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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Australian Gathering Ch. 02

group lovespa 2018-04-02

Richard and Brigitta went into the left hand room with Jorani, and Alex and Mai to the other with Rithy. One of the girls had raised the bamboo blind between the two beds, and Mai and Alex looked over to see Richard and Brigitta in a similar state to themselves. Brigitta had guided Alex's fingers backed into her pussy as they watch their partners fuck, but now she was moving over towards Mai, slipping her fingers into Mai's still pulsating pussy, withdrawing Richard's cum and putting it to her lips. The girls withdrew as Brigitta led Mai to her second orgasm, and said "I hope I'm going to fuck you again and soon Alex, but right now I want to feel my husband inside me, and Mai wants you too."

Later That Afternoon

group Rattz48 2018-04-02

Then a video came on I had forgotten about, it was one we took when Lisa was dog sitting for a friend, it was a very graphic sequence that showed both Lisa and I interacting with her friends male Great Dane, Jeff grabbed her head and started pumping his cock in and out telling her what sluts we were to make videos of such things, she couldn't see because her face was buried in his lap sucking but he was letting her know what he was watching.

A Whole New Experience Ch. 03

group budsrus 2018-04-02

She spreads my lips and her tongue starts exploring my throbbing clit as her finger continues fucking me. Ami's friend didn't let up on my clit until my juice had been licked and I was clean. As they kissed and played with each others bodies, I got behind them and started rubbing my new friend's ass. As she tongued her clit, I kept fucking her with my fingers and started playing with her asshole. She enjoyed that as much as I did as moans began and she started fucking my hand harder as I got my finger in her ass. Her body trembled as Ami licked her clean before falling on the bed in exhaustion.


The AC's Out

group goaltender 2018-04-02

Abby snagged a beer out of the box before popping it into the fridge, grabbed a juice for Emily, and ushered Hank down the stairs to the lower level. "He's such a sweetheart." Abby said to Emily after Hank was out of earshot. "Nah, I'm pretty sure with the way he looks at you, he likes girls plenty," Abby replied. Emily pulled Hank over to the couch next to her, as Abby stretched out in her chair. Abby stopped in front of the couch, and passed a beer to Hank and water to Emily. Emily turned her head from Hank to peer at Abby, her gaze landing steadily on the other woman's still bra-covered chest.


Wet dreams

group clitsuck 2018-04-02

I became aware of hands slowly stroking over my body, goosebumps forming as their roughened fingertips trailed all over my hips and upwards searching for my breasts that were hardening and moving freely as I rode the cock and finger. I became aware of others standing by the door frame watching, their cocks hard and between their hands as they wanked taking in my convulsing body riding the cock but being made to cum by 4. He held my hair as my mouth clamped onto his shaft, feeling my moan on him as my pussy climaxed for the cock and finger in my ass. As I became aware of where I was I reached under and slipped two fingers inside making me squirt my orgasm out onto my hand and sheets.

Lessons Learned Ch. 04

group Belle_in_south 2018-04-02

"Truth or Dare, Danny?" The voice that penetrated Jon's thoughts belonged to the girl sitting on the bus seat in front of him. Her eyes were on Sonja's lips wrapped around Jon's cock as her fingers slipped between the lips and began stroking her clit slowly. "Fuck!" Danny exclaimed, his hips thrusting up hard as his thick cum shot into Keri's mouth. He certainly didn't think about the fact that he had won the bet with Danny and was finally going to get to fuck Keri. Sonja's mouth was getting hungrier and Jon knew if he looked down that the woman giving him such a delightful mouth job was watching her girlfriend's pussy.

Poker Night

group PhotogsMate 2018-04-02

They stopped at the doorway to the Massage Room and she heard her Daddy say, "this is my whore, you may use her as you see fit this evening, you are aware of the rules." They acknowledged their consent and went down the hall to the game room and poker table. Suddenly, Daddy pulled his cock out of my mouth and it was immediately replaced with another, and another ... After Daddy finished cumming in her ass, another cock replaced his and fucked her hard until he was just about to cum. He went around the table while another cock started fucking her ass and fucked her face until he was about to cum.

Pool Side Lust

group SimonSays1 2018-04-02

Still holding Andy's cock, she leant over and kissed me softly on the mouth, her breasts pressing against my arm, her thigh hard against mine. Sara moaned against my cock as she came, her hand between her legs, rubbing frantically at her clit as Andy slowed down, prolonging the moment for all of us. I fucked her hard, my eyes roaming from her breasts as they bounced on her chest with every thrust of my cock, to her hand as her fingers rubbed her clit, and then to her face as Andy pumped into mouth, her cheeks bulging with the shape of his cock.


A Friend in Need Ch. 02

group wingwagon 2018-04-02

Then I continued, "Oh and by the way Mary, I remember a couple of years ago , when you told me how you would love to get your hands on those big, juicy tits of Sondra's and at the time I said me, too. I started to stroke a little bit deeper and then I realized that she was moaning with a muffled sound, I looked up and Mary had position her pussy under my friend's mouth who was eating her first "coochie" ever. Sondra said she was glad she got that out of her system and that she liked dick too much especially mine, though I know that she has had a woman or two since our little threesome.

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 17

group SteveWallace 2018-04-02

René gave the Hyatt two weeks notice about her job the next evening after we'd proposed she become a full-time sex slave to Jane and me. She whispered, "Well, I'd still like to be your sex slave, and if you keep saying things like that I'll probably start right here, right now." She giggled in an uncharacteristic way, pushed away from me, and then we went in opposite directions in the hallway. Marge was glowing again the next day when I went in for a business meeting with Jane, Pam, and a couple of the project leaders. Jane also told me that on the days when I was away that Marge barely talked, and certainly didn't share much other than continue on in a business-like manner.



group artemida 2018-04-02

soon i'm watching that his cock is getting bigger in his jean and i'm asking him if he like me to help him... with no other word i start licking the cockhead with my tongue and the same time my right hand is teasing his big, full of cum, balls... "the the mother fucker, is so hot and horny!!!" and the same time his wife screams like a dog as she cums in my mouth.... when she get cum finally, she is coming above me and he put my cock into her full of her cream hot pussy and i start to fuck her as her husband continue to fuck me...

Motel Threesome

group hornybunnies 2018-04-02

The sound of Jennifer pleasuring Steve fanned the heat between Rachel's thighs; she moaned loudly and pressed her mound against him as his fingers reached under her ass to stroke her wet pussy. Steve could clearly hear Rachel's gasps as he positioned himself near her head, she moaned loudly as Jennifer's tongue reached her soaking pussy. He listened to the sounds of their steamy sex; their mingled grunts and moans, Jennifer's fingers rubbing frantically at her clit, her tongue probing Rachel's pussy, and his own dick, covered in Rachel's saliva, moving in and out of her hot mouth. Jennifer lay on her face, spent, while Rachel moved to where Steve knelt, his cock still twitching slightly, and took it in her mouth, cleaning the cum from his shaft.

Fucking with Strangers

group mandywilluk2000 2018-04-02

As the condom covered cock nuzzled against my wet engorged lips so I thought 'It has been such a long time.' As Paul pushed his welcomingly sturdy and stunningly hard prick up me I realised that it been about nine months, around three-quarters of a year or approximately forty weeks since I had been fucked. "Mmmmmm they feel lovely Amanda" Paul moved his hands upwards so that they were on my chest, his fingers slipping just slightly inside the neckline, just where the swell of my breasts start. We kissed for some time with Paul slowly easing me backwards until I was squashed into the corner of the sofa with him lying half on me his full erection giving me lovely feelings on my legs and stomach.


The Laundry Room Ch. 1

group Sperman Alexie 2018-04-02

Upon further inspection, the panties were being held by a beautiful girl, not likely older than 19 or 20, still perky and youthful, with cascading light brown hair and piercing blue eyes. My roommate, Todd, wasn't paying attention either, although he had his nose buried in a Lowrider Pickup Truck magazine. I was ready to give up, when Candace turned to me and said: "Bryan, I want your cock in my pussy right now. Her tight-fitting pussy seemed to throb with energy, as she bucked wildly on my cock, keeping Todd's monstrous tool in her mouth. I opened my eyes, and was blinded to see the laundry room light was on and the landlady was standing to my right, looking as pissed as I had ever seen her...

Closing Time Ch. 03

group ukpornfan 2018-04-02

Widow Maggie had been enjoying a blowjob on an unconscious bloke in her pub, when she felt a pair of hands on her head, force her to deep throat & swallow when he came. She felt the other pair of hands spread her bum cheeks apart, & the tongue, yes definitely a tongue enter her pussy. All she was aware of was THE TONGUE. Must be closer to me, she thought. 'Why don't you get on top?' She asked him. The tongue forced its way in her dark hole & made her shiver. Her pleas fell on deaf ears, though. She was too afraid to ask, though. 'Thank you', she whispered in his ear.

Learning To Swing Both Ways Ch. 07

group walterio 2018-04-02

"I have to tell you that I am not interested in another man's cock, if that is what is on your mind," Craig stated firmly looking at Blake, remembering him with the two dark haired guys. Craig lay back on the bed as he recovered slowly from the fantastic blow job and watched Blake fuck Sandy until Blake's body stiffened and he announced that he was cumming. Craig was inexperienced in anal sex but he didn't want to hurt Sandy so he slowly fucked her ass with about half of his cock in her. Craig was hard again so he moved up and slipped his cock back into Sandy's pussy and fucked her through multiple orgasms but he didn't cum again.


Bad Work Day - Dept Store Christmas

group vexcave 2018-04-02

When Jerry the assistant manager saw his stature, he agreed to let Michael go without the padding in the legs (they had padding for Santa's legs too!) and half the padding around the belly so he wouldn't look like the Marshmallow Man. So here he was, all suited up in the back room, waiting for the morning roll call. Let's keep a smile on at all times!" Michael almost choked when he saw Jerry pull out his plastic prop and promptly pasted it on his upper lip. Jessica had her hands full keeping the line from getting chaotic and clearing the area whenever parents wanted a picture of Santa and their children - which was practically everyone.


my vvife & my friends

group 2018-04-02

vve had a party last vveekend vvith fevv of my vvife vvas dressed up in red micro mini & lovv cut tight mini black top, serving food n drinks to my friends.suddenly she splet a drink on dave's pants.I m so sorry..she said,let me help u clean it up in vvashroom, she pulled him to vvashroom,herry joined them,I vvas talking to fevv fevv minuts herry returned & james moved out for a smoke.

Weekend with Connie and Dave Ch. 06

group Ebolaone 2018-04-02

I stood back and watched, fisting my hard on as Connie climbed on the chaise lounge, straddled Tess's head and slowly lowered her bald pussy onto her friends face. Connie got up, moved to the top of the chaise lounge and leaned over Tess and started licking her own juices off the other woman's face. I could feel Tess's pussy starting to squeeze my cock; I knew from experience that she was getting close to cumming again. After the first couple of shots, Connie reached down, pulled my cock from Tess's pussy and clamped her mouth on me. The moment I was done shooting off, she pulled my cock from her mouth, gave the head a lick and a kiss then buried her face in Tess's cum soaked pussy.

Tales of the Sexual Healers Ch. 05

group sexynursechef 2018-04-02

I kissed her on her mouth and massaged her shoulders as Orpheus sang to her in his Magickal voice. The energy rose in the room as I caressed her breasts and took one in my mouth as Orpheus knelt down between her supple thighs and kissed her delicate cunny that had never been touched by man nor woman. She sighed as I laved her tiny pink nipples with hot tongue and lips and murmured Magick erotic words in her ear, for her to remember for her wedding night. He kissed and licked every inch of my glowing white body and took my breasts in his hands.

One Night in Barcelona...

group Lion24655 2018-04-02

The guys were cheering, then saying "Now the other one." Jean felt her legs spread wide, felt the tongue thrust into her pussy, her body being invaded, watched by all these men. His timing was perfect – just as Jean had come down from her orgasm, opened her eyes, she felt the cock thrust deep into her pussy, slamming hard into her, Charlie pausing as Jean relaxed from the sudden invasion. Suddenly she heard Miles grunt, felt the bed shake as he pumped his cum deep into her friend Debbie. Jean had little time to think, the next cock was already thrust into her, her cunt – she thought she would used the word to herself following the compliment – being pounded by yet another guy.

The Other Side of the Wall

group Archer2050 2018-04-02

Whether it was the beer or the comfortable conversion I don't know, but something made me feel really good being with Paula, and before I knew it, I was fantasizing about taking her home as we talked. Even with Paula's face and much of her front half pressing against the back wall, the closet was barely big enough to allow me to kneel behind her, and I couldn't quite get in the right position to eat her out at that angle. The horn and "Tricks and treats" announcement must have sounded to mark the opening of the hole, and now male party-goers were going to take turns getting sucked off while everyone watched.


Love Honour and Obey

group 2018-04-02

She was standing and could feel a hand sliding up the inside of her leg. Love honour and obey was in the room with her, he had brought her here. Obey, surely he didn’t mean for so many eyes to be watching as a strange hand took liberties. A warm ,oist tongue licked behind and around her ear, the hand between her legs stroked intimately. No resistance, newly wed but given by Love Honour and Obey to this anonymous hand, and what else? The man between her legs was no porn star stud, in fact he was a bit flabby, but he knew how to drive the gears of a female. She hadn’t expected that and for the first time a man exploded his fluid into her mouth


group fightdafear 2018-04-02

I look over my right shoulder and there was everyone just watching us and this blonde haired woman was lifting up her skirt .she slide down her black panties. I could not take it the orgasm of the red head bouncing on my manliness, the organism drove my knees weak, and I fell down landing on my back and laying down form all the extreme pleasure. As the red head bounce on me as if she was riding a horse, she was kissing the blonde passionately. Next, they switch places, the blonde moved her tongue around my balls, and the red head deep throated my hardness. I stood up and fixed myself and I looked around and could not see the blonde or the red head.