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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Lieutenant's Adventure Ch. 04

group SamuraiSword 2018-04-02

I put my arm around Ann's shoulder as both women pulled on the pantyhose, Monica much quicker and more eager than Tonya. She looked at Monica and with a big grin Tonya deliberately dropped the bunched nylon, "Ooops, yeah, I guess I do need some assistance." Ann faced Tonya's left side, looking towards Monica. "What would I do without you two?" Tonya placed one hand on Ann's shoulder and one on Monica's shoulder as she pushed her foot forward into the nylon. Though her stomach and hips probably looked better than the vast majority of women her age, she clearly had a few more pounds and less muscle tone than Tonya or Monica. Tonya freed her right hand from Ann's pantyhose and immediately cradled the older woman's breasts.


Four Girls Ch. 05

group Taunus 2018-04-02

The four girls were gathered at Jessica's place. More precisely, they were at Jessica's parents' place. "What do you girls want to drink?" Jessica asked. "Yes," Jessica replied. "I don't know the physiology or the psychology of it," Sam responded, "but, yes, that is true. This would be known as an individual's transfer function." We need a transfer function, whatever that is." "It was a long day, Sam," Trisha interjected. "I want to do some real experiments with this virtual reality stuff. You know---things where we can push a button and cum right away. I want to cum and go, like 'gas and go' for a car. "No problem," Jessica replied. While Sam and Susan watched, Jessica mounted Trisha on the couch.

A Trio In Paradise

group adventureseeker 2018-04-02

"So far I am." He said, but with a sly grin he added, "I hope it gets much better!" He leaned over and kissed me and with a whisper said, "You naughty, horny little bitch, do you have any idea how tortured I felt in that closet?" I nodded and said "Yes, that is part of the reason why I am so fucking hot right now!" He kissed me hard then, his tongue filling my mouth. We increased our pace and intensity and when he began to shudder and let out a primal moan I knew he was ready to cum. They were both kneeling as they faced one another and began to kiss, mouths opened and tongues intertwined.

my first mam and daughter...

group 2018-04-02

so upstairs we went and the room was beautiful karen was loving it saying its just as i thought, she jumped on the bed and spread out saying this is massive, karen, claire and i are going down stairs to the champagne bar you make yourself cumfy and we will see you later, claire and i went down and had some drinks and were talking claire said she wanted to thank me for being so kind and she would like to fuck me but her mam was upstairs and this spoilt her plans, don't worry lets just drink and see what comes up.

Watching White Bull Taking My Wife - Cuckold

group luvtowatch 2018-04-02

After they danced the slow Bee Gees song and then a fast Lady Gaga song, Mary brought her new date over. Mary was on her knees, Jonathan holding her head in both his hands, and he looked at me with is mouth slightly open to say, "God she knows how to make me happy." Mary blew him for about 10 minutes, and then Jonathan started coming. Mary got up from her knees, walked over to me, and kissed me on my mouth, sharing the cum and the juices. Mary and I have talked about this a lot over the past few days, and we think we are going to designate Jonathan as Mary's White Bull!

First Time Adult Theatre Cum Pig

group swallowurload203 2018-04-02

As I put my clothes back on, the Hispanic man, who just dumped a huge load in my ass, watched me. I looked around in the dark theatre room and could see men playing with their cocks while watching. His cock tasted like a mixture of my ass and his cum, this turned me on further. This alarmed me a little as I had gone into the entire gay sex thing with the plan to play safe this time, but he was right, I was a bareback slut and all I wanted was cock and cum in my ass. He then fed me the cum, and told me I liked his poz load.

A Naughty Housewife Ch. 03

group JeanCFNM 2018-04-02

"Oh, you mean Mustafa and Saleen, they said that though they hadn't wanted to do more as the first subjects they would like to experience some fun." "The first page will have links to reasonably mild sets where the ultimate would be stripping completely naked, but there is one 'live round' that would require a man to strip and do whatever is depicted. Allan continued." The other pages will build on the first one in what happens but whoever clicks on the link, and the nominated man will do whatever is depicted in the pictures shown." Rula stepped up and her husband Peter selected Mustafa as the man to interact should it be necessary, she clicked on a very restrained looking woman.

Double Dating

group MaxSebastian 2018-04-02

I don't know what came over me - I saw her standing there, looking at me with those wonderful blue eyes - I felt a little shock at having forgotten my manners, I didn't want her to think I was an animal - but completely against my own nature, I didn't say a thing, just walked over to her and kissed her, full on the lips, running my fingers through her silky hair, reveling in the soft but exhilaratingly warm contact between our mouths and the intoxicating aroma of her perfume. In the elevator up to the apartment, Bethany gave me a long kiss on the mouth, before stepping back and winking at Emma.


The Birthday Suprise

group co1029 2018-04-02

"You have no idea how much I would love that hun, but if we start I'm SURE I will be late to meet David and you know how annoyed he gets when I'm late." David was Colette's best friend and was essential in the birthday plans. When David shut the door after Jason he turned to Colette and sighed "You and Maureen are sure lucky! He understands that this is probably a one time only thing and that it might not even happen because I wasn't quite sure how you would feel about it and happy birthday!" She took a deep breath in and waited, searching Maureen's face for a flicker of any emotion. When they got to the bedroom, Colette looked Maureen straight into the eyes and asked "What do you want?


Erotic Endings

group Many Feathers 2018-04-02

As Susan led me over on the other side to lie down next to him, I watched in abject fascination as Jenny lay between Rob's legs busily tonguing and sucking that monster cock of his. I took Rob's swollen hard cock in my hand and began to rub it back and forth across Jenny's puffy labia. I placed Rob's purple helmeted little monster against Jenny's exposed clitoris and began rubbing it back and forth across that hard little pleasure nubbin. Standing as I was, watching Rob's fuck pole sliding in and out of Jenny's cunt at that angle was incredible. I could even feel Jenny's tongue occasionally licking and lapping at my shaft as I slowly plunged into Susan's cunt from behind her.


After Shift Surprise

group SamStuart 2018-04-02

Mark got back to cleaning the dishes in time to end his shift. Mark worked double time in hoping to ask her for a drink or something. This is where, Mark would hopefully get Tina after shift if it worked according to plan, in the storage room. Mark, Tina and Will would be working double time to keep up with the crowd. Mark entered the room to see Tina's back facing him with only her lace panties on. Tina said "Come I have wanted you two guys for a long time now. Finally, I got you both." Tina took Will's pants off and saw his erect nine inches emerge. Tina got it in the ass and pussy at the same time, she could not believe it.

A Wild Night

group gezbo 2018-04-02

She had 2 s****rs and a b*****r: Mary (married to an asshole), Jean (single), and her twin Jeff (possibly gay). Jeff was kind of tall and thin with a cock that looked small but it turned out it wasn’t. Soon, the questions gravitated to serious things like “Have you ever been fucked up the ass?” and “Do you swallow cum?” The girls were very surprised when and I answered “Yes” to the last one but seemed unfazed with Jeff’s positive admission to both queries. Jeff and Jean were taking turns between sucking my cock and licking my balls. Mary and Jean were now rubbing their cum covered faces on my crotch, sucking my cock and balls, and sticking their fingers up my ass.

Nancy's Adventures

group Squee45 2018-04-02

Now a month and several solo fantasies later, Nancy found herself following a semi-nude Kristin (who had just asked her if she would like to fuck her boyfriend)into the living room where Stephan sprawled like Caesar in a pair of loose boxers watching soft porn on the television. Kristin still guiding Nancy’s hand slowly up and down his cock, slid back enough so she could lower her parted lips down over its swelling head and gently suck it into her mouth. He moaned as Kristin slowly began to take more of him into her mouth until her lips rested on Nancy’s fingers and the head of his enormous cock prodded the back of her throat.

The Mirror: Part 8

group bardeen 2018-04-02

She grunted out loud with each stroke as I drove my cock into her, Dana and Rena were content to sit and watch; from time to time they offered encouragement to either Mika or I and the harder we fucked the more lurid the comment became. With my cock and balls hanging down limp Dana spread my legs open and went to work with her tongue on my arsehole, Rena meanwhile was doing the same to her s****r and cleaned my cum from her arse while Mika lay with her head on the mattress and enjoyed every second of the attention. She took my cock in her hand and started to stroke me as Dana gently fucked my arse with the Vibrator.

The Longest Day

group suaveliso 2018-04-02

I set the alarm for 5:15, and Jackie, my ex-boss, who was now a fairly regular NSA fuck buddy, said she would like to come along too. She looked down at my slightly swollen penis (if it hadn’t been for Jackie the night before, it would have been really hard) and saw the ring near the tip. Jeanne lay back as we propped her up between us, and I sucked one nipple as Marc took the other. Just before I was about to explode, I withdrew and was going to ask Jeanne to finish me off in her mouth, when Marc took my throbbing cock in his hand and started to jerk me off.

Last Night was AMAZING! Ch. 02

group AJQuick 2018-04-02

Adam walked over to Sean and without looking at each other, he put his right hand on my thigh and pulled my leg to spread my legs further apart, and with his left hand he grabbed Sean's rock hard cock and guided it toward my pussy. Adam looked at me and said, "I love you and I'm doing this for you," and then he turned and took Sean into his mouth. My moans quickly turned to yells as I could feel Adam and Sean's cocks moving inside of me at different speeds. I came so hard that my legs kinda locked up and I almost pushed myself off of Sean, but then Adam then started to cum into my ass and he shoved me back down onto Sean.

The Interview

group JameeSuaimhneas 2018-04-02

Not able to deny the need these two men just brought to blazing life in her anymore, she leans her head back on Joel's shoulder straining in Blake's hand to press closer to him, grinding her wet pussy against the hard cock she feels pressing with insistence against her core. Nearly dozing a moment wrapped in his arms, she jolts with the feel of a warm cloth pressing to her asshole, cleaning her as she is lifted, Blake and Joel both offering soothing words to her "Such beauty...shhh lover, let us clean and take care of you." Relaxing slowly with their words, the hands on her back stroking, cloth warm pressed between her legs to clean her heated flesh.


Roses and a Stranger

group DoctorMason 2018-04-02

The movement pulls at them again, and this time she tries to force herself to hold still, but the woman gently brushes against the skin around her nipple and it's like an electric shock, making her twitch again. Her cum drips across the floor and finally he rises, unable to take it anymore, kissing her fiercely, hands running along her body as he pushes her across the room, slams her into the wall, takes her in a few hard, sharp thrusts. It makes the chain jangle, pulling at her nipples, and she can see her husband getting hard as he watches, finally leaning forward to run his hands along her exposed skin, leaving a trail like fire behind.

A Ride Home

group suzie3w 2018-04-02

Jack stopped for a moment, probably because he couldn't force his cock into me while I was cumming so hard, but as soon as he could he began pumping again. Jack's hard driving of his cock deep into me kept shoving my whole body forward so that my face was buried deep into Richard's stomach. My mind quit thinking, but it seemed as if every nerve ending in my body was exploding as Jack's cock plunged deep inside me and his balls slapped up against me with each thrust. He was fucking my mouth hard, impaling me between his cock and his hands, and I started to panic because I couldn't breathe.

Swinging in Suburbia Ch. 02

group secretsessions 2018-04-02

Joanna smile and nodded her head and stood up and walked over to me, she took my hand and led me through the kitchen to an area with a couple of leather sofas, as we walked she explained to me that Ava was in the chill out room next door and that she wanted me ready to go when I walked in and as hard as nails. Ava winced and shivered at the same time at Joanna's touch, she looked at me in a way that said stop her, but Ava's dark doe eyes closed and her head rolled as Joanna worked her oral magic on her friends wet and sensitive slot.


Lena & Tori

group jallen944 2018-04-02

"I'm sure it did," Lena said, and slid off Ethan's lap onto the seat between the two guys. How come you never told me your friend was built like a truck?" she said to Charlie, while she looked into Ethan's eyes. "Have a seat, guys," she said, waving absently in the direction of Ethan and Charlie, and walked off holding Benton's hand. The red haired guy and the girl with the sunglasses were smoking a joint, and Lena and Benton seemed to be absorbed in themselves, laughing at things they were telling each other. Once Ethan's ears adjusted to the silence, he heard only the soft, wet sucking sounds of the older girl's mouth on his rod and the gentle moans Lena made in the other room.


After Dinner Slut

group English Bob 2018-04-02

Her voice rose in pitch as her other hand squeezed and pulled at her hard nipples while she continued to poke herself; Marc and I could both tell that she was heading for a massive climax. As her husband sat back and continued to massage his surprisingly still hard cock, Angie kneeled on the bed with her cute behind facing me. I could see Marc becoming quickly aroused again and smiled as I thought of how watching his wife getting fucked by another man turned him on so much. Marc's hands held her head steady as he deep-fucked her throat with long strokes; grunting with satisfaction every time he thrust into her.

The Road to a Gang Bang Ch. 05

group snowbunny1978 2018-04-02

Charles bore down with his hands on my breasts, lifted his hips to get more of his cock into my ass and fired more juice from his nuts. I did as she suggested and I could feel Charles cock waking up as I was licking and slurping my juices from Heather's face.. Heather laughed and said, "These guys have said that when a girl comes in to meet them for the first time for a lesson with warm hands they will change the name of the room to Hot to Trot." "Heather, we will come looking for you when Karen says she thinks it is time we wrap things up; have fun."


Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 21

group Jeremydcp 2018-04-02

"Good morning!" Kristanna greeted Kaden with a cheery smile, her eyes focused on our 20-month-old son, who was seated at the kitchen table with a plate fit for a king in front of him. "You'd have fun at the carnival, Kaden, with Daddy, Pamela and Amy, plus Piper and Dani Grace! I'll be going to the carnival with Devon, Trish, Lindsay and Alison later in the week." I gave Kristanna a truly pathetic face as I put the two strips of bacon, now cooled, on Kaden's breakfast plate. You two need to share, because it is the right thing to do." Kristanna then took a healthy swig of her own bottled water and planted kisses on both Kaden and Piper.