of unpaid counsellor to my friend Wendy whose life had been turned upside down when she caught her husband with his hand up another womans blouse at a party. I felt the back of my skirt being lifted slowly, then a hand moving over my bum. As we watched Alan was massaging my breasts, his breathing heavy, his cock hard against my bum. I felt myself being lifted, turned, then as I lay face down I realised that a hard cock was brushing my lips as another moved over my pussy.

College Cathouse Ch. 08

group DaviBlack 2018-04-03

"Wrap your hands around my cock." Jess's breath was heavy and she let out a gasp as I drove my tongue all the way inside her. "Tell me if I hurt you," Stacy kissed her lips and slowly pushed the tip of the big black cock against her drenched pussy. "Fuck, it's so big," Jess said, catching her breath a little. I collapsed and watched Stacy ease up and after another couple minutes, stop and pull the massive cock out of Jess's pussy. Stacy and I had agreed that Jess wouldn't have to fuck anyone, so she could rest her pussy, but she gave tons of handjobs, often two at a time.

Madness Ch. 01

group jack_straw 2018-04-03

Richie went to his safe and pulled out a sizable quantity of his commercial cocaine and bagged it up for Jill, then broke into his special stash, the one he kept just for his ladies. After passing the mirror around the room a few times, Richie turned the line-making duties over to Brent, stood up and walked over to where Jill was swaying to the beat of the music. “Oh, baby, I’m ready for it,” Jill replied, and even as she spoke, Richie had pulled the rose-colored peasant blouse up over her naked tits, cupping and squeezing her modest mounds as he did. Abruptly, Ted pulled his hand away, and Jill turned to see Brent standing in front of her naked, with a hard-on of some 7, maybe 8 inches, a good solid piece of meat.


The Lake

group w.b.p. 2018-04-03

Then she took his cock in her hand and guided it into her pussy, and, with a little spasm and a moan, she slid her cunt down onto his penis and, looking over at us with her smoldering look of sexual heat, began to hump her wet vagina up and down on his cock. And I there sat, naked on a beach, a masturbating man beside me, and fondled my penis as I watched my wife having sex with another woman. I think the guy was looking forward to some fucking, and I certainly was, but after my wife had her orgasm, the two women just kind of snuggled and kissed each other for a while, then fell asleep right there on the beach.


One good turn part 1

group petercee 2018-04-03

Later that night we went to bed but after half an hour Anne got out of bed and left the cabin, I fell asl**p to be awoken by Anne coming back to bed at three in the morning and stroking my cock getting me hard she straddled me and lowered herself on to my cock she was already well lubricated and stretched she told me she had just been with Tony and she'd also had Tim earlier on, in the dark I had a big grin on my face no doubt the two guys did as well.

Ruby and Friends Ch. 01

group MarriedFun 2018-04-03

My business partner Chuck and I were at Dinner when we ran into an old friend of mine, a lovely woman named Ruby. At dinner, the woman at the next table caught my eye and soon I wondered if it was Ruby, his longtime friend from years ago? Having not seen her for over a year, my memories of her before Lorie and I met, flooded in my mind, from the incredible blow job she gave me at work, to my first threesome to her humor and boldness as she was never one to hold back anything. I closed my eyes, rolled my head around and to my surprise, sitting on the chair in the corner of the room was Chuck, he had his cock out and was watching her give me this incredible blow job as he stroked his dick.

Four Lovers

group rha spike 2018-04-03

Hal had been my best man and Julie had run her legs off doing things for Katie in preparation for our wedding. In fact, we all lived in the city and both of the girls worked full time, Julie as an accountant and Katie as an advertising executive. I remember some of our most passionate nights beginning with Katie flirting with me in front of Hal and Julie before the evening ended. One night, Julie got the upper hand by sitting on my lap in her kitchen and kissing me full on the mouth, something that had never happened before. I fixed us all a nightcap and we sat in the living room, Hal and Julie on the sofa and Katie and I squeezed together in the big overstuffed chair.


All in a Day's Work

group Lady_Erotica 2018-04-02

As soon as he started moving that third finger she came almost instantly bucking against his mouth and screaming out in pleasure. When she was experiencing so much intense pleasure that she thought she might literally explode he jumped up on his knees and sank his massive cock into her creamy wet pussy and started pounding her hard which sent her into another orgasmic frenzy causing her to dig her nails into his back as he continued to thrust inside her. A moment later she cried out in pure pleasure as he made his final thrusts and she came all over his cock, pulling my hair and sank her teeth into the soft flesh of my left breast.

Captain of the Football Team

group naughtyhousewife 2018-04-02

Kimmy pulled Trish towards them and kissed her, shoving her tongue deep into the other girl's mouth as Mike watched with delight. Kimmy's hands slipped as Trish became more aroused and her scent had Kimmy arching to plunge her tongue deep inside of Trish, feeling her insides convulse around her mouth, drinking in the fluids that shot out. The soap slipped easily through her fingers as Trish washed Mike's cum from his girlfriend's pussy. Mike watched as Trish's tongue played over Kimmy, slipping inside and licking frantically, as if she couldn't get enough. Kimmy sat up weakly and wrapped her arms around Mike's hips, placing her hands on his ass and pushing his cock inside her mouth.

It's a Long Way Down

group ohshitnotagain 2018-04-02

It makes your cum taste sweet as you deliver it to my mouth and down into my throat. I love the way you shudder and hold my head down on your cock while you cum. You push it so deep down my throat as you fuck my face that I can lick your balls as you spew your seed. Your big cock filling me, expanding me, forcing me to cum. I taste the cum and feel it on my face and my tongue. Then as the second snake finds its way into her ass she reaches her hands upwards and clenches the air and begs "Deeper, deeper, oh God I'm coming! After he cums he slowly gathers it up and swallows it like a snack as he watches us continue our show.

She's a Cum Queen Ch. 04

group Blackhat47 2018-04-02

He took hold of my sweat shirt just below my tits and stripped it and my bra over my head. His back side to the flow of water I dropped to my knees, and took his cock in both hands. A little more soap and a cock in each hand, I was aiming to get a shower for my tits. They ravished my tits, took my pants, ripped of my panties and then finger fucked me. The first to cum was a little thing that was barely bigger than his hand. By the time they all gave it to me I had cum from head to pussy. She tucked my thumb under my fingers, and tried to push my whole hand up her cunt.

Oreo Cookie

group Sean Renaud 2018-04-02

"Shut up." Karen replied pulling her hand away from Scott's crotch to swat Bryan's chest. You guys just like those skinny girls." Karen lowered her head then leaned over quickly gripping her glass in both hands taking a big swallow of her drink and setting it back down. "He is an ass." Scott said as his fingers started rubbing up along her inner thigh just inches away from her cunt. "Wow." Scott whispered looking over at his buddy and then at Karen's head as it bounced Bryan's cock slurping noisily. Karen's fingers moved up to grasp at Bryan's hips clutching his flesh as her cunt squeezed around Scott's cock.

Finally a Threesome

group JonRogue 2018-04-02

But Joe had brought up the idea again and this time Tom had smiled and agreed it sounded like fun and suddenly Lina was thinking along some very new and very erotic lines about two old friends. Joe leaned down to take a hard nipple in his mouth as Tom tilted Lina's head back for a long slow kiss, their tongues moving together. She looked into Tom's eyes as she let his cock pop out of her wet mouth and looked up at Joe as she began licking his prick. Watching Lina jacking off his best friend put Tom over the edge as well and he thrust one last time into her tight pussy, moaning her name as he came inside her.

A Secret Passion

group Miss Tilly 2018-04-02

Guessing he wanted better leverage a hand stroked over her naked mound and spread her plump lips but India gasped when he leaned away to thank whomever had kindly spread her for him to enjoy. As the couple reached the crescendo India felt the harshly haired legs of a man rest against her groin and a prick lodged a few inches of itself in the opening of her pussy. Along with her lover's erotic words came wet squishing sounds rising from her cleft as did the smell her unique aroma of desire and was gifted by the man currently riding her when he picked up speed and the endless cock brought her to a screaming climax.

A Visit to Their Club Ch. 03

group Indianafuncouple 2018-04-02

The group room was in action, although, as Aaron and Renee stopped to look, someone closed the door. "Were you the couple playing doggy-style while Tom and Sally played with Renee and me?" Aaron asked. "Renee and I are about to call it a night, but if you'd like to play a little bit before going to sleep, we'd love to have you stop by." "Well, I'd better get back to the room before Renee wonders where I am," Aaron said. "But do you remember the couple that was fucking doggy-style when we were playing with Tom and Sally in the four-poster bed? Becky came to Aaron's side of the bed and Chris lay down next to Renee.

About swinger clubs

group 2018-04-02

Sometimes the clubs have pools or saunas or jacuzzis, and usually there people just go naked, sometimes discreetly wrapping towels over their most intimate parts, sometimes being exhibitionist and (discreetly or less discreetly) allowing fellow guests to have a good show. In most countries (but not France) swinger clubs usually have one or more TV screens showing porno movies. Some people go because they like to watch others being naked and playing sexy games, or fucking. What gets my juices flowing is a great smile and a friendly fun attitude, so that is what I go looking for when I start talking to women in a club.