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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

vactaion fun

group winky419 2018-04-02

Just tell them you were helping a guest." I pulled on his hand and he relented and came inside and we were kissing again in the little entryway hallway of the room most hotels have. I had kneeled down in front of him undoing his pants and said, "Nah, thats my husband." "What!?!" "It's ok, he and I do stuff like this lots," as i pulled his mostly hard cock out and started licking it. I looked back at the k** getting dressed and wiggled my ass at him, "are you sure?" "I wish" he said as I went back to sucking my husbands dick while waving my ass towards Steve hoping he'd do me again or at least eat me more.

Teacher's Pet Ch. 08

group jamesofthedead 2018-04-02

I had time to admire the obviously very expensive collection on display, Miss Jones' was a red and black set, all sultry elegance, the panties were a thong, the high waist line accentuating her long legs and tight arse. Working together Emily and Nikki quickly unbuttoned my jeans, Miss Jones then grabbed the bottom of both legs and yanked, the leather material of the couch allowing them to slide from under with very little resistance. I felt Emily and Nikki moving and looked to my right to see Emily removing her bra with one hand, her other hand in her panties, her fingers plunging in and out of her cunt as she watched me and Miss Jones groping each other.

An Evening With My Steno...

group manavata 2018-04-02

In the car Nisha and Ruby took turn to suck my cock and play with my balls. Ruby sat behind me kissing my neck and holding me around the chest, occasionally moving to my already enlarged cock. Ruby was kissing me all the time and also played with my balls and Nisha's clit as I entered her. Nisha, in the mean time got up and sat behind Ruby and started to play with her breasts and nipples. I gave myself fully to her as the tempo increased until both of us reached a tremendous climax, with some help from Nisha who kissed my balls from below Ruby while pressing Ruby's clit in synchronism with her in and out motion.

Winter Wonderland

group Talynnda 2018-04-02

"Well it wouldn't be the warmest room in the house for long if some lazy butt," Neil slapped my ass harder than I had kicked him, "had lit the stove in the kitchen while passing through." I mean, some kids in middle school sucked each other off," I hung my head, guiltily, as he gestured in my direction, "but I was totally oblivious to the whole sex thing until I made it on the high school basketball team, and the cheerleaders started paying attention to me. I don't know if I will feel right going about my plans for having tons of wild sex on the bearskin rug with John now that we have..." I trailed off, gesturing helplessly.


Fantasy Comes True Ch. 3

group sonhcouple 2018-04-02

Stephanie even wanted to try that night, but unfortunately, I already had plans, as did Tasha. I felt her tongue find my nipple, as she began to lick and suck on it, and then moved further down my body. I heard a whimper from Tasha as she saw me naked and all of a sudden felt a hot tongue licking me up and down. I pulled Tasha on top of me and slowly moved my cock along her slit. I could feel my cock plunging deeper and deeper inside Tasha as my tongue was going deeper and deeper into Stephanie. Stephanie, realizing that Tasha hadn't cum yet, quickly moved her body in between Tasha's legs, and started licking her pussy.

Haley's Bi-cummet

group wannascrew2 2018-04-02

Once Crissy was secure I took Haley in my arms and kissed her long and hard. I shrugged it off and flipped Crissy on her back and pulling her legs over my shoulder and started nice and slow allowing her third orgasm to build when Haley returned wearing a 7” strap-on. I started to pump Crissy faster wanting cum badly before Haley removed me from my spot. It was amazing watching Haley fuck Crissy with such abandon and that her movements were keeping me hard in Crissy’s ass. The next thing I know Haley and Crissy are cumming at the same time and is so intense that it’s almost lifting all three of us off the bed.

Anniversary Trip ch.5 - The Party

group magas911 2018-04-01

Len stood behind her and stared intently between the gaping thighs watching thick streams of semen trickling down the insides of both legs and another long, white rope cum hanging from the distended lips of her widely stretched cunt. I wore black spike heels with ankle straps, thigh-high mesh hose, a very short, tight skirt that covered my ass by no more than one inch, a black bra with holes for my nipples, a transparent white blouse and several rings. A well-built black man had his dick buried inside my wife's cunt and was fucking her with hard, driving thrusts that slammed his entire length again and again in her open vagina.

First Swing Party

group lock696 2018-04-01

Linn puts her tong deep into my mouth and strokes my cock; I want that in me she says. That's my husband Jack, I am Joan says the blond as she strokes my cock then takes it into her mouth, Umm, she says, I love the taste of pussy and semen together. I watch in the over head mirror as a well hung heavy man pushes Jack aside and plunges his fat cock into my wife, becoming the third cock she has had in her, she moons, from the size, and begins rotating her hips, giving him a great fuck. Jack, her husband comes over and she licks Mary and my cum from his mouth, Umm, she says, I love the taste of pussy and semen together.

Spin-The-Bottle Ch. 03

group Thizbee 2018-04-01

The weeks that followed were mixed with plans for the house, plans for the party, and plans for the "after party." And this "planning" just brought Kevin into prime state of being; not only for the joy and anticipation of giving Tyler a moment of surprised happiness, but learning a few tricks from Jade herself. Finally after weeks, and a day of rearranging the new furniture, and sending out the last of the invitations, and a million other last minute things, his crappy attitude was just too much to bare, and the only surprise for Kevin is that Jade had waited this long before she finally called him on it. Kevin's intellectual pleasure heightened reaching the extremities of his body as Tyler moved off the couch and kneeled behind Jade, wrapping his long muscular arms around both of them.

In-Flight Entertainment

group kimbelina 2018-04-01

After all the uneventful flights I've had to and from business meetings, this will be the one where I join the mile high club." I blushed as I realized that a few people heard me as I walked down the aisle, looking for my seat. I wanted either for Vanessa to keep eating my pussy, or for this man to fuck me, but left myself open to whatever they had in mind - they had obviously worked out this fantasy to every detail. Knowing that a lot of time had passed and that the flight attendant would surely be back soon, I quickly pulled myself up, pulled down my skirt and top, and made myself as presentable as possible for the walk back to my seat.

D.P. Gets D.P.'ed

group gorgeousgypsygirl 2018-04-01

“Well, that’s up to you,” another member of the group said as Travis’ hand began to lift her skirt from the front, revealing first her creamy smooth brown thigh, then her bare pussy veiled thinly by her thong. Once she came down, Travis lowered her to the floor of mattresses and began undressing her entirely while two more guys stripped. It didn’t take long before D.P. was lying entirely nude on a mattress with four naked guys – make that five, she thought, as Travis also removed his clothes – surrounding her, cocks at full attention. The actual sight of cum sent the other three into a frenzy: the one using his hand shot his load all over her face just as the guy behind D.P. filled her ass and Travis stiffened and emptied himself into her pussy.

Sweet 33

group TheBigEasy 2018-04-01

Your husband is a friend of mine so I knew he would be out of town for the weekend of your birthday. I sat on the sofa mesmerized as you pumped every last drop of cum out of his cock. You look over at me with a smile on your face and a drop of jizz running down your chin. Thomas said he was about to cum and I was near also. I said I was about to cum and Thomas was also. We filled your body up full of hot sticky cum until it ran down your legs on the sofa. Thomas gave you a happy birthday kiss goodbye and left us to enjoy the rest of the night.


Houston II Ch. 16

group Paris Waterman 2018-04-01

Looking into the third room, Argie saw six naked men in a semi-circle around a blonde headed female possessed of a magnificent body. Argie's release arrived, and although her knees buckled, she remained standing and slowly turned her attention back to the blonde cavorting on the table. Several men immediately fell upon them, licking and sucking the blonde woman's fluids from the splattered women's respective chests until all that were left was traces of their own saliva. Afterward, two men, one white, one Hispanic, took turns kissing Argie in order to sample Greta's fluids. "Tell me," John said, "are you a woman who gets turned on sucking cock because of the power it gives you over a man?"


The closest we have ever come

group hubbymelissa 2018-04-01

I lightly brushed my fingers over her pussy and Lita let out a quiet moan. As I gave my mouth a brief rest, Lita regained enough composure to start on my cock again. Craig let us know he was going to cum and, to my great surprise (again), Lita sat up and told him to cum on her tits. She told him she loved watching him jack his big cock while she had another in her pussy. Craig got close to her tits and when he was going to cum, she reached out and gave his cock a stroke or two. I got in with her and she told me that it was really hot and she came so hard, but that would be the only time something like that happens.

Bi-sex Trio Surprise

group vhornybimale 2018-04-01

At the same time, my left-hand full of his cock positioned his pulsating member towards my wanting mouth which I rewarded by slapping his cock onto my tongue to generate extra saliva. Jill let out a moan again and I sensed movement from Paul to which I opened my eyes just in time to see him on his knees on the bed and offering the cock that I had sucked off earlier in the day to Jill´´s very eager mouth. "I love watching you suck cock, Jill" I whispered as she gave head to Paul and wanked me with her left-hand. Jill was getting off on it too and came over her husbands face as she held her head up to me as I tongued her mouth to taste cock and her saliva.


Juggs XXXmas - GF & MILF & GILF

group lovethembigger 2018-04-01

She looked out the wind shield and said "don't worry big boy, I still fuck that big cock around the house when my f****y not watching." I rubbed her left breast and her big fat nipple got erect and she sighed. Her Dad met us at the door and he was little guy about 5ft and little jumpy and he shook my big hand and looked up and yelled "Mary - there here!!" There was some noise from the kitchen and then a door opened and in came Margie mother. I walked down stairs in a bath robe and looked out back and saw they had a tire swing tied to a big oak tree and I opened the door and went out back.

Crossing The Line Ch. 2

group Shylady 2018-04-01

Beth was a woman possessed, flicking her tongue against Ally's clit as she pushed one finger gently inside her pussy. Beth was grinding her hips hard into Ally's face but she managed to pull back enough to get two fingers inside, slowly drawing them out and pushing in again, all the while flicking her tongue against Beth’s clit. Ally pushed her finger in hard and twisted and Nathon roared, forcing his cock deep in Beth, who in turn bucked and thrashed as she started to come. Bodies pressed together, breasts against breasts, legs wrapped together and crotches grinding together, Ally opened her mouth wider, letting Beth taste Nathon and herself on her tongue.

I Go to a Swinging Party

group Bakeboss 2018-04-01

I walked to the door behind a man and a scantily clad woman, I decided I might as well get started on my new job so I turned my camera on and started taping. There was a man standing at the door passing out release forms and when the woman bent over to sign, I got my first beaver shot of the night. I wanted to take in the whole house first so I wandered around checking out the action in all the different rooms. It was interesting to watch the different people as I let the tape run. As the party wound down and the people started to leave, I went to John and thanked him again for the opportunity while I gave him his camera.


Return To Eagles Nest

group SoftBrie 2018-04-01

He gave me a credit card that I used to buy a dark blue pencil skirt with matching jacket, white long sleeve button-front blouse, and fuck-me boots. One aggressive guy got up behind me, moved the skirt out of the way and fucked my ass, pulling out at the last minute to come all over the back of my jacket. I lifted the panties into the air above my face, letting them drip, then sucked them into my mouth to get any leftover cum, then back in my pussy, moaning with delight. I gave blow jobs with many delicious variations like pulling the cock out of my mouth at the last moment to splash the cum on my face, or shoot it down my cleavage, across my tits, or on my outstretched tongue.


Bad Work Day - The Jewellery Store

group vexcave 2018-04-01

Hector had been looking away from the door at the time, talking casually with Kelly about the latest cute thing her daughter had been up to, when Michelle's gasp grabbed his attention. Michelle looked up at Hector with tears streaming down her pretty face as she moved closer towards his limp cock. Kelly tried to avert her eyes, but the gunman brought the gun to her temple, whispering that she ought to be respectful to her boss and give him his due attention. Michelle was now sucking away with reckless abandon and Hector almost wanted to tell her to stop in fear that she'd wrench it off. Her head was spinning from all the arousal and watching the action between Michelle and Hector and the other gunman and Kelly was getting her all riled up.


The Hazing Ch. 08

group jallen944 2018-04-01

His eyes were locked onto Christine's while Kay sat on the edge of the bed and opened his pants. Christine felt like backing away from, except for the entrancing look in his eyes. Fighting back the urge to burst out laughing, Christine leaned forward and kissed Tom. A fresh surge of lust through her body shut out all the feelings of shame and embarrassment she might have felt. Tom moved his penis toward Kay. It looked like a hose in his hand and he was watering his garden. Kay reached across to Christine's pussy and spread her lips for Tom. She was very wet. Kay slipped her middle finger into Christine's slot alongside Tom's shaft.


Group session

group diddliedoo 2018-04-01

Younger women might have a better body, but Mary had sucked his dick and fucked him as hard as he had ever been fucked. Bernice grabbed her sketch pad and moved closer, prompting Celia and Richard to do the same. He reached over and began to rub her pussy as Mary sucked his dick. Mary reached over and began to fondle Richard’s balls as he slowly fucked Celia. Celia leaned over and licked his cum off Mary’s face before gently kissing her on the lips. He pounded her as Mary licked Richard’s dick clean. The two sat and watched as Celia come hard on Caleb’s young cock. It didn’t matter as she laid down beside Celia and cleaned his cum from her pussy.

The Johnson Party Ch. 03

group Orgin Grinder 2018-04-01

Let's get somewhere where you can give them a real feel, without anything covering them," Amanda said, and she grabbed my hand and we trotted off, her giggling like a school girl, me grinning like the horn dog I am. "Yeah, maybe that." Amanda took my hand and placed it on her right breast, squeezing her palm around my fingers. "Uh, ugh, ugh, right there, oh god, oh ohhhh, ohh yeah, oooohhhhhh," Gretchen moaned, as Maude's fingers had joined hers in attacking her clit and pussy. Gretchen let Jervis's cock slide slowly out of her mouth, almost as if there was a ceremony associated with it, then stood up, turned around and lowered herself onto his glistening shaft.


Tropical Threesome

group Mahalo70 2018-04-01

The woman is licking and sucking my pussy in earnest, I cum and as I do, Jay rubs his cock against my lips. As I slide my mouth back toward the head I gently suck and then run the tip of my tongue in the crevice of Jay's cock head, tasting his precum mixed with the cum of the other woman. Jay tells me to make her cum as he reaches up and slides a finger into her pussy, getting it wet. Jay slides his cock out of my pussy and I grab it and slide it between my tits, and tell him to fuck them.