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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Busted Ch. 01

group StallionKinge 2018-03-31

I had to move so close that my cock pressed against their hips to reach both cunts, but I soon had a rhythm going, and both girls began to grunt and moan as they began to heat. Eve was a little harder to get to, since she was shorter than Allie, and her sweet slit was out of reach unless I held my head up off the floor, which I knew I couldn't do for long. The thought of mounting Allie like a stallion and slamming my cock into her from behind was in my mind, but it wasn't helping things while Eve was riding me. Eve sat up and watched the show intently as I withdrew and thrust again, a little faster this time, like a steam locomotive starting up.


My First Day (Monday)

group boywonder23 2018-03-31

He stopped in front of his new office, rubbing his hand lightly over the engraved brass name plate that hung on the outside of his door, JOHN AMARTEY, it read in large bold letters, "Maybe things would work out after all," he said to himself as he pushed open the door and entered his newly furnished office, "but I certainly won't be telling Jess about our Monday morning meetings!!" He tossed his coat onto an empty chair and was just about ready to sit down at his large oak desk, when a small feminine voice coming from behind him said softly, "I just want to welcome you on board personally, I hope you don't mind!!" John spun around to see who was behind him, and much to his surprise, Heather Torrez was sitting in a large stuffed chair with her legs spread wide apart and her very puffy vagina staring him right in the face!!

Diamond is a cocks best friend!

group fillmeup2 2018-03-31

Traci stuck her tongue through the fence and began to lick Diamond's sore cunt. Diamond whimpered as her body rattled like the fence with each cock blow to her pussy. Just take this cock like a grown woman and you will be alright!" Traci pulled out her cel and began snapping pictures of their little trisk. Dave finally pulled out his cock,"Suck Bitches!" Traci had no problem hitting the concrete and lapping up his monster size prick. "Wake the fuck up bitch!" Dave thrusted harder as Traci found her tits and began sucking. Diamond began to scream again but Traci hovered over her face with her cunt and shut her up. Diamond continued to fuck Dave's cock like a Shake Weight.

Taking Care of Business Ch. 11

group MatureWomenLover 2018-03-31

In the spare room, Buck was also awake and watching intently as Ryan's cock plunged effortlessly into Staci's wet pussy. Staci loved the way Ryan filled her when he slid inside, how his balls slapped her engorged clit, the feel of his skin against her ass and the sounds of the pleasure her pussy gave him. He continued his slow, deep pace, feeling Staci's pussy surround and squeeze his cock. Ryan loved the feel of having his cock buried deep and how Staci's wet labia and clit caressed his balls. The room was full of the sound of Ryan's and Buck's moans, Staci's muffled moans as she worked her mouth over Buck's cock and the slapping of Ryan and Staci's bodies forcefully meeting with each deep thrust.

Another Saturday Night Pt. 04

group MrsYoung 2018-03-31

Tho YOU I already know...", I said grinning at thundercock, "but I want to see from this angle." I smiled, keeping my eyes on their hands and cocks. He grabbed a handful of my hair and started fucking my mouth slowly. The tip of his cock slid from my ass to my pussy and made the circuit a few times more before he was pushing inside me. He was fucking worked up watching, feeling how hard he was inside of me, hewasn't going to last much longer. Lifting my hips and pushing my head down on the back of the couch he pulled me apart and slid his slippery cock from my asshole to my pussy.

Her First Threesome

group cbrmale 2018-03-31

I continue to hold her, and start to gently circle her right nipple with my left hand. Julie unconsciously spread her legs when I unzipped her shorts and started on her. In the meantime, Carol fingered herself with one hand and started to massage her breasts with the other. Carol cupped her breasts, and offered them to Julie, who moved on them with her mouth, gently using her lips and tongue. She gently rubbed her hand up Julies slit, getting her fingers moist before starting on her clit. Carol then knelt between Julie’s legs, and started to work at her. Carol continued to gently work Julie’s pussy, as if she had never seen one like it (which was true enough).


group deggles 2018-03-31

Brent opened the car door for Deanne. Deanne opened her legs slightly and let Brent slowly Brent slipped his finger in between Deanne's cunt lips Knowing Brent is closed to cumming, Deanne removes her Brent's cock from his pants and starts stroking him Deanne wets Brent's cock with her tongue. "Let's get out of here," Brent says and pulls Deanne's Deanne bends over Brent's cock and rubs her tits over Deanne slips down and takes Brent's cock in her mouth Rick told Deanne and Brent that if they did Deanne grunted and moaned around Brent's cock as she While Sam fucked Brent, Deanne was left to Rick who Deanne whimper a little as Brent found her cunt with


group 2018-03-31

As his fingers invaded my cunt he whispered in my ear "Want to play naughty and I will be your daddy and fuck his daughter?" It sounded very erotic and sexy and I told him "Yes. Fuck me daddy." He pulled me over to a velvet cot and pulled me beside him and began to kiss me. Then daddy will make your pussy feel good." He began sucking the nipples on my firm D tits as I stroked his hard cock. This is going to be a long ride." I then tipped daddy's head back and opened his mouth and spit in it as I tongue kissed him but riding his cock hard with my wild cunt.

Weekend Working Ch. 03

group manchesterkate123 2018-03-31

He then continued, "So then last night, as I was finishing, I was going to text you to tell you not to come in, when I saw Layla, you know our usual cleaning lady, and asked her if she'd enjoyed her last two long weekends off. "Yes." Simon said, and he again perched on the desk in front of me with his arms crossed. Mark then knelt in front of me, no questions asked, and began to lick me and finger my pussy until I came. At first they seemed self-conscious wanking in front of Simon, but after they were told to get on with it, they started stroking themselves, first in long slow strokes but then, almost in time with each other, gave way to more frantic wanking as they reached their orgasm.

Joyce at the University

group Markdown72 2018-03-31

I had no interest in watching other girls dancing around in their panties but I went because Sandy pointed out; that's where we were most likely to find horny young boys. There were 5 dance stages with girls appearing on each of them and dancing within inches of the eager faces of the boys and men that pressed eagerly up as close as they were allowed. "These guys wanted to talk to you personally" he said with a smile and turned quickly leaving me looking into the smiling faces of some sex hungry men. I wanted the money, I wanted to suck this cock, I wanted to please Benny so I started to stroke him and lick the pre cum off his cock head.

Staycation Ch. 02

group Gary_Alexander 2018-03-31

"That's what we were counting on," Michelle said, and dropped down on the couch next to me and Tina sat next to Jim. Think clean thoughts, I told myself, and then realized I could look right down the top of Michelle's shirt and see both of her hard nipples. "Maybe one more," she said, taking the head of my cock in her mouth and giving it a gentle suck as she kissed it again. "Sorry, that's not on the game plan today." She backed away, and Tina quickly took her place in front of me, sliding my cock deep into her mouth and sucking it hard.

Socorro Islands Live Aboard Ch. 03

group NPH786 2018-03-31

I know it's not possible, but looking back on the trip and it seemed like if there was a spare minute when we weren't eating or diving, someone had something inside of Stephanie's cunt. Danielle rolled over on her front and let me rub her ass, handing me a tube of sun tan lotion to work into her skin. Mike thinks that's stupid and kept telling me, "just show 'em your tits and they'll be dying to fuck you." But you know, I was a little nervous, and I know there are girls here with much more confidence and experience, and they, like know stuff, you know? "I'll ask Captain Keith to let Gina and Teresa join in your fashion show if you'd like.


Alison in Amsterdam

group johnnyenglish 2018-03-31

This wasn't what I had in mind, the idea of seeing her with another guys cock in her mouth as I fucked her was such a turn on, but the thought of her being gang banged I wasn't so sure about. With that she took hold of her dress and began to move it up her slender legs, ever so slowly exposing more of her thighs until she got to her pussy. As she came all over Clyde's face Tom began to shoot his cum all over her, landing in a pool on her dress. Clyde pushed the table back so he could kneel between her spread legs, and after dropping his pants he pushed his erect cock into my wife in one hard thrust.



group CaitlinTheCutey 2018-03-31

David drove to the train station to meet Kay. He knew as soon as she stepped off the train that his cock would be getting a lot of action one way or another - she looked hotter than ever. Chris and Kay sat and watched as Janie rode David hard and fast. David and Janie had fallen into their long-accustomed rhythm, and as they fucked they turned to watch their two old friends starting a new relationship. As Janie tried out all the twiddles which drove her wild, Kay started to groan around David's cock, another orgasm building within her. David lifted one of Kay's leg so he could move around behind her without having to withdraw, the couple facing Janie and Chris who were still fucking on their knees.

Star Sex: The XXX Generation

group Dr. Teeth 2018-03-31

"But," complained Riker, as he strode purposefully to the ensign and began massaging her shoulders, "there are thousands of different species in the galaxy. Riker strode purposefully back toward the young, voluptuous ensign with lust in his eyes. Riker removed his uniform and also began swaying with the ensign, running his hands over her skin; feeling the warmth of her and flicking her nipples with his thumbs. Riker felt something on his ass and, turning to look, saw Q planting affectionate kisses and licking the area around his asshole. The ensign quickly took her place behind the navigational console, as Riker strode purposefully to the command chair. Picard looked around the room; the cum on the ceiling, the computers, the floor, the ensign, and Riker.

Any Chance We Could Ch. 35

group Reindeer58 2018-03-31

Don't get me wrong, Max has a nice looking cock and I'm sure it gave the girls a lot of pleasure last night, and when the time comes I intend to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed his mouth, but for now he's down the line." Veronica and I stayed in bed as Cheryl and Beth showered and as they were dressing, we showered and Veronica enjoyed a bit of ass play at her suggestion if that's what you want to call bending over and wiggling her ass at me while handing me a bottle of shampoo. And we have to be careful about our neighbors seeing anything that'll tell them that we're anything other than a normal brother and sister." As she said that she put her hand on Max's crotch and squeezed his erection, "Nice."


Desert Oasis Ch. 14: Is Sir Enjoying

group WantonSalon 2018-03-31

Bee's embrace shifted—her left arm crossed her colleague's abdomen, her right lay parallel just above, her hand coddling Jillian's left breast, her thumb and forefinger massaging and tugging her nipple. My hands skimmed sensuously along Jillian's flexed inner thighs, my forearms caressing Bee's robust legs in the process. I turned my head to look at Bee. She sat, her left knee up, her right at an angle resting on the sofa, her right arm stretched long across the cushion top, her left resting on her belly. Pulling away, she asked lasciviously, "So...does Sir enjoy tasting her pussy on my lips?" She tilted her head down and looked deeply in my eyes.


Second Coming- My Second Visit at the GloryHole

group anamikasexybitch 2018-03-31

The man on the other side kept liking my cunt then started to tongue fuck my asshole before I felt the head of his dick pushing against my sloppy little fuckhole. MMMM feel that big cock inside my little cunt and fuck me like a little whore?” my panties were still on but I had them pulled aside to show off my pretty pussy. So fucking big!” I screamed as he impaled my tight pussy onto his thick dick and pulled me down so that every inch was throbbing inside my cum hungry little hole. “Such a slut, cumming with your Daddy’s cock in your sloppy used cunt.” His free hand starting slapping my ass then I felt his fingers working against my cum filled asshole.

Desires Realized

group curiousandkinky 2018-03-31

I pull him into my hungry mouth and suck his dick like never before; I have lust eating my pussy and love in my mouth. Mike can't take it, "fuck her, I want to watch your dick in her pussy." Eric wastes no time complying with his wish and places the head of his dick at the entrance to my love canal. Mike pulls out of my mouth to watch as Eric pushes his manhood into my hungry pussy. Eric is pounding away at my pussy taking a taste of my breast every now and then while Mike is sliding his tool in and out of my wet and warm mouth taking a nibble of my toes that are raised up high.

Daffy: Finally finally some BBC!

group 2018-03-31

After one other man left I flashed my boobs at them in the steam room and the skinny one showed me his cock; just a bc, not a bbc. With Derrek's bbc in my mouth pumping me hard I was in heaven and thought maybe Michael was right. I had no clue about what that meant but really didn't care because right then Derrek started humping my mouth wildly and pumped a TON of cum down my throat. While Derrek was catching his breath I turned around and sucked Michael's lbd (little black dick)too. Master G your cum slut had her cunt on fire and only a big black cock would put it out.

Lisa's Surprise

group Rattz48 2018-03-31

I sat down in my chair in the living room and started to watch a video for a while to let her soak in all the sensations I left her with, the smell (which I knew would work as an aphrodisiac), the feelings, (the anal beads in her ass and the vibrator resting against her clit), and her imagination (wondering what to expect next). I went back into the bedroom just in time to see her climaxing again even though I hadn't left any of our toys inside or against her body, I let her orgasm subside and then untied her ankles from the loops at the corners of the bed, pulling one leg at a time up to where her wrists we still tied and attached them to the same loops, this opened up her pussy and ass to me without anything in my way.

Ride On Shooting Star Ch. 02

group papershotglass 2018-03-31

Before long, Salue moved a hand down to Mizuki's pussy, rubbing her clit lightly as their kiss grew more passionate, each breathing heavily as they nipped at each other, licking and sucking on skin and lips. Mizuki removed her mouth from my cock to scream out loud, but then moved to attack her new oral fixation with vengeance, licking hard and sucking on the head like it was a popsicle that had a few drops of sugar juice left in it. "Lick my pussy you little slut," Salue commanded and she eagerly set to work, licking deeply of all the cum I had left in her and swallowing greedily, moaning at the taste as I continued to fuck her, lost in the sensation of her and the image of the girl I was fucking going down on another hot girl who was moaning, grasping her breasts in her hands and talking dirty again.

Muslim whore takes two black cocks

group biotumelaabudin 2018-03-31

Hafsah placed her hand on Daniel's head and felt up his afro whilst her reached down to her firm tits and he gave them a hard squeeze. Hafsah decided to treat the black master who had caused her to orgasm and she lowered her head down to Blake's scrotum and she started to hoover up one of his testicles, whilst with her other hand she continued to stroke Blake's giant cock. Cornell then then said 'What do you worship?', Hafsah smiled and she said 'Big black cock.' Cornell then said 'I see you enjoyed her.' Blake said 'We definitely did she really knows her place and she doesn't answer back I like that in a woman.' Hafsah then picked up the red abayah from off the floor and she changed back into the modest dress.

Italian Sausage

group No Panty Girl 2018-03-31

Gus likes me to be "eye candy", to dress the place up for customers. Gus had been to our place and fucked me a few times since I started working for him. Ang is married to a typical Italian girl but likes a bit on the side. My nylon clad legs wrapped around the Italian stallion as his cock stretched my fuck hole to its working dimensions. Ang and Sam both slapped their cocks across my face as their brother stuffed my cunt with his salami. Aside from thick cocks the Castiglione brothers had something else in common, body hair. My ass is packed with Italian sausage whilst not one but two more cocks play in my pussy.