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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ryan, Annie and Eddy

group Adamus76 2018-04-01

I moved on to my side and reached for her breasts with one hand, cupping one of her gorgeous firm tits and squeezing it, then letting my fingers play across her hard nipple. She squeezed my balls as she looked up at me with a wide grin, gasping "nearly there." Eddy in the meantime pumped his monster dick into her tight cunt over and over and, losing a bit of his composure, pressed too deep again, soliciting a pained yelp from his girlfriend. Yet as I lifted up from her pussy I couldn't help but linger at her ass for a moment, quickly pushing my tongue against her tight pink sphincter and feeling it relent ever so slightly, provoking another groan from Annie who was busy trying to choke on Eddy's titanic cock.


Slut Lessons Ch. 07

group AhMyGoddess 2018-04-01

Stacy was moaning, her back slammed against the wall with each of the guy's powerful thrusts and each time her pussy clenched hard, gripping the invading tool. Another guy was joining Renee on the couch, telling her not to mind Terry, everyone called him the Minute Man. The new guy promised not to stop fucking her sweet cunt until she screamed in orgasm. It felt different inside of her, so strange, but then he started fucking her, his curved cock moving in and out of her wet cunt. His hand slipped under the folds of the towel, searching slowly until it found her young hot cunt, soft and so wet, covered in pussy juices.


Lambda Lei's Private Party

group darkphoenix123456 2018-04-01

Alice moved closer and with Pete still taking her from behind she began massaging her own breast and licking her lips. .Alice moved forward spreading Dionne's pussy lips apart revealing a sheath of pinkness and stuck her tongue forward for a lick. I reach forward, still thrusting faster now on top of Jeff, languishing in his powerful quick pumps and take one of Dionne's breast in my hand. Dionne turns toward them as well with a grin "I knew that little one was a freak since the day I met her," Jeff's dick is now moving even faster and he is powering my body up and down. Then Alice comes over to the threesome and makes it a foursome-Leslie eats Alice while Dionne fucks Jeff and Pete at the same time

Texas Trio Ch. 20-23

group SteffiOlsen 2018-04-01

Now, if Nanny didn't change her mind, Catherine would not only be subject to Uncle Harry's antediluvian dictates, she'd be grieving the loss of Colt and Jem. Cat didn't think she was strong enough to withstand that kind of pain. After carrying her from Catherine's room the night before, Cochise told Nanny everything Jem and Colt had learned about Harrison, sparing none of the details they'd kept from Cat and Becky. Conscious of the tension in every curve of Catherine's body, Jem slid a second finger into her pussy, turning his wrist as he began to increase the speed and power of his thrusts, and she pushed up to meet him, giving Colt better access to her bottom.


Wedding Night

group nobarriers 2018-04-01

The sensation of her nipples being sucked and fondled by two men began to turn Sandy into a sexual frenzy, the drink had lowered her inhibitions to the point that she now wanted to be penetrated. She closed her eyes again and re-imagined the curved cock of Darren inside her, whether or not it was that shape was immaterial, it was the thoughts in her mind that mattered right now as her hand reached down and rested upon her gender. The gush from Mike's cock shot into her mouth at the same time as she saw Gary cream over Darrens face. Gary's tongue was now slowly licking down her body, over her breasts and tummy, his intent; to seek out and drink Darren's cum from within.

When Three Is Not a Crowd

group violetfringe 2018-04-01

Neither you, nor Trent want it to happen with a total stranger, but rather with someone new to you, yes, but someone who you could also spend some time with, someone you could both respect and whose company you enjoyed in general. When Jordan and you are both breathing heavily and totally worked up, Trent comes over and begins to undress you. You hold Jordan's cock in your mouth and lick avidly, pulling with your mouth slow and hard over his perfect member, then faster as Trent laps between your thighs, his tongue artfully licking at your soaking pussy. And you can feel the two men awakening, Jordan's morning hard- on nudging at you, and Trent's cock growing harder and harder in your hand.

Confessions of a Wild Chick Ch. 05

group Wildchick1977 2018-04-01

During those years after I graduated from high school, I spent a great deal of time with both Teri and Jennifer and attended a number of parties where some curious or perhaps unsuspecting straight girl was seduced at the hands of Jennifer. There was a photo of Helen standing in front of Jen. Jennifer's breast pressing into her back, as she grasped Helen's breast in one hand, kissing the young woman whose head was twisted back to meet the lips of her demanding mistress. Tommy's cock was different feeling from the rubber dildos I was accustomed to with Teri and Jennifer. Jennifer's words when she fucked me the first time continued to haunt me, "Tommy might fuck you, but he'll never fuck you like Teri and I can.


Sugar and Cream

group BiBlond6FootFun 2018-04-01

The best way to explain the title is to give an example." With her hand still on my cock, she looked me in the eye and asked, "do you like eating pussy?" Before I was able to reply, she moved her other hand, with drenched fingertips, to my nose and lips. She took him in her mouth and said, "I can taste Sugar on your cock." She then looked to me and presented me the sticky black slab filling her hand. Finally, as I start to feel the thick muscle inside my ass began to vibrate and expand, as I feel the clenched fists in my hair keeping my face pinned to a pussy that I know is about to explode, as I hear Sugar begin crying out over and over, "I'm coming," my cock finally blasts out a long overdue load.

Two Tits

group Outcoldx 2018-04-01

As I watched, Carolyn turned over onto her knees, ran her tongue around the head of his dick licking every inch of it and slowly took that enlarged prod into her mouth and began to suck it while moaning and humping her ass back and forth. Rubbing the head of my dick up and down the crack of her ass I reached between her legs with my other hand and began to massage her hot slippery little cunt, slowly running a finger up into it and pulling it out then lightly running the tip of my finger around her clit, pushing it back and forth until it stood out like a miniature prick.


My Cum Coated Queen

group smithjon1919 2018-04-01

As I watched Randi go down on another woman, I smiled and relaxed a little. Randi and I turned to go back to the rooms reserved for fucking. Randi turned around and asked, "Hey, do you want me to fuck you with a strap on?" She grabbed her slave by the back of her hair and used the slaves face to fuck the man's cock. You're wet and full." I was turned on by the slave woman slurping my cum out of Randi's pussy. I watched for a second as the slave girl licked and slobbered and spit into Randi's ass. Randi grabbed him with both hands and jerked his cock while she rode me.

The Christmas Party

group MisfitToy 2018-04-01

Soon, Robin emerged from the bathroom and said "I wish we had something to drink." Well, as luck would have it, Trish remembered seeing a liquor store on the other side of the driveway where the car had gotten stuck. Kyle looked back at Robin, drinking her in one more time, smiled, turned off the lights and said "Good night." Looking over, Kelly still with her eyes closed and Robin facing away, Kyle slipped his finger inside Trish's pussy. Her juices flowed as she breathed heavier, Trish's right hand firmly around Kyle's big hard cock. Relaxing her grip on his hand, Kyle slowly pulled his fingers away from Trish. Kyle and Trish stared as Robin slipped her panties down her legs and off.


Paizuri Pals Deluxe XD 32DD Edition

group Waga64 2018-04-01

Cassandra kneaded up and down the length, stroking her thumb under the head and making Manny moan under his breath in pleasure. "Mmm, good girl~" She pulled Manny's cock back away from Amy, who flashed a disappointed look on her face when it got dragged away. Before she could say anything, her sister swayed the cock under their breasts, moving it like a joystick as she dragged the head back and forth between their tits. Manny took the hint and slid his cock in between the breasts, making Amy start to pant for breath. Cassandra smirked and slipped another finger into her to thrust in and out faster, taking pride in the way that Amy yelped out in surprise as she fucked her into submission.


Wife doesn't love me, no more sex

group gsb42 2018-04-01

He said that after thinking about it the situation all day today at work, and last night, that he wanted to fuck my older s****r. She went on to say that she would have to think about the proposition, but she also indicated that she had not had any sex in a long time, and certainly wouldn’t mind a little hard cock. When my hubby came home, I told him about our dinner engagement, and he said great, he was looking forward to having some good pussy for a change. Hubby told her he wanted her off the bed and on her knees in front of him as he continued to fuck her mouth while I sat there and watched to two of them.

Fun with Sylvie #02: The First Taste

group jasexy28 2018-04-01

On feeling his cock enter her, Sylvie tried pulling my head back down, but I managed to see him give her two or three good long strokes in her pussy, before I opened my mouth and we began kissing again. The first thing I felt was my lower lip touch the thick cum on top of her pussy and her pubic hair, then I moved my head down between her thighs and let my mouth close over her open pussy lips. I let the sperm slid down from my mouth into hers at the same time that I pushed my cock deep inside her wet hole and started to fuck her pussy.


Pleasing A Prince

group Softly 2018-04-01

When Jean learned of the high stakes game, she wanted to come watch Chuck play. By four AM there were only Chuck, Jean and the man they now knew as Mr. Frome, who said little, but smiled broadly whether he won or lost a hand. Two hands later, Chuck was dealt two cowboys (Kings) Jean received the six and seven of spades. A few moments after the music started, Chuck could feel a hand rest on each of his, but he could not tell, which was Betsy, or which was Jean's. The result was the hand griped Chuck's tightly, and the bed started to move up and back in a motion that can only be caused by a man powering his cock into a woman.


Janie Loves College

group divergirlxoxo 2018-04-01

We were lab partners without a clue as how to work those equations! Both Christina and I had been itching to get inside his pants all semester! I went to work, "Oh professor, please don't take such extreme measures!" Looking him in the eye, I batted my lashes and leaned my shoulders forward to expose more of my milky white tits. We both have tried to get tutors but all the free tutors are full up; there's no availability this late in the semester!" But it was too late, he was a goner. I skipped over and locked the door, and then I dimmed the lights. The first few pats were light on her rear.

Billy's First Taste of Cream

group froghills 2018-04-01

He could feel Lisa's warm firm tits against his back as her thighs locked around his waist; her pussy was hot and smooth against his ass and she guided his hand to Ben's throbbing dick. Lisa kissed Billy on the neck and said, Billy, Ben and I need to get out of the pool and get ready for this evenings party; would you like to join us later? Billy looked down at his throbbing cock; this was his chance, he knew what he wanted, and said, will you let me get under you and watch you fuck doggie style. Billy lapped it all up; this was what he always dreamed of and now he was sucking Laura's clit to finish her off and licking Ben's dick as it popped out and fell to his face.

Natural Tan

group zed128 2018-04-01

Her head moved fractionally in my direction then she looked back at her friend and said something that I couldn't hear. Heather was massaging my thighs while Erica reached in my shorts and started caressing my hard dick with the lotion still on her hand. I found it with my tongue; I sucked it in deep and then began to lick it hard, moving out a little at a time until I could just barely feel it on the tip of my tongue flicking it. Oh yeah it feels so good." I felt how wet she got; I continued to lick as her body began moving spasmodically.


The Bartender

group ohio_couple 2018-04-01

Liz slowly liked the lemon juice off of Natalie, then moved her lips up her skirt and kissed her very wet cunt. That quick kiss on her pussy had just increased Natalie's horniness, and she suddenly got off the bar, and kissed Liz. Their tongue's intertwined with each other, and then each girl started feeling the other. The two girls started feeling each others very hard tits, and Liz moved her head down to suck on one of Natalie's. Andy fucked Liz faster, which in turn made Liz lick faster, and made Natalie moan louder and longer. Liz turned around and kissed Andy, and he loved tasting Natalie on Liz. Everyone caught their breath, and decided to lock up the bar.

Sun & Sex

group jbeeb 2018-04-01

Now, as they lay on the sun bed, I had a lovely view of their two naked cunts gently grinding into each other, my wife's covered in a down of red hair and Julia's completely smooth and shaved . Jules started licking the head while my wife sucked one of my balls into her mouth and then began tonguing between my legs at that superbly sensitive area between the anus and the testicles. I could see between my legs that she was thrusting her tongue in and out of the shaven lips and this was allowing Julia to relax onto my penis as it slid into her arsehole.

Leah's Wild Sexual Adventures Ch. 04

group ImmortalRomance 2018-04-01

"My sweet little Nikki isn't wearing a bra," Leah teased, softly pinching Nikole's nipples and watching the expression of passion upon her face. Leah stopped the kiss, gazing into Nikole's eyes as her hands slid down Nikki's body caressing her with passion and tenderness. "I want to lick you everywhere," said Leah, rolling Nikki over into the cushiony sleeping bags and sliding her mouth down her naked body. "I need you to fuck my pussy, Leah," Nikole said, shedding her clothes and laying down on the sleeping bags. "Gawd Nikki, your clit is so hard," Leah said, rubbing it and watching Nikole tremble with pleasure. would one of you ladies like to fuck him?" Tommy asked, his eyes on Nikki's breasts and Leah's moist pussy.


The Luckiest Girl

group Sass 2018-04-01

Marie leaned over and kissed me softly as her hands continued to massage lotion over my naked body, but I was lost to everything except her touch and she knew it. I kissed the head, flicked my tongue teasingly over it and then around the head several times as one hand reached down for Marie's breast squeezing, finding her nipple, pinching it, tugging on it as I let Mac's cock slip deep into my mouth. Mac's body went taut, he growled, Marie groaned loudly, and I tasted the sweetness that I so longed for and felt it coat my throat. Marie's hands slid over my body to my breast and found nipples, pinching them, and then her mouth replaced her fingers as she sucked on the hardened nipple.

Brad, Cheryl, and Denise Pt. 01

group VimBrioni 2018-04-01

I felt myself getting wet when I thought of Brad's big cock in my pussy. Brad had a big, beautiful cock, 8" cut, and I reached out and grasped it while we kissed passionately. He then moved between my legs and rubbed his big mushroom head all over my pussy opening. I felt Brad's tongue and lips on my nipples, and his cockhead in my pussy. I could feel Cheryl licking and kissing my nipples now, while Brad's big cock picked up speed, moving in and out of my hot wet slit. Do you like getting fucked by the two of us?" Cheryl drawled in my ear while Brad worked his magic. Brad's cock was heaven, and as I felt myself tensing, Cheryl moaned loudly and came.

A Tale of the Technician Ch. 06

group FinalStand 2018-04-01

Gina got one from Mark, Amber, Emily, Jamie, and I and she went hog wild. Gina went to town with her fingers and thumb on Jamie's slit while I was left tweaking and pulling on her clit. "Your turn," Jamie growled hungrily, and took hold of Gina's cum-soaked hand then started taking her to the sofa. Gina shuddered when Jamie's hand flowed along her belly and played with her delicate pubic hair, then began to gyrate on the seat and make little gasping sounds. Breaking their lip-lock Jamie began to suck and nibble her way down Gina's body, clearly in a way that Mark hadn't. When I got back Gina was lying on the sofa, head in Jamie's lap.