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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 24

group SteveWallace 2018-04-01

As the door of the plane opened we were awash in warm moist air that signaled we were a long way from home and in a land where people felt comfortable living outside almost all the time. I went in the first group with Ryan, Carter, Mike, Elsa, Melanie, KC, Margo, and two security men. Some people were doubled up – Andy and Margo, of course; me with Elsa and Cindy; and Carter and Melanie. When I looked at Elsa, she had just slipped into what she called a black strapless tube dress; only it was patterned with large stretch holes everywhere with little bits of stretch cloth in between.


Gangbang Movies Ch. 03

group R. Richard 2018-04-01

I stole some videos, some pictures, some business records, some cash and some information about an offshore bank account from a photography studio I had learned about while I was in juvie. Dianna and her daughters Dani and Donna plus her son Dave apparently liked to get together for a little action. Dianna and Donna started things off with a hot mother-daughter 69 while Dave fucked Dani to a screaming climax. What Carly wanted to do was fuck once for each picture and maybe a half dozen times for the video. Carly didn’t know too much, but she was entirely willing to let me fuck the information out of her. I did tell Carly about the naked stroll of Dani and Donna into the FBI monitoring post.

Hanoi Story

group sxstory 2018-04-01

Jacque left, by now Ti was nearly naked, saying, “Come on my darling, let’s have a shower together to freshen up?” The shower area was quite large, just a glass fin, no door – Thuy though, Andrew would like that” Thuy stood facing the wall and let the water cascade across her body – it felt good. Then Thuy says she felt a cock brushing against her lips – the lips of her mouth, she tasted his pre-cum, it was nice and subtle Like Andrew’s, she went to take the towel off her eyes but Ti touched her arm saying “It’s ok Thuy, it’s more fun this way – just enjoy sucking his cock.

A Chance Meeting

group ECHoney 2018-04-01

I also noticed Dan watching Jan and I as we danced and grind-ed up against each other especially when I would twirl around and give him a peek of my bare ass and pussy. We went back to the table and she told Dan it was time to go and then asked him if it would be alright if I joined them for some drinks at the hotel, which he readily agreed to. I slipped my tongue deep inside Jan and she gasped, she put her hands on my head and her hips started moving pushing her pussy harder onto my tongue. Dan got up and walked towards us, Jan grabbed him by his cock and said, "OK big boy, time to take care of this for you." He smiled and just followed us in the bedroom.

Don't Let Him Go

group Grntmb 2018-04-01

Tom could sense that he was on the better side of the coach and wasn't going to do anything to jeopardize that, so even after the end of practice he let the two of them talk a bit longer. At lunch Tom made sure to tell April that she should continue to talk with the coach and to get to know him better. Their panting got so hard and heavy April had to let go of Tom's cock. Paul realized that Tom was wanting to cum inside his wife, too; Paul looked up and moved over to April's head letting her taste their combined juices on his rock solid cock.

Uncontrollable Urges

group thornapple 2018-04-01

When we were finally seated again Sonja smiled and looking straight at me said, "Okay, let's play one more hand, women against men and the losers have to strip to their underwear." This was an area that the six of us had never visited. Well after the ten minutes were up and the last drink was gone Ann and Sonja got dressed and Toni said, "Why bother, I'm already home and I'll be going to bed after while anyway." I found it sexy in a different way when everybody was dressed except Toni.


Her Victorian Bottom Shared Ch. 03

group Ian56 2018-04-01

"I shall not keep you and your bottom waiting for long as I intend to deal with my wife in prompt fashion with a resounding spanking of her splendid arse." The raised hand then swiftly fell and landed with a meaty smack over Prudence's clothed rear, the sound of which, along with his dear heart's pained yelp, echoed around the room. Henry ignored her plea and landing another juicy spank that had both Lizzie and Prudence gasping in unison. Standing, bent forward, so that both hands rested on the couch, Prudence and Lizzie stood side by side with their well spanked bottoms thrusting out from tugged open bloomers.


Learning about sex

group LeCoach 2018-04-01

The next day, sure enough I'd barely got home from school when Kathleen showed up with this curly haired boy, Matt. Then, with Matt watching closely, she pulled the legband of her panties to one side and showed him her pussy! I watched, feeling a little guilty, as my s****r and her new boyfriend went at it and I could hear the sound of his balls slapping into Kathleen's asshole and he increased the tempo of their fuck. My ass cheeks were glowing red from my punishment and Matt's hard cock was sticking into my virgin pussy lips. Without giving me any time to prepare, Matt drove his big cock right into my never before violated young pussy and took my virginity right there in my own bedroom.

Two + Three = Rug Burn

group GoddessKaren 2018-04-01

I moved up quickly and began to lick Rick's cum off Lauren's chest, and she reciprocated by cleaning Rob and Parker's spooge from my body. I felt a tongue on my clit and glanced over between Lauren's swaying breasts to find that Rick was lying on his side, with Lauren sucking his cock and Rick had his head turned so he could lightly tongue my clit while his brother fucked me. He began to pump in and out slowly as we watched Rick slide the head of his cock into Lauren's ass. Parker held still, letting Rick work his cock slowly into Lauren's ass, then when he was in to the hilt, the brothers began to thrust, one in and one out, working in an opposing rhythm.

Houseboat Weekend Ch. 02

group Sweetcheekss 2018-04-01

Russell, at the upper level helm, swung the houseboat around and we slowly headed into the marina. Kyle and Walter stepped onto the dock and tied the "Double Trouble" off. "Let's go do a little shopping!" Shauna exclaimed, putting on shorts over her thong bikini. Kyle and Walter untied the houseboat, letting it drift away from the dock. Kyle came out on the deck and mentioned to Walter about a good fishing spot just ahead. JoAnn and Shauna said they were going to take the waverunner out for awhile. "We like to make sure all our clientele and friends have a good time when they're onboard with us." Russell stated. Walter and Russell quickly got their fishing gear put away.


First Time Threesome

group shellpelt03 2018-04-01

When I let Wendy know that Bob had said yes, she became a little nervous at the thought of him actually fucking her, but excited and turned on at the same time. They stood under the water, soaping one another up, when Wendy lathered up her hands, and reached for Bob's, already hard, cock, and sensuously started stroking him. After ten minutes or so, of Wendy slurping, sucking and licking, Bob reached down, and pulled her up until they were locking lips, with her lying on top of him, with his cock between her legs, caressing her wet slit. As she walks away, Bob watches her and then turns to me and says "Man, she's got a really great ass", as a big shit-eating grin spreads across his face.

First Threesome Ch. 02: The Decision

group rainman0720 2018-04-01

More silence, then she asked "What if she and I were getting more physical, and I froze, or decided that was as far as I wanted to go? I looked at her and said "We'd like to say thanks for giving us a few days to talk about whether or not we wanted to meet. I love going to bed with a guy who knows what he's doing; nothing quite like a good romp with a man who cares about my satisfaction as much as he cares about his own. "I want you to really enjoy this, and the only way that happens is if you know with 100% certainty that you can stop it and walk away if you feel like you're in too deep.

Summer Night for Three

group bbwsadieml 2018-04-01

Jessie lifted her head, her breath coming quickly as the low rumble of Tate's voice stated, "Adam, take the girl inside now." "Adam, take the girl inside and make her comfortable." Then Tate picked up Jessie's clothes and walked into the cool darkness of his house. The smattering of dark hair over his chest crinkled into her soft skin as Adam pressed his body to Jessie, taking her mouth with his and sliding his hand over her hip and ass cheek. "That was just a start, Jess." Adam said and began to kiss his way down her body, his mouth coming to rest at the lush delta between her thighs. Adam watched as Tate whispered to her, stroked her hair, and kissed her face, gently taking her lips with his.

All Ashore Ch. 03

group Evil Alpaca 2018-04-01

"You just want to get laid," Keira said as Tara continued fondling those tits. Paul, feeling a little left out despite having Tara's hungry cunt gripping at his cock, actually picked Tara's hips off the bed, forcing the young woman into a wheelbarrow position as he plunged into her over and over again. He darted his tongue down to Keira's asshole and got a pleasurable moan from the woman, which in turned stimulated Tara's pussy. Paul actually went back to cleaning the inside of Keira's box, but he began stimulating her asshole with his finger, much like Tara had done earlier. As he started balling Keira's tits, Tara moved her hips in sync with his, fingering him all the time.


Room Service

group Rhiannan 2018-04-01

I leaned over taking her soft brown face in my hands and began to nibble and suck on her full lips, I felt Jenna begin to lick slowly along my neck and then making long slow licks to my chest. I then felt Jenna's soft fingertips caressing my cock and positioning me so she could slip on another condom as Kiara walked back into the room. Jenna reached out and began to slide Kiara's ass cheeks apart and softly rimmed her brown asshole with her soft pink tongue. Taking the tube of lubricant Jenna began to apply it generously to Kiara's soft brown crack and slowly let her finger tip slip inside Kiara's tight puckered asshole.


Miami Gothic

group al_Ussa 2018-04-01

"Actually," said the orange-haired girl with the big boobs, "I'd probably go with 'Cities in Dust' too." "I'm Lenore by the way," she said, "And my friend with the orange hair over there, her name is Belladonna." Belladonna certainly had big boobs and a nice hot ass too, but Lenore was also quite sexy with her pale Gothic beauty. I went over to the couch where the busty orange-haired Goth girl lay, eagerly waving my cock in front of her mouth. "Now it's my turn," said Lenore as she pulled me away from her friend, "You're going to fuck me hard and put me away wet!" 'Shit,' I thought to myself, 'Two hot Goth girls literally begging for sex and I'm already starting to run out of breath.

Breaking Up

group DireLilith 2018-04-01

Add to that image a set of blue eyes to die for and a killer smile, and all thoughts of Tabby were gone from Ted's mind. But thoughts of Tabitha still haunted Ted. She didn't have hair like Trish's. "Alright." Ted climbed onto the chair, sitting comfortably and smiling at Trish. Trish climbed up Ted's body and began to grind her shaved puss lips over his cock. "Why would you break up with a girl that knew how to suck cock, Ted?" Trish queried. Ted's head dropped back as Trish began to climb aboard his body once more. "You want to fuck Tabby," Trish whispered. "Do you want to fuck Trish, too?" Tabby's voice asked from somewhere infront of her friend.

Sweet Slutty College Kitty

group hunnyslutcatt 2018-04-01

One of the men slid underneath her…slapping the firm cheeks of her ass, he said, “get on my cock, slut.” Kitty moaned, lowering her slippery hot cunt over the man’s thick shaft. They all began to move; the leader sliding more of his hot meat into her ass, the man fucking her cunt thrusting upwards, and Mitch pumping his cock into her mouth. The leader laughed, "You learn quickly, slut!” G and another frat man approached, and Kitty began to wank their fully erect cocks. Her screams of pleasure muffled by the cock that was spurting hot jizz in her mouth, her cunt and ass milking the cocks that spewed their sperm into her holes, and her hands furiously wanking the cock that spilled ribbons and globs of cum over her body.

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 03

group Silverfox0551 2018-04-01

The redheads' eyes remained locked onto Mike's stiff cock, as her hips were mashing back against Don's thighs, taking him deep inside her cunt. Mike walked over and stood behind her placing a series soft kiss on her naked shoulder then she tilted her head back allowing him better access to her neck as she pushed her ass back against his cock and began rotating her hips. Mike's cock, now fully hard for the second time in ten minutes began to jerk with excitement against her gorgeous ass as he released one of her breasts and slipped his right hand inside the bottom half of her bikini. "Fuck me, Mike, shove that hard cock inside my pussy and fuck me!" Terri sighed.



group constructor 2018-04-01

Sam moved along with his stroking but this time when he came to her inner thigh he let his middle finger fall over so the tip touched her glistening slit, this immediately brought a gasp from Leanne and she arched her body up slightly and his finger slipped inside. This also turned Leanne on so she brought her attention back to Sam and when his hands came near her inner thighs again she immediately thrust her fanny up and Sam responded and put one finger deep inside, Leanne sighed and pulled her legs up and let them fall open to reveal her swollen lips and clit.

No More Just Watching

group InnocentAngel1966 2018-04-01

My tongue laps the juice from her pussy lips before I gently expose her clit by pulling back the hood with the fingers of my free hand. My tongue slips down to her wet pussy, darting just inside before continuing with the suction on her beautiful clit. He smiles at me and I reach for his cock so hard and ready to slip inside her wet pussy. Mark grabs Sarah by her hips and pulls her up so the tip of his cock is just touching her pussy lips. Mark slowly pushes his cock deep inside her wet pussy. I hold it firmly against her clit now, and she starts to cum hard, spasming around Marks cock.

Road Trip

group sweet throat(f) 2018-04-01

Then I felt a finger slip up my thigh into my panties and into my pussy I arched my back at this and moaned into Hank's mouth sucking tongue like I was gonna rip it out of his mouth. I felt the heat and hardness of another cock rubbing over my tits and those wonderfully talented fingers working between my legs Suddenly, what seemed like only a minute, Hank grunted and told me he didn't want to make a mess, so I'd better swallow all of it I did. As Hank zipped up and moved away, Burt pushed his way to my face and grabbed a chunk of my hair and tried to stuff his fat cock in my mouth.

Susie Ch. 23

group Susie_O 2018-04-01

Afterwards we had a sleepover with Kaitlyn and her date, Elliot, April and her boyfriend, Chris, and Judy and her fiance, Preston. Kaitlyn and I knew, but Judy and April didn't, that when excited the tip of that thin cock expanded significantly in proportion to the rest becoming a hard, red beet on a pale, thin shaft. Elliot had only gone out a few times with Kaitlyn and told them "I'd sure like to try Judy and April, if she'd agree, I remember when we got to stick our fingers in Susie. Judy decide she had won over Elliot and began to work on Corey, "Wouldn't you like some of this?" she said, standing over him and spreading her labia.


My pastor's 18 y/o son David -part 4-

group Slave4str8twinks 2018-04-01

Agnetha continued: ''We were studying for the exams with a girl from my Math class, she was a true emo , had raven-black hair and pierced tongue..'' David was thinking to himself how amazing it would feel like getting head from a lesbian chick with a pierced tongue, causing an instant boner and i guess Daniel got a boner as well , but i couldn't tell because we all were sitting...I asked Agnetha whether it's true girls give better cunnilingus, licking pussy much better than men or not and she said it was the best oral sex she ever received from someone before and she thinks same applies to gay or bisexual men giving much better blowjobs than women due to very same reason, familiar territory..